Weird Habits Of [Top 10] Most Successful Celebrities

It is strange but true that almost all successful people have certain weird habits, from crying profusely to visiting morgues and much more.

Moreover, according to psychologists, eccentric people are likely to be more artistic and imaginative because of a  neurological pattern called “Cognitive Disinhibition”.

Fundamentally, creative persons do not attach too much importance to actions and thoughts, which enables them to try new things that do not follow the set norms of the society.

Analysing the lives of some of the most successful people on the planet, it is clear that outlandish negative behavior has its own pros.

From swimming naked to drinking urine, here, take a look at some horrific habits that have incited success.

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David Beckham

David Beckham, England’s most renowned celebrity footballer who has made more than 100 appearances for his country England, a lot as captain suffers from a strange habit.

He prefers to have everything in pairs or in an orderly manner. He has even admitted that he had often rearranged the hotel suit wherever he stayed to look perfect.

According to his wife, Victoria Beckham, he would rather throw a bottle into the dustbin rather than accept an odd number.


Marilyn Monroe

It is quite impossible to find a star like Marilyn Monroe who was relentlessly examined at the peak of her career and also after her ill-timed death in her mid-thirties.

Monroe’s life was full of details, her life picked over by fans, filmmakers, FBI agents, her enigmatic death some 50 years ago, her relationships with world-famous personalities, her short but sweet film career, and her Dickensian childhood.

Monroe was reportedly believed to be a complete slob during her days. According to Monroe’s personal housekeepers, she had a weird habit of eating in her bed, nude, with the bed completely filled with the leftovers.

But when she wakes up the next day, she would leave the mess for her maids to clean without even bothering about her personal hygiene.

However, this kind of behavior does not make Marilyn Monroe any less of sex-symbol or a glamorous icon.


Michael Jackson

At the top of his music career, none could command the same respect and popularity Michael Jackson claimed.

Even though still he does, yet he was a man with a mixed legacy, from being the world’s most popular pop-star to face child abuse charges, his life was a full circle that undeniably blurred the line somewhat between reality and fantasy.

The “King of Pop” was having some disgusting habits which were later revealed by his personal maids who worked in his Neverland Ranch.

According to eyewitness accounts, Jackson was never good at keeping his bedroom or his house clean. It was reported that he would have all his fan mails, books, shirts, hats, etc.

Littered all over the house. Even when extra cleaning personnel was brought in, they too seemed to have disliked the place because it was reportedly reeking at times.


Jennifer Lawrence

Do you think it is possible to catch the Kentucky-born sizzling beauty fad dieting or having a quarrel or disagreement with the club management, then think twice?

The 27-year old actor had confessed to a reporter a couple of years back about her T.V show addiction and her liking for junk food, stuffing herself with wood-fired pizza. Jennifer’s take on dieting for roles is also well known, she hates dieting.

Calling herself an old-world lady, Jennifer admitted that she rarely leaves her home after 11 pm and watches train wreck reality shows.

Jennifer Lawrence also has the habit of not washing her hands after using the toilet.


Actress Demi Moore

Yesteryear Hollywood actress known for her intimidating roles in various movies including Indecent Proposal and Ghost etc, Hollywood siren Demi Moore has a rather peculiar habit to look charming and fresh even at the age of 55.

Her beauty secret includes using leeches to suck impurities and toxins from her skin.

Maybe that’s the reason why the mother-of-three looks as ravishing as ever even now.


Sunny Leone

Model and actress Sunny Leone, known for her voluptuous body and bold moves on the screen, has taken the Bollywood industry by storm without any doubt.

She made her Bollywood debut with the Hindi movie “Jism 2” in 2012  which turned her into an overnight sex symbol.

Strangely, this Bollywood diva has a weird behavioral habit of repetitively washing her feet. She apparently escapes from the shoot every 15 minutes and goes to clean her feet.


Britney Spears

Kleptomania is a disorder, usually impulsive control where the affected person suffers from an extremely intense urge to lift things.

It is also usually found among persons suffering from OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Moreover, this disorder has nothing to do with a person’s status in society.

American pop star Britney Spears suffered from this weird habit of shoplifting. Once, she was reportedly caught lifting a wig and a lighter from a big store.


Kim Kardashian

You think you know all the inside-out details about the world’s famous reality star and the bootylicious Kim Kardashian, you better think again.

The stunning superstar celebrity has taken time to reveal a lot more about her in recent times.

The weirdest habits of Kim Kardashian includes sleeping with her eyes open, carrying a cuticle cutter and a nail file wherever she goes as she is totally obsessed with her cuticles and nails.

This yummylicious mother of 2 has also admitted that she has the habit of carrying her own blanket and pillow every time she travels on a plane.

Looks like more skeleton will tumble out from her closet in the days to come.


Angelina Jolie

One of the best happening faces in Hollywood, this 43-year-old actress still has some weird habits which many of us are not aware of.

Angelina Jolie is a highly superstitious person. After her marriage with Billy Bob Thornton, both of them signed their will with their own blood.

Jolie is believed to be a self-confessed tattoo addict. At present, she has around 20 tattoos all over her body.

Moreover, she changes her existing tattoo or adds a new one based on her current state of mind.


Johnny Depp

The “Pirates of the Caribean” star Johnny Depp is world-renowned for his portrayal as Captain Sparrow in the Pirates movie franchise.

Hidden behind that Willy Wonka actor, however, is a person with weird habits which many might not have known so far.

This Scissorhands actor has a peculiar habit of wearing the same set of clothes even for weeks together.

Other than this, Johnny Depp enjoys playing with Barbie dolls like kids. Looks like Johnny has started to have a whale of a time with these dolls.

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