Joint Pain: 10 Bad Lifestyle Habits That Affect Your Joints Without Your Knowledge

Joint Pain
Joint Pain

It’s really never too late to stop your worst habits (binge-eating, drinking, quitting smoking, and more) and start a harmonious life.

Moreover, the saying ‘Health is Wealth’ has become a cliché than practice. On the whole, the rising cases of health disorders among youth are suggestive of the truth that health is seldom given importance.

Some Startling Facts About Joint Health That Hits You Strongly In The Face

  • Amongst several other health troubles, joint health and poor bone are affecting the young and old alike.
  • Arthritis remains the number one culprit that are affecting people in their 50s, 40s, and 30s.
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis, Avascular Necrosis, and chronic arthritis can cripple or restrict a person’s movement.
  • Therefore, over the past decade or so, joint specialists are witnessing an increasing number of youngsters as patients.

Hence, we are presenting some of the bad routines which you follow daily that harms your joints without your knowledge.

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Considering Social Media As The Real Fitness Guru

At present, more and more youngsters are seen subscribing to various online health and fitness channels in an attempt to stay fit.

However, although this routine pretends to make fitness seekers more fit and active, it can cause injuries since the practice is not supervised.

Overall, an individual can often make instant movements between the advanced and basic level, which can severely damage joints.


Slogging To Lose Weight Quickly

As a matter of fact, fitness enthusiasts in the urgency to lose weight faster, start slogging in the fitness centre.

Moreover, muscle soreness after a rigid hard day at the gym looks common but you should never experience pain continuously.

Therefore, forcing the knee can boost your case of damaging your joint, which can in-turn can cause arthritis.


Gulping Down Health Supplements

Adopting shortcuts to beef up your body with supplements might aid you to get the looks. But, prolonged use of protein supplements which mostly consists of steroids can shrink the veins carrying blood to the bones.

In other words, it can cause avascular necrosis, the destruction of joints. In essence, the hip replacement procedure remains the only resort as hip joint collapses in many cases.


Lack Of Adequate Sleep

First, if working night shifts, catching late night shows, and sleeping less sounds normal, then less sleep could be the likely suspect for those joint pain.

Moreover, when you sleep, your levels of inflammation go down and your body starts healing.

Overall, you need a minimum of seven hours of deep undisturbed sleep to maintain all your joints hale and healthy.


Sitting Idle Or Travelling Quite Often

Sitting idle in one place for a prolonged period of time because of work or while traveling for work can reduce blood flow.

In particular, the decrease of blood supply to the joints results in joint stiffness and pain.

In other words, you are most welcome to take small breaks to do a stretch at work or include 30 minutes of brisk walking.

As a result, these simple routines increase the blood supply to the surrounding areas and to the joint promoting better joint mobility.

Overall, you better ditch your vehicle and take a bus or train to go to work.


Smoking Or Drinking Aerated Products

Not to mention, continuous smoking, drinking aerated items, and consumption of canned foods can cause bone weakness.

Therefore, you might suffer from the risk of frequent fractures.

Furthermore, apart from shunning cigarettes and gas-filled drinks, people should include more of Vitamin D and calcium.

Overall, increasing the intake of calcium and Vitamin-D can strengthen the muscles and joints.


Work Pressure Or Stress

People suffering from depression and stress due to work pressure may also experience frequent joint aches and pain.

As per a study, constant emotional disturbances can increase the risk of joint pain.

In order to avoid or reduce joint pain or arthritis, you can follow these simple tips

  • Make it a point to get enough sleep daily.
  • Take part in any group activity or religious gathering for any guidance or support.
  • Never hide your emotions; share your true feelings with your close and trustworthy friend.
  • Or you can note your feelings in a blog, diary, or a journal.
  • Remember to scoot off from work every 3 months for a family vacation. Take your medications with you without fail.


Wearing Stilettos Or High Heels

As a matter of fact, wearing stilettos or high heels may not directly result in arthritis but increases the risk of knee joint pain.

Moreover, researchers mention that the heel height directly affects the person’s walking trait.

For instance, as the heel increased, the researchers also witnessed an increase in reduction on the inside of the woman’s knee.

In other words, the median compartment suffered the most when the heel touched 3.5 inches or more.

Therefore, if you wish to lead an arthritis free life, wear your stilettos only on special occasions.


Using Smartphones

Nowadays, texting or sending messages across Whatsapp looks very convenient and easy for youngsters.

For example, if your daughter constantly sends text messages, she might suffer from osteoarthritis in the long run.

In particular, the smartphones these kids use today are not at all designed for young children.

Overall, injuries to those brittle and tender joints can boost the risk of joint pain in the future.


Knuckle Cracking

Knuckle cracking can be defined as the rich audible sound that one hears when the finger joints are cracked or stretched.

As per reports, there is no concrete evidence to support the theory that knuckle cracking can cause arthritis.

But, however, bending and moving the fingers too and fro to crack your knuckles can damage the cartilage and reduce the joint strength.

Overall, doctors suggest a safe and secure way to crack the knuckles- pulling the joints.

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