Ten 100% Successful Feng Shui Tips For 2018 To Attract Love, Money, And Fame

Successful Feng Shui Tips
Successful Feng Shui Tips

There are only two ways you approach life. As a matter of fact, we are simply either attracting or chasing. But, both are distinctly different.

Uniquely, feng shui can help you attract money, love, opportunities, and everything you deserve.

For followers, feng shui brings rain or shine depending on your fortune. As we bask in 2018 Lunar New Year, let’s grab 10 important must-do and must-avoid feng shui tips to ride the huge success.

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Kick Out Unwanted Waste Stuff From Your Life ( Not your doggie BF or Your Groovy Mother-in-Law)

You start with doing activities that indicate a robust start, like kicking out waste items or donating stuff to charity. In other words, you purge over-used items and renew your home environment.

Hang out or meet your close family and friends. Remember, you better avoid actions that bear’s negativity.

In essence, friends, you should learn to forgive and relax and stop all arguments.


Few Decorations That Immediately Attract Love And Money

Not to mention, if you place more indoor plants you can enjoy bountiful productivity.

But where would you place them?

For example – South corner of home or office remains the ideal place to put indoor plants to attract good fortune.

Which indoor plants make you lucky?

Luck inducing indoor plants are

  • Lucky bamboo
  • Zebra plant
  • Fiddle leaf fig
  • Jade plant
  • Bird’s nest fern
  • Rubber plant

Tips to attract pure love and money – Southeast corner are associated with pure love and money. So, you concentrate on making this space cleaner, and beautiful. Moreover, you can also place some red carpet or sofa in the southeast corner to gain more positive energy.


What Colour Purse or Bag Should You Carry For Excellent Success?

First, for people born under the sign of Rooster, Monkey, Dragon, Ox, Sheep, and Dog, you buy a rose or a yellow purse. In general, they will enjoy an erratic time this New Year and this small alteration will reduce bad luck.

Second, those born under the sign of Tiger, Horse, and Rabbit stars indicate super-good fortune. So you carry pink or a brown bag or purse.


Which Day Brings The Most Favourable Result in This Lunar Dog Year?

Stay alert!!! February 23rd, 2018 remains the most fortunate day to start a new business or get back to work.


What Colour Increases Your Lucky Charm in This Lunar Dog Year?

Of course, there are quite a few cool colours for 2018. The most promising colour of this season-electric pink and electric green.

Electric green boosts surplus creativity whereas electric pink ensures steady relationship. In general, green colour encourages good luck for friendship and career.


How To Welcome Good Luck Right Throughout This Lunar New Year?

For Home

First, where to begin to tap in good luck in 2018? Well, you begin right at your main or front door. You wash, scrub, vacuum, or sweep the lobby, waiting-hall, porch, front-walkway or whatever your front portion resembles.

Certainly, you keep this area neat and tidy. Furthermore, you buy a new rug, spruce up scuff marks, check your doorbell, and maintain good lighting here.

For Workplace

For a business, other than keeping the entrance sparkle clean, you ensure that your business signage looks bright and clear. Notably, excellent feng shui increases the business income by one third.


What Flower/S Should You Use For Prosperity This Lunar New Year?

In the first place, if you dislike gardening, try bringing new flowers to your workplace once in a week. So, you can start on Monday every week.

A bouquet of new colourful flowers can increase luck, fragrance, and beauty of the area. Moreover, you should avoid dry or dead flowers and add new flowers every now and then once they lose energy.

Flowers that ensures good fortune is

  • Lilies
  • Peonies
  • Orchids
  • Chrysanthemums emit a fragrance only a few people will like. Hence, pay close attention to the fragrance
  • Tulips and roses enhance peace but you must stop using roses if any argument arises
  • Silk Flowers
  • They add more life and make the environment colourful
  • In case, if you like an orchid then after it withers, trim away the lifeless dead stalk and insert a new silk orchid

Caution – Never use thorny plants such as cactus at any cost.


Which Colours Add More Love And Happiness To Your Life?

The most recommended paint colours you should use are

Kitchen/Liver/Wood – White Color

  • In ancient Chinese medicine, wood represents the organ liver in the human body.
  • Wood indicates kitchen and it should be kept neat and clean because the food is made there.
  • Overall, the white colour remains the best choice for the kitchen.

Bathroom/Kidneys/Water – Light Blue

  • Kidneys represent water element and the associated place is the bathroom.
  • Light blue colour enhances serenity and wisdom in the bathroom.

Bedroom/Lungs/Metal – Soft pastels, Cream, and White

  • Element metal represents lungs in ancient Chinese medicine.
  • Soft pastels, cream, and white are suitable because they add intelligence, clarity, and logic.

Dining Room/Stomach/Earth

  • Stomach personifies the element Earth in the human body.
  • For best results, you apply soft yin, terra cotta, or gold to your dining room. These colours add patience, balance, and stability.

Living Room/Heart/Fire

  • In ancient Chinese medicine, heart organ represents the element of fire.
  • Moreover, the living room acts as the heart of your home. All tones of bright red and purple increases the creativity, energy, and passion in the living area.


What Simple Tips Should You Follow To Invoke Good Luck?

Some feng-shui tips to multiply luck are

  • Do not watch or talk anything evil or negative in the first few days of the New Year. Avoid watching horror or gory movies.
  • You should never buy any book in the first fortnight because in Chinese language ‘book’ also means ‘Shu’ or ‘Loss’.
  • Better avoid crying or feeling sad or argue during the first fortnight of this New Year. Remember, this may set the tone for the year
  • Also, buying new slippers on the first day of the New Year or within the first few days prevents gossip as per Chinese belief.
  • Stop offering anything that contains four because in Chinese ‘four’ sounds like ‘death’. For example – 44 dollars or 34 pounds.


How To Improve Bedroom Pleasure Using Feng Shui In 2018 Lunar Chinese New Year?

Some simple tips to improve bedroom pleasure are

  • You should avoid family photos in your bedroom. Keep in mind, it’s a sacred area reserved exclusively for you and your partner.
  • In addition, place objects in pairs and remove all single objects from your bedroom. Why? Anything in the pair represents a relationship while painless objects indicate a sense of loneliness.
  • Remove all desolate winter wallpapers or posters.
  • Use red colour accessories such as pillows, curtains, and bed sheets because red instigates the pleasure senses.
  • It’s better to avoid mirrors completely in your bedroom. Otherwise, if there is a fireplace in your bedroom, and then place a picture of a serene water scene or a mirror above the fireplace.
  • Water and fire element when placed together adds more steam than you can imagine.

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