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Needless to mention, words are few to describe the sheer magic and beauty of this island nation. Maldives is a safe island. As a matter of fact, they are free from hawkers and private tour operators and, till you book one, no distractions. This island nation consists of coral atolls totaling 26 in number. There are more than 1000 islands and only around 190 are inhabited and 90 are resorts.
It is not only strange and shocking that Maldives has only grown as a tourist destination for 35 years or more.
Now, Maldives is regarded as a top tourist and holiday travel hot spot. The first Spa and restaurant (underwater) in the world are located in Maldives only. A Complete Tourist Guide for Visiting & Things to do in Maldives!

Best Places to Visit in Maldives


Utheemu Ganduvaru

This palace belongs to Mohammed Thakurufaanu, the national hero of Maldives. The Portuguese were defeated in the year 1573, thanks to Thakurufaanu and his family. Tourists are allowed to take a tour around the 500-year-old palace, palm oil lamps, fascinating carvings made of wood are added attractions.

How to Reach:

Plane and ferry- Fly to Dharavandhoo Island and proceed towards Utheemu Ganduvaru by ferry(Haa Alif Atoll)

Fly to Hanimaadhoo and then proceed towards Utheemu Ganduvaru by ferry (Haa Alif Atoll)

Best Time to Visit:

Utheemu Palace

Timings – Sun to Thur – 9.00 Am to 6.00 PM, Closed on Friday and Saturday.

Grand Friday Mosque

Timings – Sun to Sat – 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM

National Art Gallery

Working hours- Mon to Sat – 9.15 AM to 5.30 PM,Friday holiday.

Go to: National Art Gallery

Sultan’s Park

Daily open, Mon to Sun-24 hrs.

The best time is from December to April when the rains are absent. A couple of hours are enough to view some of the important attractions.

Things to do/see:

Utheemu Palace- This island hosts the nation’s most well-maintained palace made of wood where Mohammed Thakurufaanu lived and grew up, is a one of the finest treasure in Maldives history.This palace is also home to other members of the Utheemu dynasty. A large shed for sleeping and swing beds are other things of interest to notice in this Palace.

Old Friday Mosque-This is the oldest mosque in the whole of Maldives established in the year 1656. Quranic inscriptions and minute carvings are chiseled in this coral stone structure. Prior permission from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs is needed to visit this mosque.


1)    13th-century carving introducing the birth of Islam in Maldives.

2)    The carpet inside the mosque shows the right direction towards Mecca as this mosque is not facing Mecca like other mosques worldwide.

3)    The minaret, white and blue tower near the mosque and is present in this mosque from 1675.

4)    Gold plated graves of the sultans.

Grand Friday Mosque-  This mosque was declared open in the year 1984 and is considered as one of the finest pieces of architecture in Male. The Golden Dome and the pristine white marble add timeless glory and attraction to this mosque. Up to 5000 worshippers can be accommodated inside the mosque and with its attractive chandeliers and beautifully carved doors this mosque stands out both for its design and the close by Islamic center.

Attractions Near by:

National Art Gallery- The National library is inside the museum and regular exhibitions are held. Biennial Maldives exhibition is a good opportunity to take a look at some of the best collection of Maldivian art.

National Security Service- There are numerous walking tours in the area, a nice to explore Male’ on foot.

Republican Monument- A monument built in 1999 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Maldivian independence.

Sultan’s Park- One of the nicest area allowed for the public, the trees and flowers make this place look stunning.

Viligili- Just a kilometer away from the west coast of Male, Viligili town has an irresistible Caribbean charm. To reach here, catch ferries from the New Harbour.

Best Restaurants:

Lemongrass Fifth Restaurant
Fareedhee Magu, Male

Thai Wok Restaurant
Ameeru Ahmed Magu,

Aïoli Restaurant
Lotus Ghoalhi,
Male’ 20095


South Male

This island mainly consists of three islands inhabited by people and is located in the east. The main source of interest in South Male is Maafushi, with its population of nearly 1500, it is a travelers paradise in Maldives.

How to Reach:

Seaplane, Speed Boats/Public Ferry – Choose any mode of transport depending on your location. Kindly contact the local authorities for the exact schedule to reach this place.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time is from March to December, remember mild showers are possible in this period. Else visit in the months of January and February. Ideally, a day or two is enough.

Things to do/see:

Maafushi Island- This Island is located in Kaafu Atoll, almost 20 Km from Male and is one of the most popular tourist destination. The elongated form of this island is another aspect to take a note of.

The island’s tourist population is mainly concentrated in the north because of the famous bikini beach, restaurants, shops etc.

Maafushi Beach- This beach may be small in size but the scenery it offers is countless. Coral gardens, sea fish are a gorgeous sight to watch.

Snorkeling- The main places of interest are the Banana Reef, Maafushi Corner, Vilivaru corner among other places.Here you can catch a glimpse of dolphins, grouper, sharks, jackfish and blue striped snapper when going for scuba diving. One of the top spot to enjoy the evening sunset on the Beach.

Diving- Head to the diving school in this island and explore the marine underworld.

Enjoy Parasailing, take a trip on a jet ski or go on a fishing expedition.

Attractions Near by:

1)    There are lots of resorts near this Island and visit any one of them and spend time basking in the Maldivian hospitality and service.

2)    Take a local ferry to Gulhi and Guraidhoo islands.There is a lagoon in Guraidhoo.In Gulhi,  pay a visit to the local shipyard and try your hand at fishing.

Budget Restaurants:

BBQ Buffet(Arena Beach Hotel)
Near the beach, Maafushi

Floating Bar Restaurant
It is bar restaurant set up on a Yacht and can be reached in a dinghy

Kalama Restaurant
Velana Beach Hotel

Best Restaurants:

Nero Café
Miskiy Magu Road, 08090

Tai Restaurant
Como Maalifushi, Thaa Atoll, Republic of Maldives, TAI Restaurant, 14140

Finebacke by Suzy
Bahaaree Hingun


Rasdhoo Atoll

In the northeastern part of Ari Atoll lies this place. Rasdhoo is a small town with schools, mosques and a health center.It is believed that Buddism was practiced in this island before Islam became prominent later.

How to Reach:

  • Seaplane- It is convenient to take a seaplane to Rasdhoo.
  • Speedboat service/Public Ferry- Kindly opt for either one of these to reach Rasdhoo.

Best Time to Visit:

Rasdhoo Madivaru

Public ferries- From Malé to Rasdhoo-Sun,Tues,Thurs-9 AM (Villingili ferry terminal)

From Rasdhoo to Malé-Sat,Mon,Wed-11 AM(Rasdhoo ferry terminal)

Speed boats

Timings from Malé to Rasdhoo- 4 AM and from Rasdhoo to Malé- 7.30 PM; daily except Fridays.

The best time to visit Maldives is from December to April in the dry season. May be, a couple of hours will suffice.

Things to do/see:

Rasdhoo Madivaru- This place is also known as ‘Hammerhead Point’. This place is situated on the outer reef. Large pelagics, hammerhead sharks, and mantas frequent this place quite often. The depth outside the reef is more than 200m and the crystal blue water is a sight to enthrall. The dives start before 6 am, and this is the ideal time to spot the shark and other creatures.

Ari Atoll- Mahibadhoo is the main island in this atoll and is a big town known with many guesthouses. Maamigili, the nearest place has an airstrip which is well connected with Male.

Thoddoo- The Buddhist temple here contains a coin minted in the Roman era, stone statue and a silver bowl.

Attractions Near by:

Athena Cinema- A cinema theatre near the harbor, catch some Indian movies.

Fantasy Store- The best-stocked market place in Male’, known for its fresh vegetables and fruits.

Dive Shops- Water World and Dive Shop, the two shops for all your diving needs.

Produce market- Best place to buy Bananas, Coconuts, and other home grown vegetables. Wandering around the market is the best way to kill time and also to experience some Maldivian lifestyle.

Fish Market- The essence of Male’, this market can be regarded as the soul of Maldives for its wide variety including octopus, tuna, and grouper.

Best Restaurants:

Seagull Cafe House
Cnr Chandhanee Magu & Fareedhee Magu
Malé, Maldives

Symphony Restaurant
Athamaa Goalhi
Malé, Maldives

Dawn Café
Haveeree Hingun
Malé, Maldives

Places you Cannot Miss

Utheemu Ganduvaru – It is a very small island. There are boats to travel.

HP reef – Here you have to take a boat to go for snorkeling. There is no reef close by.

Manta Point – It is a beautiful place for diving you can also go for snorkeling.

Alimatha island – It is an island with a true paradise feel. Great place to stay for sports and diving.

Hulhumale island – It is a cool island on the budget. It is also an artificial island. It is known for its water fun activities.

Mallett –  is the capital city of Maldives known for historic mosques and colorful buildings.

Best Time to visit Maldives

Weather in Maldives

The hottest month is marched in Maldives with an average temperature of 29°C (84°F) and the coldest is January at 27°C (81°F). Maldives has two important seasons namely dry season and wet season. The dry season has lower humidity and rainy. The wet season is strong winds and rains. Visibility is perfect during a dry season. Only 11 cyclones affected Maldives in the last 130 years. The good weather is November and April. Monsoon runs from May to October.

Best Months to Visit Maldives

  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November

Best Hotels in Maldives

Choose the right place to stay in Maldives depending on the facilities, Transport services to and fro from Male’, budget etc.

We have offered some choices :

Flight Info for Maldives

Male Airport located on the island of Hulhule is one of the busiest airports in Asia. Keep in mind the month of Ramadan since Maldives is an Islamic nation.

Flight options:

  • Cathay Pacific
  • Etihad
  • British Airways

Tours in Maldives

Haveeree Gulshan,

Meheli goalhi, 20014,


Banff Villa (4th Floor)

Majeedhee Magu Male’,

The Republic of Maldives

1st floor, Lets Go Tower


Haveereehingun / Male’ 20-025


Car Rentals in Maldives

Discover Maldives with any one of the top car rental companies in Maldives.

Travel Insurances when visting Maldives

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