Top 10 Best Rated Toilets – A complete Guide

Astounding Toilet Brands

From surreal to stylish, there are lots of toilets that not only serve the purpose but also look elegant and stunning. It’s not only important but also undeniable to have a nice toilet in this modern day and age.

Buying Tips- Bathroom Toilet

First things first, before we actually start with our rank of top 10 appealing toilet brands in the market today, it is essential to consider these tips and ideas to get value for your money.

Calculate the size(Rough-in)

The main distance from the center of toilet hole to the wall where it is mounted.Sizes can vary from 10” to 14” depending on your bathroom design. To avoid later complications, measure the size before heading to the shop.

Types of Flushing System 

There are two types as far as flushing is concerned.To avoid clogging issues, the single system offers a trap-way that is large in size. For half water and full flushing, the dual flush can be considered for efficient water management.


Primarily, a toilet has a comfort or standard height. While the comfort toilet is normal chair height whereas standard toilet is a bowl low design one.

Bowl Shapes

Round bowls act as great space saving toilets while elongated toilets are more stylish and trendy.

Types of Toilet

Two pieces are suited for traditional looking bathrooms while one-piece is easy to maintain and clean.

Top 10 Best Toilets Rated

Well, buying a toilet is not fun anymore. For a layman, all the toilet brands look similar and it makes it, even more, tougher to shop for the right choice for our bathroom.

Stop worrying friends.Here we have compiled a list of top 10 best toilet brands on offer which can do the job without any hiccups or troubles.


Toto Neorest MS992CUMFG-700 H Dual Flush

Not rated yet

proscons Key Specifications

Type- One-Piece
Bowl Shape- Elongated
Colours- Cotton
Product make- Vitreous China
Gallons per Flush-1.0 and 0.8 (2 models available)
Dimensions- 477.84 mm by 844.55 mm by 631.82 mm
Water Surface-8.75 inch by 7.25 inch
Trap-way-2 -1/8 inch

proscons Pros and Cons

Operation using remote control-multi-function
Eye-catching Nightlight
Comfortable height
Dual flush automatic system
Residential warranty of 3 years
Water saving model
Time-consuming to learn toilet functions
Very expensive by any standard
Manual cleaning requires power-supply shutdown
Expert help needed for installation

A product for those who prefer advanced features, Toto Neorest comes second to none in terms of sheer quality and technological advancements.

Promptly meeting Universal as well as ADA design specifications, Neorest is one of those toilets which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Topping the list with luxurious features including CeFIONtect for highly soft,ion-barrier to maintain the bowl bacteria-free for a long duration, Tornado system for flushing,eWater+ advanced technology, dual spray modes namely WonderWave and WonderSpin, this Toto Neorest 700H has been sculpted to perfection using current purposeful technology.

A world charming toilet model, Toto Neorest is ranked as best technology-driven toilet design sold at a price tag not affordable by all.



Kohler Highline Classic K-3493

Rating: 2.00/5 (1 votes)

proscons Key Specifications

Type- Two-Piece
Bowl Shape- Elongated
Colour- Black Black, Almond, Biscuit, and White
Product make- Vitreous China
Gallons per Flush-1.6
Dimensions-765 mm by 540 mm by 794 mm
Water Surface-12 inch by 10 inch
Trap-way-2 and ¼ inch

proscons Pros and Cons

Sloan FLUSHMATE valves
Trip lever chrome finish
Advanced flushing system-Pressure Assist
Advanced frequency analysis and noise-mapping available
Reduced odor and easy to maintain
Installation process simple and easy
Noise level quite high
Requires more space, more footprint
Not a cheap toilet mode

Kohler is a well-known brand whose creations are world renowned for their outstanding design and performance.With its comfort height feature, Highline Classic is easy on your body, comfortable to sit and stand.

A graceful elongated two-piece toilet, Kohler has employed Pressure Lite technology which makes flushing as smooth as satin. The trip-lever placed on the left, it is ideal and convenient to use. This is one of the newly designed Pressure Lite toilets that has invariably raised the level for exceptional flushing experience.

Best suited for all types of powder or bathrooms, Kohler’s Highline Classic K-3493 is an owner’s delight.

Other than the compressor, Highline is a must buy Kohler product if price and noise level is not your


Kohler Memoirs Stately (K-3817-0)

Not rated yet

proscons Key Specifications

Type- Two-Piece
Bowl Shape- Elongated
Colours- Black Black, Sandbar, Ice Grey, Dune, Almond, Biscuit, and White
Product make- Vitreous China
Gallons per Flush-1.28
Dimensions- 771.52 mm by 479.42 mm by 788.92 mm
Water Surface-11 ¾ inch by 9.5 inch
Trap-way-2 -1/8 inch

proscons Pros and Cons

Piston system-AquaPiston
Pleasant styling
Water sense low water consumption
Cistern insulated-minimizes condensation
Very comfortable toilet seat
Limited warranty for 1 year
Concealed trap-way
Shorter people may find it difficult to use
Clefts can be hard to clean
Same amount of water for liquid waste flushing
For effective cleaning, tank removal is a must

Equipped with state of the art magnificent architectural design and look, Kohler’s Memoirs Stately aptly melds traditional style with water-conserving flush performance.

With a capacity of 16,500 gallons per annum, this toilet’s  flushing rate is gallon 1.28. No compromise flushing system along with elegantly designed elongated bowl adds additional pomp and glamour.

Like other Kohler toilets, Chrome polished lever trip is included in Memoirs Stately.This two-piece type toilet gels well with other Memoir collections, giving us enough reasons to buy this toilet.

To sum up, easy to install a 3-bolt toilet, Kohler Memoirs Stately is the right choice for those who seek traditional design and latest modern technology in a single piece.


Saniflo 023 Sanicompact 48

Not rated yet

proscons Key Specifications

Type- One-Piece
Bowl Shape- Round
Colours- White
Product make- Porcelain and Vitreous China
Gallons per Flush-1.0 and 1.28 (2 models available)
Dimensions- 469.9 mm by 368.3 mm by 546.1mm
Water Surface-N.A
Trap-way-1-1/4 inch

proscons Pros and Cons

Self-contained model toilet
Can be installed in any place including small garages
Flushing mechanism electronically timed for water conservation
360-degree maneuverability of discharge elbow
Non-return valve stops backflow
Warranty period of 2 years
Not suitable for budget toilet seekers
Complex installation process
Needs periodic maintenance using decalcifier

Right behind Toto’s Neorest, Sanicompact 48 is a little bit on the better side when it comes to price but with features, it is way up there with other pricey models.

The idea of using a Sanicompact is completely recommended if you are pressed for-

  • Space
  • Looking for water conserving toilets
  • Physically challenged people looking for compact toilet models

It is important to note that Saniflo 23 does not require a gravity-based flow tank because macerating pump and flushing action is completely automatic.

Green energy users will be happy since this toilet only spends around 1 gallon per every flush forcing the waist down completely.

Weighing not more than 62.2 pounds, Saniflow 023’s  dimensions are suitably planned for both elders and children alike.

Comparing this Saniflow 023 with other normal toilets will prove to be a disaster since macerating toilets are designed with certain user-friendly criteria.

Undoubtedly, a must buy toilet brand, Saniflo 23 Sanicompact 048 can installed in places pressed for space but not for the price.


Toto Ultramax II (MS604114CEFG#01)

Not rated yet

proscons Key Specifications

Type- One-Piece
Bowl Shape- Elongated
Colours- Sedona Beige, Colonial White, Bone, Cotton, and Ebony
Product make- Vitreous China
Gallons per Flush-1.28
Dimensions- 812 mm by 508 mm by 450.85 mm by 730.25
Water Surface-7- 1/8 inch by 9-1/8 inch
Trap-way-2 -1/8 inch

proscons Pros and Cons

Efficient single piece set
Complete package with lid and seat
Certified water sense
Straightforward and quick installation process
SanaGloss enables to control growth of microbes and bacteria
Powerful single flush clearance
Larger footprints compared with other toilets in the market.
Slight stain near the waterline
Pricey model

A Japanese company is previously known for its premium porcelain and pottery offerings, Toto offers a complete world standard in terms of excellent bathroom experience.

This smooth one-piece curved toilet comes with a solo lever.The highlight feature is when you flush your toilet everytime, walls will not rock.

Toto Ultramax II uses universal friendly height wherein customers all around the world can comfortably and effectively use this product.Available in various color schemes, the customers have the option to choose toilets with or without CEFIONTECT Glaze.

Like other high-quality Toto products, Ultramax II is a computer designed toilet with a trap-way fully glazed for easy maintenance.ADA complaint model along with latest flushing system, Tornado Flush, Toto Ultramax II is definitely right up there for its superlative performance.

A top class product from Toto, this UltraMax II is a cost-effective best performing toilet that can look expensive but for the features, it comes with it is not a bad choice.


Toto Drake CST744SG#01

Not rated yet

proscons Key Specifications

Bowl Shape- Elongated
Colours-Cotton White Glazed, Ebony, Sedona Beige, Colonial White, and Bone
Product make- Vitreous China
Gallons per Flush-1.6
Dimensions- 749.3 mm by 406 mm x 260.35 mm by 463.55 mm
Water Surface-N.A
Trap-way-1-1/4 inch

proscons Pros and Cons

Positive customer reviews
Simple installation procedure
Unbeatable good design
Useful functional mechanism
Affordable model
No clogging
At times, flush power not too impressive
Flush handle design needs improvement
Flange bolts, wax ring, and seat are absent from the package

Toto’s most underrated toilet model, this drake toilet is a two piece toilet design.Known for its performance durability, Toto’s drake is still a preferred choice in several households across the world.

With the SanaGloss feature, the toilet bowl looks brand new after every flush. Employing the latest G-Max technology, Toto has come up with a 2-inch valve for quick and power flushing.

Side flush mechanism combined with the easy installation procedure, this Toto Drake CST744SG#01 is worth every penny spent.

From positive customer reviews to neat useful features, Toto Drake CST744SG#01 is a notable toilet product. For a trouble-free clogging experience, Toto Drake CST744SG#01 proves exciting.


American Standard Champion 4

Not rated yet

proscons Key Specifications

Type- One-Piece
Bowl Shape- Elongated
Colours- Bone, Linen, White
Product make- Vitreous China
Gallons per Flush-1.6
Dimensions- 749.3 mm by 425.45 mm 755.65 by mm
Water Surface-N.A
Trap-way-2 -3/8 inch

proscons Pros and Cons

Solid warranty for 10 years
Easy to maintain construction
Large and effective 2 3/8 inches trap-way -anti-clog
Flush test factory standard
One time power flush model
Toliet height is ADA compliant
Top tank not attractive
Heavy when compared with other toilets
Not suitable for very young children
Water level is too shallow

This toilet is well made with elegant curves and an elongated seat. With the EverClean system, it is extremely convenient to clean. The toilet seat height is at the optimum height as recommended by the ADA.

Flushing capacity of this Standard Champion 4 is quite high when compared with average industry standard by more than 70%. Equipped with 4-inch flush valve, this toilet flushes much quicker than other competitive products on offer.

With a rough-in area size of around 12 inches, this toilet is a real monster. Odor-causing microbes and stains are less likely to occur in this model.

This American Standard Champion 4 can be bought for their all-powerful single flush system and a 10 year period of warranty which further adds credibility to this toilet.

Overall, a nice looking toilet brand that will comfortably meet your requirement.


Kohler Class Five Wellworth Toilet(K-3978-0)

Not rated yet

proscons Key Specifications

Bowl Shape- Elongated
Colours-Black Black, Almond, Biscuit, and White
Product make- Vitreous China
Gallons per Flush-1.6
Dimensions- 762 mm by 742.9mm by 457.2 mm
Water Surface-11.25 inch x 8.25 inch
Trap-way-2-1/8 inch

proscons Pros and Cons

Priced competitively
Flushing system-efficient and nice
Trap-way totally glazed enables easy maintenance
Class 5 flushing performance
More than average clearing capacity-bulk waste
ADA compliance –absent
Toilet seat not included in the initial package

Another stellar one, this Wellworth two-piece vitreous China make is another profound toilet model from the house of Kohler.

The simple shape of the toilet (K-3978-0) enhanced by elegant cistern curves makes it an eye-catching toilet design.As far as flushing is concerned, canister type flush valve delivers top quality flush drive, pushing all the waste in one go.

The size of trap-way is 53.97 mm and as understood, this paves way for a clogging free bowl system further adding credibility to the performance of Kohler Wellworth K-3978-0 toilet.

The rough-in is around 12-inch and this sets the stage for easy and simple installation of this toilet.

A benchmark iconic product of American engineering and innovation, this Kohler toilet displays finesse and class that ideally fits into various types of bathroom décor.


American Standard (714AA.151.020) ActiClean

Not rated yet

proscons Key Specifications

Bowl Shape- Elongated
Product make- Vitreous China
Gallons per Flush-1.28
Dimensions- 796.92 mm by 525.46 mm by 766.76 mm
Water Surface-9 inch x 8 inch
Trap-way-2-1/16 inch

proscons Pros and Cons

Compliance with ADA standards
Optimum Height
Battery life lasts more than 1 year
Chinaware lifetime warranty followed by mechanical parts-10 years, electronics part-1 year,seat-1 year
Child lock facility available in ActiClean(select) toilets
Lid problem in certain cases
Mid-range but not overtly cheap model

Now, with the ActiClean American Standard toilet keeping a healthy and clean home has become a cakewalk. Just with a push of a button, American Standard removes stains and keeps the toilet bacteria free.

Armoured with Quick Clean and Deep Clean technology, ActiClean American Standard provides a cleaning solution for a period of 9 weeks with the initial setup. VorMax technology ensures that flushing remains always at the best with this advanced toilet model.

The rim (CleanCurve) design effortlessly negates unnecessary stain or dust buildup.

The main key aspect of this model is its ability to clean swiftly with the help of self-cleaning mechanism nicely integrated into the flush function.


St.Thomas Creations Richmond ECO

Not rated yet

proscons Key Specifications

Type- One-Piece
Bowl Shape- Elongated
Product make- Vitreous China
Gallons per Flush-1.28
Dimensions-735 mm by 400 mm by 720 mm
Water Surface- 9 inches by 7 inch
Trap-way-2 and 1/8 inch

proscons Pros and Cons

Flush quietness remarkable
Prevents clogs
Resists odor and soil
Excellent flush
Elegant design
Only complete flush
Flush handle needs to be held
Parts need constant maintenance
Downtime little longer in duration

A toilet for all seasons.This Richmond ECO does all the job with ease and perfection.  It is high time you redesign your toilet with this classic, elegant Richmond suite right away.

The most appealing part of this toilet brand is its stylish design and look.Not to forget, this toilet is WaterSense EPA compliant made with a capacity to clear MaP 1000 grams, a lot higher than the average industry standards of 350 grams.

Consider this make, if you are looking for freedom from clogged toilets in the past.If your bathroom is far away from sewer connection point and also on a higher ground, then Richmond ECO is a better choice.

Overall, Thomas Creations Richmond ECO is a good product but definitely needs additional improvement and care from its makers.

Finally, to conclude, It is quite a cumbersome process to find the perfect fitting toilet for one’s  home. The sheer quantum of details to be taken into account including finishes, bowls, various types, designs, flush systems etc. is sure to give consumers countless nightmares.

Meanwhile, it’s our sincere belief that this top 10 best appealing toilet brands definitely prove valuable and informative.

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