10 Vital Lifestyle Changes To Break Bad Habits & Rekindle Romance In Your Life

Lifestyle Changes
Lifestyle Changes

The best breakups, if at all happens, reduce mental stress and enable total acceptance, so that positivity never fades.

Biologically, human brains are wired for pleasure and that’s why breakups hit us bad.

Moreover, if we expose you to certain breakups, it might do you a world of good by rekindling laughter, romance, and love.

And thankfully, these 10 vital lifestyle changes not only will turn your life awesome but will also help the society you live.

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Break Up With Excuses

Kick them out of your life and tell them to get lost. By all means, you don’t need them any longer. Moreover, you limit yourself because of these unfriendly guests.

In conclusion, you continue to lie and come with excuses that are not real.


Are You A Workaholic?

Well, this one rightly suits those non-stop 24/7 beavers who proudly confess to always staying and working connected.

Furthermore, while these workaholics give others a guilty feeling of working in a 9 to 5 schedule, it’s a shortcut to huge hospital bills.

Even school kids will testify that working continuously without any break, derails the brain. And burnouts do become a reality.

Therefore, you take time out, break away from mundane tasks, and discover time to balance work pressure with chill tasks.


Smartphones - Get The Monkey Off Your Back

In general, the whole world desperately needs a solution from the illusion that smartphones are our soulmates. Nowadays, you cannot breathe, sleep, talk, or walk without your smartphones.

In other words, we are turning a full generation of netizens with a perma-pain in their necks into people who speak only in monosyllables.

However, these people never fail to hold a marathon conversation in WhatsApp for sure.

How to ditch the smartphone and still lead a happy life?

Some simple tips are

  • First, take a casual break and place your smartphone in silent mode.
  • Then, you scoot off to meet real-life friends and things that give you real joy.
  • Finally, be yourself and freak out completely. Let the hidden butterfly of romance flap its wings and regain its lost kingdom.


Are You Aware Of Selfitis?

As per reports, individuals who are obsessed with selfies may suffer from a serious health disorder known as ‘Selfitis’.

Researchers examined a  team of volunteers and documented their experience on various factors. These factors are social competition, attention-seeking, and self-confidence.

Moreover, researchers confide that what started as a hoax has now started to turn into a full-fledged disorder. On the contrary, in the pretext of creating nostalgic memories, people fail to enjoy the precious moments of life.

How to escape selfie madness?

  • First, you try passing a week without clicking any selfies or any photos as such.
  • Then, you soak in the present moment and feel how it appears to your senses.
  • And finally, you capture those priceless moments in your head and not in your mobile.


Break Up With Toxic People

Importantly, people you spend time with, shape your personality and decide who you become.

For instance, spending time with people who are behind, your success, as well as your positivity, will go down. On the contrary, if you spend more time with those people who are much more successful than you, your happiness will increase.

So, you start listing all your friends and family and then decide where to start.


Stop Posting Lovey-Dovey Fake Pictures

Nowadays, people earn more and also worry more. As a matter of fact, we sleep less but worry about everything right from job, love, past, future, and so on.

For example, you eat less, act less, drink more, think more, and send and accept friends request from unknown, etc. As a result, what you should do less, you overdo and vice-versa.

How can you set the right things?

  • Quit WhatsApp, FB, and other social media disturbances. Do not look back.
  • Go outdoors and get a real-life and not the fake FB one.
  • Just feel the sun and aim for a neat honest to feelgood life.
  • And analyze how your life prospers with romance and love.


How Facebook (FB) Increases Unhappiness?

The question which all of us have in common- Is Facebook a boon or a bane?

The inventor of this modern demon, Mark Zuckerberg himself moved away to counter work-life balance, what are you doing?

However, we, as a tech-generation, surrendered ourselves completely to FB. For many youngsters, FB controls their emotions, their moods, and has given room to many faceless cyberstalkers.

FB silently promotes jealousy among friends and family and particularly females fall victim more often than not. Therefore, break up with FB and dwell on how to lead a calm and secure life.


Start Sweating (Stop Lazing Around)

When you try to analyze happy people and see how they remain happy, you discover three answers:

  • Exercise
  • Socializing
  • Sex

People who sweat it out enjoy lower rates of distrust, stress, anger, and depression. Find anything you love that gets you going.

In essence, you start the day with any activity that makes you happy and active.


UNEP’s Quirky Break-Up Video

The UNEP Program has recently released a short, thought-provoking, funny video which advocates the danger of using plastics.

Particularly, ‘The Breakup’ video pleads with everyone to avoid using single-use plastics such as straw and mineral water bottles.

To clarify, this video stresses the idea of saving our marine life and oceans from plastic pollution. This short film takes a hilarious look at the problem of marine waste and encourages the viewer to avoid plastics.

If you wish to register your voice, visit

Morkie Puppy: A fluffy ball of Cuteness and Character


Armchair Clicktivism - The Ugly Side Of Social Media

The Oxford dictionary describes ‘Clicktivism’ as the adoption of various online methods and social media to support a cause.

Similarly, clicktivism encourages the usage of current digital media for creating activism and social change.

Presently, these are the days of online campaigns, and people expressing their opinion on everything under the sun.

For many, suggestion boxes are existing only for them. How? These people spew out their personal frustrations and spoil the cause for which the campaign was initially started.

In essence, why can’t we just get together for some healthy cause and fight it out on the streets?

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