10 Simple And Tested Ways To Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life

Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life
Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life

All in all, poor battery life issue affects almost all mobile phone users. On the other hand, a feel-good premium smartphone sells like hotcakes but lacks long-lasting battery life.

Of course, most of the mobile phone users ignore the battery until the mobile phone shuts down completely.

Overall, how you actually do the charging also matters. And let’s take a look at 10 simple ways to increase your phone’s battery life

This handy guide can help you understand what’s actually sucking your battery.

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Mobile Brightness

In the first place, mobile screens are getting bigger and appealing with each passing day. Some mobile phones have an amazing 1440 x 2560 screen resolution.

On the contrary, these displays look visually stunning but they kill our phone batteries. Not to mention, battery technology has not progressed as quickly as other areas of mobile penetration.

Therefore, decreasing the brightness of the mobile device will increase your phone’s battery life.

Moreover, avoiding automatic brightness settings helps because they are functioning round the clock. Likewise, leaving the phone in auto mode can drain the battery much faster than you expect.


Background Data

First,  to make sure you don’t miss any appointment or an email, the apps run continuously in the background. Moreover, this leads to data overages and battery drain.

Therefore, switching off unnecessary apps or un-installing less used apps can increase the battery life much longer.

How Can You Disable Background Apps?

For iOS Users

  • Click Settings
  • Select general
  • Then, click Background App Refresh

For Stock Android Users

  • Click Settings
  • Choose Data Usage
  • Now pick the app, scroll down and select “Restrict background data”

100% stoppage of all background apps(Android)

  • Choose three-dot present in the data-usage
  • Select “Restrict background data”

For Windows Phone 8.1

Search Data Sense app

For Blackberry 10 Mobile Users

  • Click Settings
  • Pick Security & Privacy
  • Now choose Application Permission
  • Change Run in Background permissions
  • Select any app you wish to disable in the background


Location And GPS Apps

Not to mention, are you aware that your mobile consumes more data because of location-based apps?

Location-based apps like Google Maps can steadily drain your phone battery.

Furthermore, using geotagging apps and GPS sparingly can extend battery life much longer. On the other hand, you can stop these features in the settings option.

Moreover, enabling Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth will increase battery discharge. So, you simply switch-on these services only when required.

Simple Steps to Disable Location Services

On an iPad or iPhone

  • Choose Settings
  • Now click Privacy and select Location Services
  • Then pick System Services

For Android Users (Stock)

  • Select Settings
  • Click Location

On Window

  • Select the Start button
  • Click Settings
  • Now tap location

On BlackBerry 10

  • Choose Settings
  • Pick Location Services


Playing Games And Streaming Video

Like display settings, streaming HQ videos can drastically reduce battery life by around 50 percent. Therefore, if you are away from any battery source for a long time, then avoid playing video games.


No Tower Or Service

For mobile users, wandering in a no tower or service area can be really irritating. Moreover, the mobile device becomes utterly useless if the internet connection looks weak or lost.

Many of you would have taken note that your mobile device battery drains much quicker because of the weak signal. For instance, the mobile loses power because it’s continuously searching for signal.

Quick tip – To save your phone battery, you better connect to a Wi-Fi signal or enable Airplane mode in no service area.


Turn-Off Push Notifications

A push notification refers to the alert message that suddenly pops up anytime while using the phone. In addition, the marketer can send this message at any time of their choice.

Most mobile phones are connected to at least one email and push messages are either received or fetched by them. Therefore, switching off push notifications can certainly improve battery life.


Use Fast-Charging Rarely

Fast charging incorporates a lot of technological improvement. However, fast charging definitely affects the battery’s longevity.

But, fast charging looks uber-cool and has already changed the way we use our phones. To sum up, we recommend that you use fast charging only sparingly. You buy yourself a good spare charger from a reputable manufacturer.


Switch Off Haptic Feedback And Vibration

Haptic feedback helps the mobile phone user know that a touch has taken place. It includes the application of latest waveforms and vibration patterns to send information to an end-user.

Moreover, we love the mild sensation while texting but they drain a big amount of battery power.

Therefore, switching off the haptic feedback option will increase the battery life for sure. Furthermore, you put your mobile in ring mode as much as possible as vibratory mode drains more power.


Move Out Of Sync-Mode

The minute you add a new e-mail id, Google offers to sync everything right from Google Photos to Google Play.

Notably, Google photos consume a lot of battery. How? In other words, when each and every time you click a photo, Google compulsorily uploads it for back up.

Therefore, persons who use their mobile as a digital camera will face the problem of quick battery dry-up.

How can you stop this?

Method 1

  • Click settings and search for your e-mail id placed under Accounts.
  • Now choose the account again to check sync settings and un-check items you prefer not to sync.
  • There Google Photos can also be un-selected

Method 2

  • Enter the Gallery app
  • Click Settings
  • Un-check Google Photos option


Uninstall Screen Widgets And Live Wallpaper If Any

Widgets are simple home screen aids that often helps in minor tasks. However, widgets are known to consume more battery. Therefore, if you wish to remove them, then do a long press and shift.

Instead, you would like to permanently delete them from your phone, choose the Google Play Store or Settings app.

Method 1 (How can you remove a widget?)

  • First, unlock the phone
  • Select the widget you want to remove
  • Gently, you tap and hold the required widget
  • Now, move it to the “Remove” area

Method 2 ( Uninstalling Widgets – Settings App)

  • Click Settings app
  • Select Application Manager or Apps
  • Click “All” section
  • Choose the widget to uninstall and click uninstall
  • Now select OK

Method 3 ( Uninstalling Widgets – Google Play Store)

  • Enter Google Play Store
  • Choose Google Play Icon at the top and select “My apps & games”
  • Pick all the apps you want to uninstall
  • Click Uninstall and select OK.

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