What If Dinosaurs Had Survived The Asteroid? My Neighbour – T.Rex; Yours?

What If Dinosaurs Never Went Extinct
What If Dinosaurs Never Went Extinct

The asteroid that dissipated the Earth some 65 million years ago measured not more than 7 miles in diameter.

Unfortunately, they struck our planet with a gigantic force of 12 billion bombs resulting in almost 70 percent extinction of living organisms on Earth.

With that strike, the asteroid had cleared the 170 million-year-old species, dinosaurs.

But, in hindsight, what if that asteroid had simply missed the Earth? Ha-ha… would the ferocious reptile still roam the forests?

In this article, let’s take some liberty to speculate on how these giant species will live amongst humans.

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What Would Have Happened If The Razing Asteroid Had Missed The Earth?

In all honesty, some 60 odd million years ago, these massive wild creatures called dinosaurs had a pretty disappointing day at the office.

A pretty large asteroid that was not more than 6 miles across, crashed into Earth wiping out the dinosaurs.

Moreover, today a similar-looking big asteroid striking the Earth appears unlikely.

In fact, dinosaurs were remarkably the longest, the meanest, the heaviest, and the biggest creatures.

And they were well equipped to handle any ecological difficulties they were forced to encounter.

Had the dinosaurs still been alive today, then the species called elephants would have missed their date with destiny due to ecological balance.


Are Dinosaurs Brilliant Like Us?

If they had still existed today, is it possible for them to behave as brilliantly as humans?

In fact, the most advanced dinosaur known as ‘Troodon’ lived at the time of extinction.

These animals looked upright, small and moved around in large groups.

Interestingly, they possessed the capacity to solve difficult problems and also had excellent vision.

In fact, some paleontologists believe that it’s possible that maybe one breed of dinosaur might have evolved like humans.

On the other hand, most modern paleontologists agree that the presence of a dinosaur old is totally far-fetched and unrealistic.


Would Humans Have Grown Like In Present Times?

The most fundamental question on every paleontologist’s mind- would humans have evolved if the strike had missed the Earth?

In reality, without a good energy source as succulent and sweet as flowers and fruits, it’s impossible that we or any of the humans would have progressed this far.

Suppose, if the dinosaurs had survived, then how would we communicate with our dinosaurian friends?

There would have been no mammalian livestock or any wool or any domestic companion either. Maybe, we would use their eggs, skin, and their meat.

For instance, a protoceratops was in fact, looks similar to a pig, producing eggs and yielding good quantities of meat.

Moreover, we would have hunted dinosaurs for sport. And we would have used them to produce goods and food.


Did Dinosaurs Have The Capacity To Live Ice Age?

There are some experts that state that these creatures were already facing extinction.

The fact is that even if the asteroid strike had have missed the Earth by a whisker, they would have still be destroyed by the ruthless Ice Ages which started 2 million years ago.

However, the discovery of dinosaur fossils has brought out more truth than we previously thought.

In reality, these creatures were highly adaptable than previously imagined.

Overall, scientists have also concluded that dinosaurs had a much faster growth curve than most contemporary animals.


Are Creatures Like Dinosaurs Still Living Somewhere Safe Today?

This is one of the greatest yet puzzling palaeontological fantasy, the belief that in someplace beyond human eyes is a country where dinosaurs roam around freely.

This thought was idolized in the classic novel,” The Lost World” by Sir Conan Doyle.

In addition, the concept of dinosaurs still living today was hyped by the spectacular Jurassic Park film series which revolved around the idea of exploring these animals for business purposes.

Another important point, the Baka pygmies living in the Congo and region speak of a large animal called “Mokele-Mbembe”. And, this animal is said to resemble the Apatosaurus.


Well, Different Dinosaur Species Survived At Different Places

As a matter of fact, Tyrannosaurus never devoured on Stegosaurus, for instance, this dinosaur wandered some 100 million years way before Tyrannosaurus even lived.

Furthermore, tyrannosaurus never devoured Giraffatitan since this breed lived on a different continent and some 80 million years away.

Suppose, if by chance, all the extinct creatures like dinosaurs suddenly roamed the streets on this Earth, it would result in total chaos.

For example, the velociraptors would have understood that their techniques for hunting Protoceratops are useless against Ankylosaurus.


Easy Food

The carnivorous dinosaurs should have easy hunting for a while, as they would feast on incapacitated or dead herbivorous dinosaurs.

However, sooner or later, Rex will soon have to find its living prey, based on the condition whether it was a scavenger or a predator.

In fact, a T.rex would munch birds like crunchy chips if it had somehow discovered a turkey farm.


Were Dinosaurs The Coolest Of All Creatures?

Dinosaurs are crowd-pullers. There’s no denying of that fact here. Also, over some time, a slew of research has found details regarding prehistoric life.

According to scientific research, T. Rex was most probably cannibal like creatures.

After studying the remains of a Daspletosaurus, scientists realized that the injuries sustained by dinos were caused after death.

In other words, the T.Rex came along, devoured a certain part of it but after the Dasp. was long gone.


Can Dinos And Humans Actually Live Together?

According to paleontologists, the oldest found DNA is actually a million years old and hence its quite impossible to reconstruct dinosaurs.

However, there is ample evidence that soft tissues and proteins can last over geological timescales.

Anf finally, since the movie Jurassic Park entertained viewers, paleontologists across the Earth have been slogging for a dinosaur DNA.


Birds Are Actually Living Dinosaurs, How?

Ask any paleontologists and they would agree with the fact that birds are indeed a modern version of dinosaurs.

Using the right terminology, in general, birds are nothing but avian dinosaurs.

In other words, there’s abundant evidence that favors the theory that birds have descended from the maniraptoran dinosaur.

On the contrary, some researchers disagree with the findings that birds have evolved from dinosaurs, and are trying to ridicule this theory.

Overall, the evidence in favor of this theory has questioned their efforts.

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