10 Social Problems In The World And Possible Solutions

Social Problems
Social Problems

In general, social problems damage and affect our society at large. Moreover, the term social problem is usually used to indicate troubles with a specific section or cluster of people in this world. Not to mention, these problems affect the life of an individual either directly or indirectly. And it also affects how individuals react to certain situations. Also, social problems mainly consist of issues that disturb the real world. For example, some of them: unemployment, depletion of natural resources, drug abuse, poverty, animal abuse.

On their part, individuals are also equally responsible for many of the social problems. How? Lack of awareness, ignorance, blind belief, self-centric attitude, falling prey to false propaganda and so on contribute handsomely towards this issue.

Overall, innovative thinking is the need of the hour to solve these social problems when traditional approaches have failed time and again. In this article, let’s discuss some of the challenging social problems and their possible solutions.


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Depletion of Natural Resources

Natural resources are resources that originate within the environment on their own in its original form. There are many natural resources such as forests, trees, mountains, animals, clean water, air, oil, various minerals and so on.

In fact, the earth is prolific with such natural resources.  And in today’s world, the most important natural resource that is slowly vanishing is water.

The fact is that nobody in this world can survive without water.

Reasons for Depletion of a Natural resource

With rapid globalization of the economy and development of many new industries, many countries are competing with each other to become a major power. As a result, these major powers look the other way when it comes to depletion of natural resources.

Also, the current reality is that waste materials are discharged from industries into seawater across the globe directly. In addition, sewage and industrial waste are also disposed into oceans. Undoubtedly, all these factors work together in polluting the sea water much more rapidly.

Therefore, due to this, seawater pollution affects the entire animal as well as plant organism living under water.

In other words, contamination and pollution of natural resource destroy the land and also causes various health hazards against mankind. At present, there are still several countries that don’t have efficient and proper laws for waste management.

Possible Solutions

Some of the possible solutions to overcome these issues:

Firstly, all responsible nations should educate their citizens on the importance of conservation of natural resources. And, every nation should enforce strict laws against contamination of water and other natural resources.

To begin with, awareness of the need to preserve natural resources and its importance for the future generation requires special attention. Also, protection of lakes, pond, and rivers etc. to preserve clean water should be accorded highest priority.

Finally, intelligent irrigation and mobile recycling centres are the need of the water to meet the demands for water.


More Tussle And War Threat

While many countries across the world are struggling for economic progress, major superpowers are regularly investing in defence and military-related purchase. Yes, without any exception all the major powers are keen to expand their defence technology.

In spite of suffering massive loss after the First World War and Second World War, the imminent threat of a Third World Wars still looms large.

However, there are many factors that contribute to a tussle between nations. Some of them:

    • Show their supremacy over other countries
    • Prevent invasion by other countries and protect their territories
    • Take control of other countries natural resources like oil and so on

Possible Solutions

Some of the possible solutions to minimize the tussle between the countries:

Effective implementation of peace treaties through mutual dialogue and understanding can reduce unnecessary conflict. More than that, every nation should fully embrace the harsh realities of war on its people and land and the recovery implications that follow.

Finally, every major power can contribute wisely and strengthen the UNO (United Nations Organization) to maintain international peace and security.


How Religion Wrecks Havoc?

As a matter of fact, the word ‘religion’ comes from the Latin word ‘Religio’. And originally, the word religion was used to mean ‘reverence for God or the gods’.

In reality, it’s widely believed that the concept of “religion” started receiving its current form and shape only in the 17th century. Furthermore, in today’s world, violence and discrimination against religious groups by rival faiths and even by civilized nations has reached new heights.

Therefore, at present, religion is turning out to be a big problem area fuelling a wave of terrorist activities. In particular, attacks on minority faiths and violence in the name of religion have increased significantly in the recent past.

Possible Solutions

Due to its sensitive nature, there are no easy solutions to resolve religious conflicts at the touch of a button. But some of the possible solutions that could minimize religious conflicts are:

    • Proper education.
    • Employment opportunities.
    • And last but not the least, the onus remains with powerful religious leaders in creating real spiritual awareness.


The Cruel Side Of Poverty

Though many countries in today’s world claim that they are developed, still they are not able to eradicate poverty. Of course, poverty remains a universal challenge.

According to World Bank report, poverty is on the decline since the 90’s. However, another data states that more than10% of the world population is still reeling from extreme poverty. Notably, a research study claims that for every 1 minute 16 people lose their life due to starvation.

In other words, poverty acts as a trigger among deprived population forcing people to commit crimes.

Overall, eradication of poverty still remains the greatest global challenge that the world is facing today.

Possible Solutions

Some of the possible solutions to overcome poverty:

Firstly, creating awareness among people to root out poverty holds the key.  Also, since 1993 United Nation’s has declared October 17th as the International Day for poverty eradication.

The main purpose of such a day-

“Improve awareness in the minds of the people to eradicate poverty and deprivation worldwide, especially in developing countries.

Again, controlling corruption enables downtrodden to get equal opportunities and can improve their livelihoods. Other changes include ensuring access to basic social services and creating a protective environment for children.

In essence, educating a girl child remains the number one priority in many developing nations.


Corruption And Nothing Else

Uniquely, corruption and government are inseparable in almost all the countries in the world. Moreover, in some countries, corruption has become a day-to-day affair.

Generally, corruption could be a conduct by an individual assigned to a position of authority. In other words, where office bearers involve in corruption for personal gain, corruption looks menacing.

Corruption also includes bribery, indulging in any illegal activity that benefits an individual or a group.

Some of the reasons for corruption

  • Low scale wages
  • Lack of punishments in a strict and fast pace
  • No transparency in government affairs and deals
  • Accountability remaining outside the ambits of the law
  • Immense political pressure

Transparency International (TI), a non-governmental organization is leading the fight against corruption. Also, since 1996, TI is publishing the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) every year without fail.

Annually it ranks countries based on their level of corruption through expert assessments and opinion surveys.

Possible Solutions

There are various ways to tackle corruption. After all, promoting transparency and providing access to information can control corruption. Fixing accountability and booking every government authority who involve in corruption needs more firepower.

Finally, stringent punishment for people involving in corruption can one day make this world corruption free.


Drastic Increase In Crime Rate

Crime remains a serious issue across the world for many years’ now. Though there are many laws in place to control various crimes, the crime rate is still not easily controllable.

Particularly, theft has become the most common crime committed around the world. Mainly triggered due to the poor economic condition of the people involved; it involves different types including motor vehicle theft, cash theft and so on.

The main difference between theft and robbery is that robbery is a violent crime and it involves hurting people physically, emotionally or mentally.

Assault is another form of crime committed due to anger or uncontrollable emotions. In such cases, people ignore law of the land and take the law into their own hands.

In addition, illegal drugs are another major problem cutting across boundaries. Furthermore, crimes related to illegal drugs are considered to be one of the world’s worst problems for many countries.

Even mere possession of illegal drugs is punishable by law. But still, drugs are smuggled by the underworld mafia and huge amount of money changes hand every now and then.

To sum up, traffic-related crimes, prostitution, fraud, rape, domestic violence are other forms of crimes.

Possible Solutions

Some of the possible solutions to control crimes:

  • Imposing stiff penalties,
  • Increased policing
  • Speeding up court trial
  • Creating more awareness amongst people


Illiteracy And Lack Of Education

Lack of quality education is one of the basic causes of poverty. Not providing proper education to children leads to various countless social problems including unemployment etc. Increase in crime rate like fraud, theft, cannot be ruled out.

In reality, unemployment forces an individual to engage in religious conflicts as well. Poor education is due to various reasons including lack of investments, improper policy decisions, and lack of infrastructure.

Possible Solutions

Governments in various countries can create awareness among people on the importance of education.

For example, every government can educate its people on the significance of focusing on rural education. Other steps include filling up all vacancies, encourage schools to implement skill-based training.

However, without allocating sufficient funds for improving the infrastructure eradicating literacy looks difficult.

Also providing subsidies and grants to the underprivileged and meritorious students and financial assistance to schools can improve the literacy rate.


Political Unrest Or Turmoil

The political situation in which people protest against the government or behave violently against the leaders leads to politician unrest in a country. In general, there have been many such incidents across many countries in the world.

There are many factors leading to political unrest. They include people developing frustration against the policy decisions of the government when there is widespread dissatisfaction among the people. Other factors such as imposing dictatorship rule can also funnel widespread political unrest.

Possible Solutions

Some of the possible solutions include dissolving the parliament and calling for new elections, and leadership change etc.

In short, addressing the genuine demands of the people remains the number one solution.


Women’s Safety Remains The Top Priority

Not to mention, every country should portray women as admirable citizens of their nation. Equally, women should be allowed to voice out their opinions boldly irrespective of their cultural and social conventions.

But in reality, every year, a large number of criminal offences and sexual assaults against women are increasing. At present, many people take undue advantage of women leading to various crimes including bag snatching, and mugging.

Nowadays, no country is 100% safe for women to freely travel.

But still, governments across the world are trying hard to make their country crime free, particularly against women.

Possible Solutions

Women education, women empowerment, and proper grooming of male children are some of the ways to combat crimes against women.

And inculcating right attitude towards women from childhood looks like the right kind of approach.


The Same Old Story-Unemployment

Many would agree that unemployment silently contributes towards crimes against humanity. In fact, the global youth unemployment rate remains around 13% according to ILO – International Labor Organization.

There are many factors that affect a country’s employment situation

They are economic progress, technological advances, education, and lack of training to the people.  Besides, frequent wars and an unstable government leading to improper policy decisions increases unemployment.

By and large, unemployment causes poverty.

Possible Solutions

Some of the possible solutions to generate employment include:

Investment plans by the government and providing incentives to industries for employment generation. Then again, adopting policies that provide employment to all people and

Ensuring proper quality education and training to all people in line with industry expectations.

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