10 Sensational Facts About Kim Kardashian West – What You See Is What You Get?

Facts About Kim Kardashian
Facts About Kim Kardashian

Reality TV craze Kim Kardashian West has done it again! Only God knows how she pulls a media coupe every now and then.

The really hot star had already ruminated on things such as her love for hot rooms, how smooching a guy got her into trouble, and so on.

Also, Kim West loves trying out different beauty treatments. But, do you know what beauty treatment she would never try even if a gun is held to her head?

Without wasting any more time, let’s discuss 10 unknown facts about Kim Kardashian that every gossipmonger would love to hear time and again.

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Ray J And Sex-Tape

Well; do you remember how Kim Kardashian and Ray J took the internet by storm for all the wrong reasons? For newcomers, Ray J, singer, the reality star is the famous cousin of American rapper, singer Snoop Dogg.

In addition, Kim hogged the limelight for her 2007 hidden sex tape with Ray J, her boyfriend between 2003 and 2006.

Moreover, she received USD 5m for selling the footage to a private party.


Is It Real?

Firstly, is her breasts natural? Moreover, for a decade or so, Kim Kardashian West’s curves have become the main topic of discussion. From her breasts to butts, millions of her fans worldwide cannot believe that her beauty is all hers.

In addition, Kim Kardashian revealed that she’s not totally opposed to breast augmentation in the future but admitted that it has to wait until she’s done with having children.


Booty Beauty

Kim Kardashian revealed that the bulge on her booty was not due to implants but only because of her psoriasis treatment.

Furthermore, Kim admitted that butt injections are the only available option for her to treat the inflammation arising out of psoriasis until a better solution is found.


OMG! What The Hell?

Kim Kardashian West claimed that she and Kanye West had sex for more than 500 times daily before conceiving their second child, Saint West.

Wow, why are they so eager to raise the world population?


She’s Got Talent

When Hefner had a spark in 1953, he did raise a few eyebrows. But now, even after almost 60 years of active business, the very mention of the name ‘playboy’ still rocks.

Not to mention, in the “Top 10 Best Celebrity Playboy Bunnies” list Kim West who shot for Playboy in 2007, came behind, after Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson.


Kanye’s Wedding Gift To Kim

Uniquely, Kanye West presented Kim with a specially commissioned painting. Significantly, the painting was featuring Kim only in her thongs showing her back to the audience.

Moreover, the painting contains the title “Perfect Bitch” and “My Queen Kim” on the right and left the side of the canvas respectively.


Instead, ‘Shoot Me’

Kim Kardashian doesn’t mind doing bizarre things in her life but definitely not this damn ‘vampire facial’.

However, Kim West is apparently no outsider to trying out crazy beauty treatments and placing them on display.

Again, her most Instagrammed facial,  the one she will never try even if a gun is held to her head, the scary ‘vampire facial’.




What’s Vampire Facial?

A doctor will extract PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) from your own blood and then re-inject it into your body for attractive skin texture and tone etc.


The Moment To Cherish

Notably, Kanye West rented out a big basketball stadium, a private 50 piece orchestra for his romantic proposal.

Not to mention, the orchestra played Kim’s most favorite number, “Young & Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey while the screen behind the orchestra displayed the words, “Pleeease Marry Meee!!!”.


Detective Kim Kardashian

Sounds crazy!!! Kim recently revealed that she can easily smell and identify tooth decay without any instruments.

Moreover, she claims she can sniff that particular smell attached to the dental cavity with ease.


Sorry, You Gotta Wait

The ‘Walk of Fame’ spokesperson Ana Martinez strictly mentioned that they will only consider legitimate singers or actors.

However, Kim may be the most talked-about celebrity in the world but unfortunately, reality stars are not considered for the “Walk of Fame”.

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