Top Car Manufacturers Of Japan

Car Manufacturers in Japan
Car Manufacturers in Japan

The Japanese automobile manufacturers are one of a kind and most popular in the world. Moreover, the Japanese car companies have ruled the world in terms of quality and innovation for more than 4 decades.

Of course, even other top manufacturers failed to compete with them. Also, the success of these companies can be solely attributed to their tireless dedication and hard work.

In this article, let’s discover the top 10 car manufacturers in Japan.

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Being the top ranked automotive manufacturer in Japan, Toyota’s management philosophy has blossomed from the company’s origin that has reflected in the growth of the company. The business terms “Lean Manufacturing” and “Just in Time Production” was developed by Toyota which still stands the test of time when it comes automotive manufacturing.

Type Public
Industry Automotive
Founded in 1937
Headquarters Toyota, Aichi, Japan
Key People Takeshi Uchiyamada (Chairman)
Products Engines,Automobiles,Commercial & Luxury vehicles
Number of cars sold                0.8m
Popular models Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Camry,Toyota Prius

Website: Toyota



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Honda Motors is a Japanese public company globally known for its automobiles, power equipment, motorcycles etc. Now placed at number two in our rankings, Honda Motor Company is way ahead of the rest when it comes to performance and customer satisfaction.

Type Public
Industry Conglomerate
Founded in 1946
Headquarters Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Key People Fumihiko Lke (Chairman)
Products Jet engines, Jet aircraft, Automobiles etc
Number of cars sold                0.37m
Popular models Civic,Fit,Grace

Website: Honda 



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According to Hiroto Saikawa (President), the company’s motto is to enrich people’s lives with a product that is innovative and as well as affordable. Having it’s headquarter in Yokohama, Nissan Motors is placed at the third position after the largest automaker in the world, Honda, at the second spot.

Type Public
Industry Finance, Automotives
Founded in 1933
Headquarters Nishi-ku,Yokohama,Japan
Key People Hiroto Saikawa (President)
Products Forklift trucks ,automobiles etc
Number of cars sold                0.36m
Popular models Nissan Note e-Power,Nissan X-Trail

Website: Nissan



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Suzuki is the fourth largest car producer in Japan and also one of the largest car manufacturing companies in the world. Suzuki is known for their economic car models around the world, with their 108-year history, Suzuki is a trusted name in Japan’s automobile history.

Type Public
Industry Automotive
Founded in 1909
Headquarters Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Key People Toshihiro Suzuki (President)
Products Engines, Automobiles, ATV’s etc
Number of cars sold                0.34m
Popular models Wagon R,SX4-S Cross

Website: Suzuki



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Known for its off-road vehicles, Daihatsu is ranked fifth in production as well as in popularity. Daihatsu’s primary focus is on a business model specializing in compact cars—basically referred to as the mini-vehicle segment.

Type Completely owned subsidiary
Industry Automotive
Founded in 1907
Headquarters Osaka, Japan
Key People Koichi Ina (Chairman)

Masanori Mitsui (President)

Products Engines, Automobiles
Number of cars sold                0.33m
Popular models Move Custom,Move,Tanto

Website: Daihatsu



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The biggest car maker in Japan is now ranked sixth according to industry automobile reports. Mazda’s brand essence can be termed as “Celebrate Excellence While Driving”.Mazda is not only about performance related to driving; the overall Mazda experience is what matters. Choosing a car like Mazda prizes the buyer with confidence, individuality, and substance.

Type Public
Industry Automotive
Founded in 1920
Headquarters Hiroshima, Japan
Key People Masamichi Kogai (CEO and President)
Products Engines, Trucks and Automobiles
Number of cars sold                0.12m
Popular models Demio,Axela,Cx-3 & 5

Website: Mazda



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Subaru is the seventh largest automobile manufacturing company in Japan. The Subaru brand has been traditionally famous among the dedicated core of car buyers, both in Japan and the rest of the world. Marketing is mainly centered on those customers who wish to buy the car for its unique engine design and performance.

Type Public
Industry Automobile manufacturing
Founded in 1953
Headquarters Ebisu,Tokyo,Japan
Key People Jun Kondo( VP)
Products Automobiles
Number of cars sold                0.095 m
Popular models Forester Smart Edition,Stella

Website: Subaru



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Mitsubishi has a special place in Japan’s automobile history. Standing at number eight, this car is one of Japan’s favorite and technology plays a key role with a strong focus on premium quality in these cars, the hall mark feature of Mitsubishi Motors Company. In short, Mitsubishi doesn’t just sell cars; they sell trust, happiness and as well as quality.

Type Private
Industry Conglomerate
Founded in 1870
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key People Yataro Iwasaki (Founder)
Products Heavy industries, automotives, electronics etc.
Number of cars sold                0.05m
Popular models Eclipse Cross, Outlander, Delica

Website: Mitsubishi



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This company was founded in the year 1916 with the motto “Creation without Compromise”. The company has gradually grown big in the last 100 years and their presence is significant taking into account the global competition that exists today.

Type Public
Industry Manufacturing
Founded in 1916
Headquarters Shinagawaku,Tokyo, Japan
Key People Masanori Katayama (President)
Products Diesel engines and commercial vehicles
Number of cars sold                0.034m 
Popular models Isuzu D-Max, Isuzu mu-X

Website: Isuzu

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