10 Laughable Stupid Things Romantic Couples Fight About

Couples Fight
Couples Fight

Oh Yeah !!! Couples do fight. Of course, you may or may not agree. Moreover, while some Couples Fight looks meaningful but others are ridiculously absurd and funny.

In addition, any sort of relationship a woman gets into pushes her into a delicate position. From deciding on the color of the curtains to the evening takeouts, a woman now has to consider other’s opinions.

Obviously, many times, that can produce one heck of a fight.

Therefore, Let’s discuss some cute but highly ridiculous 10 Stupid Things Romantic Couples Fight About.

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‘You Better Stop Choosing My Dress!’

As a matter of fact, nearly two-thirds of men reportedly allow their wives choose their morning attire.

On the contrary, these absolutely bossy wives dress their husbands in a distasteful manner. Moreover, they dress them in a way that makes them look incompatible with other potential mates.  As a result, the dressing looks frumpy and sexless and mostly contains shades of grey.

However, as the hubby tries to resurrect his position, he will be looked upon as an ageing dumber. Nevertheless, by the time he gathers all his confidence for the last minute burst, the next headache starts.

Therefore, deep-seated arguments manifest itself and the couples head for a finale on the wheelie bin day.


Leave This or Leave Me

The heated debate normally starts in instalments because women think that they are excellent at interior design. Moreover, when women say excellent it means they really mean turning your environment more feminine than you can manage.

Given that, men’s anger raises from the understanding that never in our lives will we be granted permission to stick Ferrari.


Mixing Spoon Trouble

The argument usually starts…

First, you better not use the mayo spoon to spread peanut butter from the jar. Moreover, the jar now contains mayo. On the contrary, peanut butter does not belong here.

What if the other partner does not like mixing peanut butter and mayo?

Identically, couples argue more on deciding what spoon to use for what mix?


She Nods Her Head “Yes” But….

Not to mention, women generally complain about

  • They are not able to meet the man of their choice and sadly settle for the second best
  • Guys who treat them harshly when they expect them to express love through their eyes
  • Men pushing women into dead-end relationships

But, guys, irrespective of caste, colour or nationality predominantly have only one complaint.

“She nods her head in agreement but only does what she wants”.

Moreover, women turn fussy when you confront her with this argument precursor,” You think you are right”?


The Sleeping Position

Well, you know, this one remains a pretty unfriendly argument. Likewise, if you love sleeping in a particular position, then swapping position could sound like a battle cry.

Additionally, you adore someone, and while sleeping you realise that they occupy the entire bed and leave you stranded.

Then, what do you invariably do with your partner?


Parenting Sucks Unless You Are Not A 12-time Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Not to mention, you want to gift your kids the items they prefer. And then your partner starts the argument, “You don’t spoil them”.

As a result, you better prepare a gift list and ask your partner to buy the most inexpensive items on the list. Therefore, never buy more than one fancy item if you don’t want your neighbours to have a gala time.

Kids fall under the top three most volatile fights that can spark anytime. Moreover, children can become a bone of contention even before they see the outside light.

  • Argument 1 – In the first place, you might fight whether to have kids or not.
  • Argument 2 – Secondly, if you and your partner decide to go ahead, the timing does spark an argument.
  • Argument 3 – But the argument still continues. Moreover, post-pregnancy, a fresh new bunch of arguments develop. Therefore, couples fight over child-rearing problems.

Overall, many of you will agree that one parent turns out “cool” while the other looks “authoritarian”.


Where’s My Oxygen Mask? Gas Chamber Torture

  • Scene 1 – You fall in love head over heels with your date.
  • Scene 2 – Not to mention, you and your girlfriend are so deep into each other. Then, one day, you discover the most mysterious secret of your life. She farts and farts and farts.
  • Scene 3 – A perfect recipe for a delectable fight. But couples who love each other do not mind farting together.

Happy Ending – Moreover, romantic couples who fart together, stay together !!!

Another interesting fight recipe includes trimming the beard in the kitchen.


What’s Cooking For Dinner?

Scene 1:

“What you like to have for dinner”?

“Anything’s fine.”

“Look, Chinese or Italian”?

“Your wish, my wish.”

“Well, then, let’s get fish and chips tonight”.

Scene 2:

After dinner, couples head to bed


Are You President or What?

When you expect her to Whatsapp you and she forget to do so, the next world war looms around.

The fight starts -“Are you president or what? You cannot spare a few minutes for me?”

And she, “I tried but got held up… and blah blah blah”

Finally, after some cajoling, you give up and it’s business as usual.

The reason: Honestly, when you don’t receive a reply at an expected time it’s more than enough to piss things off.


Car Audio or My Vocal Radio, What You Prefer?

While dating, both of you would remain gracious to let other control the car audio. But later, you realize that you have dated a ‘music deaf’ who switches songs every 10 seconds.

Moreover, you just feel like covering the dials with duct tape.

Finally, the battle turns hot when you just turn off the radio and start your vocal radio.

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