Top 10 Ideas For Selecting Wedding Rings For Women

Wedding Rings Women

According to Nicky Oppenheimer (De Beers), “Diamonds are intrinsically worthless, except for the deep psychological need they fill”.

Well, if that’s the case, how many of you believe that diamond rings and platinum bands are synonymous with love and marriage?

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Where It All Started?

A multi-billion dollar industry at present, how many of you out there know the real reason behind this sentiment?

The tradition of wearing wedding rings, as widely believed, was started some 5000 years ago by the Egyptians. Papyrus, reeds, etc. were the popular ones used to make rings.

The rings were and still considered as the real symbol of love, a piece of eternity without any end or a beginning.

The Romans adopted this tradition by giving a ring to the woman of their choice, as a mark of ownership.

Later the Christians started following this practice and slowly it became the most important aspect of their wedding ceremony.

“Vena Amoris” or the “Vein of Love”, the ring finger on the left hand is the preferred choice for wearing wedding rings; to show one’s unalloyed affection and love.


Wedding Rings For Women

Wedding rings are unavoidably impressive. The wedding ring is a symbol of love and gift; a woman with a wedding ring connotes immortal and never-ending love.

The more costly the ring, the more love showered on your partner. The worth of the ring also symbolizes the wealth of the giver.

The Wedding Ring is also a symbol of commitment that you are making to your spouse and to your marriage. Wearing a ring is a constant sign of recommitment and rededication to the relationship and acknowledging it publicly by wearing your wedding ring.

Influence of Wedding Rings

The influence of wedding rings is now a timeless concept and the sheer amount of time and money people invest to buy them proves that they exert enormous influence over their lives.


Wedding Rings - Choices

Nowadays, wedding rings are crafted from a different type of metals including Rose Gold, White Gold, Platinum, and even Titanium.

Embedding a diamond or a ruby stone in the rings is also the way to show one’s love and care for his partner.

The simple marriage rings may not be as special as expected and people prefer special engravings to turn the occasion as memorable or possible.

However, male folks generally avoid wearing more jewelry like their female counterparts and may try something special.

Platinum is one of the most preferred choices as they provide a lot more durability and strength whereas Titanium is easy to handle and rings made from them are also lighter in weight.

In countries like Norway or Germany, the right hand is the preferred choice to wear wedding rings.

Now coming to the etching part, the wedding rings can be made as personal as you want by having the initials of your partner or your partner’s birth date engraved.

Then, choose from a wide range of diamond wedding sets and remember that there are different colors of the diamond.

Common ones are Blue and Pink diamond wedding sets and create a stunning style look on your wedding.


Unique Wedding Rings

How many of you over there agree with me that your life story is different from other couples? Would you to like remain the same old-face in the crowd couples? So, why prefer to wear mass-produced rings?

Choose to wear something that reflects your special relationship, your unique love story. It is better to go in for designs and ring engravings that stand the test of time in style and substance. 

Overall, there are no limits to choose a ring of your choice.


Ideas For Choosing The Perfect Ring For Women

 1. Start Early

It is highly advisable to start your search for the wedding ring as early as possible since there are lots of choices in the market in every budget.

If you have decided to go for a custom ring, then research and plan adequately. Remember, ring engravings may take more than a fortnight.

2. Choice of Metal

The market offers a wide variety of choices and you are at liberty to choose a ring that is a combination of two different metals, likely platinum, and gold.

This ring will set you apart from the rest. So, plan wisely.

3. Set a Financial Plan

It is really essential to plan within one’s budget even though it can be very tempting to go for over-prized rings.

Platinum rings with diamonds can burn a big hole in your pocket and is ideal to settle for a better choice.

 4. Keep in Mind your Fiance’s Occupation

If you belong to those categories of people who work predominantly with their hands, then think twice before investing in a super expensive diamond ring.

The need of the hour is to choose correctly so that you can wear without any second thought or hindrance.

So, it is better to buy a streamlined ring, which is easy to wear and as well as maintain.

 5. Be Creative and Unique

After all, Wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life, so shed all the inhibitions when it comes to buying the same type of metal or design for both.

However, the engravings on the ring will remain the same.

 6. Think ahead

Long-term planning is necessary when it comes to buying a wedding ring since the possibility of wearing the ring for more than a decade cannot be ruled out.

 7. Easy Maintenance

Easy to wear and maintain rings are the need of the hour. But many of you out there like to splurge on wedding rings without any hesitation and this tip is for them.

You can use chamois to clean your rings, the ones without any stones.

Soak the ring in warm sudsy water and use a soft brush to clean it. When too much pressure is applied while cleaning can damage your ring irrevocably.

8. Right Size

The right time to check the correct size of your wedding ring is when the body temperature is normal and preferably avoid mornings for this purpose.

Summer, exercise, winter or pregnancy we need to wear the ring at all times and hence go through this process with utmost care and attention.

9. Buy money’s worth

Trademark and other essential details like “PLAT” or “24k” have to keep in mind before buying a ring for this solemn occasion.

10. Insurance

If the ring is way over the top super cool and expensive, it is not a bad choice to ensure your wedding ring rather than cut a sorry figure later.

Remember, pragmatic sentiments are more powerful and it is worth ensuring your wedding ring for all the right reasons.


Make Your Wedding Ring As Special As You Are

Wedding Ring, an inimitable depiction of your love and union should mirror your panache and personality.

If you think that a Wedding Ring is a simple band then it is your misconception.

There are umpteen ways in which you refashion the unique and ultimate Wedding Ring of your dreams and aspirations.

1. You decide what you have to wear

Wedding Rings with Sapphire will make a long-term impression and will be a special choice because the sapphire stone is very durable and scratch-resistant and will endure everyday wear and tear.

They blend well with Platinum and Diamond Wedding Rings and pair beautifully on the finger with other bands, be it Engagement or Anniversary Bands.

You may even cherry-pick a ring with your partner’s birthstone on it in a genuine way to cherish your love. Make a stunning style statement with the color of your gemstone on your Wedding Ring on your Wedding day!

2. A keen eye for details

Wedding Rings that showcase elaborate designs on it, such as a floral or nature enthused theme, an intricate pattern, two-tone metal rings, or some distinct symbols that honor antique or heritage, create an exclusive or personal look.

 3. Vintage look

For that unique, million dollars look you can choose from the antique bands and rings of the bygone era that feature intricate detailing that is unusual in our modern rings like the use of vintage design and mill grain.

One exclusive look of the olden times is the use of colored stones with pearl accents in the Wedding Rings.


Creating your Signature Wedding Ring is one way of maintaining its uniqueness and it is easy to order a personalized Wedding Ring by crafting the most intricate designs on it.

Many couples like to style their Wedding Ring as their heart desires and if you can envisage and create these designs, you can turn it into your own exclusive masterpiece design.

5. Provide a classic turn

There might be occasions where you may come across a Wedding Ring that appeals to you and you can make this yours by adding your own style elements to it or creating changes that reflect your personality and taste.

One way of doing it would be to use a gem colour that is your or your spouse’s birthstone or change the shape and finish of the Wedding Ring from high polish surface to matte design or vice versa or sometimes add very intricate detailing like carving on the inside or outside of the ring or design it with mill grain (microbeads).

6. Go for a diverse look

For couples who are in quest of a unique twist on a classic style, you can go for a variant look by opting for Rose gold which would make you stand out in the crowd.

The enthralling and soft pink hue would be ideal for a Chic modern Wedding Ring or a romantic, vintage-inspired ring.

While some prefer to sport a Rose Gold Wedding Ring with an identical Rose Gold Engagement Ring, blending metals is also a rising trend while designing Wedding Rings.

For the exclusive look, consider coupling a Rose Gold Wedding Ring with a white gold Engagement Ring.

 7. Make a style statement

To lend an individual style and a more meaningful look, many Wedding Rings can be etched with your personal details on the inside or outside of it with a few lines from your loved song, your new design, your partner’s fingerprint, date of birth or even a special quote.

Crafting a fingerprint ring is the best way to make a ring cent percent unique.

This is an amazing gesture and an elegant way to reflect your spouse’s individual personality and trait.

You can design and etch a small message on the inside of the ring as unique design or combine your prints to symbolize your union.

 8. Secret Detailing

Another exciting way to style your Wedding Ring is to put in your personal details on the inside of the ring which might be an etching, embossing your partner’s birthstone or your loved one’s fingerprint and so on.

This secret detailing on your Wedding Ring will be a special gesture on your part towards your loved one and sport these very personal details of your spouse against your skin where nobody else can see will really appeal to your partner.

9. Wedding Ring and Engagement Band rolled into one

The traditional Irish ring also called a Claddagh ring is designed as both the Engagement and Wedding Ring and it is very distinct to Irish and Scottish legacy.

The highlights of this ring is a heart symbol that connotes love, between two hands that symbolize friendship and is topped with a crown signifying fidelity.

When you sport this traditional Irish ring which represents love, loyalty, and friendship – the hands epitomize friendship, the heart symbolizes love and the crown stand for loyalty and this was first fashioned in the 17 century.

This traditional Irish ring when worn with the heart facing outwards, means that you are engaged. Alternately if the heart is facing towards you, then it says that you are married.

10. Pair your Wedding Ring with your EngagementBand.

Some wives-to-be like to sport two different but complementary styles while designing their complete Wedding Set.

Instead of displaying them together on a finger, some fiancees wear their Engagement Band and Wedding Rings on different hands, thereby making a Bold Style Statement.


Engagement Rings

When it is time to buy engagement rings, it is very difficult to pinpoint who is more finicky? Male or Female? Well, the obvious answer would be the wives–to- be; but it need not be the case every single time.

1. How it all began?

The Greeks can be held responsible for the so-called hullabaloo surrounding the diamond rings as they were the one who felt that the fire represents the burning sensation of love and the Romans were too uncanny to remark that diamonds are “God’s Tears” whereas, in India, it is widely believed that good quality diamonds would bestow luck, fame, and prosperity.

Coming back to modern history, Archduke of Austria was the first person to buy an engagement ring to the Burgundy Princess Mary in the year 1477.

In a nutshell, engagement rings have now turned into a personal statement from a rather traditional approach.

2. Tips for Buying Engagement Rings

Online or Shop

These days it has become a way to popular to shop for jewels online and engagement and marriage rings are not an exception to this change.

When you have decided that online is your choice, then keep these little things in mind.

Firstly, choose a diamond that looks clean without spots. Check with your seller whether the diamonds are certified,i.e EGL or GIA certification.

Then the most important thing is the money-back offer. If yes, then you can upgrade it for a better one in the future or even return it.

In retails stores, the overheads and other expenses coupled with other details can prove to be quite expensive when compared to online shopping.

To save cost, buy the ring using wire transfer and not with a credit card as they charge around 5% percent finance fees.

How to pick your Center Diamond?

There are four factors to keep in mind.

a) Clarity- The minimum level is SI 1 and never compromise on other levels of clarity as many would not be visible to the naked eye.

The top-ranked clarity is F1 or the Flawless variety.

b) Cut- This one decides the sparkle in the diamond. Choose the one with the maximum brilliance and not the size as the sparkle increase, size will decrease.

c) Carat- A1 is the top level of weight and more the weight, more costly it becomes. Carat price variation is a tricky subject and it is better to buy.98 karat than 1.0 karat because price difference can be really huge.

d) Colour- The range is wide from D to Z; it is quite difficult to spot the exact color in certain cases and you need expert help to choose the right one within your budget.

Bands and Settings

It is better to select platinum or palladium or white gold for your engagement as they tend to reflect a white light than the yellow settings.

Platinum is the top choice for many even though it is slightly expensive than the rest. But if you have chosen gold, an 18 karat piece would do.


One of the most tricky issue when it comes to buying an engagement ring is to select your partner’s favorite and that too within your budget. So act wisely to prevent future confrontations.


AGS and GIA are considered as an authority in this field and it is a widely accepted fact that even insurance companies respect their certification.

3. Different Types of Engagement Rings (Choose between Vintage, Classic or Trendy collections )

The given list is just indicative

  • Classic Solitaire
  • Cushion cut rings
  • Halo design
  • Three stone
  • Princess-Cut
  • Side Stone
  • Promise

Nothing more to add, Getting engaged is the first landmark step toward a lifelong commitment that is going to follow in the form of wedding.

Let the first step be the best step !!!


Weddings Bands And Wedding Rings

Technically there is not much difference between a wedding band and a wedding ring but the intricate design and setting might vary in some cases.

Wedding Rings-Women

It is common for women to wear both the engagement ring and the wedding ring on the left-hand ring finger.

Consider the tips while choosing one:

1)    Symmetrical rings go well with the occasion and they complement each other very well.

2)    Depending on the budget one can choose from a three-stone or a channel or a prong setting.

3)    Try different designs for engagement as well for the wedding to appear unique and separate.

4)    Gemstone rings can add more glamour and glitter and make it a lifelong talk of the town topic.

5)    Gold and platinum rings can bring in the traditional as well as trendy look with individualized engravings inside.

Men’s Bands

For today’s men, the choices are:

1)Classic style such as platinum rings, matte finish rings, yellow gold rings, Tungsten carbide polished rings, etc.

2)Milgrain series including platinum comfort fit, inlay polished platinum, Yellow gold comfort, dual-tone rings in Rose Gold and Platinum to name a few.

3)Plain – Matte classic look, low dome matte, hammered milgrain, etc. are some of the top choices in this series. No matter whatever you select, make sure the design suits the occasion as those moments are priceless and timeless.


Wedding Rings Myths

Given below is the list of some of the myths and superstitions associated with Weddings Rings

1) Gifting Siler or Gold Rings

It is believed that gifting the bride with a ring in key shape displays faith and trust of her partner.

2) Third finger

The wedding ring is worn on this finger. Traditionally it is reported that the vein in this finger and the heart are directly connected.

3) Wedding ring drop

If the groom or the bride drop the ring on a great day, then as per beliefs negative spirits do not disturb them and allow them to lead a harmonious married life.

4) Tight rings

As per myths and traditions, tight rings signify strained relationship and misunderstanding between the couples.

6) Sex determination

Another widespread belief is that by tying a piece of thread to your wedding ring and moving it over the baby bump will help to determine the sex of the child.

7) Loose rings

If the rings are too loose and are not a perfect fit, then the relationships are believed to be heading toward a dead end, probably separation.


Best Place To Shop For Wedding Rings


The top spot is retained by the evergreen iconic landmark British jewelry house Asprey functioning for more than 230 odd years in customer service. A much sought after jeweler by the British royals, Asprey is class apart.


For modern-day designs and timeless aura, this swiss jeweler is bound to make you happy with their Ice Cube series.


Founded in 1884 by the famous Sotirio Bulgari, this small town jewelry shop has come a long way since then. The Serpenti collection is a stunner.


This French jeweler has still managed to be in the top 10 jewelry designers in the world. The way they create their products in style and statement makes them a must buy jeweler for the rich and elite.

David Webb

For more than 70 years, the reputation and tradition carried forward by this company are truly remarkable considering the amount of sheer competition.

De Beers

Known as the giant in the diamond jewelry circles, a flawless certified diamond from them will stand the test of time for its quality and value.

David Yurman

Founded by Sybil and David, this up store New York City is one of the top leading private designers known for his wired mesh look.

Monique Péan

Sustainable materials are sourced with care and commitment to creating stunning varieties of jewelry.

Doyle and Doyle

Known for its exclusive antique and original pieces, this store in New York City is a top choice among vintage design lovers.

Harry Winston

Started in 1932, this American brand offers exquisite varieties and classic timeless designs.

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