10 Things You Should Not Tell Someone When They’re Heartbroken


Contemplating Leo Tolstoy’s brilliant insight into relationships, we all know that no two individuals go through a heart-break in a similar fashion.

In other words, there are no rule books for definite responses to someone heartbroken or shaken.

However, when it’s time to know what to say and what not to say, things are crystal clear. Also, when someone is feeling heartbroken, there are little things he/she does not want to hear.

Let’s learn the right way to treat those who are heartbroken and looking for a shoulder to cry. In this article, we discuss 10 things you should not tell someone when they are heartbroken.

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Didn’t I Tell You Earlier

Firstly, it does not matter how really intimate you and your friend were or how frank you have remained while the relationship progressed.

Also, it’s immaterial how hard you hated your friend’s partner.

Moreover, when the relationship ends, and the partner is hurting, nobody would like to know that they were wrong.

Therefore, a heartbroken person cannot bear the words that pinpoint they were crazily wrong; an outsider was correct all along.


Someone Better Is Waiting For You

Of course, you are right in your assessment and certainly, you wish them only good luck. But, they are not ready to accept that the person they cannot have is actually the one they aspired for.

Nevertheless, it takes healing and time to reach a point of even thinking about being with a new person.

Overall, people are irreplaceable and also if fresh new relationships start after this, the loss still pricks deep in the heart.

So, you can make your friend feel better by avoiding, “God will send someone new along eventually.”


I Know You Feel Worse

Actually, nobody feels the way a heartbroken person feels right after the breakup.

And you may have experienced heartbreak sometime in your life but every heartbreak experience is unique.

Therefore, telling someone “I know how you feel” definitely undermines their current experience.

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Leave Him/Her, You Deserve Someone Better

Once again,  this can be true from your point of view. In other words, individuals receive the love they believe they want.

Hence, you telling them or knowing that they require someone better won’t help.

However, a cool way to handle self-love is to stay direct with it. Instead of speaking like this, have fun by doing something funny and encourage them to build their own self-respect.

Finally, at last, avoid giving long lectures or rush them.


Who Asked You To Think About It?

In fact, much easier said than actually done, and clearly, an idiotic thing to say. Are you insane? How can they avoid thinking about them?

Moreover, their partnership just ended. This is what they will think for sometime before moving on.

In general, the vacant thoughts of “What Ifs” will drain their energy for days to come.

For instance, if you tell someone not do a particular thing, they can’t control themselves from not doing that activity. In fact, human minds function in that manner.

Therefore, you simply let them your shoulder or an ear or talk about their unsuccessful relationship.


Don’t Answer His/Her Calls Anymore

In your case, avoiding contact with your ex-partner after the heartbreak might have succeeded.

Again, are you aware that your blueprint may not work for all? Most of us heal through close friends and most of the times some situations heal better and swift with no contact.

In addition, still, others find happiness in accepting an apology never uttered. Overall, you can say something like, “ Move slowly and take things one at a time.”


You Are Good At Handling Things Than I Thought

Yes, jumping to conclusions is more dangerous. In other words, an individual may look all well on the outside but may actually feel depressed inside.

Additionally, our responses are the result of our own stupid unwillingness to handle the situation better.

However, being open to both sweet and sour happenings in life invites that person to express themselves authentically.

Why can’t you just say “It’s not rare to have both bad as well as good days”?


You Are Single And Ready To Mingle

In general, you should avoid phrases that force a person to stick to a deadline or a timeline. Therefore, stay away from phrases like “You are still hot and young.”

Unintentionally, you are adding an invisible layer of judgement and stress.


He/ She Seemed So Nice

Well, if he/she had been nice why should your friend feel heartbroken? Particularly, after the breakup, everyone needs just “Me” time.

Finally, spend quality time with your partner and make sure they don’t feel alone or lonely in that hour of crisis.


Stay Cheerful And Strong

Please bear in mind that statements like “Cheer up” and “Stay positive” can motivate them to suppress their original feelings.

At the same time, avoiding one’s true feeling can postpone or delay internal healing. Above all, these phrases also give a signal to your friend that they are wasting their precious time.

By the by, say something simple like, “I am just a phone call away.”

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