10 Romantic Fire Pit Ideas To Spend Your Evening With Your Partner

Fire Pit Ideas
Fire Pit Ideas

To begin with, fire pits need not be very expensive. Moreover, firepits offer a gala time for close families and friends to share and relish some cute memories.

Therefore, let’s unravel cool and simple fire pit ideas to make the evening as nostalgic as possible. A Guitar, a bottle of Champagne, and your intimate partner beside; what more can you ask?

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Wood Burning Fire Pit

  • Before designing a wood-burning fire pit, keep these tips in mind for that enigmatic experience under the starry evening sky.
  • The very first step in designing a wood-burning fire pit is to zoom in on the location. For safety reasons, ensure that the place is at a safe distance from dry grass, overhanging branches, and nearby bushes.
  • Then, the next step is all about getting the necessary clearances from the local authorities and follows it by choosing the right type of design for the wood-burning fire pit.
  • Choose either a portable one or a permanent one. In the case of the former, a visit to the local stores will open a world of options.
  • If you happen to choose a permanent fire pit, contact your landscape expert to choose the right design based on your requirements and budget.


Fire Pit Propane

Fire pits have become increasingly famous and popular with backyard lovers but with propane fire pits it has become even more simple.

Safety precautions to be kept in mind before using propane fire pits

  • The propane fire pits must be situated away from the shrubs, overhanging tree branches, and ideally located on any non-flammable, solid surface.
  • Let the propane fire pit stay away from dry grass or wooded areas and for safety reasons include a fire extinguisher and a water source nearby.
  • The next step involves the design and as far as propane fire pits are concerned, the designs vary from modern, curvy shapes to rustic traditional designs. Bowl-shaped propane fire pits are quite well-known among fir pit users.
  • While designing the fire pit, you can purchase it from a local store, hire an expert and install it, or one can design the propane fire pit himself.
  • For the self-design option, the basic knowledge and understanding of the nature of the material involved and local fire codes is paramount.
  • To avoid any sort of disappointments, opting for advice from a landscape professional is safe and best.
  • The main advantage of a propane fire pit is that you no longer need to spend time gathering and chopping wood, a mere flick of the switch will immediately turn the surrounding warm and comfortable.


Gas Fire Pits And Outdoor Fire Pits

The outdoor gas fire pit is an interesting way to add a different viewpoint to your door or backyard living spaces.

There are lots of options to choose from in case you wish to opt for a gas fire pits and take these valid points into account before lighting the flame.

Tips to take into account before deciding on your first gas fire and outdoor fire pits

  • The first and foremost is the location. Avoid areas filled with dry grass or choose a location free from any sort of adjacent or overhanging tree branches.
  • Adding some kind of hardscaping or gravel under the designated area can help to save the place from any stray spark.
  • After picking the right place, the next step involves choosing from the available design options- visiting the local home-improvement shop, hire a design expert or DIY in your
  • All three choices have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • A pre-fab fire pit is affordable and convenient but leaves no room for customization.
  • Meanwhile, hiring an expert will give you plenty of time to sit back and relax. The most labor-intensive and inexpensive option is DIY but due to the nature of materials involved newbies is recommended to skip this option for safety reasons.
  • The best design choice is to match the outdoor landscaping and the style of one’s home, and with countless design options available in the market, satisfying one’s design ego is not at all a problem.

In conclusion, once the installation of the outdoor fire pit is ready, place a fire extinguisher or a water source close by as a safety precaution.


Fire Pit Table

A uniquely designed fire pit tables enhance the experience to the next level, amalgamating various outdoor fun-filled activities into an exciting eye-popping feature.

  • The final result- a rare distinct fireplace to serve supper beneath the moonlit sky, have a drink, and a place to relax.
  • The design can be nice and simple like a bowl-shaped portable fire pit which features a special wide rim for propped feet or supporting drinks. These tables are normally not more than knee-high, and the inclusion of the fire pit screen completes the setup. The fuel can either be propane or wood.
  • These kinds of fire pit tables most often represent the look of a stylish indoor coffee table. The shape can be either rectangle or square The tabletop can be of any material, granite, slate, or marble. Many of these tables consist of natural gas or liquid propane-based fuel.
  • Firepit tables offer a gigantic marvelous dining experience around a gas-fueled, central fire Standard size chairs fit easily under the table making it convenient to use.
  • Some manufacturers have come up with a patio umbrella that has the capacity to contain heat within the fire The minimum recommended height is not less than 60 inches. Installing a standalone umbrella near the pit and not above the fire is advanced by industry experts.
  • The advantage of selecting an outdoor fire pit table is many. The burners are normally installed inside stainless steel The pan can be filled with fire glass, silica sand, and lava rocks.
  • The house owners have the option to choose fire glass according to their personal likes and dislike, to design a mosaic-type Furthermore, one can add unusual geometric shapes or porcelain brushed fireballs for a special appearance.
  • Some fire pit tables are designed with a provision for a cover ( fire pit cover) that can quickly turn the entire fire pit area into a nice dining table and cover also serves another purpose they protect the fire pit area from elements.

Wood fuel-based fire pit table also comes with a strong cooking grill which can be swiftly installed above the embers for a happy table-side cooking.


Stone Fire Pit

1. Stone and Gas 


Using gas burners with volcanic stone or a fire glass design is an easy and nice way to install a majestic stone fire pit in the backyard.

2. Pre-planned design 


While designing hardscape elements and seating walls for your backyard, it is not a bad idea to include a rustic-looking stone fire pit

3. Wood bench and stone fire pit


Incorporating a wood bench model along with a stone fire pit elevates the overall appeal of the place.

4. Curved design 


Including a feel-good carved flagstone, the design creates additional seating near the stone fire pit.

5. Plan it correct


While designing or selecting an age-old stone fire pit, select the right height for a comfortable experience for both the guests and yourself, and never forget about the safety aspect

6. Amphitheater – model 


Opting for an amphitheater-like design around the stone fire pit makes it a stellar design.

7. Campfire effect 


Nowadays, there are lots of pre-fabricated stone fire pits consisting of a cast stone foundation that comes with a mesh screen, wood grate, and a fire bowl.


Natural Gas Fire Pit

Natural gas fire pits add a special charm and warmth to one’s home and backyard without any doubt.

Some of the most important points to be taken into account include

  • The most important factor is to decide upon a location that is safe and secure, clear and free from any bushes or branches overhanging near or over the fireplace.
  • The next factor is to choose the right options as far as the outdoor fire pit is concerned You can choose a DIY kit, or hire an expert or buy a pre-fab fire pit.
  • Once the natural gas fire pit is installed, it is necessary to place a fire extinguisher or create a water source nearby, and neatly maintained natural gas fire pits are normally quite safe.


Homemade Fire Pit

Take a look at the steps described below regarding “ How to build your own fire pit in your backyard”.

The materials include (Total Budget- US$ 100)

  • 3/8 inch rebar, 24 inches long
  • 4 stainless steel hose clamps
  • Charcoal Grate – US$ 16 (approx.)
  • Stone blocks- 36

The materials mentioned can be bought at any home improvement stores.

How to build your own fire pit in your backyard- homemade fire pit?

  • The first step is to choose an ideal location for your fire pit. The area must be free from any sort of overhanging or extending tree branches or dry grass.
  • Then, after choosing a safe area, contact your local fire authorities for permission is to Adhere to all the fire codes and safety procedures as required by law.
  • Sweep the ground in which you wish to build your homemade fire
  • Place the charcoal grate on the desired sport and the normal store-bought grates will be around 17 inches in diameter.
  • Now place 9 blocks of stone around the grates with enough spacing between them.
  • Keep on placing the stones one after another building a wall, to a minimum height of at least 12 inches. After placing all the blocks, remove the charcoal grate which was placed for uniformity in the initial
  • Place three stone blocks inside the pit in a “Y-shape” and cover the same with decorative stones. Make sure the stone blocks placed inside the pit are visible.
  • Mark 5 inches from both the ends of the rebar. Now bend the rebar to acquire 5-inch tall legs. Make 3 – 5-inch bent rebars and set it aside.
  • Connect all the three rebars in the end with the stainless steel hose clamps.
  • Using a hose clamp, attach the charcoal grate and the tall rebar structure and place it inside the pit.

Now, the homemade fire pit is ready for action.


How To Build A Fire Pit

A homemade fire pit gives a sense of satisfaction to the builder as well as makes the home refreshingly fresh and look cool

Steps to build your own fire kit at home

Materials and tools

  • Steel Rake
  • Tamper
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Shovel
  • Sand
  • Capstones
  • Concrete wall stones

Before starting to build your own fire pit at home, consult your local authorities for any necessary permission.

Then choose a safe spot free from any dry grass or overhanging tree branches. While digging holes please remember not to hit the utility lines.

  • Lay the pavers in a nice round circle in a diameter of 36 – 44 inches after pacing the stones remove the pavers from the stone.
  • Now a 12” hole is recommended to be dug in that location.
  • The next step to fill the hole with sand and tamp it.
  • Now start arranging the stones over the perimeter wall of the fire pit. When the stones reach a height of 12 inches, stop arranging them.
  • Pour sand into the ring; cover the beginning first layer 4 inches deep.


Fire Pits And Tables At Walmart And Amazon/Home Depots

Our top fire pits choices at Amazon:

Some of the best selling fire pits at Walmart:

  • Mainstays 28 inch
  • BCP Hex Shaped
  • Fire Sense
  • Fire Sense Roman
  • 32″ Uniflame
  • Landmann Big Sky
  • Best Choice

Best selling fire pit tables at Walmart

  • Fire Sense 28 inches
  • Best Choices
  • Red Ember Desert
  • Fire Sense Hammer
  • Uniflame LP Gas
  • Fire Sense Round

Best Firepits at Homedepot

Hampton Bay – Buy at Homedepot- US$ 89

  • For additional safety, the mesh screen is included.
  • The cooking grate can be used a grill too.
  • Best in class steel construction for durability and strength.

Hampton Bay Welton- Buy now at Home depot– US$ 149

  • A built-in drain for water to prevent damage and rusting
  • Consists of an oil-rubbed master bronze look
  • To keep the embers in place, spark screen is included in the fire pit kit.


Portable Fire Pits

Nothing can compare to a fire pit in keeping us warm during the cold winter nights. Irrespective of building a new fire pit or buying a new one, a distinct portable fire pit is the best choice for camping and other outdoor activities.


  • Not only it is compact and portable, but still solo manages to produce a good sound flame. The double-wall construction does not allow the smoke to water our eyes and pathways for airflows results in a thorough burn.
  • This portable fire pit is most suited for persons with a lesser amount of backyard space.

1. Plow and Hearth – Buy now at Plowhearth (US$ 150)


This is a heavy gauge steel portable fire pits which feature the falling-leaves and it includes a cooking grill, poker, and spark guard.

2. Heininger BTU portable fire pit – Buy now at Amazon – (US$ 120)


  • For all those whose search ends with the convenience factor, this one is right up there for you to grab.
  • It is way cleaner than regular wood fire pit and not more than 20 lbs and 19 inches in diameter, this portable fire kit is a winner all the way.

3. Real Flame Morrison Portable fire pit – Buy now at Wayfair – (US$ 252)


It is an easy-to-convert gel fuel portable fire pit instead of wood. The geometric frame design and slate tiled top along the sides highlight the subtle character that seamlessly fits in any backyard.

4. Bond Mondavi Envirostone portable propane fire pit – Buy now at Home Depot – US$ 310


This portable propane base fire pit is not only modern but also achieves a stunning performance in outdoors.

The one-touch ignition creates a stellar look and with the lava rocks, the whole area stays warm and cozy.

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