Red Flowers – Token Of Beauty, Passion & True Love

Red Flowers
Red Flowers

Someone somewhere once stated that flowers represent God’s sweetest expression without a visible soul, and we all could not agree more.

First of all, the flowers are delicate, tender, charming, and kind, just like a gorgeous woman. After all, God is an artist with tons and tons of creativity.

In fact, all the flowers he created are awesome and red flowers, in particular, are a bit more wonderful.

Also, for thousands of centuries, these cute gifts of nature have somehow helped us express our heartfelt emotions candidly.

With this in mind, feel free to know about the 10 most beautiful and graceful red flowers in the world.


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Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameRosa
Soil NeedsWell-drained and moist
Growing Zones3 to 11
Sunlight RequirementComplete sun
Flower TipRoses are ideal in places which receive not less than 5 hours of solid sunshine daily

As a matter of fact, with over centuries of cultivation and over 1000 varieties, rose flower enjoys a long history of patronage.

A red rose signifies passion and love while white rose indicates unconditional love and commitment.

Moreover, old roses, in existence since the early part of the 19th century, carry more scent and have better disease resistance. In addition, modern-day roses consist of a variety of colors and long bloom seasons.

Roses are so familiar that an introduction can look weird. Not to mention, when someone say red flowers, our mind projects the image of a red rose immediately.

Overall, roses are an indispensable part of our lives and will remain so for eternity.

Interesting Facts

  • Interestingly, a rose fossil dating back more than 35 million years was discovered in Colorado, America.
  • And, the Rosa family contains around 150 species, available from The Netherlands to Mexico.
  • Black roses do not exist and the available black rose is actually a very dark version of a red rose.
  • Zambia and Ecuador are the biggest exporters of roses with cultivation over 80% and 54% respectively.
  • Some centuries ago, in England, red rose meant Lancaster and white rose meant Yorkshire. In fact, roses were used as code names by the factions fighting in England.


Red Tulips

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameTulipa
Soil NeedsWell-drained and moist
Growing Zones3 to 8
Sunlight RequirementPartial or Complete
Flower TipAvoid watering them excessively as tulips dislike extra moisture

Not surprisingly, tulips appear in almost every single color one can catch in a rainbow.

Moreover, they are very bright in appearance with a cute cup shape like petals on a pleasant green stem.

On the other hand, red tulips indicate innocence, purity, love, and elegance. According to folklore, red tulips were born from Farad’s blood.

And Farad intensely loved Shirin and when he came to know of her death, he jumped off a cliff.

Therefore, red tulips are synonymous with true, passionate love.

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Interesting Facts

  • In olden days, tulips were one of the most costly flowers in the world.
  • Uniquely, during the Second World War, the marginalized and the poor consumed tulip bread and tulips to satisfy their hunger.
  • In fact, a new tulip variety can take around two decades, from cultivation to delivery.
  • Most of all, they are amazingly symmetric in shape. At times it appears as if they have six petals but in reality, there are three sepals and three petals.
  • In The Netherlands, tulips were ranked amongst the top five biggest exports, coming behind Herring.
  • At present, white tulip wines are available in stores and they taste not that bad.


Red Chrysanthemums

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameChrysanthemum
Soil NeedsWell-drained
Growing Zones3 to 9
Sunlight RequirementComplete
Flower TipLearn pinching and other flower care methods

Mainly known as Mums, these flowers increase the visual beauty of any garden. Not to mention, chrysanthemums contains different types of varieties with different sizes, height, and color.

In Asian countries, they represent rebirth and life, making them ideal gifts for baby showers and birthdays.

However, in Europe, chrysanthemums indicate sympathy and compassion. Also, Americans love chrysanthemums and it means to honor and respect for them.

Most noteworthy, red chrysanthemums signify token of love. Overall, they are associated with November month.

Interesting Facts

  • Chrysanthemums are more than 2000 years old and it’s believed that the Chinese Buddhists introduced them to the Japanese royals.
  • In fact, the Japanese consider this flower as their national symbol.
  • Interestingly, Chu-Hsein, a Chinese town was named after this flower.
  • Chrysanthemums are widely used in different types of decorations. Also, in Korea, “Gukhwaju” wine is made using these flowers.
  • In addition, tea made using this flower offer a good cure for vascular or cardiac disorders.


Red Carnation

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameDianthus caryophyllus
Soil NeedsWell-drained, moist
Growing Zones3 to 10
Sunlight RequirementComplete and Partial
Flower TipFor continuous blooming, remove spent flowers

Carnations are famous and very popular across the world for the wide palette of colors they contain.

And, they grow on a narrow, long stalk and consist of serrated petals.

Equally important, carnations speak the language of fascination, love, and distinction.

Furthermore, many believe that this flower first appeared from the tears of the Virgin Mary making them the sign of eternal love.

In addition, red carnations signify very deep affection, charity, and admiration. To sum up, in floral language, a red carnation shows the message “Understand my heart”.

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Interesting Facts

  • Carnations are, in particular, from Eurasia. They were one of the preferred flowers of the Romans and Greeks in garlands.
  • Some of the eye-capturing varieties are available in Australia. Furthermore, they are cultivated commercially since the 1950s.
  • Moreover, these flowers last for a long time and do not place carnations under direct sunlight.
  • Above all, declared as Mother’s Day official flower, for a woman there are no better gifts than a bright red carnation bouquet.
  • In reality, French people believe that this flower can prevent skin ailment, and prefer carnation oil to cure hair loss.



Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameLilium
Soil NeedsWell-drained, moist
Growing Zones3 to 10
Sunlight RequirementPartial and Complete
Flower TipIn case, you live in 9 or 10 (zones), preserve the flower bulbs in cold storage before planting. Do remember that lilies need dormant, cold weather for good growth

Firstly, lilies are quite known among wedding floral designers due to their nice fragrance and large showy blooms. They contain trumpet-shaped petals that rest on a stem.

Also, this exotic and fantastic flower expresses feelings of intense desire and love. Especially during weddings, lilies are added in the floral arrangement as a sign of endless relationship and courtship.

Overall, if you like to enjoy and commemorate your togetherness with your partner, nothing can beat a red lily for sure.

Interesting Facts

  • Lilies enjoy some sort of religious importance, and they are also mentioned in the New and Old Testament. In general, a lily represents honesty and chastity.
  • For instance, Easter Lilies are very famous for their connection to the almighty.
  • In Pagan and Christian cultures, they are considered as a sign of wealth.
  • Lilies are held in high regard by the Greeks, and during weddings, they wear a lily crown without fail.
  • In addition, a painted image of a lily dating back to 1580 was found in Crete.
  • Feng shui also regards lilies as sacrosanct and identify them with wealth and summer.



Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameZinnia
Soil NeedsWell-drained, moist
Growing Zones3 to 10
Sunlight RequirementComplete
Flower TipVery easy and simple to cultivate flowers. Immediate removal of faded blooms can result in long blooms and light fertilization is recommended

Zinnias are known for their slender, tall stem and bright daisy-like features. And, they can reach up to a height of 3 feet and blooming period last round the year.

Nevertheless, zinnias are quite small in size and are widespread in South America. Moreover, red zinnias signify permanence. Especially, in general, they represent goodness and lasting love.

Interesting Facts

  • Zinnia flower derives its name from Gottfried Zinn, a German botanist.
  • This flower attracts a lot of butterflies and all those who love the sight of butterflies can plant this flower in plenty.
  • Particularly, there are two distinct varieties of zinnia that attracts a lot of attention. They are Zinnia tenuifolia and Zinnia grandiflora.
  • Zinnia Elegans has different names. Some of them are elegant zinnia, common zinnia, and youth & age.
  • Also, they were Indiana’s state flower between 1931 and 1957.
  • Zinnias were called “poorhouse flower” since they require very minimal maintenance and are very easy to grow.



Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NamePapaver
Soil NeedsWell-drained
Growing Zones2 to 8
Sunlight RequirementComplete
Flower TipPoppies are allergic to water. Excessive water can kill them.

For many years, poppies have remained a floral favorite for their bright color. Additionally, poppies are cultivated commercially for a long time.

In many places around the world, poppies are used on Remembrance Day. And, these large red, vibrant flowers appear with broad wide petals.

Interesting Facts

  • In Roman and Greek tales, poppies were offered as a symbol of death.
  • Ancient Egyptians, in fact, would consume poppy seeds to relieve themselves of pain.
  • Also, poppies contain a small number of toxins that are unsafe for dogs and cats.
  • Since 1903, Yellow Poppy remains as California’s state flower.
  • The one and only Shakespearean play to contain the word poppy are “Othello”.



Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameCamellia
Family Theaceae
Soil NeedsWell-drained
Growing Zones7 to 9
Sunlight RequirementComplete and Partial
Flower TipVisit your nearby nursery and learn about mulching if you are new to flower gardening.
In the very first year of their cultivation, Camellias need timely watering for good growth.

Camellias have green shrubs with excellent blooms. They grow richly in the southern weather conditions.

Notably, Sacremento in California is also known as “Camellia City”. In addition, Camellias are the official flower of Alabama, America.

Interesting Facts

  • Camellia signifies loveliness, devotion, and adoration.
  • Moreover, the Tea oil extracted from the seeds of this flower is used by people as cooking oil in China.
  • Even though there are hundreds of species, the most popular varieties of Camellia are Reticulata, japonica, and Sasanqua.
  • Panlong Monastery in China hosts the world’s oldest surviving camellia, planted somewhere in 1347.
  • Based on the type of species, camellias can reach around six meters in height. The Sasanqua variety can be cultivated as espaliers, topiaries, and hedges.



Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameAmaryllis
Soil NeedsWell-drained
Growing Zones9 to 11
Sunlight RequirementComplete
Flower TipFix the bulb so that 1/3rd is well above the ground. Periodic fertilization increases flower production.

Well-known for their trumpet-like appearance, Amaryllis feature big heads and are seen in both double and single forms.

In addition, they come in different shades of white and red and on lengthy green stems.

Interesting Facts

  • In Greek, the word “Amaryllis” refers to “sparkle”.
  • Another key point, America imports close to 10 million bulbs, especially from South Africa and Holland.
  • As on date, there are around 600 named varieties of Amaryllis.
  • For instance, well-cared amaryllis can survive at least 75 years if taken care properly.
  • Overall, Amaryllis makes good long-lasting and dramatic cut flowers.



Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameDahlia
Soil NeedsWell-drained, Moist
Growing Zones8 to 10
Sunlight RequirementComplete
Flower TipDahlias need at least ground temperature of around 60 degrees. They hate cold soil.

As a matter of fact, Dahlias are bright flowers with the attractive spiky petal.  They vary in size and color.

Furthermore, dahlias are closely related to zinnia, marigold, dandelion, daisy, and chrysanthemum. Dahlias are stunning because they have a diverse range of color and bloom shape.

Again, they convey different sets of meaning; ranging from betrayal to travel and change.

By and large, symbolically, dahlias indicate dignity and elegance.

Interesting Facts

  • The Aztecs cultivated tubers (dahlia) as the main food crop. However, the European consumers rejected them as a consumable food item.
  • Being a Mexican Native, dahlias got their name in honor of a Swedish scientist, Andreas Dahl.
  • Declared as Mexico’s national flower in 1963, Dahlias are the official flower of San Francisco and Seattle.
  • Dahlias come in a range of color except blue and black.
  • Notably, pompon shaped dahlias require expert guidance and they are oversensitive to rainy weather and cold.

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