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One of the most preferred and stunning tourist destinations to revive or rekindle the fire of romance in style, Switzerland is the place to celebrate an amorous honeymoon. Exoticism at its best, Switzerland never fails to impress the core of visiting honeymoon-tourists with its enduring magic and glamour. We have created a list of some of the most soul-stirring places in Switzerland for your view.

Best Places to Visit in Switzerland


Zermatt (Matterhorn)

Zermatt, The Ultimate Swiss Icon, is a village that is at the foot of Matterhorn, making it one of the world’s most attractive vacation spots to visit. “Matterhorn glacier paradise” is Europe’s largest and highest lying summer skiing region. Matterhorn & Switzerland are inseparable. Matterhorn, whose summit is 4,478 meters (14,692 ft) high, is one of the highest summits in the Alps and Europe.This pyramid shaped beautiful mountain of the Alps is every mountaineer dream to climb to its peak and is one of the most-photographed mountains of the world. Truly words can’t describe the visual extravaganza& beauty this place has to offer.

How to get to Zermatt:

  • There are lots of options to reach this place including helicopter, taxi or train. Remember, Zermatt is automobile-free.
  • Train – Trains leave every 25 minutes or park your vehicle in Täsch and take the next available train to Zermatt.
  • Take the direct train which reaches Zurich-Kloten in 3.5 hrs or Geneva-Cointrin in 4 hrs to reach Zermatt from the airport.
  • Helicopter – Air- Zermatt offers helicopter-services which can be availed based on your convenience and budget or travel by the Glacier Express.

Things to do (see) in Zermatt/Matterhorn:

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise – The highest spot in Europe (3883 m) can be reached via cable car. Breathtaking views guaranteed and an experience one would never forget.

Gornergrat – This once in a lifetime experience, Gornergrat is known for its top class visitor’s platform which is a world renowned public attraction since 1898. Every 24 minutes, Europe’s highest open-air cog railway departs from Zermatt, up to the mountain located at an altitude of 3089 meters, revealing a blissful panorama. “Kulmhotel Gornergrat” at the top is a must visit place for all tourists.

Zermatlantis Matterhorn Museum – Under the Village Square, the museum houses powerful pictures, top stories & equipment’s used during the first ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865.

Gorner gorge – Footpaths across narrow bridges and steps, which guide visitors from the southern end of the village in about 20 minutes. A natural sight not to be missed!

Attractions closer to Zermatt:

Sunnegga – Fun ride from the valley station in Zermatt to Sunnegga. Wonderland for families. Scenic terrace, Terrific views of the Matterhorn and Rock tunnel through inside of the mountains & a lot more to do at Sunnega.

Rothorn – See the iconic mountain at its most striking posture from the summit of Rothorn.

Village Tour ZermattPleasant walk through a tour around the village for a rich cultural experience.

Mountaineers’ Cemetery – Memorial to all climbers who have lost their lives at Zermatt.

Economical restaurants near Zermatt:

Pizzeria Roma
Riedstrasse 20, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland
Phone: +41 78 652 20 05

The Factory
Bahnhofstrasse 41, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland
Phone: +41 27 967 19 31

The Bubble
Kirchstrasse 38, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland
Phone: +41 78 798 75 58

Best restaurants near Zermatt:

Chez Vrony
Findeln, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland
Phone: +41 27 967 25 52

Restaurant Max Julen
Kirchstrasse 44, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland
Phone: +41 27 967 40 44

Winkel-Matten Weg 96, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland

Best time to visit Zermatt:  

The months of winter are best suited to visit this place, namely between November and January. This season is mainly preferred by ski lovers.

Crowds usually swell between June and September as it is ideal for skiing, biking, and hiking. You can also get a clear glimpse of the mountain in the background.



Located at an altitude of 13,642 ft from the sea level, Jungfrau is a famous tourist destination one should not miss. This mountain is part of Bernese Alps, sandwiched in-between Valais southern canton and Berne northern canton situated between Fiesch and Interlaken. Jungfrau along with Mönch and Eiger, create such a spectacular sight to behold in the Swiss Alps.

Set at 3454 meters above sea level, Jungfrau unites & fascinates people of the Alps. Provides a majestic backdrop of snow, ice, and rocks with breathtaking views, all through. You cannot miss Jungfrau (On the Top of Europe).

How to get to Jungfrau:

The Jungfraujoch can be reached by cogwheel train only. There are multiple stations to board the train.
Keep in mind cogwheel train is the only option to reach Jungfrau. Some of the preferred train routes are

1) Kleine Scheidegg – You can reach Jungfraujoch from this station via trains running from Interlaken to Wengen.

2) Grindelwald – To reach Jungfraujoch, another route is via Zweilütschinen from Interlaken to Grindelwald.

It would be pretty exciting to travel up and down in two different routes taking in the sights along the way. Only Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen and Interlaken can be accessed via both car and train.The remaining areas can be reached only by train.

Things to do (see) in Jungfrau:

  • Sphinx observatory – You can enjoy some spectacular 360-degree view from the building and also from the top.
  • The Ice Palace showcases splendid ice sculptures to take a note of.
  • Alpine Sensation – Music, light and visual imagery to enthrall the audience.
  • Enjoy the scenic views of the Grosser Aletsch from the top.
  • Snow Park offers snowboarding, skiing or sledding opportunities in summer for the tourists.
  • To buy and to learn about chocolate making, in particular, Lindt Chocolate Heaven is the place you have to visit.
  • You can also watch several multimedia shows or exhibitions.
  • Mönchsjoch glacier hike can be done within an hour from Jungfrau and kindly remember to carry suitable hiking equipment along the way.

Attractions closer to Jungfrau:

  • Lauterbrunnen – A magnificent Swiss municipality offering spell bounding and scenic views. Staubbach Falls is a rare phenomenon.
  • Schilthorn and Piz Gloria – Located in the Bernese Alps, Schiltorn offers stunning views of Lauterbrunnen valley from the top.
  • Wengen – Another scenic Swiss village along the way.
  • Trümmelbach Falls – World’s only and rarest accessible glacier waterfalls.
  • Grindelwald – Commanding and as well as enchanting, this small Swiss municipality is a must visit place for all the tourists and visitors.

Economical restaurants near Jungfrau:

Husi Bierhaus
Postgasse 3, Interlaken 3800, Switzerland
Phone: +41 33 823 23 32

Goldener Anker
Marktgasse 57 | bei der Post Richtung Unterseen Altstadt, Interlaken 3800, Switzerland
Phone: +41 33 822 16 72

Hauptstrasse 18, Unterseen, Interlaken 3800, Switzerland
Phone: +41 33 823 12 43

Best restaurants near Jungfrau:

Restaurant Bellevue des Alpes
CH 3801 Kleine Scheidegg, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)33 855 12 12

Hotel Caprice
Postfach 244, CH-3823 Wengen
Phone: +41 33 856 06 06

Heller Gastro AG
Dorfstrasse 133, Postfach 92, CH-3818 Grindelwald
Phone: +41 33 854 31 31

Best time to visit Interlaken/Jungfrau:  

June to September: The best time to visit Interlaken is during the summer, from June to September.

September: is when there is less crowd and the days are short as well. But the weather is still pleasant and you can enjoy your stay.

December to March: Winters are obviously freezing in Interlaken. Many tourists avoid visits from December to March.

April to May: This is when the weather & nature gets back better, with flowers blooming, hiking trails and cableways starting to open up.


Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva, Switzerland’s most loved and adorable lake offers countless opportunities and sights for all the visitors alike. It could be anything ranging from the shimmering sunlight hitting the waters, the view of the sun setting over the trees or the number of shops near the lake for purchasing cool souvenirs etc.

This lake is conveniently located on the north of Alps, lying in between France and Switzerland. Almost 60% of its waters come under Swiss jurisdiction while the remaining under France.

How to get to Lake Geneva:

Trains Main railway line is between Geneva and Lausanne with major railway links continuing past Lausanne to Bern and Biel (Bienne) and up the Rhone Valley to Brig. Local trains provide public transportation to many small towns.
High-speed trains –From Geneva and Lausanne to France and Italy.

Trains are the easy mode of transport to reach Lake Geneva. Take the main railway route from Geneva to Lausanne, which takes you further to Brig via Rhone Valley and also to Biel & Bern.

Catch local trains to visit interior parts near Lake Geneva. High-speed TGV trains also take you to Italy and France from Lausanne and Geneva.

Things to do (see) in Lake Geneva:

  • 3-hour Geneva tour and Lake Geneva cruise to take in the sights of the natural beauty of this place.
  • Day trip from Geneva to Montreux – The aqua blue lakes, spectacular vineyards, and Chablais Alps to watch out for.
  • Château de Chillon – This Castle on Lake Geneva is one of the most visited spots in Switzerland.

Attractions closer to Lake Geneva:

  • Vevey – Located less than half an hour drive from Laussane. Vevey(small town) was the final home of Charlie Chaplin and where he got buried. Another good landmark is “The Alimentarium Food Museum”, founded by Nestlé.
  • Montreux – Small beautiful town at the tip of the Lake.
  • Paragliding – A popular activity over the lake. Lovely way to see the entire lake from above.

Economical restaurants near Lake Geneva:

Parfums de Beyrouth
Rue de Berne 18, 1201 Genève,

 Chez Ma Cousine
Place du Bourg-de-Four 6,
1204 Genève,

La butte des Bains des Paquis
Quai du Mont-Blanc 30,
1201 Genève,

Best restaurants near Lake Geneva:

Hotel President Wilson
Quai Wilson 47,
1201 Genève,

Address: Quai des Bergues 33,
1201 Genève,

Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge
Rue Docteur-Alfred-Vincent 17,
1201 Genève,

Best time to visit Lake Geneva:

Best months to visit Lake Geneva would be from April to November.
Castle Chillon Timings- Open daily except Jan 1st and Dec 25th.

April to September  9AMto 7PM (Closing at 6PM)
October 9:30AM to 6PM (Closing entry at 5PM)
November to February 10AM to 5PM (Closing entry at 4PM)
March 9:3AM to 6PM (Closing entry at 5PM)

For more details, visit- Chillon 

Alimentarium Food Museum- Tues to Sun(10AM to PM, Monday holiday )

For more details, visitAlimentarium 



Lucerne is the gateway to central Switzerland, sited on Lake Lucerne. A compact city known for its medieval architecture & sits beautifully amid snow-capped mountains and peaks.

How to get to Lucerne:

Choose any of the available options

  • Train – Express trains reach Lucerne under an hour from Zurich and takes around 1.5 hrs from Berne. Frequent trains are also available every one hour from Interlaken to Lucerne.
  • Car – Take the N14 highway or route 10 from Zurich and Berne respectively.Don’t forget to purchase toll sticker near the border.
  • Air – There are no direct flights to Lucerne and you can take flights to reach Berne or Zurich. It takes less than 50 mins to reach Lucerne by train from Zurich. Contact airport authorities for exact train timings.

Things to do (see) in Lucerne:

Chapel Bridge – This 700-year-old bridge on river Reuss & the most photographed subject in Lucerne.

Lake Lucerne – Breathtaking Lake Lucerne is the heart of Switzerland, surrounded by Swiss Alps, Verdant hillsides, Meadows & Beautiful forests.

Mt. Pilatus – The Dragon Mountain, loved by hikers and nature walkers.Refreshing cable-car journey to the top of Mt. Pilatus at 7,000 feet.

Lion Monument – The monument honors Swiss soldiers, who lost their lives during the French Revolution in Paris.

Attractions closer to Lucerne:

Mount Titlis – Hosts the World’s first revolving car and offers spectacular sceneries from the top.The Cable car at Titlis moves from Engelberg to Gerschnialp etc. along with other stops in between.

Swiss Transport Museum- Opened in the year 1959, it is one of the most popular ones in Europe.

This museum is opened from Mon to Sun; all days from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Go to: Verkehr Shau’s

Economical restaurants near Lucerne:

Made in Sud Italian, European, Vegetarian-Friendly
Obergrundstrasse 26,
Lucerne 6003,
Phone: +41 41 558 55 26

Khoua Vientiane – Asian, Thai, Vietnamese
Kauffmannweg 7,
Lucerne 6003,
Phone: +41 41 211 04 40
Phone:  01 44 27 07 97

Pastarazzi Spezialitaten & Take Away Italian, European, Vegetarian-Friendly
Hirschengraben 13,
Lucerne 6003,
Phone: +41 41 660 06 69

Best restaurants near Lucerne:

Hotel des Balances
Weinmarkt | 6004 Luzern,
Lucerne 6004,
Phone: +41 41 418 28 28

Grottino 1313
Industriestrasse 7,
Lucerne 6005,
Phone: +41 41 610 13 13

Seeburgstrasse 72,
Lucerne 6006,
Phone: +41 41 375 81 81

Best time to visit Lucerne:  

June to September: This is the peak season when the weather in Lucerne is pleasant and is full of tourists.



Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is one of the cities in the world that has retained a lot of its historic features. In 1983, the historic old town of Bern became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How to get to Bern:

You can reach Bern by car, train or plane:

  • Car – There are several motor links including Bernese Oberland, Basel/Zurich, and Geneva to reach Bern.
  • Plane – You can fly into Bern from other cities like Munich, Berlin or London. The airport is well connected with adequate transport facilities to reach Bern station and from there take the S-Bahn to reach Bern main station. Zurich airport also offers direct train connections to Bern in a travel time of fewer than 75 mins.
  • Train – There are numbers of trains connecting Bern with other cities such as Lucerne or Basel. Swiss Travel Network offers flex as well as normal passes to travel anywhere within Switzerland.

Bern Airport – is just 10 km from the city center. The small airport connects Bern with European cities such as London, Berlin and Munich. The city can be reached by public transport. The airport bus takes passengers to Belp train station. From there, you can take an S-Bahn to Bern main station. For visitors staying in Bern overnight, the journey by public transport from the airport to the city is included in the Bern Ticket.

Zurich Airport – is Switzerland’s largest airport. You can reach Bern main station from Zurich Airport train station in an hour and 15 mins by train. Trains with direct connections from the airport to the capital depart every 30 mins.

Things to do (see) in Bern:

  • Aareswimming – Lots of water activities is available in this region for all age groups.
  • Adventure Sports – Activities like Climbing in the rope park, Sledding in the snow, Rafting down the Aare.
  • Cycling & Mountain biking is one of the favorite past times of European tourists visiting this place. A nice way to explore the terrain and the scenic natural spots.
  • Hiking expeditions are also available.
  • Excursions – Animal Park, Nature or culture tips around the city of Bern.

Attractions closer to Bern:

  • Münsterplattform- One of the famous picnic spots in Bern.
  • Old Town of Bern- Known for its medieval architecture and charm, is now part of UNESCO’s heritage sites.
  • Rose Garden- It is one of the city’s most surreal nature parks, restaurant and playground are the other added attraction in this area.
  • Cathedral of Bern- Gothic style construction and old world charm is this cathedral’s uniqueness. For further information visit – Cathedral of Bern
  • Bern Historical Museum –Designed by André Lambert, Switzerland’s second largest museum. For further information visit –  Bern Historical Museum

Economical restaurants near Bern:

Migros Marktgasse Swiss, European, Vegetarian-Friendly
Marktgasse 46,
Bern 3011,
Phone: +41585676410

TAB TIM – Asian, Thai, Vegetarian-Friendly
Muenstergasse, Bern, Switzerland
Phone: +41 31 311 67 01

Pizzeria Eigerplatz Da Nino
Eigerplatz, Bern, Switzerland
Phone: +41 31 371 11 31

Best restaurants near Bern:

Restaurant Esscort – French, Swiss, Mediterranean
Jubilaeumsstrasse 97, Bern 3005, Switzerland
Phone: +41 31 368 11 11

Mille Sens
Spitalgasse 38, Bern 3011, Switzerland
Phone: +41 31 329 29 29

Weissensteinstrasse 61 | 3007 Bern, Bern 3007, Switzerland
Phone: +41 31 371 57 67

Best time to visit Bern:  

The months of February, March, April, September, and October are the best time to tour this place.


From Tue to Sun-10 AM – 5 PM(Mon closed).Open all days except Zibelemärit (27/11/2017) and Christmas(Dec 25th).

For further information: BHM



Zürich or Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Zürich. It is located in north-central Switzerland at the northwestern tip of Lake Zürich. The municipality has approximately 400,028 inhabitants. Zürich is a major hub for railways, roads, and air traffic. Both Zürich Airport and railway station are the largest and busiest in the country.

One of the largest urban cities in Switzerland, Zurich is ideally placed at the northwest point of Lake Zurich and in northern-central Swiss region. Known for one of the busiest and largest railway station and airport in Switzerland, it is well connected with air, road and rail traffic.

How to get to Zurich:

There are various ways to reach Zurich City

  • Plane – Almost all the major airlines reach Zurich Airport and from here you can reach Hauptbahnhof, the main rail link in Zurich. From Airport level-2, trains leave frequently to Zurich.
  • Train – The Swiss Train network are some of the busiest as well as the best in the world with more than 2900 trains connecting various places including Zurich.
  • Car – Zurich is well connected with almost all the neighboring and major cities with world class highways. An International driving license is a must if you decide to drive all the way to Zurich.

Things to do (see) in Zurich:

  • Lake Zurich – A happy place for adventure seekers and sports enthusiasts.
  • Old Town (Altstadt) To tune into Switzerland’s muti-colorful past, a must visit place for all visiting tourists.
  • Uetliberg Mountain Offers excellent spectacular views of the city of Zurich from the top.
  • Zoo Zurich– Then key highlights are the penguins and the rattlesnakes in the zoo. It opens daily from 9 AM to 6 PM.
  •  Museum of Art (Kunsthaus Zurich) – Host some of the most historic collections in Switzerland by Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft. Timings are from 10 AM to 6 PM(Sat, Sun, Tues, and Fri); 10 AM to 8 PM(Wed and Thurs) Monday holiday.

Attractions closer to Zurich:

  • Bahnhofstrasse One of the Switzerlands most luxurious shopping districts.
  • Lindenhof A public square and Moraine Hill greets the viewers with full grace and charm.
  • Swiss National Museum (Landesmuseum Zurich) A fantastic place to watch the rich art pieces in the whole of Europe.Open from – 10 AM to 5 PM(Sat, Sun, Tues and Wed); 10 AM to 7 PM(Thurs) Monday holiday.
  • Great Minster church (Grossmunster) A Protestant church and one of the important churches in Switzerland.
     Mar 1st   – Oct 31st
    Church: 10: 00-18: 00
    Clock Tower: 10: 00-17: 00 (Closing trip- 16:45h)
    Nov 1st – Feb 28th :
    Church: 10: 00-17: 00 hrs
    Tower: 10: 00-16: 30 hrs (Closing trip- 16:15h)
    For further information: Grossmunster 
  • Minster of Our Lady church (Fraumünster) – Giacometti and Chagall  designed windows are added attractions in this church.Timings 10AM – 5PM from Nov 1st to Feb 29th and 10AM – 6PM from Mar 1st  to Oct 31st. Sundays and holidays -12 / 12.30 hrs.
    For further information: Fraumuenster 

Economical restaurants near Zurich:

BurgermeisterAmerican, Bar, Fast Food
Langstrasse 238, Zurich 8005, Switzerland

Restaurant Ach’i Chinese, Asian, Thai
Brauerstrasse 4, Zurich 8004, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 542 88 85

Sternen Grill German, Swiss, Fast Food
Theaterstrasse 22 | Bellevue, Zurich 8001, Switzerland
Phone: +41 43 268 20 80

Best restaurants near Zurich:

  • La Fonte Italian, Pizza, Mediterranean
    Duebendorfstrasse 223 | 8051 Zürich, Zurich 8051, Switzerland
    Phone: +41 44 321 91 51
  • Tamarind Hill Indian Restaurant Indian, Asian, Vegetarian-Friendly
    Schaffhauserstrasse 306, Zurich 8050, Switzerland
    Phone: +41 43 535 25 95

Best time to visit Zurich:

The best time to visit Zurich is From Jun to Aug when the weather is warm and from Mar to May when there is a nip in the air.

Places you Cannot Miss

Interlaken – It is well known as watch making center and it is a top tourist spot

Lausanne – It is a home to international Olympic committee

Geneva – It is a home to international red cross committee

Jungfrau region – People who want to ski or climb the mountain come here as this is an adventurous place

Matterhorn – One of the highest mountain peak

Chateau de Chillon – This place inspired artists and writers for centuries

Best Time to visit Switzerland

Weather in Switzerland

The hottest month is July in Zurich with an average temperature of 19°C (65°F) and the coldest is January at 0°C(32°F).Best time to visit Switzerland is during the summer season. June, July, and August are summer is usually warm. Low season is October, November, April, and May. September is perfect for outdoor activities. January and February are real winter months. June is a wonderful time for hiking.

Best Months to Visit Switzerland

  • June
  • July
  • August

Best Hotels in Switzerland

From simple elegant rooms to exciting views of the Lavaux vineyards, Switzerland is way too good.

Flight Info for Switzerland

Tours in Switzerland

Hike and tour enchanting Switzerland with these tour companies.

Car Rentals in Switzerland

Few of the budget friendly car rental companies in Switzerland are


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