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Sarahah App – Top 10 Insights And Information


Sarahah App – The Latest Instant Hit Anonymous Message Sending Application

Sarahah, the brainchild of a system expert from Saudi Arabia is already making waves worldwide for its user appeal. It can be described as an app that aids in self-development through anonymous confidential constructive feedback. This app can be used by both Android as well as iOS users. The key highlight of this app is that anyone can send messages without even logging into their respective user accounts.

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What is Sarahah?

The most recent app that has taken the internet world by storm is the latest anonymous message posting app, Sarahah. This is the number one app as on date with figures crossing more than 290 million users worldwide. It is also available on Google play store for download and available in two languages – Arabic and in English. After the launch of this app in February 2017, it was available for download in the Apple app store only from June. At the end of February, there were more than 1.2 million users in Saudi Arabia, 1.7 million users in Tunisia and 2.5 million users in Egypt in the Arabic region.

Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, the now famous computer analyst from Saudi Arabia is the main man behind this app. The name “Sarahah” means honesty in Arabic and it is believed to have been first created to send constructive feedback to one’s employer without any retribution fear.

Taking into account the popularity and craze associated with Sarahah, we have created a list of Top 10 insights about this Viral App.



Requirements to use Sarahah App

  • To install and run Sarahah smoothly without any hiccups, you need iOS 9.0 version or later for all iPhone users in order to handle this app conveniently.
  • This app is also compatible with iPad.
  •  In case, if you are using Windows phone, then you need Windows 8 or Windows  8.1 or higher versions.
  •  For Android phone users, the minimum requirement is Android version 4.4.


How to install and use Sarahah App?

  • It is quite simple. First, you need to download the app on your device (iPhone , iPad or any Android device that support this app).
  • The next step is to create your account by entering your personal details such as email, name, username and a password. Another key aspect of this app is that it does not need your mobile number, since it is an anonymous message sending app.
  • After you have logged in, now you are ready to share the Sarahah link ( with all your family and friends on various social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp etc., You can also just post the link on other social networks.
  • Remember, anyone who can access the link can post messages and for those who want to send a message, they just need to click the link. An open text box with the message “Leave a constructive message“ will greet you and you can type your message.


How to link Sarahah App with Snapchat?

The new option provided by Snapchat to link attachment is allowing more and more users to post screenshots of messages.

Steps to link Sarahah with Snapchat

  • First, users need to create a Sarahah account to link it with Snapchat.
  • Open your Snapchat account and then choose a video or image as usual.
  • To connect with Sarahah, Snapchat users just need to click the paperclip icon and search for “Sarahah” website.
  • Once you have entered Sarahah, search for user profile and complete the process by clicking “Attach to snap” option.
  • Now both the platforms, Sarahah and Snapchat are linked together. You can then share messages you receive on Sarahah with your friends on Snapchat.


Link Instagram with Sarahah

Another latest social media photo/video sharing platform to link with this application is Instagram.

There are two ways to link Instagram with Sarahah:

Chain link option

  • First, Login to your Instagram account.
  • Now, pick a photo or video that is already available in your Instagram account or upload a new video or picture.
  • Click on the chain link and a new window will open.
  • Now enter the Sarahah profile name which is usually in the format( preview option is also available.
  • Finally, complete the process by clicking on the green tick mark icon.

No Chain link option

  • First open the Instagram app on your mobile or iPad etc.
  • Now, the users should go to settings and click Edit profile icon.
  • Just type the Sarahah username in the format ( in the website bar.
  • Finally complete the process by clicking done.

In this way, users can link their Instagram account with Sarahah effortlessly.


Main Features of Sarahah

  • This app offers limited features such as Profile, Explore, search bar, and messaging option. It allows sending and receiving normal text messages as it does not have the feature to support graphics or flash text.
  • The user can either block or tag the message as favorite depending on his choice. With the Profile function, one can update their profiles on the app.
  • The Explore option is yet become live.
  • Other than this, Sarahah has planned to introduce a new feature called “SOON” in its next downloadable version.


Available Privacy Options In Sarahah

  • There are basically four icons in the app namely heart, reply, block and report. Heart icon is used to mark the message as favorite, reply icon to send messages through Whatsapp, Snapchat or Facebook. Once when you receive a message, users can either report or block the message or tag it as favorite.
  • Below every message a red flag appears, enabling the users to report the message.
  • Getting straight to the point, Sarahah app does not clearly mention how the reported  messages are handled further .This app does give the user the facility to
  • Disable “Appear in search” option.
  • In case you want to delete your account once and for all, then you have to enter/log into Sarahah’s website and then remove the account from the settings option.


Is Sarahah A Cyber-Bullying Platform?

  • According to recent reports, it has come to notice that most of the users feel Sarahah is nothing but old wine in a new bottle.
  • This app reminds users of previous cyber-bullying apps such as Whisper, Truth, AskFM etc., These apps were later considered to be detrimental to the welfare and growth of teenage and adolescent children since they provide a perfect cover to unravel their narcissistic tendencies and hate feelings.
  • Sarahah is still considered as a perfect platform for online Cyber-bullies to take charge and rule the roost.
  • As of now, most of the users at large remark that with time the popularity of this app will fade, but right now the best way is to bite the bullet it seems.


Sarahah - Expert’s Recommendation

Some of the top experts from the department of psychiatry in leading institutions have expressed their honest opinion about social sharing apps. One of them has explained that young childhood and adolescence is a period when youngsters or teenagers give more importance to their physical appearance. They also mention that a sense of privacy is provided by these apps which encourage young kids to muster the courage to communicate freely.

So, it is highly recommended that apps like Sarahah should have enough safety and privacy features to encourage constructive positive response and avoid unwarranted negative criticisms.


Exponential Growth of Sarahah Worldwide

As per reports by App Annie(app research firm), Sarahah is the most downloaded iPhone app in more than 25 countries worldwide and has earned more than 0.25 billion visitors and has garnered more than 1 billion views in a short span of time.

Source – App Annie 

Finally, remember there are tons and tons of apps that are hitting the market every day.

It is in the best interest of our viewers we sincerely recommend you to exercise caution and exhibit moral social responsibility, before you promote and use social sharing applications.

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