10 Facts On TRON Cryptocurrency – Will It Replace BitCoins?

TRON Cryptocurrency
TRON Cryptocurrency

After Bitcoin’s surge last year, everybody’s attention descended on the volatile cryptocurrency market.

TRON cryptocurrency or TRX refers to a fresh new blockchain technology that assures to revamp the way individual approach leisure and entertainment.

Some six months ago, people hardly recognized TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency. Moreover, bitcoin’s blistering market run was all in the news all over the world.

The growth of TRON cryptocurrency surpassed all expectations to touch 12755% in January 2018.

Tron cryptocurrency entered the market only in 2017 September.

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What Is TRON Or TRX?

  • Tron cryptocurrency like other Bitcoin trades online. Tron positions itself as the next generation blockchain-based technology for digital content.
  • This cryptocurrency supports different types of smart contract networks and blockchain systems. They include public blockchain smart systems, Qtum, EOS, and Ethereum.
  • This means that the digital content creators who use TRX enjoy total ownership and control over the data they create.
  • The creators also manage the distribution of the content. This shuts out digital intermediaries like Apple and Google Play Store from charging fees to display their content.
  • TRX cryptocurrency functions as an exchange in this domain. TRON facilitates international transaction. The company offered ICO in 2017 September taking their fundraising target to USD 70m.


Who Started TRON?

Justin Sun, 26-year-old Beijing based techie created TRX or TRON digital currency. He attended Jack Ma’s elite leadership course at Hunan University.

Justin Sun’s stature as one of Alibaba founder’s business protégé takes TRON’s future to the next level.

Furthermore, to add, Justin Sun owns both Peiwo and TRON.

On the contrary, China squeezed cryptocurrency initial coin offerings (ICO) and trading last September. Although China’s cryptocurrency looks bleak, Sun’s connection might do the anticipated trick.


Where To Buy TRX Or TRON? What’s TRX Coin Price?

TRON started its account in September 2017. From there on, TRX moved from strength to strength. The cryptocurrency sold for just USD 0.0021 on 5th December 2017 for a single coin.

On the contrary, TRON traded at USD 0.021 on 5th January 2018 recording a massive 1000% increase within thirty days.


How To Buy TRON In Simple Easy Steps?

Users can also buy another cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and then easily exchange it for TRON or TRX. The online coin exchanges suitable for this kind of transactions are Liqui, Binance, and Coinnest.

Before that, the user has to obtain a secure e-wallet to store the newly obtained cryptocurrency.

How to buy TRON using a debit card or credit card or any bank account?

As on date, TRON cannot be purchased directly with a debit, credit card, or any bank account.

The most effective way to buy TRON includes purchasing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin through any cryptocurrency exchange site like Binance and Coinbase.

How to buy TRON using Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin?

The user can successfully convert Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin in any currency exchange to TRON in a short duration of 5 to 10 minutes. Before that, the user should have purchased Bitcoin or Litecoin.

How to get a TRON (TRX) Wallet?

Note of Caution

  • The safest way to store cryptocurrency includes safe and secure online wallets. Please do not store your cryptocurrency in any exchange.
  • Remember, exchanges are mainly designed for selling, buying, and trading cryptocurrency on a short-term basis. Overall, wallets only offer long-term storage.

How to buy TRON with PayPal?

At present, TRON cannot be bought with PayPal.

How to buy TRON with direct cash?

First, you have to purchase Bitcoin with cash and then use any exchange service like Liqui to trade for TRX or TRON.


Fundamental Principles Of TRON

  • All in all, users and creators will fundamentally own the data. Tim Berners-Lee( Founder of WWW) proposed this concept at the birth of the Internet.
  • As per rules, contributors to TRON will enjoy a proportional share of profits.
  • All contributions will undergo equal quantitative value. Substantially, furnished capital, as well as excellent content created and time invested, are given equal importance.
  • Public service tops the list of TRON’s core values. TRON’s purpose depends on serving the masses who craze for quality content entertainment. Every TRON user will enjoy the company’s prosperity.
  • Quality content from people and investment from investors will go hand in hand.
  • Moreover, scriptwriters, artists, and creators contribution drive the growth of creative and cultural industries.
  • On the contrary, the capitalist’s contribution mainly stops with investment and selling.


Main Features Of TRON

  • Infrastructure – It mostly includes decentralized infrastructure equipped with forecast and game system, autonomous gaming, and distributed exchange.
  • Personal ICO – A user may distribute digital assets in the pattern of The rest may purchase digital assets and enjoy the services and benefits created because of the continuous development of content.
  • Content management – Stimulation of content ecology depends on the spread and provision of contents.
  • Data freedom – Overall, the content consists of videos, audios, pictures, and characters. Unrestricted and uncontrolled content depends on various forms of data distribution.


TRONIX - Official Token Or Currency Of TRON Or TRX

TRONIX refers to TRON’s official currency. TRON’s blockchain includes TRONIX as the official basic unit. Meanwhile, other token’s value depends on the growth of TRON.

Locked TRON is also called as TRON POWER (TP). Locking TRONIX results in user acquiring TP. Moreover, TP holders exercise the right to vote.

Above all, TRON 20 TOKEN Data owners (groups, individuals, and IPs) might issue their digital assets widely through TRON 20 format.


Different Types Of TRON Plan

  • Exodus (Data Freedom) – A scheme completely based on distribution, storage, and upload of peer-to-peer distributed contents.
    TRON provides the user with a completely reliable and free platform for data dissemination, storage, and publication.
  • Odyssey (Content approval) – Blockchain technology, Content ecology, empowerment, and economic incentives depend on the competitive economic scheme.
    These provide dissemination, distribution, and creation. In conclusion, the boundaries of data empowerment expand without any limit.

Great Voyage (Individual IPO ) – TRON addresses three core points

  • Management of supporters
  • Dividend payment
  • Income measurement

This plan contributes largely to ‘fan finance’ from the existing ‘fan economy’.

  • Apollo (Unrestricted travel of Value) – This TRON plan reflects de-centralized token trading only for individuals. The plan provide TRON users with the freedom to issue their own tokens. The creation of a de-centralised trading scheme promotes property risks, rights, and value of the system.
    Thereby, the economic value increases multiple times.
  • Star Trek – The global gaming market value surpassed USD 450 billion. Traffic generated by TRON makes it definitely possible to build a decentralized gaming platform. Moreover, users have the complete freedom to build online gaming platforms. Individuals can also predict market functions and autonomous gaming.
  • Eternity – De-centralized gaming market recorded USD 9.66 billion in 2016. However, TRON supports the creation of a nice online game platform. Developers also have the choice to set up free game platforms through this medium. The individuals can also gather crowdfunding and make it easy for investors.


TRON - A Quick Review

Mainly created to handle credit sharing, storage, and development for global entertainment.

Date of Initial Offering (ICO) – 24th August 2017 – 31st August 2017

Category Type – Global entertainment

  • Pros
    • Facilitates different cross-platform transaction
    • Contains smart control protocol
    • Entertainment offers multiple ranges of opportunities and investment options
    • Chinese billionaire Jack Ma backed TRON enjoys a solid support
    • A winning idea
  • Cons
    • Understanding the volatility factor of any cryptocurrency needs more time and expertise
    • Yet to receive full recognition from all quarters
    • A large number of TRON coins in supply (000.000.000 coins)


Is TRON A Valuable Investment?

  • Taking all the factors into consideration, TRON offers a good return on investment as the number of TRON users are growing multifold daily.
  • Moreover, the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma’s association with TRON places this cryptocurrency in a different league of things.
  • Overall, TRON or any other cryptocurrency does have their own merits and demerits.
  • So, it’s the user’s prerogative to check other details before investing in a cryptocurrency like TRON.

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