Top 10 Least Favorite Celebrities People Hate For K(no)w Reason

Least Favorite Celebrities
Least Favorite Celebrities

Fans adore and follow certain celebrities in love for the charisma and the talent of the actor.

However there few celebrities who face the world that throws hatred for the acts they have done or terrible words they have spilled.

Some celebrities keep tingling in our thoughts as our favorite role models while few other least favorite celebrities are better if not remembered.

They get to that grey area mostly because of their bad behavior portrayal in public which not just keeps them away from the favorite list of celebrities but also ruin their career graph.

Hating celebrity is gearing up to be one of the cherished activities in the social network. But why do fans and followers slip into disliking their entertainers?

Crimes against other co-stars, violence and bitching at the back are few of the attributes which are absolutely not expected and entertained by the public from the entertainers.

The people below on the list are those who have gathered the public’s disdain in a massive way.

Let’s scroll down on few celebrities who aren’t favored by most us, some surprising and some not so surprising!!!

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Johnny Depp

Why hate him:  Domestic Violence towards his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp and his co-star Amber Heard saw each other in the sets of “The Rum Diary” a 2009 film. Later after few years, the couple tied the knot.

It all began as beautiful love tale but ended up in a violent drama.

Depp was booked a restraining order by Heard as he had bashed her down on her face with mobile and pulled her hair and hurt her face.

Pictures of heard with split lips and cheeks bruised heavily spread across the social media that the public began taking sides.

Moreover, during the divorce proceedings, many other incidents were brought to light. Depp had banged Heard towards a wall and also shoved her towards the floor during her birthday party.

The couple legally parted in 2016. This had made many fans turn their head against Depp and his domestic violence.


Scott Baio

Why hate him: Charged for molesting his co-star for who was underage for about three years during filming.

Nicole Eggert Who took up the role of Jamie Powell in the 90s sitcom Charles in Charge had filed a case against Scott Baio alleging that she was sexually abused by the actor.

Scott Baio has played the role of a babysitter on the show. The police report in 2017 was revealed after a lot of speculation on social media regarding both celebrities.

Though Biao didn’t accept the charges against him, Eggert’s co-star Alexander Polinsky and he supports her claims and says that Baio was arrogant towards him during their work at the set.

Apart from these charges which still pending for investigation Baio is also known for his tweets which are controversial and inflammatory.

He is once remembered to have tweeted that “Barack Obama is either dumb or a Muslim or Muslim sympathizer and I don’t think he’s Dumb” and also he hinted that Sandy Hook shoot was a hoax.

These unnecessary and unworthy tweets and unwelcoming behavior of Baio has left him with a place on least favorite celebrities list.


Paula Deen

Why hate her: Spelled out Racist jokes and used the n-word.

In 2013 during a deposing Paula Deen is claimed to have replied “Yes of course” when questioned if she had uttered the n-word.

The case was a 1.2 million dollar lawsuit which was filed by a former restaurant manager who claimed that Deen used jokes relating to racism and offensive pornography at the workspace.

Deen also accepted that she would like the African American staffs to behave as slaves while serving the guests at a wedding she was to host.

The food network parted from Deen. She later worked up upon rebuilding her reputation which included taking up the stage at Dancing with the stars, showcasing her side through Documentary and also losing more than 35 pounds.

But all these do not make up for the offenses she has committed. She fell down the ladder in the hearts of her fans and remains the least favored celebrity.


Kevin Spacey

Why hate him: Accused of sexual assault from 15 men.

 In 2017, Kevin Spacey the two time Oscar Winner had betrayed the fan’s faith when he was accused of sexual advances towards Anthony Rapp when he was just 14 years.

Rather than feeling sorry for the offense, Spacey came out with a statement that he was attracted towards both the sexes. This angered many who felt that he was just using his sexual attraction as a distraction.

Later after a couple of weeks, about 15 men had accused that he had sexually assaulted, harassed and attempted to rape them. The investigation pertaining to this is been held in many places in the world.

Spacey has also been kept away by most of his public relations and agency representatives. Netflix also dropped him from the last season of its hit show” House of Cards” and he is also replaced in many upcoming projects like movies and award functions.

Charges of a sexual offense in the first place have pulled him away from his followers and not being guilty and making a bold statement with his sexual attraction has further angered his fans.


Scarlett Johansson

Why hate her: She chose to stare in racially insensitive movies.

 The actress is known for her acting roles and is a popular action star in The Avengers, Lucy, and Ghost in the Shell. Scarlett Johansson is subjected to flack for racism in many of her projects.

Lucy was screened as portraying Asian men as predators. She was later criticized for her role in Ghost in the shell which is actually an Asian character. Later the American audiences refrained from supporting her films.

However, The Boss Baby and Beauty and the Beast made it big at the box office in 2017. Choice of characters needs to be made judiciously to avoid a hit on the stardom.

It is Scarlett’s choice of characters in her movie which has degraded her name among her fans.


Charlie Sheen

Why hate him: The substance abuse towards him, hit his personal and professional surroundings.

 The star from The Two and a Half Men was doing good till his substance abuse came on his work platform. The successful show which was cast for a long time threw him out in 2011.

As per the Entertainment Weekly, his letter of dismissal from the show stated that his declining condition as the reason.

Though he received a chance to be cast in another show Anger Management, unfortunately, it didn’t do great in the air.

It is also no more screened and it is a tough time for the actor. His breakdown has ended his career and public appearances, thereby pulling him off from the thoughts of fans.


Adam Sandler

Why hate him: Capitalization of racist jokes in his movie.

Many Native American actors dismissed and refused to continue in the New Mexico set of Adam Sandler’s The Ridiculous Six.

Scripted and directed in a shocking typical pattern of the popular actor/comedian, the western funny track allegedly named the cast members with offensive name titles like “Sits on Face”.

The actors weren’t happy with the lines like “How about after this, we go someplace and I put my peepee in your teepee?”

Warner Bros slipped away from the film and Netflix picked up the opportunity.

Sandler claimed the controversy as a misunderstanding and said The Ridiculous six is originally a “Pro Indian Movie” According to many it isn’t tasteful to portray such scripts in the movie.

Movies aren’t just for entertainment; it does hold a social responsibility. Moving away from society and going against the taste of the fans have definitely burnt the stardom of Adam Sandler.


Katherine Heigl

Why hate her: Her behavior of trash talk of her own roles and employers.

Heigl is a 2007 Emmy winner for her Grey’s Anatomy character.

The next year Katherine Heigl refrained from the Emmy race and she stated that She did not feel that she was offered any material that season which would warrant her to compete for Emmy nomination.

She also quoted “To maintain the integrity of the academy organization she withdrew herself from the contention.

As she bad-mouthed her producer with the above statements the production house in no wonder pulled her off the show.

Also to know, it wasn’t the final time she backbit her employers. While meeting the press for Knocked Up she stated that the movie was “ a little sexist”.

She added up saying it portrays women as shrews, humorless and uptight and paints men as goofy, fun-loving guys. She also revealed that she had a hard time on some days and spoke openly that she was playing such a bitch.

Though the actress made some fair points such criticism hurt her growth in the industry. People are now hesitant to hire her fearing her bold criticism.

She gained a bunch of fan following from Grey’s Anatomy and now they have all turned her down as she disrespected the beloved show.


Mel Gibson

Why hate him:  Stated to have made sexist and racist remarks against his ex-girlfriend and also threatened her.

The actor was loved continuously and grew high in career but his true character came to light only later. Shockingly Mel Gibson is a sexist and racist.

He was claimed to have to rant his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva with the n-word and also recorded of saying he expected her to be raped by a pack of n*ggers.

Gibson was also behind the bars for a DUI and it is also stated that he told a police officer that the Jewish community was responsible for all the violence across the world.

He is also claimed to have called a female police officer “Sugar tits”. Sexism and racism are definitely not appreciated in public, Gibson is the right example for it.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Why hate her: Totally out of reach from normalcy and life completely away from reality.

She has turned many people around her after she switched over to the lifestyle guru. Gwyneth Paltrow ‘s publication Goop is the storage of many jokes simply because of her highly sophisticated recommendations.

Her recommendations are absolutely not relatable to an average person. Shocking examples are $950 toilet paper, Gold dumbbells of 18k costing $125000 and toothpaste squeezer for about $244.

The hatred towards this Oscar-winning actress is so strong that she was voted as the Most Hated Celebrity in the world in a poll in 2013.

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