Top 10 Heartfelt Hugs That Made An Impression & Picked All Kind Of Responses

“A hug is the language of the heart” – Anonymous

How nice is hugging? We all need a hug or two to raise our spirits. Don’t we? Hugging refers to the process of acknowledging the physical presence of an individual.

Hugs also represent reunion after separation. Moreover, in simple words, hugging means “Expression of love beyond words”.

Medically analyzing, the largest organ in the body, skin collects every external data. Skin acts strongly as our body’s powerful defense right against the outside world.

Our lips, soles, and fingertips contain nerve endings to pick up all kinds of response. However, a hug creates complex reactions that make us feel good and warm our heart.

The neurochemical oxytocin helps to build trust that makes one feel warm and well all over. More than that, physical healing of wounds takes place much fast with the presence of oxytocin.

For example, the body shuts down painful memories and begins the healing process when someone offers a nice cuddly bear hug or receives one. The oxytocin chemical creates a feeling of safety.

How a hug affects two lives?

A person experiences a feeling of satisfaction and pride when they donate to a charity. Moreover, people respond with empathy when they see others in pain. This empathic person needs a hug like a wounded person.

Therefore, skin contact improves one’s overall well-being. So, open yourself to a hug every now and then.

The healing begins with an embrace and a touch.

Here, take a look at some of the best cordial hugs that have made a world of difference.

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Newborn Baby Hug That Helped Changed Medicine

Premature Twins Brielle and Kyrie born in 1995 weighed only 2 lbs at birth. Brielle struggled to live due to breathing troubles. A nurse placed both the babies in the same incubation device.

A miracle happened. Kyrie placed her arm around Brielle. Brielle automatically started to stabilize.

A media person photographed this spectacular event. The “Rescuing Hug” as it was called became world-famous.

Brielle survived because of the healing hug of Kyrie. This incident taught the medical fraternity the healing power of a hug.

Never underestimate a hug.


How Princess Diana Touched The Heart Of An AIDS Victim?

During the 80s, Aids/HIV petrified the world due to a lack of misinformation and understanding. Princess Diana acknowledged this fact with an open heart. Her work with AIDS victim proved this facet.

The Wales princess arrived at New York City’s Harlem hospital where hundreds of people waited to catch a glimpse of the Queen.

She arrived chic in a white blouse with a red wool suit. Diana was cheered by the doctors and staffs present there.

Princess Diana stroked and hugged children suffering from HIV. She visited Harlem hospital in New York City during her visit to America.

Diana picked up a seven-year-old AIDS victim and held him to her chest. Meanwhile, she asked him “Are you heavy?”. Princess’s Harlem hospital visit and its appalling collection of black children became the talk of America at that time.

This epic gesture of the Princess of Wales sent home the message that AIDS is not a communicable disease.


Juan’s Free Hugs That Inspired Millions

The free hugs phenomenon is all about offering hugs to a stranger. That too, in a public place. The hugs meant a lot to those who are in need of love and care.

The Free Hugs Month is celebrated every year in July (1st Saturday) and until first August.

Impact of the Free Hugs campaign became an anomaly in this digital age. Reeling under panic, the police banned this campaign after it started creating ripples across the city.

In 2004, Juan Mann, an Australian, started the concept of free hugs. He started it in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall. Mann was distressed completely because of a personal crisis.

He immediately got cardboard and a marker. Then, Juan picked a heavy junction in Australia. He stood there with the free hugs sign card. One by one, people started to accept his free hugs gesture.

This free hugs gesture spread like wildfire all across the globe. Following an outcry by some groups, this campaign came to an end in Australia.

Because of Juan’s initiative to spread love through hugs, this free hugs still continue to inspire millions across the globe.


The Hug That Kindled Passion On Both Sides

The performer and singer Sammy Davis Jr. hugged President Nixon in 1972. This historic event took place at the GOP convention.

The most remembered picture till date is the one in which Sammy Davis Jr. impulsively hugs Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon narrated the incident later. Both Sammy Davis Jr. and Richard Nixon are from poor families.

Richard Nixon knew about Sammy as the member of the Democrat. Sammy supported Nixon for President in the 1972 campaign.

However, the photograph of Sammy and Nixon embracing each other infuriated both the sides. The black press members, as well as Richard Nixon’s supporters, failed to digest this friendship.

Today, the Marine Memorial Stadium which witnessed this momentous event is in shambles.


Former American First Lady Hugs Queen Elizabeth

Michelle Obama did the unthinkable. She hugged Queen Elisabeth while she attending a glitzy reception at the Palace in 2009.

Michelle Obama met the queen a day before the reception. She delightfully attended the event with her husband.

In a pleasant surprise, within a few hours, Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth appeared to have struck a close bond. Moreover, she embraced the Queen before leaving the venue.

This move was considered a departure from a particular protocol when meeting Queen Elizabeth.

Later, both attended a reception at the palace. In that meeting, Mrs. Obama and Queen became close. As the pair inched closer, Queen Elizabeth placed her hand on Michelle Obama’s back and Michelle Obama reflected the gesture.

This rare camaraderie took the world by storm at that time.


Most Clumsy Hug In An American President’s History

The former White House media secretary Jay Carney received a warm hug from President Obama shortly after President announced Carney’s resignation.

President Obama entered the media briefing all of a sudden on 30th May 2014. His sudden announcement took everyone by surprise.

But what took everyone by surprise was the awkward hug. Jay Carney grabbed President’s elbow in a parting gesture while Obama embraced him.

Obama remarked it was hard to see Carney step down. Stepping down media secretary Carney brought exceptional but useful know-how to the job.

Carney previously covered the President’s House for the prestigious Time magazine.

Mr. Josh Earnest, the principal deputy media secretary succeeded Carney.


The Eye-Popping Hug That Made History

Addressing a gathering in Philadelphia in 2016, Barack Obama was all praise for Clinton. He remarked Hillary possessed all the qualities a leader would require.

When Obama basked in his emotional address, Hillary Clinton entered the stage. Then, Hillary and Obama started pointing towards one another in admiration.

Hillary peeked into Obama’s face, and she smiled a few words of appreciation.

The next step summed it all. Both, Hillary and Obama entered into a full and long-torso embrace. Following this, Clinton shortly rested her head on the President’s chest.

Everyone in the arena went berserk. The online media exploded with tons and tons of comments within few minutes.

Obama wanted Hillary to win badly, both for professional as well as for personal reasons.

Overall, the result proved otherwise for the Democrats.


Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

Hugging Day is considered as the perfect day to express love and affection. However, some celebrities let their fondness overpower them.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian celebrated the news of their pregnancy in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve.

The couple honored the new year with an ecstatic hug. But, a photo bomber cropped up with a third person in the picture.


Prince Williams And Catherine

The London Summer Olympics 2012 saw Duchess and Duke of Cambridge encouraging the home team.

The duo expressed their jubilation when the Great Britain cycling team won the gold medal. Kate appeared keen to blast off, but Prince William’s arms around her kept her grounded.

The couple’s hug looked odd but the couple relished every moment of that.


Leonardo DiCaprio And Vitalii Sediuk

The Ukranian personality and media reporter Vitalii Sediuk is known for harassing celebrities at awards ceremonies.

On various occasions, Sediuk gained access to otherwise prohibited areas using his press credentials. Sediuk denied that his behavior amounts to stalking.

Sediuk hugged Leonardo DiCaprio at a film festival on 6th February 2014. He concealed his face in Leonardo’s groin causing a huge embarrassment to the actor.

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