10 Wedding Flowers That Light Up Your Magical Moment

Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers

As far as weddings are concerned, it will certainly remain over-exciting when you select the wedding ring and meet your florist for that perfect floral arrangement to hit archetypical wedding flowers.

In fact, besides the different types of colors and styles, it could be a daunting task to decode the right wedding flowers for the perfect wedding venues.

Moreover, if you have finally decided to choose tulips, there are countless flower colors to pick.

For all wedding flowers strangers, you are in the right spot at the right time.

Look no further! Take a look at the 10 best wedding flowers we all see repeatedly and also some new classics that are taking the wedding scene by storm.

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Yes, roses are the preferred choice and actually, we all are aware why roses are so epitomized with the big day.

In addition, adding beauty and an extra bit of glamour, roses convey the message that really something big is taking place.

Furthermore, roses are present in a wide range of rainbow colors; this flower blends well with all sorts of flowers.

Moreover, they help promote full wedding luscious centerpieces.

Being hard and sturdy than most blooms, roses look great in corsages and boutonnieres.

Finally, although these cute little heavens signify love, roses stamp their authority as the most popular wedding flower.



They are the most loved wedding flower. Also, carnations are versatile and either you just love or hate them.

Generally, these flowers are quite inexpensive and come in a wide array of colors. Due to their excellent hard nature, carnations are used in various floral arrangements such as backdrops and flower balls.

Specifically, carnations consist of ruffled appearance which silently increases the vintage wedding arrangements along with roses.

Therefore, if you like a monochromatic appeal, but can’t afford to spend more, replacing the roses with carnations looks handy.



Representing happiness, peonies are the reigning “Stars” of an expensive wedding. Also,  peonies are made with fluffy and super soft petals.

Hands down, the peonies are the best and most coveted of the lot with regard to weddings. Not to mention, each and everyone wants them, but unfortunately, peonies are supremely costly.

However, if you don’t possess a large budget, you can still retain them for your head table.



The happening and go-to floral delight, orchids are simply more than any ordinary wedding staple.

Hopefully, you understand why orchids indicate beauty and charm.

Additionally, orchids are easily available in different types, in splendid shades of purple, white, and green.

Finally, mainly seen in weddings consisting of modern or traditional themes, orchids look stunning in minimalist-style stems.

So, for your wedding, summon orchids in pastel shades and gorgeous sherbet colors. Make your marriage special.



Like most of the wedding flowers, tulips come in a spectacular range of colors mesmerizing your senses.

For example, there are different types of tulips such as

  • Rembrandt tulips – Contains magnificent red streaks and appear magical as a red-colored beautiful flower.
  • Double tulips – Looks even more complete than a regular tulip with double the number of petals.
  • Fringed tulips – They appear just like their name, fringed but cute.



Antique hydrangeas look multi-colored, dusty, and predominantly in white and blue. Not a very big flower, hydrangeas can easily cover any wedding centerpieces or bouquets for sure.

Even though they are available in several colors, flower experts mainly incorporate them to develop volume and texture. Besides, these flowers easily blend with various styles and theme.

Of course, they make the existing centerpieces even more attractive and adds a realistic touch to the floral table.

To tell the truth, hydrangeas do not cause allergies like so many other flowers.


Sweet Pea

As a matter of fact, everything and anything about this flower appeal sweet. To illustrate, right from their fragrance and all the way including their dainty stems, sweet peas are arrestingly translucent.

Furthermore, sweet peas are seen in plenty of colors, thereby adding to their softness and etherealness.

Who does not like a bouquet of sweet peas held strongly by a pink satin ribbon?



At times, ranunculus gets confused with peonies or in fact, roses. They are romantic, pleasing flowers suitable for wedding celebrations.

Actually, ranunculus is not as popular as roses or tulips and hence call your local florists ideally between late spring and mid-summer.

Moreover, you would have definitely seen these cute little beauties in wedding arrangements but might have ignored them.

Mainly preferred as accents, ranunculus has wiggly stems, ruffly petals, and makes your wedding centerpiece the talk of the town.

Finally, pairing the ranunculus with another family of flowers adds more glitter and charm to your wedding.



At first,  regarded as the sweetest smelling flowers, lilies appear romantic and drapey and can also rock the wedding going solo.

That being the case, lilacs are very delicate and comes across as white or purple lilacs. In other words, they must be taken care otherwise lilacs wither fast.

To sum up, preserve them as their revival rate is almost nil.



The simple and majestic daisies are traditional and enchanting wedding flowers. For this reason, nothing in this world can over-rule these wonderful daisies, in vintage or rustic events.

Above all, daisies are associated with purity and innocence, and it still remains the best choice for bridal floral arrangements for centuries.

In reality, no matter what, Shasta or Gerbera daisies, or the ever-popular classic yellow flower and white one, they reflect low-maintenance.

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