Top 10 Real Estate Investment Tips

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This article will help you to plan, start and grow your own Real Estate Business.  If you love talking to others, if you are a people-person who like establishing connections, then you are the one ideal for a career in Real Estate Investment.

A career with real estate requires excellent skills of being organized, goal-oriented, ambitious and ready for a challenge.

This real estate venture will not guarantee you a monthly and consistent income just like the traditional business. It might take even 3 months or so before you get rewarded for your work, sometimes even longer than that.

Some of the essential pre-requisites:

  • A Good online presence
  • A perfect understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • A well-defined target audience
  • Brilliant people-skills
  • Expertise to manage your contact and connections


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Points To Consider Before Startup

1. Appropriate Planning

Generally, a business requires a proper and well-defined business plan to make it successful.

When you initiate the planning process, you have to identify certain essential things like where you are positioned to compete with similar businesses and cash inflow needed to start the business.

Planning will aid you to validate your ideas. You will also get into the habit of setting up goals and milestones.

If you are really knowledgeable about the real estate industry, the first right move is to get advice from a seasoned real estate agent or it is best to find someone who is at the planning stage as he would know the do’s and don’ts in this business.

Reading the right book on the topic would also hold good.

2. Undertaking any-depth Market Research and Idea Confirmation

To ensure that you have a business idea that will work, you need to conduct primary and secondary market research. This will give a broader idea of the target market that you have picked is good enough to pursue.

Market research has to be carried out early enough to ensure you save time and money. Studies in real estate business show that in the first year of business, there is a lot of fumbling around, with the business picking up in the second year.

The market research also enables you to assess your own skills. The trial and error approach in this business in the initial phase is a good way to figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

Another way to determine your own strengths and weaknesses would be, conducting a SWOT analysis.

If you have no prior experience, get some real-world experience by working for a real estate attorney to get a bit of expertise before diving in. Another alternative would be to find a mentor to work with you for the initial two years.

Researching will also help you to identify your target market from the volume of sales in your city from the property evaluation administrator.

After the market research, you can choose to start in an area you are passionate about, like providing safe, comfortable, smart and sustainable homes.

3. Providing a Brand name to your Business

Ensure that Branding sets you apart from the competition and keep it as personal as possible. Since this business relies on building clients and relationships, ensure that your business exudes the same welcoming smile that you have.

Create a brand that people would like to align themselves with. Building a reputation in real estate is more important than building a brand. In addition, more than building a reputation is easier than constructing a brand.

4. Legalizing the Business

Apart from real estate investor qualifications, you can do a few things early on.

  • Figure out a name for your business; register the chosen name; apply for a Federal Tax ID and obtain any necessary business licenses and permit.
  • If you are going to have a partnership business, a combination of two of your names would be perfect as it is a great way to attach your business to your personal brand.

5. Getting your Business Financed

Another inordinate thing about getting things started in the real estate industry is that you do not need to have a large capital on hand.

You can start this business part-time while still holding down a day job, a flexible employer would be an added advantage for you to answer phone calls now and then.

The start-up costs in real estate business are very low and you can use your savings from less than $1000 to set up this business.

We need to calculate the carrying cost, apart from the start-up cost, as it might take months for the cash inflow process. In real estate business, it could take a good 2 months before the cash starts in flowing.

6. Setting up a workplace or a location for your Business

For most people in the real estate industry, getting started does not mean setting up a workstation in a location. You can even start your business from your home, as building a reputation within your chosen niche is of prime concern.

Do not worry about a location; it is more important to choose a target market. You need to be flexible to alter your business plans if things do not work as desired by you.

Once you get a foothold, a time might come when you might want to have a business location, hire employees and get set up with the right technology.

Hiring employees is very cumbersome, as the regulation of the government for hiring employees is expensive and burdensome.

Technology is a prized possession in this field and Customer Relationship Management software is the ideal one, which enables you to work from anywhere 24/7.

CRM helps you manage your contacts and it is practically indispensable, a fact overlooked by many real estate agents.

In real estate business, more than an office location personal connections matter. Hence, if you want to hire employees, ensure that they adhere to your values and brand in the first place.

7. Publicizing your Business and Launching it

A good real estate agent would know that a good marketing strategy would involve “SEO” and a good web presence.

Beyond a good networking technique, you need to make your presence marked in your real estate niche and that would be the key to ultimate success.

The importance of real estate business lies in building personal relationships with people.

Getting business in real is seeing and meeting people wherever they are but it is equally important to have an online presence so that people can find you themselves.

If you do not have customers, then you can begin with your existing network of contacts. Let them know what you are doing and find out if they know anyone to whom you can provide value.

When starting fresh, you need to create new connections and meet new contacts and provide value by just being yourself.

Once you get into their good books, they would immediately relate you with “real estate” and would remember you when someone they know buys or sell a house.


Tips To Make Money In Real Estate Business

Real estate is an ideal way to make money and build wealth. For instance, when you invest in the stock, the only way you can multiply your investment is when the stock value appreciates, and you sell it at a good time.

Regarding the real estate sector, the estate investors have several ways to make good money and stay ensured of a handsome regular income.

1. Generating Rental Income

This is the main source of profit for real estate investors when buying a rental property and needs no additional explanation.

2. Buying when the market is low

You make an instant profit if you buy a property well under its market value. Think for closures, awesome negotiation skills, and quick sales.

3. Selling when the market is high

With stocks, you can always buy and sell at market value but with real estate, you can beat the market value. You can stage a property and attract prospective buyers over the market value with your awesome negotiation skills.

4. Increasing equity

You can increase the equity by making mortgage payments. You can develop the property and grab overall rises in real estate values.

5. Renting out smaller units

For someone who owns a large premise, there stands a lot of prospect for earning more by way of rent. He can divide the whole premise into three individual units.

6. Renting to a business house

Businesses are under a different form of tenure and rents are on the higher side. You can definitely lean towards a safer point if you zero down on a renowned business to rent out your property to.

7. Tax benefits on interest

You can always reduce the mortgage interest from your rental income, and thereby create a tax-free profit.

8. Tax benefits on improvements

Any cost incurred on improvements to the existing structure can be deducted from the rental income, while the benefit of your property is yours to keep.

9. Profit from a lump sum on a refinance

If you bought a place for $100,000 and spent $10,000 on its improvement with the amount that the tenants paid back as rents.

The property would be worth around $125,000 because the improvement has facelifted the property. Now you can refinance to get the $25,000 cash and put 25% down on your next $100,000 rental.

10. Profit from extra cash flow on a refinance

You can ensure a consistent flow of cash every month if you are able to refinance the property to reduce your mortgage bills, though the rent remains the same.

You can save up the deposit received on a new rental; you can build a cushion for maintenance or generate a more income to live off.


Real Estate Billionaires Of The World

Despite uncertainty in many markets, the year 2016 was a good year for the tycoons of the real estate. Twenty-two new individuals made the Forbes Billionaires List for the first time because of their property holdings.

1. Wang Jianlin – $28.7 b

The world’s richest real estate mogul is from China, who ranks the top 20 billionaires on the planet making his fortune, building shopping plazas and hotels.

2. Lee ShauKee -$21.5 b

The second wealthiest guy in property is a native of Hong Kong. His story is a rag to riches one, where they had to ration fish and meat as it was beyond their weekly budget.

He has an impressive portfolio that ranges from hotels to energy and investment.

3. Michael Otto -$15.4b

This group is recognized as the foremost internet retailer after and was founded by Michael’s father and it includes financial services and real estate.

4. Donald Bren – $15.1b

Mr. Bren is Donald Trump’s Idol and America’s wealthiest Property tycoon and the number one property developed in the States. His name is one more than 500 offices buildings and 50,000 apartments, three hotel and many golf clubs.

Lately, he has set his eyes upon Silicon Valley developing office campuses and apartment for tech companies.

5. Simon and David Reuben – $14.4b

The Mumbai-born brothers spent their coming-of-age years in selling scrap metals and carpets. Now their business ventures deal in everything from real estate to private equity.

Their notable real estate property includes coastline in Ibiza of 1.5 million square meters.

6. Joseph Lau -$13.1b

He is one of Hong Kong’s premier real estate investors and owns 75% of the Chinese Estates. He has a collection of diamonds that would make any collector green with envy.

His career is marred by several bribery and money laundering charges and if convicted would face a five-year term in jail.

7. Raymond Kwok – $13b

He is the sole chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties and was inherited by him after his father’s death. He owns the tallest skyscraper, the International Commerce Centre and the International Finance Centre.

8. Stephen Ross-$12b

He is the majority owner of a global real estate development firm known for the Time Warner Centre where Stephen lives and works in his spare time. He also is a fan of Miami Dolphins, which he owns.

9. Robert Kuok- $10b

Mr. Kuok is the richest guy in Malaysia. He built his first Shangri-La hotel in Singapore in 1971, then went to own 10 bottling companies for Coca-Cola in China and developed the Beijing World Trade Centre.

10. Andrew Beal-$9.4b

Another American, he is the definition of a multifaceted personality- a banker, business person, investor, poker player, and a mathematician.

However, there is no sign of Donald Trump, who does not even make it to the top 30 List, with a paltry net worth of $4.5b


Real Estate Tips For Buyers

The purchase of a house is a big event in your life and you need to exercise a great extent of caution so that you end up investing in a good place at a fair price.

Buyers must definitely know about their credit availability, affordability, requirements,  future goals, and plans and the value of the real estate in your area.

Further, your real estate agent should have access to sales statics, which is crucial information to evaluate in the home buying process.

The same stated factors will even apply for potential buyers,  who need to undertake a comprehensive housing marketing research to know if they will be getting back the value for their invested money.

1. Check your credit and clean up any problems

Before you begin with the house purchase process, make sure your credit is good. Improve your negatives by paying off old debts, before you apply for a house loan or start shopping for your prospective house.

2. Get pre-approval for your loan, not just pre-qualified

You need to talk to a loan officer before you talk to the real estate agent. You need to prove your income and let the lender examine your credit report.

It is better to know what you can really be approved for before you start shopping for houses.

3. Have your own representation when making an offer, by getting a buyer’s agent

The real estate agent who has the house listed for sale works for the seller. So seeks out a buyer’s agent so that he will truly be on your side and you will get a good representation from him.

4. Do your own research by looking online and visiting open houses

It is always not advisable to rely on the real estate agent, as he might be busy and not available all the time. Hence, look online and visit open houses, you will get a much better idea of what is available on the market in your price range.

5. Have your agent show you at least 10 homes before making a decision

Do not ever go to the first house that you look at even if you love it. Visit at least 10 homes with your agent, so that you can strike a good comparison between the homes that you have seen.

6. Be decisive when the right place becomes available

When a good home pops up in the market for sale and you realize it is a good option for you, go and see it right away. If you do not, it is quite possible that someone else will grab the offer and you will miss what could have been a great house for you.

7. Check out the neighborhood at different times of the day

The location is one of the most important things when it comes to buying in real estate. You may not be familiar with each neighborhood in the city, every time of the day.

Hence, check out the neighborhood where you are planning to buy at different times of the day. Inspect the place at night and on a weekend evening when the noise level may be high.

8. Don’t get discouraged in a competitive market

As the real estate market always is likely to be very competitive over the location of the house and the price range, you may miss out some good offers. Do not get discouraged.

9. Get the home inspected by someone you trust

A home inspection is very important, for the house may superficially appear to be the perfect choice for you, but there might be some underlying issues with regard to plumbing or systems. It is better to know about them to have peace of mind in the home you choose to buy.

This can be deal-breakers at times, but these are good negotiating tools if you are going to offer a low price for the home.

10. Be prepared for homeownership

Owning a home can be expensive and so make sure you are ready for homeownership.

Taxes and insurance will add up to your expenses. Maintenance costs and other expenses can sometimes take you by surprise if you are used to renting.

It is better to be aware of the costs of ownership before buying so that you will be prepared when unexpected costs come by.


Real Estate Investment Tips For Sellers

1. Hire the right agent

The best investment from a seller’s perspective is researching agents and zeroing in on the right one. A bad agent would cost a seller, tens of thousands of dollars and months of agonized waiting.

To begin with,  read the entire profile of real estate agents on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media; and read web reviews to know the kind of effect that the agent is able to generate in the real estate market.

Narrow down your search to three agents and interview each of them in person, ideally. Get their sales activity report, existing listing, and time-on-the-market averages plus the requisite local comps.

2. Refurbish the exterior of your home

Spruce up the peripherals with a fresh coat of paint on the exterior surface of your home, invest in perfect landscaping, and bring a comfortable change by setting up some outdoor fixtures on the lawn to have a cozy brunch on the deck.

This particular aspect of your home could prove out to be really valuable for some potential buyer who is having ideas like spending a comfortable weekend by enjoying with his/her family in the backyard, spending time outdoors and entertaining guests too.

3. Enhance Seller’s, Market

Home Sellers can do several things to enhance appearance, grab prospective buyer’s interest and boost their home profile.

You can do some light makeovers everywhere, with an eye on the kitchen and the bathrooms. This is far more cost-effective and will reap rich dividends too.

Clean up the place, scrub floors, baths, kitchens, windows, and vacuum- clean, deodorize rugs and carpets. This is simple yet effective.

Show the space by organizing your closets to make them look half-empty. Illuminate the place. Open drapes and make the place look vibrant by lighting up the dark area in the house with brighter light bulbs.

4. Greening tips

Research and market a curb appeal that increases the market up by 10% or more.

To create a welcome feel, greener grass, new shrubs, plantings, and flower are necessary to lure the buyers.

Stage the exterior with fresh paint, immaculate landscaping, and even outdoor furniture to set up a Sunday brunch on the deck vignette.

Native plants, native grasses, and perennials that need less water and nurturing fit the bill.

Get some “greening” tips from a local home-and-garden pro.

5. Advertise your home

Get yourself a Handy Cam and take small video shots of the home and neighborhood.

The potential buyers always like to know that their prospective home has a good past and was well-loved and it helps them to visualize and imagine living a great life there, too.6. Beat the competition with condition

6. Overcome the competition in the existing market

When you are facing stiff competition in the real estate market while selling your home, as a homeowner you can contend with others by stating a condition for being better than others.

One way of doing it would be doing termite protection for your home and getting your house in the right order by doing small low-cost repairs to enhance the appearance of your home to appeal to the prospective buyers.

This will certainly work in your favor when you advertise a very low or non-existent pest control and repair bill and will have a positive bearing on the buyers of your home

Also paying attention to small details will work wonders in your favor while selling your home.

Things like setting up doorknobs that don’t work, wobbly handles all repaired and polishing up the scratches in your home before displaying your house to prospective buyers, will help you to beat the competition in the existing real estate market.

7. Access is important

House needs to get shown to get sold. To enable this you need to make your house easily accessible to your agents so that they can bring the prospective buyers into your house

Don’t be too rigid and lay too many conditions on the agent, like seeking a prior appointment with you or showing the premises only at certain time of the day.

A selling agent will then most likely skip your place and show other places that are listed on the market for sale and that have easy access to with no constraints posed by the seller of the home.

8. Know the state of your market and procure actual facts about valuing

We need to know customers who buy homes, are equipped with a great deal of knowledge about the market price of a house which is largely determined by the sale of other similar houses in the area.

To make your home very competitive, you need to find out the prices of the three most similar houses sold in your area in the last month or so. Then try to go 10-15% below that when you set your home’s list price.

If you want to make your house most competitive in the real estate market, then just ascertain the prices of the three most similar houses sold in your area recently.

Then you need to price your house 10 to 15 %  lower than that to beat the competition in the market and make a profit.

Another interesting fact to note is that the home that gets the most number of visits from prospective buyers get the best deal.

9. Beware of the competition

As a seller of your home, you need to collaborate with your broker or agent to know about the current real estate market trends, get a fair knowledge about the market rates, the kind of competition that your home faces against others home put up for sale.

Make sure to confront reality and face the true situation. It is a fact that buyers who see other homes will see your home too.

Hence when the actual comparison is made by the buyer, make sure it is in your favor by upgrading your home to be on par with other homes that are on the sale list in your area.

10. The agent is the know-all

If you chance upon a real estate agent who has a consistent and successful track record of selling houses in your area, listen to all his suggestions and ideas.

Find a real estate agent whom you can trust implicitly and follow his advice as often as you can.


Top 10 Real Estate Companies

As Louis Glickman said, “the best investment on Earth is Earth.”  Real estate in a layman’s terms is the property which includes buildings, its land, crops, and its natural resources.

Hence real estate business is the art of buying, selling properties, renting a building or barren land.

Due to increase in population, there is always a growing demand for houses or apartments to live in, some need premises to function as offices and some want a place to rent.

Investing their money in any property or in buying a piece of land, is deemed fit by many as they know it is not a dead investment. Here we have the list of the top 10 real estate companies in the world.

1. CBRE Group

The first position is clinched by the CBRE group which has an estimated revenue of 10.5 billion Dollars. This firm has witnessed immense growth in a short time.

This was the list of the largest Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies in the world by 2017. The CBRE Group has also expanded its reach to grab hold of commercial property management recently.

This conglomerate acquired Global Workspace Solutions for 1.5 billion dollars which resulted in the addition of another 1.2 billion square feet property under management.

2. JLL

With an estimated revenue of US$ 6 billion, this company stands second in the list. They are experts in the organization and management of commercial properties and commercial property development.

They are recording remarkable growth rates and the company boasts of the fastest current cash-flow development rate far above, putting its closest rivals to shame.

3. Cushman and Wakefield

The 2nd position in the list is acquired by Cushman and Wakefield, this was founded in 1917, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

This massive firm is one among the largest firms generating revenues of US$ 5 billion and operates in more than 60 countries and also have over 43,000 employees.

4. Colliers International

This firm was founded in 1976, currently, they have about 16,000 employees working under them in more than 502 offices in 67 countries around the world.

Their primary services include consulting, investment services, project organization, property and asset management and much more.

5. Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

The 5th position on the list is secured by Newmark Grubb Knight Frank and it was founded in 1929. Its current headquarters is in New York, U.S.A.

It manages over 250 million square feet of commercial possessions all around the world and offers a variety of tailor-made services in Real estate development and management facilities like global corporate services, investment sales, and capital market.

6. Eastdil Secured

They are the pioneers of the real estate investment banking business, founded in 1967, it has come a long way since then and is now considered to be one of the finest investors around the world.

It is reported that this gigantic firm has secured over 1.3 trillion Dollars in completed transactions since 2005.

7. Marcus and Millichap

This is a commercial real estate brokerage firm which is focussed on the selling of land, arranging large shopping centers, office buildings, apartment buildings, and hotel properties.

It was founded in 1971 and it is headquartered in California, United States. This company has about 70 offices in and around the United States and Canada.

8. HFF

HFF stands for Holliday Fenoglio Fowler and was founded in 1974. This real estate giant has 23 offices nationwide and carries out its operations efficiently all over the country.

9. NAI Global

The Number 9 on this list is the American Company, NAI Global, which is currently the single largest most powerful global network.

They have their headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. They currently have 375 offices and more than 6700 local market experts on the ground in all over the world.

10. SVN

Abbreviated as Sperry Van Ness, this company has made it to the top 10 list under its CEO Kevin Maggiacomo.

This company had 7 offices and now boasts a whopping 190 offices as of 2016. The company has a phenomenal growth in recent years and has been investing wisely as per the opinions of the experts in the field.


Top 10 Real Estate Websites


Top 10 Real Estate Stocks To Own In 2017

The real estate stocks are considerably rewarding as with investing directly in real estate. The real estate stocks in the market give out the steady and consistent flow of income.

You need not have worries about any hassles in buying/selling a property and renting out the same.

The major benefit of endowing in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) is their yield as dividends. With REIT stocks, the dividend yield could easily double or triple at that because for these companies.

It is mandatory by law to give out at least 90% of their taxable income each year to the shareholders as dividends. Below is a list of the best real estate dividend stocks to watch in 2017.

Real  Estate  Stock  List  

Company’s name Stock Symbol Dividend Yield
Realty Income Corp O 4.09%
EPR Properties EPR 5.36%
 WelltowerInc HCN 5.16%
Omega Healthcare Investors Inc OHI 7.58%
Brookfield Property BPY 5.06%


Company’s name Stock Symbol Dividend Yield
Government Properties Income Trust GOV 8.74%
Education Realty Trust, Inc. EDR 3.62%
LTC Properties Inc LTC 4.89%
Select Income REIT SIR 7.92%
P S Business Parks Inc. PSB 2.55%


Online Schools For Real Estate Programs

If you want to pursue a career in Real Estate, you need to possess extensive information in the field of economics, investigative intelligence, excellent communication, and collaboration skills.

All the real estate degree programs focus on important trade and economic concepts for the practical approach in this field.

Though the Real Estate industry and it’s market conditions rely greatly on the fiscal health of a country and vary from place to place, there is always growing demand for a management degree in the field of real estate.

The study in the top business management schools provides a lucrative opportunity for enterprising professionals anywhere across the world who are interested in a vibrant career.

1. The University of Pennsylvania holds the first place

The University of Pennsylvania was instituted in the year 1881, and its Wharton School of Business is a prestigious international school in business education.

Alumni of this esteemed business school are trained to become leaders in their respective fields, bringing about momentous changes at the global level.

The Wharton School of Business offers real estate degrees that cater to both undergraduate as well as MBA graduates.

2. The University of Wisconsin-Madison holds the second place

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a public establishment institution university includes 13 universities with a student admission of more than 43,000.

The faculty here are connoisseurs in their turfs who are standing examples of the dedication the University of Wisconsin has towards augmenting the quality of life of the student community around on a global level.

The real estate degrees that are offered by the University’s School of Business are regularly among the top programs in the United States.

The University offers one of the nation’s oldest business programs that mainly concerns the real estate.  This degree program enjoys great credit and respect among the companies for the breadth and profundity of the degree.

3. The University of Georgia holds the third place

This University was instituted in the year 1912 and they were the leaders in founding a business college and its Terry College of Business hires a world-class faculty with an excellent degree program.

The degree programs offered by the Terry College of Business are rated among the top twenty in the nation.

Students enrolling in this University imbibe the twin qualities of ethics and social responsibility.

The University of Georgia regularly actively involve themselves in seminars and symposiums regularly presided over by top brass in the business field and academic world.

The Terry College of Business first announced its real estate program in the early 1960s. The syllabus not only provides educational training but also practical knowledge through vigorous internship and basic on the- job training.

4. The University of California – Berkley holds the fourth place

ThisUuniversitywas established in 1868 and forms a part of the prominent University of California School System and it is well known for its advanced degree program.

It comprises of 14 colleges and schools and 170 academic departments. The University of California boasts of producing leaders in the field of industry, government and the arts and it is noteworthy fact that some of its faculty are Nobel Laureates and Pulitzer Prize, winners

University also has a strong tie-up with the local real estate industry providing significant opportunities for its students as well as the institution.

The students of this University also have easy access to its widespread resources namely its best-rated research library.

Haas School of Business at Berkley offers a wide choice of real estate degree preferences.

Real estate program includes academic as well as non-academic aspects of learning which may be application-oriented through openings for an internship.

The syllabus also comprises of other special topics besides courses in real estate development, real estate housing and finance, securitization and the urban economy.

5. New York University holds the fifth place

New York University has been steadily rated as one of the top institutions in the nation since it was established in the year 1831.

They are considered the fore-runners in education, this University continuously works toward providing a unique experience for every student.

The faculty consists of academic and industry experts who excel in their individual fields and this institution is also one of the foremost research institutions in the nation.

The Schack Institute of Real Estate at New York University offers both an undergraduate and graduate degrees in real estate comprising of both theoretical and practical learning within the framed curriculum.

The theoretical knowledge in real estate in supplemented with internships, project study, and training programs.

6. The University of Connecticut holds the sixth place

This University was established in the year 1881 and it has been steadfastly holding the first place among the top public universities among the top 30 institutions across the country.

The Business School at the UConn was instituted in the year 1941, imparts academic degree programs in leading areas of corporate and superior research opportunities.

This University strives hard to produce leaders at a universal level through its globalized degree programs and its main concentration is experiential learning.

Their curriculum encompasses both professional and practical aspects of real estate which arms the students with the necessary skills to become working professionals in the real estate industry.

All their programs interfuse theoretical studies with practical experience.

7. The University of Florida holds the seventh place

The Stimulating and arduous programs offered by this leading University provides varied and extensive experiences to its students who are groomed to become leaders of the real estate industry.

UF faculty comprises of eminent research scholars and experts from the real estate industry and provides valuable openings to its students to participate in seminars and speakers’ series.

The Warrington College of Business Administration has been consistently bagging the first place at the national level and is renowned for its graduate, real estate, and MBA programs.

These programs are multidimensional exploring varied topics in the real estate industry resulting in an extensive and in-depth scholastic experience for its students.

Their programs include both theoretical as well as practical aspects of learning.

8. The University of Illinois – Urbana –Champaign holds the eighth place

The University of Illinois tops other Universities in the field of research, learning and public service and it is a leading university in terms of its research output, unique degree programs and exceptional faculty members.

The degree programs are conducted by numerous Nobel Prize Winners and Pulitzer Prize winners.

Students are exposed to the most advanced methods in theories, practice, and expertise with their array of advanced degree programs.

The Department of Finance which lies within the College of Business at the UIUC provides arduous and profound degree programs in real estate and urban land economics.

The real estate programs integrate both academic as well as practical aspects of learning.

The most outstanding students get an opportunity to be a part of the Finance Academy, which is an enhancement program proposed to cultivate the leadership potentials and career skills and enhance internship opportunities during their junior and senior years.

9. The University of Southern California holds the ninth place

The USC provides high-end degree programs that provide great opportunities for doing research, projects and also public service.

The degrees offered in real estate provide individualistic learning experiences to every student that will equip them to meet the challenges in their profession namely in the field of problem-solving, collaborative functioning.

The curriculum is also designed to develop the individual skills in students to become leaders in their line of expertise.

The department of studies in the real estate field is committed to enhancing the quality of life of people at the domestic and global level.

The Curriculum is adapted to cater to the precise career goals of each and every student and the real estate program gives ample opportunities to the students to be a part of internships, research and field projects and work in close collaboration with the faculty members of their department.

The curriculum deals with wide-ranging topics on real estate subjects that comprise of residential, commercial, retail, office and industrial.

This program deals with real estate as a subject of interest on a global level and prepares its graduates to meet the challenges of employment in a globalized society.

The students also get an opportunity to be a part of the study abroad programs to study in the prestigious universities of other countries and The Lusk Center for Real Estate at USC provides a link between the institution and the industry professionals by creating networking opportunities for the students.

10. The University of Texas holds the tenth place

This University is one of the tops ranked business schools in the country and it is well known for its most proactive research school which is accredited with providing the most cutting-edge business knowledge, providing quick solutions to the challenging encounters in our society.

The McCombs School of Business has received its repute through enterprising research and superior degree programs that are aimed to tutor graduates in this discipline to become world leaders in the business fraternity.

The faculty members of this reputed business school possess expertise in the various business sectors with a commitment to excel in their teaching.

Their business programs are extensive and stimulating that largely concentrates on the real estate.

The program provides students with the analytical tools which are needed essentially by would-be real estate professionals by imparting knowledge not only through theoretical studies but also practical training in different techniques to handle both the financial resources as well as a business enterprise.


Tips For Selling Your Home

1. The first impression of your house must be an unsurpassed one

The interior of your home stands the second level as the buyers would have already judged your house from outside.

A well-groomed house exterior is a topmost priority to make the buyer satisfied at first sight. Smart entryways appeal gives a positive return all the time.

2. Always quote the correct price for your house

Never give an elevated price for your house. The buyers are now very smart and they would have already had a detailed survey on the comparable sales in the area, which undeniably has a substantial influence on the market price of your house.

Get the prevailing prices for similar houses in the neighboring area and quote a competitive and correct price that will fetch more buyers that are promising.

3. Assess your mediator /agent

It is very important to hire a good mediator for selling your house. The agent/mediator should be well knowledgeable about the market price, regular surveyor of MLS (Multiple Listing Services) and well aware of the pros and cons of the surrounding areas.

In addition, find an agent who is flexible about listing the property in various online real estate websites. You can ask your agent to highlight your property with appropriate pictures.

4. Project the Kitchen

The kitchen is as important as your property. Modular and comfortable kitchen has so much to say in marketing your property.

Paint your kitchen with neutral-color paint and update the accessories of the kitchen that will definitely pay you off in the price of the property.

One high-end appliance will have so much impact on the positive thinking about the elegant look of the kitchen.

5. Remove the home of your house

At the outset, a seller must ensure that the points like showcasing of the floor plan and good furniture arrangement to make the buyer have a good look at the amount of space available are given utmost priority.

6. Prepare your house to face the stiff competition in the market

Before you start showing your home and list it up for sale in the market, you can have a termite check done and small repairs, undertaken in your home so that you can highlight this feature while selling your property.

Polish up the scratches and fix the doorknobs and cupboard handles before the prospective buyer comes to see your home.

7. Provide easy access to your home and be prepared

Do not restrict your real agent and make it cumbersome for him to bring his clients to show your home after you have put it up for sale on the market.

Do not make it mandatory for the agent to fix an appointment with you before bringing any prospective buyer because it is a popular belief that homes that don’t get exhibited don’t get sold.

If you restrict the agent’s visit to your home with his client, then it is most likely that he might go to a home where there is easy access and strike out your home from his list.

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