Top 10 Wackiest Escalators in the World

In the United States, as per rough estimates, an escalator carries more than 10,000 people daily. That’s around 2.5 million every annum. Home to more than 20,000 escalators, it means, they roughly transport around 105 billion people every annum.

If you are particularly impressed by these numbers, then the progress of these machines are unstoppable.

Well, we have compiled a list of some of the wackiest and mind-boggling escalators one can ever imagine existing in the world right now.

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Scariest Escalator

Hiroshi Hara designed Umeda Skyscraper is Osaka’s prized architectural marvel. This uniquely built tall steel and glass structure stands aloof and tall in the north near Osaka Station.

This escalator helps you to reach the 39th floor located in the West Tower on the 35th floor.Umeda’s amazingly looking escalator is definitely an out of the world experience for all visitors and locals alike.

With a staggering height of 173 meters, Umeda consists of two towers connected by an observation deck at the uppermost level.


Hypnotizing Escalator Underwater

Marine ecology at its dashing best, Taiwan’s Hualien Farglory park is one of Asia’s most exciting underwater ocean parks in the world.

Also, home to one of the most stunning underwater escalators in the world, this 51-hectare water nature park also contains a resort hotel constructed in Victorian-style.

To catch the glimpse of some of the most intriguing underwater sea creatures, head to this water park right away.


Incredibly Spiral Escalator

With their advanced technological advancements and unique innovation skills, Japanese never fail to impress upon the world. Built by Mitsubishi Electric, a Shanghai shopping mall has added two new world’s biggest spiral shaped escalator.

Located in Daimaru New World Stores, these set of curved escalators totaling around 12 in number, is an awe-inspiring amazing engineering marvel.

It is interesting to note that the world’s first spiral escalator was also built by Mitsubishi in the year 1985.


Oldest Escalator

The world’s oldest functioning escalator is located in Macy’s, Manhattan (Herald Square), New York. Formerly called as R.H. Macy and Company Store, this wooden escalator was installed by Otis in 1902. Today, even though most of the escalators have been changed, the one at Macy’s is still functioning.


World’s Shortest Guinness Certified Escalator

A one-stop place for all your fashion needs, Shinjuku’s Okadaya mall is every haberdashery enthusiasts home place.

Not more than 5 step height, less than 1 meter in elevation, this 33-inch escalator is Japan’s engineering wonder. Also called as puchicalator,  Puchi means petite and calator is the short form for escalator.

Officially certified as the world’s shortest escalator by the Guinness Book Of Records on 1st October 1989, this record still stands unbeaten.

When the tunnel was constructed from Kawasaki station to Mores departmental store, the initial plan was to build a normal escalator but the building design forced them to build this one.


Insanely Long Escalator

The world’s deepest metro station is at last located in Kiev, Ukraine. Going by official records, the Arsenalna station on Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska is almost 106 meters deep.

So, undoubtedly, for the longest escalator travel head to this station right now. The time to reach the top exit is a mammoth epic journey, lasting more than 4 minutes and 16 seconds (approx.).

On a jovial note, for everyday metro commuters who travel in this route, it is a never-ending nerve cracking journey to the center of the earth and back.


Charmingly Illuminated Arched Escalator

Those who have visited this concert hall would undeniably agree with me that the Elbphilharmonie stands as a timeless testimony to eye-popping breathtaking architecture, a distinct location, and soulful music.

Coming to the tube, designed and executed by Kone, the world’s first lengthiest curved escalator is unfailingly charming.

Starting from the entrance, the arch-shaped escalator carries people to a whopping distance of 82 meters all the way to the panoramic window. The elevation is not more than 21.43m.

Kudos to Kone for this innovatively charming escalator.


Funkiest Escalator

By any chance, if you happen to visit Tokyo, there is a famous shopping center located in one of the artificially created islands known as “Odaiba”.

The renowned Fuji T.V headquarters is located in this island and the world’s funkiest escalator can also be found here.

The great architect Kenzō Tange was the chief architect of this building, and the headquarters of this T.V station can easily be identified by the orb suspended above.


Space Cramped Escalator

Shockingly narrow, it is absolutely difficult for more than one person to travel side by side in this escalator. Installed in one of the places in the city of Chicago, given the United States growing obesity problem, narrow escalators like these will prove to be a challenging ask for commuters.

Head to Clybourn and North in Chicago and travel in this comically narrowest escalator.


Surprising Bike Escalator

It is a well-known matter that Norwegians love their bikes. A steep climb up the hill is definitely not a problem at least for the residents of Trondheim. Invented by Jarle Wanvik in the year 1993, this tramp escalator was later upgraded in the year 2013.

Now known as CycloCable, this bike escalator has caught the imagination of the world by storm.More than 0.2 m people have been ferried near Gamle Bybro till the Fort of Kristiansten.

The escalator length is 130 m, with Brubaker’s pitch at 1:5 with a total height of 25m.

The purpose of this bike escalator as people say is to encourage more and more people to take up cycling as an alternate form of exercise.

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