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10 Heart Wrenching Stories of The Titanic Survivors You Will Want To Hear

The survivors of that fateful night are no longer alive to relive the moments again. The majestic Titanic sank on 15th April 1912. The number of persons who lost their lives in the water grave touched 1500. Out of the total 2224 passengers who sailed onboard the Titanic, only 700 survived. They survived because of the bravery and presence of mind of Captain Rostron(Carpathia). Many decades after the iconic Titanic met its suicidal end, the Titanic Survivors stories continue to amaze people worldwide.

From the minute the Titanic sank, the world wanted to know who survived and who didn’t. Each survivor who safely reached New York City had an interesting story to tell.

All in all, the world waited to hear all the stories of survival. Most of the survivors were reluctant to talk about their survival experience. However, some narrated their story.

Here, we have presented some of the most fascinating top 10 survivor experience from the Titanic.

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Baby of Hope - Eliza Gladys Dean

Eliza Dean holds the record for being the last survivor who passed away in 2009 at the age of 97. Moreover, Eliza was only two months old when she survived that fateful night.

Eliza, along with her brother and mother survived the accident and safely returned to England. They reached England via RMS Adriatic. Onboard RMS Adriatic, Eliza marched into the hearts of the survivors as a symbol of hope. Many were fascinated to see a small baby survive such a gigantic disaster.

All in all, Eliza Dean attained cult status after reaching old age. The enigma of the Titanic caught up with Dean and she attended events related to this iconic disaster.

Finally, Eliza Dean passed away in 2009. After her death, Eliza’s ashes were scattered in Southampton docks, the starting point of the Titanic.


“The Real” Jack Thayer

John Borland Jack Thayer who survived the horrible shipwreck travelled first-class on the Titanic. Born into an aristocratic family, Jack’s father headed the famous Pennsylvania Railroad Company as its director. Jack’s mother, Marian Morris roamed the town as an elegant Philadelphia socialite.

Jack along with his maid (Margaret Fleming) and his parents embarked aboard the Titanic at Cherbourg on 10th April. Immediately after the accident, Jack walked to the ships’ bow and realized what happened. He woke his parents and they all put on life vests and warmer clothes.

All of them returned to the ship’s deck but he somehow lost sight of them. After a frantic search, Jack believed they had safely boarded a lifeboat.

On the way, Jack met Milton Long, a fellow passenger. Both men were stopped from boarding the ship because they were not children.

Eventually, both men jumped off the ship and only Jack survived to narrate the ordeal. Most importantly, Jack was one amongst 40 survivors who fell or jumped into the water.


The Man Who Died Daily - Masabumi Hosono

The one and only Japanese citizen who survived the disaster, Masabumi Hosono, boarded the dreadful ship to reach home. When the ship started sinking, Hosono reached the ship’s main deck. With the children and women first policy executed at gunpoint, Hosono’s survival seemed herculean.

He sneaked for safety when he noticed two vacant seats in a lifeboat. At that time, many communities believed that it’s better to die bravely rather than survive shamefully. After arriving in Japan, Hosono’s community ostracized and branded him as a coward. The government fired Hosono from the job and later re-hired him.

In 1997, Hosono’s letter to his wife was found. He mentions in the letter that he escaped in lifeboat 10 and not in lifeboat 13.

Moreover, if Hosono had any premonition about his life after the disaster, he might have changed his mind.


“The Heroic” Molly Brown

Proudly called, “The Unmissable Molly Brown”, Molly Brown earned that sobriquet for her unflinching courage and bravery. She commanded one of the lifeboats and threatened the quartermaster with dire consequences. Molly ordered the quartermaster to turn back and search for survivors or else get thrown overboard.

Even though Molly’s version of survival turned controversial, she headed into the hall of fame. She earned a film as well as a Broadway musical named after her.


“Miss Lucky” Violet Jessop

How many of you are aware that the Titanic contained two sister ships? Consequently, one ship sank with the Titanic while the other one managed to survive. Besides, a woman named “Miss Lucky” Violet Jessop happened to remain in all the three ships at the time of disaster. However, she still managed to live through all the three disasters.

 First of all, Violet Jessop worked as an ocean liner stewardess. She survived the 1911 collision of a British warship, the sinking of 1912 Titanic, and 1916 HMHS Britannic.

According to Jessop’s memoirs, she observed lifeboats were filled and subsequently hoarded onto lifeboat 16. On the lifeboat, an officer entrusted her with a responsibility to take care of a baby.  While aboard the Carpathia, the baby’s mother grabbed the child from Jessop’s hand.

Summing up, Jessop retired in 1950. She died of an heart failure in the year 1971.


“Mr Perfect” Charles Lightoller (Senior Officer - The Titanic)

When the lifeboats were launched, senior officer Charles Lightoller followed the “children and women first” rule very aggressively. At times, Lightoller even allowed the boats to go empty rather than allow any men enter the boat.

As a result, at the last, the ice-cold water dragged Lightoller underwater. Finally, he resurfaced when the boiler of the ship exploded. Afterward, he held onto a collapsible boat and survived the icy-cold night holding to its smooth surface.


Only - Love - Attitude - Noël Leslie

A renowned philanthropist, Noël Leslie entered the hall of fame when she helped steer a lifeboat to safety.

She bravely took charge of lifeboat 8’s tiller and moved it clear of the drowning Titanic. On the other hand, she steered the boat to safety for more than one hour. After that, she consoled a newlywed who had lost her husband in the tragedy.

Most importantly, Noël Leslie evaded publicity that eventually catapulted her as the greatest heroines of the Titanic saga.


The First Man to Yell “Iceberg! Right Ahead!” - Frederick Fleet

Frederick Fleet travelled in the Titanic as one of the ship’s lookout. According to reports, Fleet spotted the iceberg first and alerted the crew members yelling,”Iceberg! Right Ahead!”

After the untimely collision, Fleet controlled and managed to steer one lifeboat to safety. Moreover, he encountered many questions regarding the disaster after reaching New York City.

He patiently co-operated with many interrogations designed to find out the real cause of the epic tragedy.

Overall, Fleet expressed his disappointment that he could not prevent the collision due to lack of binoculars.

Finally, Fleet committed suicide in 1965 because of depression.


Chief Charles Joughin - A life saved by Whiskey?

Chief Charles Joughin swam for 2 hours before Carpathia reached him. He attributed his lucky survival to many glasses of whiskey he drank before Titanic sank.


The Fortunate - Lawrence Beesley

Firstly, Lawrence Beesley travelled second class on the Titanic from Southampton. Meanwhile, Lawrence Beesley worked at  England’s Dulwich College as a teacher. During the collision, Beesley got stuck in his room but somehow reached A-deck in the nick of time. Eventually, Beesley boarded lifeboat number 13.

Moreover, Beesley watched the ship sink into the ice-cold waters as its dazzling lights flickered and stopped forever. Furthermore, he recalled his experience in his book titled “The Loss of the S. S. Titanic”. As a matter of fact, the book released almost two months after the tragedy.

Surprisingly, Beesley crashed the movie set during the filming of the 1958 movie “A Night To Remember”.  Expectedly, the movie’s director removed Beesley from the set.

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