Nail Biting – 10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Onychophagia

Stop Nail Biting
Stop Nail Biting

Have you ever thought if nail biting is just a bad habit or a causative of health hazards? According to medical experts, nail biting will be dangerous to our health. In medical terminology, nail biting is called as onychophagia. Nail biting is detrimental to our fingers, mouth and digestive system. Generally, people with nail-biting habit could be disliked by all people, including the closest relatives in the family circle. Hence, nail-biting should be avoided.

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A Lot Of Germs Live Beneath The Nails

There are germs that lie within our nails. Once we bite the nails, the germs will pass into our mouth. This could enhance the risk of sickness or other infections to our body. However, it is not easy for most of the people to maintain their fingernails, free of dirt or germs.


Causes Problems To The Teeth

If a person bites his/her nails, the bacteria in the nails will settle down on the teeth and infect it and the enamel. There will also be an irritating feel to the gums. Nail biting could result in problems like tooth loss and jaw pain.


Nail Infection

The habit of nail-biting will heighten the risk of paronychia i.e. nail infection. The nails will become reddish and swollen. Intense pain will be felt in and around the nail area. Usually, bacteria like E-Coli and salmonella develop under the nails.


Lack Of Nail Growth

Usually, nails grow at a tardy pace on our fingers. If a person gets intensely addicted to nail biting, the nail goes far down. It might take a long time for the nails to grow and reach their normal position. Ultimately, it will make our fingers display an ugly look.


Permanent Deformity Of The Nails

People biting nails for months and years will definitely see the deformities on their nails. The appearance of bumpy ridges on the nails might remain permanently and cannot be ruled out.


Causes Bad Breath

It is normally known to every person that our mouth already contains bacteria. Additionally, if a person habituates to sticking his/her fingers in the mouth, bacteria will accumulate in the mouth. In addition, this will cause a noticeable worsening of his/her breath naturally.


Wear Out Of The Teeth

The habit of biting nails amongst many people is caused due to nervousness. The risk of consistent grinding of teeth will eventually lead to its wear out.


Toxic Poisoning

People with nail-biting habit will face the risk of imbibing harmful toxins into the body, especially those who use nail polishes. Generally, nail polishes contain many toxins. The ill effects of such nail polishes will only be notable in the long term.


Results In Formation Of Oral Stis

According to a research by Science Direct, the nail-biting habit can result in oral sexually transmitted infections like Herpes. Although this seldom happens, documented evidence is there.


Emotional Aspect

It is often noticed that nail biters are looked by others as inferior people. People with nail-biting habit will express the feelings of shame, disappointment and low self-esteem.

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