Top 10 Mother’s Day Flowers That Make Your Mom Special

Mother's Day Flowers
Mother's Day Flowers

Flowers are not sheer attractive objects and each flower colour conveys some meaning to the people. For example, white colored flowers are believed to symbolize purity. Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide in order to honor all the mothers who play a very vital role in our lives. Mother’s day flowers bring meaning to denote the love for your mother on her day.

Historical records provide the information that Mother’s Day was started in the 1600s in England. The custom of giving flowers as a gift on Mother’s Day to our mother is to express our love and gratitude.

Mother’s Day is celebrated at different times of the year across various nations. For example, in the United States, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

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There are a variety of roses. Amongst them, the pink rose will be the best flower that can be gifted as a bouquet to your mother on the occasion of “Mother’s Day”. Pink roses symbolize the mixed emotions of happiness, gratitude and admiration. What else can match these three great feelings which are expressed by an individual while gifting his/her mother on that day?

Light pink roses symbolize innocence and sweetness. Deep pink roses indicate appreciation and gratitude. Gifting our mother on this exclusive day will gladden her heart. But she will also make us feel happy through her affectionate words.

Interesting Facts about Rose

  • Rose is considered worldwide as the best flower that represents love.
  • Rose is a traditional plant and it has been in existence for over 1000 years.
  • About 100 species of Rose exist across the world.
  • The rose also grows as a fruit called the Rose Hip, the fruit that resembles a berry and it is mostly red in color.
  • The fossils of roses date back to at least 35 million years.
  • Actually, black roses have not existed at all until now. The dark red rose is referred as a black rose. In Turkey, the dark reddish crimson color rose is called as a black rose.
  • Rose is one of the three flowers mentioned in the Bible.
  • Almost 13,000 varieties of rose are present worldwide.



Sunflower is the best flower to be gifted as a bouquet to your mother on “Mother’s Day”. Sunflowers signify the emotions of admiration and commitment. Naturally, every mother is a pillar of dedication for her family. Her lifetime dedication for the family doesn’t indicate sheer discharge of responsibilities but also the sacrifice that is involved. During Mother’s Day we can express our adoration for her dedication through these bright yellow colour flowers.

Interesting Facts about Sunflower

  • The practice of cultivating and harvesting of sunflower plants has been there in many countries for a minimum of 4500 years
  • The sole flower to have the word flower in its name
  • Sunflower symbolize loyalty, admiration and dedication
  • It is the state flower of Kansas and the national flower of Ukraine
  • Sunflower is known to be one of the tallest grown plants in the world. In this regard, The Guinness Record was awarded to Hans Peter Schiffer for growing the tallest Sunflower in the world (30 ft 1 in).
  • The black seeds in a sunflower are utilized to make oil while the striped seeds are used to make snacks



Carnation is a flower which implies the meanings of love and affection. Pink colored carnations signify the mother’s love for a child. The similar colored flowers gifted by us to mom will mean that we’re trying to reciprocate the same love and affection to her. Red colored carnation flowers convey our admiration for that noble being i.e. our mother.

A bouquet that is packed with pink colored and red colored carnation flowers will be the ideal gift for our mother on “Mother’s Day”.  The gift will add more lustre to this special day.

Interesting Facts about Carnation

  • Colombia in South America is the largest producer of carnation flowers
  • Carnation flowers have a serrated single or double petals
  • Carnation is the national flower of Monaco, Slovenia and Spain
  • It is a popular cut flower and can last well in water once cut
  • The scientific name of Carnation flowers is Dianthus Caryophyllus and it means “flower of the gods”



Tulip flowers will instantly make your mother cheerful once you gift it on the occasion of “Mother’s Day”. Generally, tulip flowers indicate love and caring.  Pink tulip flowers indicate caring. Red tulip flowers signify true love. Yellow tulips will spread the message of happiness. The tulip flower boutique with red, pink and yellow colors will not only be a befitting gift for our mother but it will make the occasion more auspicious.

Interesting Facts about Tulips

  • Did you ever know that there are over 150 species of Tulip flowers and 3,000 varieties?
  • Despite many tulip flowers have a single bud, some varieties of tulip flowers could even have four buds on a single stem
  • During the spring season, tulips bloom for only about 3 to 7 days
  • Tulip flowers is present in almost every color
  • It is believed that Tulips herald the arrival of spring
  • Tulip petals are edible and it is usable in place of onions
  • Netherlands is the largest nation in terms of exporting tulips where 3 billion flowers are exported on a yearly basis
  • Tulip flowers kept inside a flower vase also grow through bending and twisting



Lily flower connotes or means purity. In China, the lily flower is considered to represent motherhood. The combination of pink and white lily flowers signifies purity and beauty. Peruvian colors indicate dedication. A bouquet that bears pink, white and Peruvian lily flowers can be ordered and gifted to your mother on “Mother’s Day”.

Interesting Facts about Lily 

  • On a worldwide basis, Lily is the fourth most eminent flower
  • The oil extract from lilies carry softening and healing properties. It is good for healing dry and cracked skin
  • In the Buddhist religion, Tiger Lily flower species symbolizes sympathy and mercy
  • Lily flowers contain some compounds that are used in medicines for treating anxiety and depression
  • Lily is considered as one of the top ten flowers in the world



Orchid is a very exotic and attractive flower that symbolizes beauty, love and genuineness. The “Mother’s Day” event will become more splendid through gifting a bouquet containing this flower.

Interesting Facts about Orchid

  • Certain species of Orchid flowers can live up to 100 years
  • Orchids generate millions of miniature seeds and only certain seeds seem to mature into a full grown plant
  • Orchids is a multipurpose flower that is used in traditional Asian medicine, perfumes and spices
  • The fossil records show that Orchids are very old plants that existed 100 million years back
  • Orchid flowers can grow in whichever country of the world



Daffodil flowers indicate happiness and it will be a bid to spread that happy mood to your mom and all the family members. Daffodil flowers symbolize the hope for a good future for the family and rejoice. So, gift the daffodil flowers to your mom and celebrate “Mother’s Day”.

Interesting Facts about Daffodils

  • Daffodil is the national flower of Wales
  • According to the Daffodil Data Bank, 25 species of daffodils and 13000 hybrid varieties exist
  • Generally, people who celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary are gifted with this flower
  • In Rome, people consider Daffodils as a medicinal plant that will heal many health problems. According to some researchers, daffodils will effectively treat cancer
  • Daffodil flowers have poisonous crystals and even if your pets try to smell out this flower, they will fall sick
  • According to Chinese people, the daffodil flower symbolizes wealth and good fortune



Chrysanthemum flowers have a peculiar coincidence when associated with Mother’s Day. Chrysanthemum flower has intrinsic value since it has the word “mum” within it. In the Asian countries, Chrysanthemum flower is interpreted as an object that signifies life and rebirth. In the American context, the flower is understood to connote honour. When it comes to the UK, they are believed to denote sympathy.

Chrysanthemum flowers containing a mix of colors like pink, yellow and orange will be the perfect gift for your mother on Mother’s Day. The assertiveness behind this statement is due to the fact that:

  • Pink color – Denotes innocence and grace
  • Orange color – Represents passion and energy
  • Yellow color – Implies happiness and admiration

A mother is one who possesses all the stated qualities that are mentioned in the previous two paragraphs. It will be a befitting tribute to any son/daughter to gift the Chrysanthemum flowers to their mother in pink, orange and yellow colors.

Interesting Facts about Chrysanthemum

  • Chrysanthemum flowers carry a lot of medicinal benefits like giving relief from a headache, fever, sore throat, dry and itchy eyes. It is also used for making tea
  • According to a research by NASA (National Aeronautical and Space Administration), chrysanthemum flowers help in lowering pollution levels
  • Pyrethrins, which are extracted from Chrysanthemum flowers will work effectively as natural insecticides
  • Chrysanthemum is one of the widely cultivated flowers on a global level and that is why they are quite reasonably priced
  • The Buddhist monks brought the Chrysanthemum to Japan as early as 400 AD
  • Florists always keep sumptuous stock of chrysanthemum flowers due to its high demand throughout the year
  • Chrysanthemum flower holds a place of pride in Japan since annual flower exhibitions are conducted for this flower



Hydrangea flowers actually originate from Japan. The term hydrangea was established based on the meaning of two Greek words, Hydros means water while jug means angos. Generally, Hydrangea flowers are believed to be presented by a person to the receiver to express his/her gratitude to the latter.

Interesting Facts about Hydrangea

  • Apart from white Hydrangeas, all other colors of this flower can change colors based on the pH level in the soil
  • Hydrangeas are one among the few flowers that get immersed in the aluminium from the acidic soils
  • Hydrangea flower plants grow anywhere
  • The flower carries moderate toxicity and so people who love this flower should not try eating them out
  • It is a notable fact that a minimum of 75 species of hydrangea flowers still exist
  • Hydrangea flowers can be produced from early spring to late autumn
  • There is a society in America that functions for people who are fond of Hydrangeas



Gerbera Daisy is a popular flower that is gifted on Mother’s day by the children to their mother. The daisy flowers come in a wide array of colors like pink, white, red and yellow. The gerbera daisy flower implies purity, cheerfulness and innocence.  These flowers are gifted for a variety of auspicious occasions including Mother’s Day. The stated four colors of flowers can be ordered as a bouquet and gifted to your great mom.

Interesting Facts about Daisy

  • The daisy is actually a combination of two flowers, the yellow disc petal that forms the eye and the white petal
  • Apart from Antartica, daisy flowers are locatable on all continents
  • Daisies can survive during dry as well as wet climates
  • Daisy flower is considered as a symbol of sacred Virgin Mary in Christianity which tells about her purity, grace and simplicity
  • Daisy flowers are popular flowers and have been in existence for over 4000 years
  • Some sources of information reveal that daises were used in the decoration of Egyptian ceramics
  • Daisy flowers act as good pain relievers for people who had recently undergone surgery
  • Bees surround the daisy since this flower can produce honey

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