Why Does A Marriage Breakdown? – Top 10 Reasons That Destroy Relationships

Reasons For Marriage Breakdown
Reasons For Marriage Breakdown

Marriage is not simple to adapt and the sad truth is that not every “I dos” moves on with a happily ever after note. All wedlocks do not succeed irrespective of how deep the couple loves each other.

It is estimated that about 40 to 50 percent of the first time marriages and 60 percent of second-time marriages in foreign countries don’t last and end up in divorce.

The ten reasons we have enlisted which lead to breakups in marriage are by no way exhaustive. There are many other factors which impact the collapse of marital relationships.

Our top ten is the “Big Bites” that eat away your marital bonding. There are many couples raising their eyes to the ceiling thinking “Should We Break Up!! or Divorce”.

The ending isn’t easy for a long ongoing relationship in spite of deadly problems. Do not Worry. Counseling may help you and your partner understand the problems and pave way for happy living.

So how do these relationships end? What are the actual reasons for breakups? Let’s peep into top 10 reasons for marriage break ups.

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Married Quite Early

In simple terms, there is a number of couples who get married very fast and very soon. This usually arises when two persons get attracted to one sight and the basic differences between them go oversight.

A small example to portray this is an extrovert and an introvert may have totally varied ideas about what it means by “time together”.

When people push themselves into the marriage bond without understanding each other, there is a major risk of failure in the marital relationship.

When there are high expectations the common interests one another has also played a vital role in keeping the marriage alive.


Communication Breakdown

This is one of the basic reasons for many marital relationships ending in divorce. As time moves on the couples usually get into a practice of caustic communication.

If not stopped at an early stage this creates toxic thoughts which are created in one of them or both. In a marriage which completely fades off meaningful conversations.

The worst part is that these communication patterns can change into negative thoughts and conversations. Such communication changes prevail when there is a disagreement between the couples on any topic.


Cheating And Infidelity

Undoubtedly cheating and infidelities in marriage are serious reasons for marriage breakups. Divorces due to this are alarmingly high than you can imagine. As per research 41% of the people involved in some kind of physical or emotional infidelity.

Never assume men are the major players in this, no gender is less capable in this part. Infidelities in marriages are evenly caused by both genders.


Boredom In Bedroom

One of the main reasons for failure in marriage is due to boredom in a bedroom. Usually when the relationships have just bloomed the sexual attraction is appreciably high.

But as the time moves on and the relationship continues the sexual energy wax and wane. If not realized early the bedroom intimacy and togetherness may atrophy.

This is the major cause of why many couples fall prey to spousal cheating.


Loss Of Autonomy

When two people decide to get into wedlock it is a very common thought for both of them to have grandiose visions about their life in the future.

Usually lost in the formula are the roles which create an impression in both of their level of autonomy.

Study on such marriage breakups and divorces have resulted in 24% of men feeling a lack of autonomy in their marital bond and 44% of women also feel the same.

The capability to stay with a person amidst having an independent sense is a major key to a happy long life marriage.

It is the reason couples are advised to have pre-marriage counseling which helps them to explore topics of autonomy before tying the knot.


Money And Financial Troubles

It’s never a surprise that financial disputes raise breakups in marriage. The fact is that money is a big issue in many marital relationships. In fact, in most of the studies, money tops the list for marriage break ups.

Even couples, who have been in a relationship for a long time before marriage, end up in trouble due to strong misunderstandings on matters related to spending and saving.

Financial decision disagreements lead to spilled ups. Inequality financially, that is who brings how much to the table is also a well-known reason for such disagreements.


Drug And Alcohol

Believe it or not, drugs and alcohol booze the marriage breakups. As per the study, 45% of the couples split up due to drugs and alcohol. Dependence on such drugs reduces your dependence on your spouse.

Alcohol and drug addictions are a host to various other serious issues in marriages such as abuse.

Financial trouble and emotional imbalance are quite difficult problems to face in marriage caused due to alcohol and drugs.

These addictions not just end up in split up but also result in physical and mental abuse.


Lack Of Romance

Romance is a frame which is difficult to understand. It is a feeling of the soul to soul. It is the core of the marital relationship which goes beyond physical intimacy.

Most of the researchers prove that women are keen on keeping themselves attractive for their husbands and make them feel special.

However, men require and expect admiration from their spouse. A lack of romance is sometimes misunderstood as fear of intimacy which may not be pictured immediately at the early stage of the relationship.


Differences In Background

This point is highly relatable to the #1 we have discussed. Many marriages spilled due to the basic differences in their background.

The differences could be cultural, economic or family. As such when couples rush to tie the knot very early they tend to overlook these important differences that exist between each other.

Differences in spiritual and religious beliefs also seem smooth during the pre-marital relationship, later it turns out to be bitter when they tie a knot.


Boredom With Each Other

When the excitement for each other drops down many couples ends up in breakups. It is simple when both the people in the marriage feel that their relationship is no longer interesting and they have lost interest in each other they part ways.

When the fun and joy in a relationship is lost withdrawal and drifting is inevitable. This happens even when a spouse has a thought to cheat and wandering eye outside marriage.

In the end, it is undeniable that a breakup or divorce can be the major emotional stress a person can go through in a relationship.

Let the reason be anything for the split, whether you looking for it or not, break up in marriage turns your world literally upside down. It triggers the pain towards unsettling emotions.

Fear about future standing isolated separated from your dear one is the complete confused situation. However, if you have split, do not worry to cope up with pain, rough phases pass by, have hope, be optimistic, life is not grey all times.

Finally, as the saying goes “All that begins well (Happy Marriage Ceremony, Smiling “I Dos”) Ends Well” isn’t true. Exceptions are Marriages that end in Break-Ups.

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