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Weirdest New Year Resolutions [Top 10]

In recent times, people have become fed up and tired of making the old set of resolutions without much success each year. It’s a wake-up time folks. Moreover, on a funny note, if your wife cannot change you, then you think you can?

On the other hand, people believe in making achievable or easy New Year resolutions. In contrast, certain people make some of the weirdest New Year resolutions for fun.

Three genuine reasons why New Year resolutions are difficult to follow?

  • Most of the time, resolutions turn people overtly ambitious and over time they become very difficult to achieve.
  • At the same time, January denotes celebration time and giving up drinks and food at that time of the year proves tough for many. That too, January looks depressing and cold.
  • Overall, in the name of the resolution, we force upon ourselves to deny things that give us joy and happiness.

Here, take note of some of the wackiest and weirdest New Year resolutions to make you look happy about following yours.

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I Solemnly Assure To Stick To All My Resolutions For One Week

People fail to stick to a resolution for more than a week because they revert back to their old habits unconsciously.

According to the proverb, “Old Habits Die Hard”, people neglect their bad habits and fail to mend their ways. On average, it normally takes around 65 days before a new habit becomes automatic.




I Will Regularly Meet Neglected Children (My Own)

We live and breed in a super-fast world. Personal interaction and work are mashed and rushed together in a zone in a hurry.

Thanks largely to social media and internet; life’s moving at a frenetic and faster pace with each passing year.

Therefore, a resolution respecting family values and sentiments finds a place in this list.




Secure Promotion Without Much Effort

As 2018 takes shape, take count of your expectations and aspirations and check if they are in the right direction or not.

  • Check your footing – At work, a person increases safety by enhancing value in the post they are in. Adding value increases the employee’s credibility and therefore promotion happens without any doubt.
  • Release something below you – Are you doing work for others a couple of ranks below you? If you seek promotion, then stop doing other’s task even if it makes you happy.
  • Make your boss happy – Find unique ways to increase more value. How can your company benefit from your promotion? What chances are available to remove tension from your boss? You will not receive any promotion until you exhibit you can increase more value.




Make A Believable Better Excuse To Bunk Work

At times, office work can make even a genius like Bill Gates sick and tired. Moreover, Monday morning blues further accelerate the necessity to bunk work.

Well, look out for some of the best excuses and go crazy thinking whether your manager would buy these lame excuse.

  • Sorry sir, migraine trouble – “I’m suffering from a severe migraine coupled with short bouts of nausea”. A great excuse where no one can actually check the facts.
  • Cousin’s wedding – A distant cousin’s wedding looks the perfect excuse and your boss might grant a day’s leave.
  • Fiancé stopped the marriage – This excuse sounds pretty strong and mostly works with all organizations.




Learn And Deliver Adult Jokes

A good perfect well-timed joke not only improves relationship status but also creates a positive impression. Executing the best adult joke at the right place and time helps to form a new bond with ease.

In case, you find it difficult to come up with one-liners, take time to rehearse a few at home. After all, nobody wants to cut a sorry figure in front of their boss or anyone important.




Wash My Underwear Daily

Self-explanatory. No comments.



Avoid Crying Inside A Taco Bell Bathroom

First things first, America’sTaco Bell restaurant serves around 1 billion food lovers each year. Therefore, Taco Bell bathrooms unfailing teem with invisible bacteria.

Moreover, people tend to take privacy for granted when their emotions get the better of them.




Stop Poisoning My Family With My Horrible Cooking

In this technologically advanced world, cooking and parenting are two things that have taken a back seat. So, for various reasons, working moms avoid cooking.

Moreover, even housewives prefer not to get into the kitchen for cooking purpose. In this scenario, cooking healthy meals happens to remain one of the most fascinated goals of this New Year.




Show Off Your Newly Learned Party Trick To Your Ex

Make your ex. feel jealous for ditching you. After learning your new jokes, you better steal the limelight with a stunning party trick.

The tricks can include anything from household objects to cards. Therefore, the performer gains an upper hand amidst the crowd with his nice cool tricks.




Take Time To Enjoy Even A Fool’s Company

I mean nothing but a wild celebration. You head to the nearby store and the storekeeper repeatedly searches for the item present right before his eyes, stop calling him a fool.

No matter what, you just smile back when he hands over your item. You better learn to stay in tune with life’s little precious triumphs.

Therefore, you will enjoy feeling intensely positive and remain calm throughout the day.



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