10 Ways To Make Your Wife Go OMG And Feel Like The Most Luckiest Woman On This Planet

Make Your Wife Happy
Make Your Wife Happy

Husbands, are you listening? Too often, we often take our better-half for a ride and stop doing cute little things that will make them feel special.

However, before Marriage, you made her ‘Mission of Your Life’. In fact, you gave her flowers, met your date beck and call, and most importantly you patiently listened to her.

You did this because you wanted to steal her heart and rightfully you succeeded. Now, then, why you find it difficult to translate this ‘Titanic-love’ into your married life?

Let’s learn 10 simple ways to make your wife happy & feel like the luckiest woman on this planet and go OMG!

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Send Your Wife Handwritten Love Notes

Not to mention, handwritten letters and notes are fast becoming a thing of the past in this era of high-speed communication.

However, a handwritten love note expresses a sense of care and love.

Moreover, a short letter expressing your commitment to her, and appreciating her child-like innocence will make her feel special.

Therefore, you immediately take a pen and a paper and start drafting the most important letter of your life.


Cook For Your Beloved Wife

Of course, when you happily cook for your beloved wife, you are definitely expressing your hidden romance.

So, you plan in advance for a moon-light dinner she likes. Moreover, you crack your brain and prepare the best meal of her life.

In essence, a little pampering involving a meal she did not prepare goes a mile for letting your wife know how much you love her.


Shower Your Wife With Surprises

Look, who does not like surprises? After all, she’s your wife and gifts her something special. Not to mention, but something you think she likes in places where she will definitely visit.

Uniquely, this will turn out to be a welcome surprise.

In other words, your gesture will indicate that you are always thinking about her and want her to feel special.


Give Importance To Her Needs Above Anything Else

Husbands, this one is vital. In other words, you just become the world’s best servant of your beloved wife. Not to mention, you will cherish every moment when you do this.

Finally, if you can do this one right, your wife will not only feel honored and she will shower her love on you daily.


Touch Her Slightly

First, you keep this in mind- nothing intimate. For example – you give her an enthusiastic hug, a friendly arm squeeze, or a casual shoulder touch as you pass.

Bear in mind, many studies have spoken about the magic of touch and the sense of connection.

Therefore, you don’t forget these small but meaningful magical touches. It does not matter how you touch her, just do it.


Behave Like You Are Still In College

First, you and your wife were ready for small romantic adventures while you were Dating with each other.

However, this dies when you start sharing a life, a bed, and a house with her. Why?

And once again, you should start acting and thinking like you are still the same old dude. Guys, this will work big time !!!


Speak Her Favourite Love Language

Gary Chapman ’s “The Five Love Languages” talks about true love in relationships. In this book, Chapman reveals how people receive love messages.

In other words, Chapman says the way you receive love expresses your love language.

To sum up, the five simple languages of love are

  1. Acts of service
  2. Receiving gifts of all nature
  3. Gentle physical touch
  4. Quality Time
  5. Words of affirmation

Overall, you take the time to understand the language of her love and romantically speak with her in her love language.


Plan A Cool Romantic Getaway

Not to mention, you better arrange for someone to take care of your kids and then plan a Romantic weekend getaway. Likewise, plan everything well in advance and handpick things she loves.

In other words, reserve dinner table, or buy tickets for a concert she would love. Furthermore, you pack her bags, book a hotel room, and ensure she is free to travel with you.

Finally, spending quality time with her and doing things she adores will make her feel special and affectionate.


Encourage Your Wife’s Dream

Remember, in case, if your wife is on the fence regarding her career or profession, speak positively. In essence, let your wife understand that you will do everything that will help her realize her dream.


Take Time To Tell Others About Your Wife

Again, initially, some of you may find it difficult to express your feelings in front of others, don’t worry. Moreover, it’s meaningful as well as romantic to acknowledge their efforts in front of those who are important to her.

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