Best Things To Do In Venice

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We have listed some of the top places to visit in Venice based on its grandeur, convention defying presence, an exuberant life statement and there is no corner in Venice which does not have a historic value. A Complete Tourist Guide for Visiting & Things to do in Venice!

Best Places to Visit in Venice


Scuola Grande di San Rocco

This is a historic landmark where sacredness, tradition and visual poetry blend together to display some scintillating art work. The Saint Roch School was founded in the year 1948. Tintoretto, the painter with the Midas touch was called upon to paint episodes (New and Old Testament).This building still retains its originality for its structure and is regarded as one of the top ancient schools. More than 60 paintings are housed in this museum.

How to Reach:

  • Train- Walk able distance from S.Lucia Station.
  • Walk- Reach Piazzale Roma car terminal and walk from there to reach this spot.
  • Vaporetto- Easily accessible from San Toma Stop

Best Time to Visit:


24/7, 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM, Children 18 and under –free

August 16 every year- Entry free for all, Be ready to spend at least 3-5 hours.

Things to do/see:

This building hosts a variety of paintings from the episodes of St.Roch and also from the New and Old Testament.Works by other renowned artists like Titian, Tiepolo etc are also on display.

The Grand Staircase – Works by Zanchi, Fuminani and Pietro Negri are stationed here.

The Treasure – Finest artistic patrimony

Scaletta – This is considered as the first building to be raised for Scuola do San Rocco in 1489.Currently used for exhibitions (temporary).

Church – The body of the Saint is preserved here.

Scuola Grande – Designed by Pietro Bon; a must visit. Palazzi’s ceramic collections

“Sala Capitolare” – Chapter Room-Three main painting in the ceilings, episodes from New Testament.

Sala Terrena – Holds paintings belonging to Virgin and Christ including The Annunciation, The Flight into Egypt etc.

Church – features paintings from the final episodes of the Saint.

Overall, this place is filled with some of the richest and grandest St Roch Confraternity.

 Attractions Near by:

  • La Moretta
    Address: For shopping extravaganza
    Tomb of Antonio Canova
  • La Bauta
    Address: Handmade Venetian artifacts
  • Atelier Marega
    Address: A place to buy Venetian masks
    Church of Santa Maria Frari
    Pantalon Chapel

Budget Restaurants:

Tonolo, Mirano Square

Cafes Noir, Crosera San Pantalon

Best Restaurants:

The Venetian Vine

Cannaregio 3427


Tour of the Grand Canal

Venice city’s water Main Street.Atmosphere filled with fairy-tale like fantasy, and remember to catch the Vaporetto to soak in the romance with your beloved. This 3.8 km canal with an ‘S’ shaped body is too good to resist. Piazzale Roma and Santa Lucia Railway Station are the main gateways. This Grand Canal splits the Venice city into two halves and there are four bridges connecting the two. Rialto and Accademia Bridge are the most iconic ones of the group.

How to Reach:

  • Walk- Between St Mark’s Square and Santa Lucia Railway Station.
  • Water Bus or Vaporetto services-
  • Number 1 and Number 2-Rialto stop likely

Best Time to Visit:


Line 1: 24/7, From 5 AM to Midnight depending on the schedule.

Line 2: varies in Summer and Winter, contact local authorities or Visit

Be prepared to spend at least half a day.

Things to do/see:

  • The Rialto- 16th Century Bridge hosting a variety of shops; drop for Venetian shopping magic.
  • Gondola Trips- The most famous trip is from the St. Marks Square Waterfront, 40 mins up front with an extended duration of 20 mins.
  • Number 1 Water Bus-Trip to Lido Island available.

Attractions Near by:

  • Ca d’Or- A majestic palace on the Canal; Visit the Franchetti Gallery; courtyard with Moorish acquaintance; Located in the Cannaregio district (catch waterbus-Line 1)
  • Pescheria- A local fish market to get a taste of the local fish varieties.
  • Venier dei Leoni- A Palace which remains unfinished, designed by Lorenzo Boschetti. This is home to Guggenheim Collection.
  •  Ca’ Dario- A doomed palace; not worth buying.

Economic Restaurants:

  • Arte della Pizza
    Calle dell’Aseo, 1896 Cannaregio
  • Al Merca
    Campo Cesare Battisti, San Polo 213
  • All’Arco
    Calle Arco, San Polo 436

Best Restaurants:

Cantinone Gia’ Schiavi
Fondamenta Nani, 992, 30123 Venezia

Ristorante Riviera
Dorsoduro 1473 – 30123


Basilica di San Marco

Founded in the 9th century, this 8000 sq Mts of luminous jaw dropping mosaic art holds the body of St.Mark. It was rebuilt in the year 932.It was a private chapel until the fall of Republic in 1807.

How to Reach:

  • Airport-Bus to Piazalle Roma and enquire.
  • Train- Reach Santa Lucia station or take the route Mestre-Venice
  • Drive- Parking at Piazzale Roma or Marghera or Mestre.
  • Ship- S.Basilio(Zattere  end) or Marittima Station

Best Time to Visit:


Monday to Saturday- 9:45 AM – 5 PM,

Sundays and other holidays- 2 PM–5 PM (2 PM– 4 PM in winter)

Online Booking- and avoid standing in the queue.

Things to do/see:

The Basilica San Marco is a standing testimony to glorify the importance of God and as well as Venice. It is more than a Chapel; the lifeline of Venice. Humanly impossible to describe each and every detail about this Chapel, given below is a list of few important things to note when you visit this place.

St Marks Museum- It houses objects of priceless value including St.Mark’s quadriga, 14th century Paola Veneziano 14th-century painting. Other artifacts include carpets from Persia, liturgical vestments etc.

Pala d’ Oro Most decorated and precious piece holding St.Marks relics.

The Campanile – 99 its high tower which previously functioned as Lighthouse, now acts as a view point for the city.

Balcony- Decorated with Bronzes and Marbles; built by  Sansovino in late 1530’s.

Marble floor-2099 sq meters of marble flooring; a sheer beauty unsurpassed by time and talent.

South Facade- Take a good look the Church from the Grand Canal, Virgin Mosaic; upper floor; Pilastri Acritani

North Façade- Flower Door, T throne of the judge, Alexander’s Chariot

Porch- Narthex art work, silver decorated bronze door, open gallery

Golden Mosaic-For the best view, take a look at the museum gallery.

Other Important places of interest- The Marble floor inlaid, Chapels of Madonna, sanctuary and rood screen.

Attraction Near by:

  • St.Mark’s Square- a Meeting place for all the lonely hearts.
  • Marciano Museum- Originals of the four horses
  • Torre Dell’Orologio- Clocktower in the Square.
  • La Fenice- Opera house
  • Palazzo Fortuny- Exhibition area
  • Sighs Bridge- Memory of the Venetian Prison.
  • Ducal or Doge Palace- Venice ruler’s place
  • Aqua Alta- Best place to witness high water.
  • Museo Correr- Local museum and art work display.

Economic Restaurants:

Le Spighe
Address: Via Garibaldi 1341, Castello

Trattoria Dalla Marisa
Address: Fondamenta di San Giobbe 652B, Cannaregio

La Bagatela
Address: Fondamenta delle Capuzzine 2925 , Cannaregio

Best Restaurants:

Teamo, Palazzo Fortuny

Harry’s Bar (Bellini’s birth place),the Grand Canal

Quadri & Caffè Florian near the Square


Peggy Guggenheim Museum

One of the best private collections of art work in Venice graced by eccentric attitude and passion for all to see. This Collection is home to the works of Max Ernst, Picasso, Pollock and others.This was started by   Solomon R. Guggenheim, American industrialist in the late 20’s.

How to Reach:

  • Drive- Take SS14 and Strada Regionale 11 Padana Superiore to Ponte Della Libertà.
  • Transit- Walk and Reach Tessera and take the transit till Piazzale Roma.Catch Vaporetto number 1 & 2 to reach Peggy Guggenheim.

Best Time to Visit:


Daily-Open – 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM (normally Tuesday holiday but open on certain days)

For online booking visit-

Be ready to spend 2-3 hrs in this museum.

Things to do/see:

  • Museum- It is a Palace which still remains unfinished and Palazzo Venier dei Leoni is the place where Peggy lived.Some of the permanent collections on display include cubism, European Abstract Paintings, Surrealism etc.
  • Not to miss Artists – Braque, Severini, Kandinsky,  Dalí, Marini, Duchamp etc.
  • Private Collections-  Mattioli Collection, Schulhof Collection, and Nasher garden.
  • Ethnic Art Collection- This includes the collection from Africa, The Americas, and Oceania.
  • Photo Archive- Bianconero’s photo collection.
  • Art Donation- Private works received by the museum.
  • Exhibitions- There are the number of exhibitions going on in this venue and for exact details contact the museum authorities.

Attraction Near by:

Pavone Stamperia-For gifts and shopping, visit this place.

Water Taxi Trips- Consorzio Motoscafi; a brilliant way to tour Venice.

Basilica Santa Maria Salute- Architectural wonders to marvel at.

St. George’s Church- A Friendly atmosphere to spend some time with the beloved.

Musica Palazzo-A grand new way not only to watch the opera but to live in it.

Venice Music Project- A musical journey by Venetia Antiqua and artists from all over the world.

La Bussola – A free walking tour around Venice.

Budget Restaurants:

 Gelateria Nico
Address: Visit to taste top quality ice cream

Al Profeta
Address: Calle Lunga San Barnaba

 Dal Moro’s
Address: Italian food

Best Restaurants:

  • Trattoria Isola Giudecca 204Antica Besseta, Sestiere Santa Croce 1395
  • Al Redentor, Isola Giudecca 204
  • Osteria Da Carla, Corte Contarina San Marco
  • Ristorante Masaniello, Campo Sant’Angelo


La Fenice Theater

This Theater was established in the year 1792.One of Italy’s well maintained Opera house, it is still the perfect place to enjoy Donizetti or Verdi. The Chandeliers and the cool red velvet interiors make this place one of a kind to visit. After the 1996 fire tragedy, this place was completely restored to its full original glory and pride.

How to Reach:

  • Bus- Take a bus to reach Venice city and proceed towards La Fenice.
  • Line 5 Bus- Take the bus from Aeroporto M.Polo till Corsia A1 and walk toward La Fenice.
  • Ferry- Reach S.Angelo and reach La Fenice
  • Taxi- Take SS14 and Strada Regionale 11 Padana Superiore via E55 and Via Della Liberta

Best Time to Visit:

Please be well informed about the dress code before visiting this opera.


Open every-day, 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM but subject to change according to the event schedule.

Things to do/see:

  •  La Fenice is a definite must visit place in Venice and take a look at the tours available.
  • They are Opera Silver Classic, Opera Silver Plus, and Opera Gold –  A cocktail tasting tour with an expert guide in the Apollinee Salt.
  • Book Shop- Located in the Theater’s Foyer and items for sale include CD’s, DVD’s and other stationary items to buy as souvenirs.
  • Group tours- Special reduced the fee for schools and colleges.
  • Theater Walk- An expert guide will take you through the historic places including Apollinee Salt, Royal Palace, Hall, and Foyer.
  • Maria Callas Exhibition- Visit this permanent exhibition inside the theater.
  • Classical Music- The Marathon of Non-stop 40 premieres of music arranged by Ambrosini and it is a delight for music lovers.

Attractions Near by:

  • Centro Storico di Venezia- Must watch Events in Venice
  • Virtuosi Di Venezia- Music concert and shows. Catch up with Michelangelo photo service for nice photographs to preserve tour memories.
  • Eros Gasparini Arte– A shopping heaven for nice pieces of art.
  • Scala Contarini del Bovolo- An architectural splendor in Gothic and other styles.
  • The Merchant of Venice- A fragrance shop; perfumes for sale.
  • Venetian Galleon- Boat rides with good food.

Budget Restaurants:

1)The Theater itself offers in-house food and drink service but has to be booked in advance.

2)Antico Martini, nearby to theater

Best Restaurants:

  • Vini da Arturo
  • Ai Mercanti
  • La Cucina
  • Trattoria Da Fiore
  • Harry’s Bar

Places you Cannot Miss

Santa Maria Della Salute – It is a lovely church which you can see across the grand canal

Ca’d’oro – It is a beautiful building where you can see paintings and sculptures

San Giorgio Maggiore – This is a church where you can see modern art and the best place to click pictures.

Bridge of Sighs – This is the bridge which is made of limestone

Murano and Burano – A trip to Venice will not be completed without this place of glassworkers

Scuola Grande Di San Rocco – This is an impressive white marble building

Best Time to visit Venice

Weather in Venice

The hottest month is July in Venice with an average temperature of 23°C (73°F) and the coldest is January at3°C (37°F). The best time to visit Venice is from September to November. The temperature range from upper 30 degrees to mid-70  winter is cold with temperature in the 30s and 40s.september to November you will get most reasonable prices at hotels. December to February winter is cold. March to May is when the city defrosts. June to August is summer high season.

Best Months to Visit Venice

  • September
  • October
  • November

Best Hotels in Venice

Venice, the great land of Renaissance, there is a wide range of options to choose from, starting from the elegant, comfortable and airy hotels La Villeggiatura and the Al Ponte Mocenigo for its beautifully trendy rooms. Remember, Venice has hotels for every budget, so enjoy the tour.

Flight Info for Venice

A hot tourist destination like Venice is well connected by various airlines from different parts of the world.Lufthansa, British Airways, Qatar are some of the flights that land at the Marco Polo Airport.

Tours in Venice

Take a walking tour around Venice and explore famous landmarks such as St.Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace, travel in a gondola, visit mouth watering eateries and among many countless places of interest. Definitely, a place worth exploring.

Car Rentals in Venice

The best and ideal way to discover Venice is by car. So, pick your choice from any one of the three locations namely the Marco Polo Airport, Mestre Station or Piazzale Roma.Avis, National, and Budget offer exciting rental service in Venice.

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