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Top 10 American Movies to Watch before you Die

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Numerous movies are released every year in Hollywood. Certain movies make it big and certain movies don’t succeed. There is a lot of expectation on Hollywood films from all over the world. Movie watching fans right now have a lot more options to watch movies of any genre, language etc. Movies have now become the most undeniable part of our lives. It is one of the major entertaining media for people across the globe.

Special Mention

BBC Culture released a list of 100 greatest American films a few years ago. From the list the top 10 films of all time are

  1. Citizen Kane
  2. The Godfather
  3. Vertigo
  4. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  5. The Searchers
  6. Sunrise
  7. Singin’ in the Rain (1952)
  8. Psycho (1960)
  9. Casablanca (1942)
  10. The Godfather 2 (1974)

Since Hollywood and Civil War themes are inseparable, take a look at some of the Civil War movies that warrant a significant acknowledgment

  • The Outlaw Josey Wales
  • Gettysburg
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Glory
  • Gone with the Wind

Are you someone who is cribbing of not being able to watch good movies all your life? Given below is the list of movies a moviegoer must not miss watching if he is crazy about good cinema. The list given below is just tentative and not final.


The Godfather Trilogy

Rating: 5.00/5 (3 votes)
imdb    Imdb:    9.2/10
meta    Metacritic:    99%
rt    Rotten tomatoes:   9.2/10
Release Date: 15 March 1972 (The Godfather), 20 December 1974 (The Godfather Part II), 25 December 1990 (The Godfather Part III)
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Cast: Paramount pictures
Distributed By: Paramount pictures
Music By: Nino Rota and Carmine Coppola
Language: English, Italian, Spanish
Country: The United States of America
Running Time: 549 minutes
Awards: Academy Awards
Budget: $73.5 Million
Box Office: $574.5
Available at: Amazon Netflix Youtube

The Godfather (1972) movie is a film adaptation of the novel, “The Godfather” written by Mario Puzo; an Italian American author. This movie series includes three films which shed light on American Crime drama genre. The sequels in the film series consist of trials of the Corleone family, which is headed by Vito Corleone who is shown as the Mafia boss. With excellent acting by Al Pacino as Mike Corleone and Marlon Brando as Don Vito, this movie reflects the gross reality of how a Mafia business runs and what kind of risk they undertake to survive in the dirty business of drugs and crime.

This movie was followed by two more sequels. Paramount Pictures took pride in releasing all the three movies in the year 1972, 1974, and later in 1990. The complete series was a smashing box office hit with the movie earning more than $545 million. The two movies among the series have received accolades worldwide since its screening. The second sequel is in fact considered one of the classic movies ever made in the history of sequel cinema. Watch the entire series and enjoy the movie that has captured the whole image of the world.

Don Vito played by Marlon Brando has similarities to real-gangsters, namely Joe Profaci who does illegal activities using his olive oil business as a disguise.Frank Costello, who is known as the “The Real Boss” most really resembles the character played by Marlon in the movie.


The Shawshank Redemption

Rating: 4.67/5 (3 votes)
imdb    Imdb:    9.3/10
meta    Metacritic:    80
rt    Rotten tomatoes:   8.2/10
Release Date: September 23,1994
Director: Frank Darabont
Cast: Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Bob Gunton, William Sadler, Clancy Brown, Gil Bellows, James Whitmore
Distributed By: Columbia Pictures
Music By: Thomas Newman
Language: English
Country: United States
Running Time: 142 minutes
Awards: Academy Award Nomination, Golden Globe Award Nomination
Budget: $25 million
Box Office: $58 million
Available at: Amazon Netflix Youtube

Frank Darabont, the director has roped in Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman for this American Drama. This film released in the year 1994. This movie is based on a Stephen King story named “Rita Hayworth”. The movie talks about Andy Dufresne, who is a banker by profession sentenced to life imprisonment in Shawshank state prison for murdering his wife and her lover, although he claims innocence. After putting in prison he creates a lasting friendship with Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding played by Morgan Freeman.In this movie, Andy played by Tim Robbins is used by the prison warden to launder money illegally and that sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

This is one of those movies where positive reviews are nothing new. The movie was also nominated for various awards and also received highly positive comments from many critics. The movie was part of the American Film Institute’s 100years 100 movies. In the year 2015, the Library of Congress in the US had chosen this movie to be included in the National Film Registry recognizing it’s cinematic, cultural and aesthetical importance. Enjoy watching a movie significant in all aspects!!!!

Steven Spielberg after watching this movie has remarked to the director that it is a “chewing-gum movie-it comes with you wherever you go “.


Fight Club

Rating: 5.00/5 (2 votes)
imdb    Imdb:    8.8/10
meta    Metacritic:    66%
rt    Rotten tomatoes:   7.3/10
Release Date: October 15,1999
Director: David Fincher
Cast: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter, Meat Loaf Aday, Jared Leto
Distributed By: 20th century Fox
Music By: The dust Brothers
Language: English
Country: The United States and Germany
Running Time: 139 minutes
Awards: Online Film Critics Society Awards
Budget: $63 million
Box Office: $100.9 million
Available at: Amazon Netflix Youtube

The movie “Fight Club” released in 1999. This movie is a film adaptation of the 1996 novel Fight Club written by Chuck Palahniuk. The director of this movie is David Fincher and the stellar star cast includes Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter. Edward Norton plays the role of an insomniac who is depressed with his lifestyle and forms a fight club and Tyler joins him.

Brad Pitt who played the role of a soap maker was gritty and solid as Tyler Durden.As new members join the club, the story moves forward with some well-choreographed stunt sequences. The protagonist played by Norton emotionally gets involved with Durden and a lustful Marla Singer played by Bonham Carter. Terrific acting, excellent star cast, pulsating screenplay and overall good direction keep us glued to the screens till the end!!

Bob’s (Meat Loaf) fat suit was crafted in such a way that it weighed around 100lbs and it was quite a task for the cast and crew to nail it perfectly.


Raging Bull

Not rated yet
imdb    Imdb:    8.2/10
meta    Metacritic:    92%
rt    Rotten tomatoes:   9/10
Release Date: December 18,1980
Director: Martin Scorsese
Cast: Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Cathy Moriarty, Nicholas Colasanto, Theresa Saldana, Frank Vincent
Distributed By: United Artists
Music By: Pietro Mascagni
Language: English
Country: United States
Running Time: 129 minutes
Awards: Academy Award, Golden Globe Award
Budget: $18 million
Box Office: $23.4 million
Available at: Amazon Netflix Youtube

The movie Raging Bull was directed by Martin Scorsese in 1980 the ace director. The movie is about a middleweight boxer who rises through the ranks to earn a shot at the crown. Starring Robert De Niro who plays the boxer Jake La Motta is the main character in the movie. The plot of the movie moves around him. Jake La Motta, an Italian American mid weight boxer suffers a broken relationship with his family and his wife due to his destructive and opposing behavior.

The production of the movie was handled by Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler. Paul Schrader and Mardik Martin adapted the movie for the big screen. The movie also features Joe Pesci playing Joey, La Motta’s brother and also as his well-wisher.Cathy Moriathy who plays his wife has given a neat and subtle performance. The supporting characters were played by Nicholas Colasanto, Theresa Saldana, and Frank Vincent. Watch the movie and get to know the personal hurdles of a Boxer !!

When LaMotta(real) saw the movie, he remarked saying how bad as a person he was.this is another interesting trivia about this movie.


Pulp Fiction

Rating: 5.00/5 (2 votes)
imdb    Imdb:    8.9/10
meta    Metacritic:    94%
rt    Rotten tomatoes:   9.1/10
Release Date: October 14, 1994
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Cast: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer, Maria de Medeiros, VingRhames, Eric Stoltz, Rosanna Arquette, Christopher Walken, Bruce Willis
Distributed By: Miramax Films
Music By:
Language: English
Country: United States
Running Time: 154 minutes
Awards: Golden Globe Awards
Budget: $8.5 million
Box Office: $213.9 million
Available at: Amazon Netflix Youtube

In 1994 Quentin Tarantino directed the movie Pulp fiction which is an American Black Funny neo-noir detective movie. It is filmed based on a story by Tarantino and Roger Avary. Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) are two hitmen who often have discussions related to philosophy. This movie covers various storylines in an interesting manner. It unravels the lives of mobsters, fringe players, petty criminals and a briefcase that is seen as a mystery. The name of the movie is derived from the Pulp magazines and other popular crime novels published during the middle of 20th century. These are popular for their animated violence and punchy attractive dialogues. One interesting thing about this movie is that the character Winston the “Wolf” was written by Tarantino with only Harvey Keitel in his mind and no one else.


Saving Private Ryan

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 votes)
imdb    Imdb:    8.6/10
meta    Metacritic:    90%
rt    Rotten tomatoes:   8.6/10
Release Date: July 24,1998
Director: Steven Spielberg
Cast: Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore
Distributed By: Dreamworks Pictures
Music By: John Williams
Language: English
Country: United states
Running Time: 169 minutes
Awards: Academy Award
Budget: $70 million
Box Office: $481.8 million
Available at: Amazon Netflix Youtube

An American Epic war movie Saving Private Ryan was released in 1998. The movie is based on the Normandy landings in world war II where a bunch of soldiers go behind the enemy lines to help a paratrooper whose brothers have been killed in the war. The direction of the movie was handled by Steven Spielberg and the script was written by Robert Rodat. The film is known for the brutalities of war, while the team searches for Ryan. This film tracks the travel taken by each and every man to discover their personal courage and strength over a future seeming uncertain with honor and dignity. The film focuses on John H Miller essayed by Tom Hanks, the Rangers captain and he is supported by a group (Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, Barry Pepper, Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Adam Goldberg, and Jeremy Davies) in their pursuit.

Watching this movie gives a heart pounding experience as it brings to life the various war scenes in front of our eyes. The search, invasion and the conquering sequences portrayed in this movie gives viewers the real picture of the war field. Watch it for Tom Hanks and for the crafty direction by Steven Spielberg. An interesting fact about this movie is in the casting.Matt Damon was initially selected to play a small part and he, later on, went on to become a top Hollywood star after the release of the movie “Good Will Hunting”.


Apocalypse Now

Rating: 4.00/5 (1 votes)
imdb    Imdb:    8.5/10
meta    Metacritic:    90%
rt    Rotten tomatoes:   8.9/10
Release Date: 15th August 1979
Director: Francis Coppola
Cast: Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen, Frederic Forrest, Albert Hall, Sam Bottoms, Larry Fishburne, Dennis Hopper,
Distributed By: United Artists
Music By: CarmineCoppola, Francis Coppola
Language: English
Country: United States
Running Time: 153 minutes
Awards: Academy Award
Budget: $31.5 million
Box Office: $150 million
Available at: Amazon Netflix Youtube

This is considered to be one of the craziest war movies ever made till date which released in the year 1979. It is a complete American War Epic movie in which Francis Ford Coppola was the director, producer and also the co-writer.Captain Willard (Charlie Sheen) who is assigned the task of finding and exterminating Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando) who has gone astray and made into the jungles of Vietnam. Captain Willard travels further into the realms of darkness in the company of Air Officer (Robert Duvall), a crazy photographer (Dennis Hopper). This movie is definitely not for fun loving adults. John Mills was the co-writer along with Michael Herr who scripted the narration. It starred Frederic Forrest, Albert Hall, Sam Bottoms, LarryFishburne etc. The screenplay was by Millus, who seamlessly adapted the story of Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”. The Colonel character played by Marlon Brando is inspired from a real life person.


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Rating: 4.50/5 (2 votes)
imdb    Imdb:    8.7
meta    Metacritic:    80%
rt    Rotten tomatoes:   9/10
Release Date: 19 November 1975
Director: Milos Forman
Cast: Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, William Redfield
Distributed By: United Artists
Music By: Jack Nitzsche
Language: English
Country: United States
Running Time: 133 minutes
Awards: Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards
Budget: $4.4 million
Box Office: $109 million
Available at: Amazon Netflix Youtube

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a funny American movie released in the year 1975. Milos Forman directed American drama based on the novel “One Flew over the cuckoo’s nest” written by Ken Kesey. The main star in the movie is Jack Nicholson and the supporting roles are played by Louise Fletcher, William Redfield, Will Sampson, and Brad Dourif. McMurphy(Jack Nicholson) decides to act insane to escape prison work and he is admitted to the ward for the mentally disabled. How he fights the cruel nurse Ratched forms the main plot.

This movie is remembered as one of the best movies in Hollywood. This popular movie is ranked at number 33 among top 100 movies. This movie also bagged all the top major Oscar awards only after the movie “It happened one night”. The movie also bagged a number of theGoldenGlobesand  BAFTAawards.The title of the movie is derived from Oliver Goldsmith’s rhyme. Sit back and enjoy !!!



Rating: 3.50/5 (2 votes)
imdb    Imdb:    8.7/10
meta    Metacritic:    89%
rt    Rotten tomatoes:   9/10
Release Date: September 19,1990
Director: Martin Scorsese
Cast: Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco, Paul Sorvino
Distributed By: Warner Bros
Music By: Pete Townshend
Language: English
Country: United States
Running Time: 145 minutes
Awards: British Academy of Films Award
Budget: $25 million
Box Office: $46.8 million
Available at: Amazon Netflix Youtube

This movie has a very simple plot. The Story is about a petty criminal played by Ray Liotta who rises from a small position to that of a Gangster in the streets of New York ably supported by his friends Tommy and Jimmy played by Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro respectively. This is a classic mobster movie which reflects the harsh realities of underground dealings and crime. Scorsese, a world class director has created a movie which acts as a learning tool for aspiring film makers.

Needless to mention, this movie is the big screen adaption of the novel Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi, who has co-written the screenplay along with the director.Tom Cruise and Madonna were initially chosen to play the roles of Henry and Karen for the readers to know.


The Gold Rush

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 votes)
imdb    Imdb:    8.2/10
meta    Metacritic:    8.2/10
rt    Rotten tomatoes:   8.9/10
Release Date: June 26, 1925
Director: Charlie Chaplin
Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Mack Swain, Tom Murray
Distributed By: United Artists
Music By: Charlie Chaplin, Carli Elinor, Max Terr, James L. Fields,
Language: Silent Film English Intertitles
Country: United States
Running Time: 95 minutes
Awards: Academy Award Nomination
Budget: $923,000
Box Office: $2.5 million
Available at: Amazon Netflix Youtube

A comedy movie directed in the year 1925 by Charlie Chaplin is one of the best movies in Hollywood. Gold Rush is a movie directed, produced and written by famous Charlie Chaplin. The main role is played by Charlie Chaplin in his little tramp personality with supporting roles played by Georgia Hale, TomMurray, Malcolm Waite, and others. Lita Grey was the first choice for the role of lead actress in the movie and later Georgia Hale replaced her as the lead and the rest is history. The movie has received many accolades and was also nominated for the academy awards after its re-release in 1942.  It is recognized as one of the best movies ever made by the legendary Charlie Chaplin.It created a storm at the box office and one of the fifth highest grossing movies in the silent film category in the history of cinema.

While viewing some clips of the 1896 gold rush, and Chaplin was strangely struck by the image of an infinite line of waiting people cueing up to the gold fields. The idea for this movie was born here.

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