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Hunter Dogs – 10 Most Fascinating Hunting Dog Breeds

Hunting Dog Breeds
Hunting Dog Breeds

Wherever and whenever humans hunt with their best friends, a new relationship blossom that spans hundreds of years – the bond that stays mutually beneficial and intimate for the future generations to emulate and cherish. Normally, dogs, in general, are very alert and attentive to their owner’s beck and call. That too, hunter dogs are excellent in reading subtle cues and hidden body language. Dogs are man’s best (Gun) friend.

With their unique artistry and skills, a hunter dog’s passion, courage, and tenacity are acclaimed world-over. At present, when opportunities for hunting are scarce, most of these hunter dog breeds participate or compete in field trials or hunting programs, in order to keep their hunting instinct active and sharp.

Here, we have presented the best of hunter dogs that can teach a lesson or two to humans during a hunting expedition.

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Labrador Retriever – With “Never Say Die” Attitude

Quick Info

  • Must know details – The dog with the most number of registrations worldwide
  • Nickname/s – Lab
  • Weight – Male – 63 to 80 lbs; Female – 55 to 70 lbs
  • Height – Male – 22 to 24 inches; Female – 21 to 23 inches
  • Colors – Yellow, Black
  • Temperament/Attitude – Kind, Gentle, Mild nature, Intelligent, Easy going
  • Life Span – 10 to 14 years

Important Highlights

  • One of the most popular and well-known hunting dogs in America also called the Lab, is a retriever with an unparalleled track record.
  • Trained to become a sporting cum hunting dog, they are good at hunting waterfowl and excellent with upland games.
  • Officially recognized in 1903 in the UK, the Labrador Retriever garnered much appreciation during the second world war in the United States.
  • Known for their outgoing personality, active and friendly nature, they act as brilliant family companions.
  • Nowadays, Labrador Retriever is especially used in police services for emergency rescue operations.


German Short-Haired Pointer – The Companion

Quick Info

  • Must know details – Good in sniffing bombs and other hidden explosives, the US Air Force has employed a well behaved German pointer called as “Haus” for official duty.
  • Nickname/s – Deutsch Kurzhaar, Kurzhaar, DK, GSP
  • Weight – Male- 55 to 71 lbs; Female – 44 to 60 lbs
  • Height – Male – 23 to 25 inches; Female – 21 to 23 inches
  • Colors – Brown, Liver Roan, White and Brown, White and Black, White and Liver, Liver
  • Temperament/Attitude – Mischievous, Boisterous, Cooperative, Courageous, Intelligent
  • Life Span – 12 to 14 years

Important Highlights

  • A multi-purpose dog with all-around hunting skills, the German Shorthaired Pointers are ready for hunting expedition round the clock.
  • Mostly bred during the late 19th century for activities including hunting, trailing, retrieving, and pointing, GSPs are strong enough to handle any kind of activity and tasks.
  • Their eagerness to please, smart, friendly approach is world known.
  • Being a sporting dog by nature, the German Shorthaired Pointers can become dull and lethargic if proper exercise and training schedules are not supplemented with good nutritional diet.

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Brittany – The Athletic Dog

Quick Info

  • Must know details – Remember, Brittany dogs can turn destructive or neurotic since highly active dogs like them need more than just a walk in the park.
  • Nickname/s – Brittany Spaniel
  • Weight – Male – 31 to 40 lbs; Female – 31 to 40 lbs
  • Height – Male – 18.5 to 20.4 inches; Female – 18.1 to 20.07 inches
  • Colors – White and Orange, White and Black, White and Liver, Tri-color, Roan, and Piebald
  • Temperament/Attitude – Quick, Active and Attentive, Adaptable, Fun loving
  • Life Span – 14 to 16 years

Important Highlights

  • Named after the French region he initially originated, Brittany dogs are highly astute and clever.
  • High-spirit dogs like Brittany might suffer from any kind of mental stress or disorder if sufficient exercise is not daily provided.
  • Not like pit bulls, Brittany dogs do not respond supportively to any kind of harsh training or treatment, a mild approach is recommended.
  • Astonishingly smart and intelligent, Brittany dog is an ideal family companion and does not like to sit alone even for a brief period.
  • Their quick thinking skills combined with agility makes Brittany a super
  • Became popular in the United States after the Second World War, they are ideal for hunting cum sports activities.
  • Moreover, Brittany dog’s athleticism and intense energy levels project him as the best obedient field trial dog in recent history.

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Golden Retriever – The Flawless Dog

Quick Info

  • Must know details – Currently, the fifth-best admired hunting dog breed in the world as per registration numbers.
  • Nickname/s – Golden, Golden Flat Cost, Yellow Retriever
  • Weight – Male – 66 to 75 lbs; Female – 55 to 70 lbs
  • Height – Male – 22 to 24 inches; Female – 20 to 22 inches
  • Colors – Golden, Dark Golden, Light Golden, Cream
  • Temperament/Attitude – Kind, Confident, Friendly, Smart
  • Life Span – 10 to 12 years

Interesting Highlights

  • In early times, the Scottish nobles during the early 19th century bred Golden Retrievers solely for the activity of wildfowl retrieval, a well-known hunting sport those days.
  • To traverse the length and breadth of Scottish marshlands, Tweed Water Spaniel and retrievers were cross-bred to produce the now called Golden Retrievers.
  • With a natural inclination for water, soft gripping tendency, and keen arresting scent receptors, these hunting dogs are in no way inferior to their ancestors in terms of hunting skills.
  • Due to their trainability and versatility skills, they became every sportsmen’s favorite in the early 20th
  • Since 1904, Golden Retrievers are actively involved in field and hunting expeditions.
  • With friendliness, energetic attitude, and sharp intelligence, they are an ideal sports cum family dog.

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Boykin Spaniel – South Carolina’s Mascot

Quick Info

  • Must know details – The official state dog of South Carolina for more than 32 years and September 1st of every year is celebrated as Boykin Spaniel Dog Day there.
  • Nickname/s – LBD, Little Brown Dog, Brownie
  • Weight – Male – 31 to 40 lbs; Female – 24.2 to 35.27 lbs
  • Height – Male – 15.3 to 18.11 inches; Female – 14.1 to 16.5 inches
  • Colors – Brown, Liver, Chocolate
  • Temperament/Attitude – Eager, Cooperative, Active, Energetic,
  • Life Span – 14 to 16 years

Important Highlights

  • Formerly bred and raised by hunters from South Carolina, Boykin Spaniel dogs are distinctly uncommon hunter companions.
  • Starting as wild turkey hunting dogs in the beginning of 20th century, they have quickly turned into swift and fast thinking dogs due to their own intelligence quotient.
  • Boykin Spaniel’s ideal and short physique makes him a perfect hunting dog, with a near solid balanced gait normally seen in all-weather hunting dogs, the fur or coat provides the necessary camouflage.
  • One of the most loyal and friendly companion, Boykin Spaniel’s ability to switch effortlessly from hunting in the wet marshy South Carolina swamps to the duck marshes and dove fields is highly looked upon by dog lovers and hunter dog breeders.
  • In essence, an amiable cute little dog for outdoors, Boykin Spaniel is a treat to watch.

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Vizsla – The Four-Legged Hawk

Quick Info

  • Must know details – Several centuries ago, Vizsla dogs delivered messages during Great Wartime.
  • Nickname/s – Magyar Vizsla, The Hungarian, Velcro
  • Weight – Male – 44 to 64 lbs; Female – 40 to 55 lbs
  • Height – Male – 22 to 25 inches; Female – 21 to 24 inches
  • Colors – Red Golden, Golden, Golden Rust
  • Temperament/Attitude – Quiet, Energetic, Peace-Loving, Gentle, Loyal
  • Life Span – 12 to 15 years

Interesting Highlights

  • An esteemed hawking cum hunting dog in the medieval Hungary, Vizsla is also referred to as “Hungarian Pointer”.
  • With excellent retrieving and pointing abilities, they were trained as gundogs.
  • After reaching America, Vizsla’s hunting skills were sharpened to hunt waterfowl, rabbits, and take part in upland games.
  • Extremely enthusiastic, affectionate, and gentle, Vizsla’s are easily trainable and are known for their sportive skills.
  • Therefore, a good hunting dog and a natural companion for the family, Vizsla’s are highly devoted single owner dogs.

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English Setter – The Elite Hunting Dogs

Quick Info

  • Must know details – The markings found on the English Setter’s body is named after “Belton” village in England.
  • Nickname/s – Setting Spaniels, Laverack, Lawerack
  • Weight – Male – 65 to 80 lbs; Female – 45 to 75 lbs
  • Height – Male – 25 – 27 inches; Female – 23 – 25 inches
  • Colors – Orange Belton, Chestnut Belton, Liver Belton, Lemon Belton, Blue Belton, Tri-color
  • Temperament/Attitude – Hard-working, Intelligent, People-Friendly, Strong Willed, Energetic
  • Life Span – 10 to 12 years

Interesting Highlights

  • Initially bred as supreme bird dogs, the English Setter is one of the most enduring famous gundogs at present.
  • Their supreme sensing skills help them to locate the prey and wait patiently for their partner to take home the prized possession.
  • Known for their non-tiring hunting abilities, English Setters can turn any dull, boring day into a bright one with their energetic behavior and skills.
  • A generally friendly, surprisingly calm demeanor makes for an affectionate, quiet friend at home and bubbly hunting dog.

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English Springer Spaniel - A Pleasing Partner

Quick Info

  • Must know details – Many world-famous celebrities have English Springer Spaniel as their companion dogs including America’s former President George W. Bush. His dog is named as Spot.
  • Nickname/s – Springer
  • Weight – Male – 44 to 55 lbs; Female – 40 to 50 lbs
  • Height – Male – 18 to 20 inches; Female – 19 to 22 inches
  • Colors – White and Orange, White and Red, White and Black, White and Liver, White and Lemon, Tri-color.
  • Temperament/Attitude – Cheerful, Attentive, Active, Alert, Intelligent,
  • Life Span – 12 to 14 years

Interesting Highlights

  • The first set of English Springer Spaniel landed in America in the early 17th century and from then on they have made America their dream home.
  • As a matter of fact, spaniels were initially divided into Springers and cockers even though they were from the same old litter.
  • Appearing large in size, Springers were primarily used for retrieving and flushing game.
  • Later, these dogs were developed as friendly dogs from the Springer breed.
  • Known to be obedient, playful, and affectionate, Springers are highly regarded for their rear-drive ability, intelligence, stamina, and energy.

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Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - The Smallest Retriever

Quick Info

  • Must know details – Tollers are known for their ear-deafening high-pitch loud frantic bark.
  • Nickname/s – Toller
  • Weight – Male – 44 to 50 lbs; Female – 37.4 to 44 lbs
  • Height – Male – 17.7 to 21 inches; Female – 16.5 to 20 inches
  • Colors – Red Golden, Copper, Red
  • Temperament/Attitude – Loving, Alert, Intelligent, Patient
  • Life Span – 12 to 14 years

Interesting Highlights

  • As the name suggests, these dogs have the skill to lure all types of ducks during hunting.
  • Also known as the “Little River Duck Dog”, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is from the Nova Scotia region. They came into limelight during the start of 19th
  • These dogs are best appreciated for their decoy skills in hunting down waterfowls. Using their fluttering tails and skillful intelligence these dogs would draw the ducks outside their habitat and hunt them down.
  • At present, Tollers compete in various hunting competitions to exhibit their mettle.
  • The Little Duck Dog as they were previously called is very affectionate, outgoing, and brainy.

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American Foxhound – The Gritty Dog

Quick Info

  • Must know details – Virginia’s state animal; American Foxhounds were used by the noble and the elite to hunt Indians in the early 17th
  • Nickname/s – Foxhound
  • Weight – Male – 64 to 75 lbs; Female – 44 to 64 lbs
  • Height – Male – 22 – 25 inches; Female – 21 – 24 inches
  • Colors – Tan, Cream and White, Red, Blue, Tri-Color, White
  • Temperament/Attitude – Independent, Kind, Loving, Loyal, Sweet-Tempered
  • Life Span – 10 to 12 years

Interesting Highlights

  • They are extremely popular for their howls, bays, and musical voice which can be heard tens of miles away. Farm living is recommended for the American Foxhound dog types.
  • Known for their tolerance and gentleness, American Foxhounds enjoy the company of children, other dogs, and can move smoothly with cats with early socialization.
  • They are foodies and can gain weight if left without proper supervision and care.
  • American Foxhounds are amazingly active and requires no more than a couple of hours per day of activity.
  • They are prone to easy distraction, particularly by scents. Independent and stubborn by nature, obedience training will be quite tiresome with these American Foxhounds.

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