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Top 10 Most Popular America Holidays

America Holidays

Holidays and Festivals are of different kinds, celebrated widely among the people across the world . They are segmented into different groups based on religions, cultures or season. Holidays are the boosting factor to carry on with the life with enthusiasm.

The Americas(also generally known as America) encompass both the continents of North and South America, where celebrations and holidays are limitless. Tourism is one of the major industries in America. Let’s take a look at Top 10 Lists of the Most Popular America Holidays.

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Top 10 Mexico Holidays

Holidays in Mexico are something no visitor to the country can afford to miss. The religious, cultural and patriotic festivals of the country are celebrated with the spirit of fiesta. It is a pack of fun, music, fireworks, colorful costumes and delicious food.

In addition, El Dia de la Madre or Mother’s Day is a very popular celebration across Mexico held on May 10 every year. Since the first Mother’s Day celebration on 10th May 1922, this day has garnered more popularity and fame across Mexico.

In fact, Mother’s Day recognizes maternal love, motherhood, and mothers in general.

1. Diez Y Sies

The independence day of Mexico is celebrated on Sep 16 every year. This National holiday is celebrated on the mark of Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla of Mexico who provoked the Mexicans to raise up to fight against the Spanish ruling class in the year 1810.The citizens of the country gathered near the community main square around the midnight on Sep 15 to hear the mayor or the president’s speech on the need for the freedom. This day is celebrated by the military by conducting parades and the day is filled with fireworks, food, and music.

2. Day of the Dead

Dia de Los Muertos is a religious day, on this day the remembering of the dead is observed. It is observed on Nov 1, the family members decorate cemetery and portraits of their family members, friends, and relatives who have passed away.

3. Lent

The Mexicans celebrate the pre-Lenten celebrations with parades and portraying of conviviality.  The carnival is celebrated specifically in Veracruz and Mazatlan.  The dates of this celebration differ as per the Easter calendar.

4. Easter

The religious festival of the Christianity community Easter Sunday is celebrated by the Mexicans by planning a family vacation to mountains or beaches. It makes it little harder for the foreign tourists to find hotel reservations during this festival.

5. Christmas Season

Dec 16 marks the beginning of Christmas in Mexico. The children dressed up as holy family spread the message of the holy family coming to Bethlehem. They go from house to house in the neighborhood seeking shelter as told in the holy bible.

6. Dia de la Raza

The literal meaning of the festival being Day of the Race is celebrated on Oct 12 which is marked as a national holiday. It is celebrated as a remembrance of Christopher Columbus stepping into North America. This day is celebrated with public gatherings and parades.

7. Dia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe

This religious festival is celebrated on Dec 12 as an honor to the patron saint of Mexico Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Virgin Mary’s appearance in Diego’s Cloak is the main subject of this festival. This festival is enjoyed with religious celebrations and parades.

8. Mexican Revolution Day

The Mexican revolution day is celebrated on third Monday of November. The citizens of Mexico celebrate this day as a beginning of Mexican Revolution. Events are conducted at outdoors, bazaars where Mexicans shout slogans favoring the revolution.

9. Dia de Los Santos Reyes

This religious holiday is celebrated on the remembrance of the three gift bearing Wiseman visiting the Jesus Christ. This day showcases the Christmastime festivities.

10. New Year in Mexico

Mexican New Year is always filled with lots of fun and joy. There is a famous tradition to eat 12 grapes on December 31st at midnight hour. They also make a wish for the New Year.Another interesting tradition is to wash their pets and vehicles on New Year’s Eve. “Bacalao”, salted codfish is served with utmost care.Overall, Mexicans look for some mighty good luck all the while celebrating the festive mood.


Top 10 US Holidays

Americans celebrate US federal holidays that are designated by the United States Congress which is different from the holidays of other countries.

Congress is the only body that has the authority to declare holidays in the US. With a population of 318.9 million religious holidays such as Easter, Christmas and much more are also celebrated in the USA.

In addition, most Americans enjoy Halloween on 31st October every year. Celebrations include trick or treating and a weird costume parade.

Moreover, as for this day, trick or treating, practices, starting in the ancient times, poor adults would wear weird costumes and knock door to door.

This usually happens during the Hallowmas and these poor adults were called “soulers” as they would beg for money in exchange for prayers or songs.

1. Thanks, Giving Day

Thanksgiving day celebrated on Fourth Thursday in November which gives a chance for the Americans to plan a four-day long weekend. It is celebrated since 1621marking the arrival of Puritans in Massachusetts.

2. The Fourth of July or Independence Day

It is the national celebration of the nation’s birthday. On this day in 1776, the declaration of independence was signed. Citizens enjoy parades and plan picnics and fireworks.

3. Martin Luther King Day

People pay tribute to the Rev.Martin Luther King an African American who fought against civil rights. It is observed on January 15th, 1986.

4. President’s Day

The third Monday in February is observed as President’s Day. It is a public holiday in the US in remembrance of the past presidents.

5. Memorial Day

It is a holiday on fourth Monday of May for honoring the dead. On this day cemeteries are decorated and special programs are organized in churches.

6. Columbus Day

It is celebrated on second Monday of October in remembrance of the Christopher Columbus who landed in the new world on October 12, 1492.

7. Veterans Day

November 11 is observed as Veterans Day to pay homage to Americans who had served in World War 1. Parades are organized and the president of the country place a wreath on the tomb of unknowns in Arlington.

8. Easter

It is a spring holiday celebrated on the Sunday marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a religious holiday with special masses in the church. The white house organizes annual Easter egg hunt for children on this day.

9. Christmas Day

25 December the birthday of Christ is celebrated by decorating houses with stars, lights and Christmas trees. It is a religious holiday for the Christian community.

10. New Year Day

January 1st is celebrated as the New year day. It is a festival where celebration begins the night before. People party, have fun and wish one another Happy New year.

Right on the heels of New Year, Americans anxiously wait for the first Sunday in the month of February and it happens at the time of peak winter. Why? of course, the Super Bowl.

In fact, Americans bet large amounts of money on this most popular tournament called the Super Bowl.

Moreover, just like other popular American holidays such as the American Independence Day, the Super Bowl unites people across the country.


Top 10 Canada Holidays

Canada holding the lowest population of the world is no less when it comes to celebrations and holidays. It is a country located in the northern half of the North America. Christianity is the largest religion of the country with Catholic followers in the majority.

1. Halloween

This holiday represents the link between life and death. It is a Catholic religious holiday that emerged from the All soul’s day. It is observed on Oct 31st. The families in Canada decorate their family member’s Cemetery and offer food.

2. Canada Day

The Canada day a national holiday is celebrated on July 1. This day highlights Canada becoming a dominion in the British rule and forming as a semi-autonomous nation in 1867. Citizens of the country celebrate the day with fireworks, parade and music concerts.

3. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in Canada which marks the harvest celebration in the country. It is celebrated at the same time as American Colombus day however this festival of Canada has no relevance to the Great Admiral.

4. Winter Carnival

This is a pre-lentil festival season during the winter. It begins with Ash Wednesday, where people celebrate with winter events like dog sled race, ice sculptures, and skiing competitions. The Quebec City hosts rich winter carnival events.

5. Victoria Day

It is a national holiday which generally is celebrated as three day weekend which falls around 24th May. It is celebrated on the remembrance of Queen Victoria and to honor the present Queen of England.

6. August Civic Holiday

This day is celebrated on first Monday of August to support the local arts, heritage, and culture. It is celebrated in different parts of the country under different names.

7. Labor Day

The Labor Day is celebrated on first Monday of Sep unlike the rest of the world which celebrates on May 1st.Labor day parades are the usual celebrations and people enjoy the long weekend and go on a short trip.

8. Remembrance Day

November 21st is observed as Remembrance Day for remembering the veterans who have died since World War -1. It is widely observed in common wealth countries. The military camps plan parades and 21 gun salutes on this day.

9. Boxing Day

December 26th is similar to black Friday. This public holiday the citizens of the country enjoy shopping across the cities.It is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

10. Quebec’s National Holiday

June 24 is a national holiday signifies the traditional celebration of lighting bonfires during the summer solstice and conducting events such as popular dance performances. The shows and bonfires are generally arranged in the municipalities.


Top 10 Brazil Holidays

Brazil is one of the largest countries in Latin America. It ranks fifth in the world in terms of its population and area.2/3 of the population comprises of Catholics in this country has numerous religious festivals celebrated along with festivals of national importance.

1. Bom Jesus dos Navegantes(Good Jesus of Navigators)

January 1 New years day is celebrated in Brazil. On this day few little boats float in the boa Viagem beach near the main harbor with the statue of Lord Jesus. This signifies the protection of sailors from the sea.

2. Lavagem da Purificacao

This traditional festival of the country is celebrated from January 23 to February 2. This festival is an honor to the Lady of Purification and people celebrate it with music and dance.

3. Dia de Tiradentes(Tiradentes’ Day)

It is observed in remembrance of Tiradentes a national hero. He was part of a national insurgent movement Inconfidencia Mineira which supported in getting an Independent Brazilian republic from Portugal. This da is observed on April 21.

4. Pesta do Divino Espirito Santo(Feast of the Holy Spirit)

This festival season begins right after the Easter and stretches to 50days during the month of  May or June. It is celebrated evidently in all parts of the country marking the Holy Spirit’s descent on Christ’s Apostles.

5. Festa do Nordestino(Festival on the Northeast)

This national festival is celebrated to encourage and honor the Northeast Brazil people where people gather for a party and enjoy food, dance, and music. They portray the typical Northeast Brazilian culture in their performances.

6. Parada do Orgulho LGBT de Sao Paulo(Sao Paulo LGBT Pride Parade)

This holiday is dedicated for the gay parade that is conducted near Avenida Paulista during June in Brazil. It is one of the biggest event Sao Paulo city. The parade in 2006 was a Guinness record parade and LGBT community enjoys the day with fun and food.

7. Festa Literaria Internacional de Paraty (Paraty International Literary Festival)

This holiday falls in July and brings the authors across the world to Parati. The event takes place for 5days in the coast located in the southwest of Rio.

8. Festa do Saire – Festa du Caire

It is a holiday celebrated during the second week of September in Alter-do-Chao. The festival pools in plenty of tourists for the three-day celebrations. Musical show and folklore dance performances are the major attraction of this festival.

9. Cirio de Nazare

This religious festival is one of the famous and biggest festivals of Brazil which attracts around 2 million tourists to Brazil. It is celebrated in honor of the Virgin Mary of Nazareth. The Festival is celebrated with cultural activities by the Catholics.

10. Oktoberfest

It is a fest that is dedicated to the German people in Brazil. It is one of the largest Oktoberfest performed outside Germany and it pools in more than half a million tourists. The festival is celebrated with parades, music and beer parties in remembrance of the ancestors who settled from Germany in Brazil.


Top 10 Argentina Holidays

The Argentina is a country that is filled with holidays which are followed generation after generations. The population in the country is unequally spread across the provinces, out of which 60percent live in Pampa.

1. San Antonio de Areco Gaucho

It is a Public holiday which is being celebrated for 70 years in Parque Criollo town border.It’s a big fair where the horses are fastened around a pole and the cowboy who tolerates it’s bucking the longest is announced the winner.

2. Gualeguaychu Festival

It is a fest which is celebrated during the January and February in the town of Gualenguaychu. The carnival is celebrated with dance, live music, parades and loads of fun.

3. Tilcara Carnival Festival

It’s a traditional festival celebrated by the people of Tilcara during January and February for about nine days. This carnival signifies the gratitude of people towards the earth. The festival is ended with the burial of the devil that is believed to take control of the people’s souls.

4. Buenos Aires Tango Festival

It is a Public festival widely enjoyed by the people of Argentina in Buenos Aires, the capital of the country. It falls in the March and people from all over Argentina visit the capital to celebrate the tango.

5. Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival

It is a festival that promotes the film world all over the world. It is celebrated during the month of April when producers and directors from across the globe fly to Argentina to promote their work.

6. Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Fair

It is a festival which is hosted in the capital city of Argentina in the month of May. It is an exhibition showcasing the Art works.

7. Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated on July 9. It is a national holiday widely celebrated across Argentina where people enjoy traditional foods, music, Spain sweet. The day is remembered for the independence Spain.

8. Tango World Championships

It is a festival that highlights the Argentine culture which brings in performers from every continent of the world to showcase their performances in beautiful costumes. This championship competition is held in August.

9. Semana Musical Llao Llao

It is a music festival hosted in the month of November that portrays the classical music talent of the singers across the globe. It is conducted in the Bariloche town.

10. Oktoberfest in Argentina

It is a festival which was started by the immigrants. It is a five-day long celebration during the month of October. People visit this festival in Cordoba’s Villa General Belgrano district for the love of German food, German music, and German beer.


Top 10 Dominican Republic Holidays

The Dominican Republic is the community that loves to party. They have festivals honoring patron saints and also celebrate a blend of Catholic African traditions.

1. Independence Day

It is celebrated on February 27 marking their independence from Haiti. This national festival and the annual carnival usually coincides making it a grand celebration.

2. Virgen de Altagracia

It is the most important than any religious holiday as the people pay honor and tribute to the patron saint the Virgin of Altagracia.People visit the basilica in the Eastern community of Higuay where they pray the Altagracia portrait of the 15th century after which the party begins.

3. Juan Pablo Duarte Day

It is a national holiday being celebrated in celebrated in the remembrance of a great independence fighter Juan Pablo Duarte. It is celebrated on the nearest Monday to Duarte’s Birthday. Military troops conduct parades and people pay tribute at his cemetery.

4. Carnival

The Carnival celebrations end on the same day as Dominican Republic’s Independence Day. This festival is celebrated by every community in their own style. However, the festival at La Vega is a grand celebration.

5. Semana Santa

The religious holiday which is celebrated during the April comprises of Church services and parties. The people celebrate the holy week with the  Easter festival celebrations.

6. Espiritu Santo

It is a celebration for seven weeks during the month of June. People bang and play African instruments across the country to enjoy the festival livelily. The grand celebration of this festival is held in Villa Mella.

7. Merengue Festival

This festival brings in a lively atmosphere with the music of merengue.  This festival attracts people with the finest talent of dancing and music who perform live. Besides which the food and craftwork fairs are also enjoyed.

8. Restoration Day

The Dominicans’ second independence from Spain is celebrated on August 16. The citizens dress up in beautiful costumes and march on the streets in parades.

9. Puerto Plata Festival

This festival is mainly celebrated in Fuerte San Felipe during October. Performances by the folk, blues, jazz and merengue musicians are the highlight of the celebration. Food fairs and costumed parades with dance performances are also attractive in this festival

10. National Flag Day

It is celebrated on June 20 marking the tribute to the Argentina Flag creator Manuel  Belgrano.It  is celebrated with massive meetings in the national flag memorial. Being a day of national importance it is declared as a national holiday.


Top 10 Chile Holidays

Chile holidays have a major touch of national importance and also religious festivities. They have a blend of the catholic festival, agricultural celebration, and historical tributes.

 1. Tapati Festival

This is a religious festival where the local culture is celebrated by crowning a festival queen after a series of competitions like body painting, swimming, and canoeing. It’s Celebrated in February every year.

2. Grape harvest festival

The Grape harvest festival is celebrated in the last week of March where the fresh pulped grapes are blessed in a religious ceremony. Colorful parade and the crowning of harvest queen adds flavor to this festival.

3. Dia de Las Gloria’s Navales

This National holiday on May 21 is observed in remembrance of the death of a veteran Captain Arturo Prats who was part of the war of Pacific. The citizens cast flowers into the sea as a tribute.

4. Festival of the Virgen Del Carmen

It is a blend of celebrations of local indigenous and Catholic traditions where people pay homage to Our Lady of Mount Caramel.  It is celebrated with music and street processions from June 12-17 every year.

5. Indigenous New Year

People of Chile follows an ancestral historic Calendar in which the New Year is celebrated on June 24th night. It is a festival for celebrating the cycle of life and for thanking the past harvests.

6. Fiestas Patrias

The independence of chile is celebrated on September 18th every year through Fiestas Patties. Music Bands, Parades, dance floors, traditional Chilean food are the highlights of this event.

7. Christmas

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 as a part of the religious celebration by the Christian community.  The religious holiday is a family function where people get together, decorate Christmas trees and enjoy the summer holiday at the beach.

8. New year

New Year is celebrated as a public holiday on December 31 with fireworks and champagne. Millions of tourists visit to see the beautiful firework display beside the traditional competitions hosted along the sea side.

9. Assumption Day

The assumption day is observed on August 15. On this day Catholics believe that Virgin Mary was assumed by God to heaven after her death. It is a religious holiday in Chile.

10. Army Day

Army Day is celebrated after the Independence Day marking the two-day national holiday in Chile.  It is celebrated on September 19th to honor the country’s Military force.


Top 10 Puerto Rico Holidays

The festival celebrations in Puerto Rico generally takes place in the capital city, San Juan. The holidays in Puerto Rico attract many tourists as they host exciting celebrations.

 1. Heinkein Jazzfest

It is a music festival which is solely for Jazz music. Jazz musicians from across the world travel to Puerto Rico to celebrate the event. It is usually held in the month of March.

2. Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian

It is a celebration of the Saint Sebastian in which the festivities continue for 3 nights. It is celebrated in the month of January with colorful dance, music, and food.

3. Carnival

Carnival celebration is the most anticipated festivals of Puerto Rico.  The people celebrate it with street Parade and mask dances. The holiday falls on February is enjoyed to the maximum level.

4. Festival Casals

It is celebrated on February in remembrance of Pablo Casals the world famous cellist. It is observed with music and dance performances the entire month.

5. Puerto Rico Open

It is an annual grand sports event conducted in the Rio Grande in the month of March.  It attracts the top Golf players as the prize money for the event is US 3.5Million Dollars.

6. Saboteur culinary festival

This food festival held in the April in San Juan attracts top chefs both local and international. People can treat their taste buds with the variety of food and cuisines.

7. International Salsa Congress

It is a salsa dance festival celebrated in the month of July which pulls salsa dancers across the globe to Puerto Rico.  Several live music and dance show lasting up-to two weeks is the beauty of this festival.

8. Sun Festival

It is celebrated on February 25 marking the Mayan new-year. People enjoy the public holiday by bursting fireworks and also promote solar power.

9. Annexation of Guanacaste Day

This national holiday is marked in remembrance of the event in which the Guanacaste province chose Puerto Rico over Nicaragua. Bull fights, Parades, and the party is part of this national celebration on July 25.

10. Bonanza cattle shows

It is a holiday in the month of March attracting the nation’s Cowboys. Events such as bull fight, horse ride, and races gear up the celebrations in this festival.


Top 10 Peru Holidays

Peru holidays are generally related to the religious traditions and myths.  They are celebrated honoring their patron saints. These festivals are celebrated in the Jungles and high up in the mountains.

1. Inti Raymi

It’s a celebration for paying homage to Sun god which is an important God in Inca culture. The main celebration is held in Ruins of Sacsayhuaman a natural beautiful scenery thanking the Sun.

2. Corpus Christi

A celebration for greeting the body of Jesus Christ is organized in Cusco 60 days after Easter Sunday. On this day 15 saints and virgins are brought in processions to the cathedral of Cusco.

3. The Virgin of Carmen

This religious festival is hosted in Paucatambo town where people gather to honor the Virgen Del Carmen. The devotees play music and sing songs to enjoy the festival.

4. The Virgin of Candelaria

This festival is celebrated for 18days in the town of Puno. The people celebrate it with performances by groups of musicians and dancers to enjoy the Mamacha Candelaria Festival.

5. All Saints Day

On this day people attend church services in remembrance of the dead relatives and friends. Later they decorate the cemetery and offer food and drinks.

6. The Lord of Earthquakes

This religious celebration is celebrated since 1650. People believe that an oil painting of the Christ to have saved them from a devastating earthquake. As a symbol faith, this festival is celebrated on Easter Monday.

7. Carnivals in Peru

The time for carnivals in Peru is during the month of February. People enjoy the carnivals filled with joy and cheer. The specialty of the festival is that a large tree is planted with gifts and presents.

8. The Lord of Miracles

The festival is celebrated with processions in which devotees from South America join in many numbers. It has historic significance as it marks the celebration of the black Christ drawn by the Angola slave.

9. Christmas in Peru

Christmas the festival celebrating the birth of baby Jesus is the most important festival of Peru.  As the country holds Nativity of rural nature this festival was identified immediately by the early Peruvians.

10. Maundy Thursday

This day falls on the Thursday before Good Friday. It marks the institution of Jesus Christ with Eucharist..This day is also known as paschal Thursday or passion Thursday.


Top 10 Columbia Holidays

Columbia hosts a lot of festivals and celebrations. However, the impact of Catholic traditions is on the higher side in their festivals. Carnivals are the major attraction of Columbia holidays with food and drinks.

1. Carnaval Del Diablo

It is a festival of warding away sadness which is celebrated by reading the testament, bi-annually burning the Devil and burying the gourd. It is bi-annually in the town of Rio Sucio.

2. Carnaval de Negros Y Blancos

It is a festival of black and white which is recognized by the UNESCO. It is celebrated over a week in the month of January with music, dance, food and drinks promoting Their culture and traditions.

3. Barranquilla Carnival

The festival is celebrated 3 days before lent.  The celebrations is held in port town of Barranquilla where people dress up in beautiful costumes and enjoy the festival with salsa, food and party.

4. Santa Semanta

This festival marks the Easter holy week. This period falls between end of March and beginning of April.the Catholic community visit the centre of celebration the city of Popaya

5. Bogota international book fair

It is a festival looked for by the book lovers. It is a two week festival in which workshops, concerts, exhibitions and children’s Program are conducted.It is one of the world’s biggest literary festival.

6. Festival of flowers

The festival of flowers is organized in the first week of August in city of Medellin. As a part of the festival concerts, parades and competition for saddlemen carrying flowers on horseback is arranged.

7. Day of the Candles

December 7 is celebrated as day of candles which unofficially marks the beginning of Colombian Christmas season. People decorate their houses with candles and lamps.

8. Christmas

As the Columbian population is majorly Catholics the Christmas celebrations are generally grand. It’s a public holiday where people attend the church service and enjoy feast at home celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

9. Battle of Boyaca

This festival is a national holiday in remembrance of the Independence sought by the Columbia from Spain. It is celebrated on August 7.

10. Lights

Once November begins people in Columbia forget about their electricity bills.  Yes, because it’s Time for celebrating the lights. Malls, houses, roofs, windowsills all are decorated with lights. The entire city roads are lit up with lights.

All the Holidays of the Americas mentioned above are worth enjoying and celebrating in its own style and tradition.

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