10 Nutritional Brain Foods That Stimulate Your Memory For Good

Nutritional Brain Foods
Nutritional Brain Foods

Superfoods contain nutrients that are enticing to your physique and palate. Moreover, from brain health to soft skin and weight control, including the right foods makes a big difference.

In fact, the brain, a vital part of our system, also needs some vital nutrients to work properly. Therefore, we present a list of 10 super healthy brain foods that stimulate the nervous system and your memory for good.

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Almonds And Almond Milk

Health Benefits

Almonds contain plenty of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids that enrich the brain. More than regulating skin health, almond milk health benefits are

  • Enables muscles to intake energy for growth and repair.
  • Help maintain optimum blood pressure and heart health.
  • Manages blood sugar levels.
  • Build strong bones.
  • Maintains proper and healthy eye function.



Health Benefits

  • The high content of folate and Vitamin K in avocados stops blood clot and stroke.
  • Avocados enhance concentration and memory power.
  • Most importantly, they contain a low amount of sugar and a high level of protein when compared with other fruits.



Health Benefits

  • Vitamin K in broccoli increases brain’s cognitive skills and brain power.
  • Glucosinolates, a chemical in broccoli slows down the breakdown of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for memory and brain sharpness.
  • Enables the nervous system to work efficiently.
  • Broccoli helps keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay.
  • Carotenoids in broccoli act as a toxic removal agent.
  • Acts as an effective weight management tool in your body.
  • Promotes healthy digestive due to rich fibre content.
  • Reduces the growth of a tumour causing cells.
  • Ensures good heart health.
  • Sulforaphane in broccoli drives away cancer-causing chemicals.


Dark Chocolate

In fact, chocolate manufacturers are very versatile when it comes to bulk production. Moreover, almost 70% of them available for sale carry very fewer nutrients or any health benefit.

Health Benefits

  • Dark chocolates are filled with flavonols that act as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Flavonols help to improve blood supply to both heart and brain.
  • Skip white chocolate and milk and increase the intake of dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content for an active brain.

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Researchers have found that people who consumed an egg daily performed well in certain memory tests.

Health Benefits

  • Eggs are super rich in B vitamin and choline.
  • Choline in eggs helps produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that improves memory and communication among brain cells.



Health Benefits

  • Fruits loaded with vitamin C or anti-oxidant powers your nervous system’s efficiency to heal and prevent illness.
  • As per reports, fruits rich in antioxidants can reduce the risk of fibromyalgia. Again, this disorder affects more women and symptoms include depression, headaches, and fatigue.
  • For example, fruits such as berries and tomatoes are rich in anti-oxidants.
  • Therefore, add fresh fruits while preparing your cereal or smoothies.


Green Leafy Vegetables

Health Benefits

  • Green leafy vegetables consist of Magnesium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B complex that improves the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Vitamin B in green leafy vegetables is vital for circulating and synthesizing neurotransmitters. Moreover, these brain chemicals manage digestion, respiration, and heartbeat.
  • Presence of Magnesium in green leafy vegetables calms the nervous system.
  • However, vitamin C and E aids present in green leafy vegetables support the anti-ageing process.



Health Benefits

  • Nuts can enhance cognition skills and can also stop neurological disorder.
  • As per reports, women who regularly consumed nuts had a better memory than non-nut eaters.
  • They contain Vitamin E, antioxidants, and healthy fats that boost brain health.
  • Presence of Vitamin E safeguards the cell membranes from the damage of free radicals; thereby reducing mental decline.

Different Types of Healthy Nuts


  • They contain good levels of omega-3 fats which stimulates brain performance.
  • Rich in iron, zinc, and manganese.
  • Improves membrane and skin
  • Polyphenolic antioxidants in walnuts slow the growth of free radicals.
  • Plays a major role in reducing blood pressure levels
  • Prevents cancer


Pumpkin Seeds

Health Benefits

  • Acts as a brilliant source of zinc, iron, copper, and magnesium.
  • In addition, pumpkin seeds contain several active antioxidants that save the brain and body from the damage of free radicals.
  • Magnesium improves memory and learning and low levels of magnesium can cause epilepsy, depression, and migraines.
  • Human brain requires copper to manage nerve signals and copper deficiency can cause Alzheimer’s.
  • Zinc mineral remains important for nerve signaling; zinc deficiency can cause depression and Parkinson’s disease.



Health Benefits

  • Omega-3 fats in salmon strengthen brain function. Not to mention, omega -3 provokes brain function by promoting cognitive function.
  • Low levels of omega-3 content reflect in poor mental performance and smaller brain volume.

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