Vape Pens – Top 10 Best Vaporizer Pens For Sale

Best Vape Pens
Best Vape Pens

Vaping has now become more popular not only with A-lists hotshots but also with soccer moms and patients.

Many manufacturers have started to produce pod mods – which are nothing but compact e-cigs that creates a fusion between a cig-alike and a modern vaping device. With scores of pens to choose from, we have made your job ridiculously easy by compiling a list of top 10 best Vape Pens available on the market today.

Different Types of Vaporizer Heating

Primarily, the two different types of vaporizer heating are conduction and convection.

Conduction heating in Vaporizers – Many modern vaporizers use this type of heating. In this process, the heat travels around the product and not directly touch the product to be heated.

The main advantage in conduction heating is that it avoids combustion during the heating process.

Volcano vaporizers use conduction type of heating.

 Convection heating in Vaporizers – In this method of heating, the product is in direct contact with the heat molecules. The magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer uses this type of heating.

Special Mention

The latest in class best IQ vaporizer, Davinci iq is simply an outstanding product with a small footprint. Very easy and handy to use, this vape pen can be controlled manually or by an app.

The 18650 battery is replaceable and the manufacturer also offers a 10-year warranty. Portable vapes like these have captured the attention of countless conventional smokers who wish to quit smoking in a gradual manner.

Overall, a new product on the horizon that offers great flavors combined with a discreet vaping experience.


V2 Pro Series 3X (Three in one)

Rating: 5.00/5 (2 votes)

proscons Key Specifications

Pen Battery- 750 mAh battery
Tank size/Cartridges- 1 e-liquid 3X cartridge
Adapter-1 wall type adapter
Charger- 1 USB magnetic charger
Price- USD 99.99 (approx.)

proscons Pros and Cons

Easily compatible with pods-Series 3
Leak-proof design
Extended pen battery life
Ergonomic and smooth design
3 medium comprehensive vaping
Easy to use and carry
Customizable airflow and temperature settings
Mouthpiece design conical may not be preferred by all
No sub-ohm choice
Prolonged use of mouthpiece makes it hot
No level glancing available for e-liquid tank

This Pro series 3 X is exclusively designed for hi-tech e-liquid vaping enthusiasts. Extremely portable and sleek, 3X Series offers the latest mobility combined with new features. Custom temperature and variable voltage setting convey a truly enjoyable experience.

With LED pen battery motion activated, it is easy to know the remaining charge at a glance. They are versatile in the sense, allowing for VG and PG usage.

This Vaporizer is ideally suited for recent cigarette quitters or those seeking to enjoy wax or dry herb, V2 will not disappoint you. For vapers preferring dry herb, Series 3X is a rare Vape Pen which performs combustion without any vaporization. It works fine with wax flavors as well.

V2 Pro Series 3X is ideally suited for recent cigarette quitters or those seeking to enjoy wax or dry herb, V2 will not disappoint you. For vapers preferring dry herb, Series 3X is a rare Vape Pen which performs combustion without any vaporization. It works fine with wax flavors as well.

The coil heads manage to provide one of the best performance that is truly world class in the V2 Pro Series. The coil heads (1.5 ohms) can be used based on preference. For a better low vapor output, 1.5 ohms coil provides a terrific performance while for higher vapor output, 0.9 ohms is the best bet.

V2 Pro Series 3X can also perform as one of the best wax pens.

Ultimately, a super good product from the house of V2.A is a must buy Vape Pen for its innovative features and raving reviews.

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Green Smoke (E-liquid)

Rating: 4.00/5 (1 votes)

proscons Key Specifications

Pen Battery- three batteries rechargeable
Tank size/Cartridges-12 sets of cartridges
Adapter-1 wall type adapter
Charger- Cable with 1 charger USB
E-Liquid-Not available
Price- USD 59.90(approx.)

proscons Pros and Cons

Long lasting designer pen batteries
Cartridges employ FlavorMax technologies to give rich vaping experience
Impressive throat hit
Money back 30-day warranty
Bonus accessories for extra payment
Rubber stoppers on bottom and top of e-cigs
A bit pricey
Only eight limited flavors to choose from
No manual pen battery option

To start with, this company is known to offer simple, nice and clean products. Green Smoke products use FlavorMax technology which enables the vapers to enjoy a good quality of vapor, taste, and flavor consistently for a long period of time.

The important thing to note here is that Green Smoke Vape Pens are typically designed to function with their own company products to avoid any kind of unhealthy vaping experience.

They basically offer 3 types of vaping kits including Express, Essentials, and Pro Kit each having their own distinct product.

In short, Green Smoke is an easy and smooth vaporizer product that offers good quality flavors combined with prompt delivery and replacement service.


VaporFi Rocket 3 (E-Liquid)

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 votes)

proscons Key Specifications

Pen battery- 2500 mAh battery
Tank size/Cartridges- 3.5 ml tank
Adapter- 1 wall adapter
Charger- Micro USB
Price- USD 49.99 (approx.)

proscons Pros and Cons

Excellent pen battery power to last for 48 hours
Easy, mess free 3.5 ml top tank
3 modes of temperature and wattage settings
Slick and smart design
Charging and vaping cannot be done simultaneously
Custom setting for wattage absent
Stainless steel design is not scratch free

One of the most anticipated Vaporizer Pens to arrive on the vape scene after a long time. This Vaporizer Pen offers unmatched quality and precision, the VaporFi Rocket revolutionizes the concept of conventional vaping.

The all-powerful 2500 mAh pen battery offers a long life while the sub-ohm Rocket 3 tank comes pre-installed with a 0.5-ohm atomizer. The advanced sensing coil technology allows the user to change atomizers at will. This hi-tech Vaporizer Pen allows vapers to easily switch between temperature and wattage.

The LED blinking light indicates whether the wattage is on or not, making way for an excellent user experience.


Dr.Dabber Aurora (Concentrates and Wax)

Rating: 5.00/5 (2 votes)

proscons Key Specifications

Pen battery- 350 mAh battery variable charge
Tank size/Cartridges- Only atomizers with 0.5 gm capacity,total 3 nos
Adapter- N.A
Charger- Charging station with USB
Price- USD 124.95 (approx.)

proscons Pros and Cons

Excellent magnetic components with no threads
Mouthpiece design ceramic
Chambers quartz lined
Atomizers-3 nos for easy maneuverability
Brilliant airflow design
Rich taste, smoothness, and potency
Warranty period very limited
Compared to other Vaporizer Pen, smaller clouds
Not suitable for all beginners

The Dabber vape is one of the best cutting-edge Vaporizer Pen designed with precision to provide low heat inhaling experience for waxes and concentrates.

Provides best known magnetic connections among mouthpiece, atomizer, and pen battery for a rich vaping experience.The high-performing variable pen battery and the present 3 unique atomizers call for premium customization enabling perfect hassle free vaping experience.

With each and every component carefully designed and executed with precision, Dr.Dabber Aurora puts a full stop to annoying screw threads and sockets.

Dr.Dabber Aurora’s unique ceramic mouthpiece is literally connected to the chamber connector or airflow regulator, which facilitates less draw resistance.

A wonderful sleek product with a black satin smooth finish, Dr.Dabber Aurora is reasonably priced for a premium Vaporizer Pen.

With each and every component carefully designed and executed with precision, this Vaporizer Pen puts a full stop to annoying screw threads and sockets.

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Mig Vapor Matrix Dry Herb

Rating: 3.50/5 (2 votes)

proscons Key Specifications

Pen Battery-2200 mAH battery variable voltage
Tank size/Cartridges- 0.8 gram capacity
Adapter- USB type
Charger- Wall charger
Price- USD 139.95 (approx.)

proscons Pros and Cons

Full temperature control for ultimate vaping experience
Efficient and saves material
Works effectively with dry herb and dabs
Ceramic chamber retains flavor
Simple to clean and use
Zero maintenance
Price factor
Airflow not free flowing
Heat up time -45 seconds, some may find it irritating

A quality top notch product from Mig, Matrix dry herb vaporizer gives us the complete freedom to select between 43F and 300F, with 1F affordable increment.

Rated as one of the best dry herb portable vaporizers, this Mig Vapor allows one to enjoy dry herbs and concentrates with unseen richness and precision of flavor.

Even though they are priced heavily, the Mig dry herb vaporizer is pretty easy to handle and clean. A vaporizer not for the normal e-cig smokers, Mig comes with an excellent OLED display.

With 130 plus unique settings, Mig vapor dry herb is an awesome product.

Finally, to sum up, Mig Vapor Matrix is a good device for advanced and intermediate vapers who can figure out how to adjust the settings and avoid overheating.

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MIG 21 Clear Fusion (E-Liquid)

Rating: 4.20/5 (5 votes)

proscons Key Specifications

Pen Battery- Super durable batteries 2 by 140mm
Tank size-1.3 ml Clear Fusion
Adapter-1 wall type adapter
Charger- Cable with 1 charger USB
E-Liquid- 30 ml e-liquid bottle free of cost
Price- USD 59.95 (approx.)

proscons Pros and Cons

Perfect stealth Vaporizer Pen
Excellent product for sub-ohm vape beginners
First-grade vapor quality
Award-winning Vaporizer Pen design
Easy to carry and use
For advanced users, this is not suitable
Size of the tank is very small
380 mAh -Pen Battery

This one is one of the best vape kits for beginners.Mig 21 is undoubtedly the best in the market as it is not at all complicated and it is just the normal cigarette size.

It is fitted with one of the most durable pen battery systems one can really imagine for an entry level Vape Pen.  Refillable tanks are available with the model.

With its sleek and cool design, this MIG 21 Clear Fusion is not your regular e-cig.

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KandyPens Prism Plus (Concentrates)

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 votes)

proscons Key Specifications

Pen Battery- Sub-ohm 900 mAh battery
Tank/Cartridge- Titanium atomizer with Quartz rods
Adapter- N.A
Charger- Pass-through USB-Micro
Price- USD (approx.)

proscons Pros and Cons

Designed and developed in America
Slash guard comes along with glass mouthpiece
Essential next-gen vaporizer
Compact 10.5 cm design
Atomizer-Dual Quartz

Irrespective of your vaping experience, this KandyPens Prism Plus will steal your heart away.

To start with, it is designed to function effectively with all types of concentrates, dab, shatter or THC wax.

Having received the “Best Allround performing Vaporizer Pen -2018,” this Vaporizer Pen comes in an ultra-compact new design that is bound garner all the attention. Electroplated medical grade stainless steel body takes the KandyPens Prism Plus to the height of superior design.

Does not come with dyes, wicks or glues and the lifetime warranty for pen batteries is a great move.

Handmade and crafted for perfection, this KandyPens Prism Plus is innovation at its best.

By and large, a top notch premium vaporizer pen which is not only compact and small but also packs a wallop.

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XEO Void Vaporizer (E-Liquid)

Rating: 5.00/5 (2 votes)

proscons Key Specifications

Pen Battery- 1500 mAh battery
Tank size/Cartridges- 2 ml
Adapter-1 wall type adapter
Charger- pass thru Micro USB charging
Price- USD 59.95 (approx.)

proscons Pros and Cons

Built-in tank
Design wise-simple and easy
Terrific Vapor production capacity
Foolproof leak design
Not cheap
Variable wattage setting not available

An extremely easy to use Vaporizer Pen along with foolproof leak technology. This German design Vaporizer Pen utilizes sub-ohm interchangeable technology that is easily compatible with VG and PG e-liquid concentrates.

A tank with high capacity can hold around 2 ml and the pen battery life is amazingly more. Available in three different colors; Gunmetal, Burst Silver, and Black.

In a nutshell, XEO Void looks amazingly stylish and it will certainly catch the attention of public on the streets for its eye-popping alien-like design.

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Halo Triton II (E-Liquid)

Rating: 3.50/5 (2 votes)

proscons Key Specifications

Pen Battery- 700 mAh battery
Tank size/Cartridges- Glass tank 2 ml
Adapter-1 wall type adapter
Charger- 1 Wall charger
E-Liquid-30 ml
Price- USD 69.99 (approx.)

proscons Pros and Cons

Even novice users can handle with ease
MTL vapers preferred choice
Cut-off time of 15 seconds
Affordable price
Tanks with proper airflow maximizes vapor and flavor
Portable design
Eight colors to choose from
2 extra bonus e-cigs
Incompatible with original products from Halo
Top fill option not available

This is the right choice for vapers who alternate between MTL  (Mouth to Lung) or DL (Direct Lung ) vaping. With 2 standard drips and 1 wide bore, DL vapers can choose wide bore while MTL vapers can use the 2 available standards.

Size wise, the pen batteries are 92 mm only and the option to go for 900 mAh is also present in this model. There are two powerful atomizer choices to select namely 1.2 and 1.5 ohms respectively.

If any vaper decides to use DL vape, then It is advisable to stick to e-juice VG when using the 0.75-ohm coil.

As far as MTL vapers are concerned,70/30 or 50/50 combination of PG/VG e-juice with appropriate nicotine strength.

Needless to mention, Halo Triton 2 is a stellar product for experienced and beginner vapers.This pen combines vapor plumes with an enjoyable flavor, completely packed in an affordable package.

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Juul Pod Vaporizer Pens (E-Liquid)

Rating: 3.50/5 (2 votes)

proscons Key Specifications

Pen Battery- Polymer lithium-ion battery
Tank size/Cartridges- 0.7 mL nicotine
Adapter- USB adapter
Charger- USB charger magnetic
Price- USD 49.99 (approx.)

proscons Pros and Cons

Ideal Vaporizer Pen with the smallest size
High nicotine for chain smokers
Extremely easy to use
Looks like ordinary cigarette
Amazing innovative design and manufacture quality
Undesirable pen battery life

A pod style pen, Juul is the best start kit Vaporizer Pen in the market. If filling tanks and coils are not your cups of tea, then Juul is right up there for you to grab right now.

The pods are a pre-filled making way for a nice vaping experience. The key point to note is that Juul is an MTL type vaper and its contents are high in nicotine ideally suited for new cigarette quitters.

A simple pod Vaporizer Pen with the best in class features makes it a preferred choice among all types of smoking population.

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