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How To Use Perfumes? – 10 Etiquette Tips To Smell Super Sexy All Day Long

How To Use Perfumes
How To Use Perfumes

How To Use Perfumes?  Aromatic Question! French designer Coco Chanel once mentioned that women must apply perfume only in those sections where she wishes to get kissed.

“You smell wonderful!” and god, when you receive such a compliment from any gorgeous women you drop dead.  And that’s exactly why smell matters, gentlemen.

Moreover, fragrance remains an integral portion of our style statement and it plays on people’s mind effectively.

Thankfully, proper etiquette tips for wearing perfume are available and we are happy to share it with you.

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What Are Perfumes Or Fragrances?

Perfume or fragrance consists of raw material extracts ranging from synthetic to natural sources.

In addition, perfumed oils are mostly dissolved in alcohol to retain a pleasant mix of scents. Hence, more fragrance means more oil concentration.

But, a perfume’s strength decides how long the scent lasts on your body. And also, you better remember that every perfume smells different on every individual.


Why People Apply Perfume?

Wearing the right scent will boost not only your confidence but also your attractiveness.

  • Makes you look appear magnetic According to a study, men use visual instincts to chose their lady while women use their nose. In general, women ’s noses are fine-tuned to detect male pheromones.
  • Connects people at a deeper level Of course, the smell remains the most powerful sense in the human body. Moreover, your eyes can gather only 7 million colors while the nose can detect at least 1 trillion odors.
    Finally, smell stimulates memories because the olfactory nerve directly touches the emotional brain in the body. Powerful, strong emotional connection means powerful, distinct scents.
  • Improves the overall Image The scent of an individual carries a special space in this world in both non-sexual and sexual encounters.
    Like, wearing a nice rich perfume or cologne increases the confidence sky high and make you smell a million bucks.

Overall,  wearing the right scent sends the right message.


What’s The Main Difference Between Cologne, Toilette, Perfume?

Generically, fragrances are also called as perfumes. It generally falls under these categories

  • Parfum – The most expensive and concentrated fragrance options. This consists of 20 to 30% of pure perfume essence. In addition, a single application lasts 24 hours. It’s oily in nature.
  • (Eau de Parfum) Perfume – Consists of 15 to 20% of pure perfume scent and lasts for 5 to 8 hours in general.
  • (Eau de Toilette) Toilette – Contains around 5 to 15% pure perfume concentrate dissolved in alcohol; lasts somewhere between 2 to 3 hours.
  • (Eau de Cologne) Cologne – Mainly used in North America and represents masculine scents. Fruity, fresh, and light, typically consists of alcohol content 2 to 4% in water and alcohol. Normally lasts for 2 hours.
  • Eau Fraiche – Represents the lightest version of fragrance and contains 1 to 3% perfume concentrate in water and alcohol. Eau Fraiche does not last more than an hour.


What Are The Various Types Of Perfume Notes?

The three different types of perfume notes are

  • Top Note
    • Consists of a lighter scent that hits you instantly after application.
    • Lasts somewhere between 20 mins to 125 minutes.
    • Flavors include cinnamon, aquatics, powdery scents, fruity scents, citrus, and floral
  • Medium Note
    • Showcases the perfume’s main fragrance
    • They emanate after the top note subsides and typically last between 3 to 5 hours
    • Main fragrances include clove, cinnamon, stone, grass, and jasmine.
  • Base Note
    • These notes determine the duration of the scent on your skin.
    • Normally lasts between 5 to 11 hours.
    • Some of the main base note fragrances are musk, tobacco, smoke, leather, tar, vanilla, moss, and sandalwood.


Men Vs. Women – How Can You Easily Identify?

Before moving further, let’s understand the major difference between male and female perfumes and how to identify them easily.

  1. Labels Most labels clearly mention whether the perfume belongs to male or female. Therefore, the gender-specific purchase looks quite easy.
  2. Scent factor Firstly, perfumers will not brew scents according to genders. For example, perfumers will create a new scent and later mix these scents with the primal scents to create a new scent profile. Finally, this newly developed scent profile will be labeled as men or women.
  3. Unisex scents – At present people prefer wearing unisex scents such as citrusy and fresh scents that reign supreme.

Well, known female perfume scents are fruity, fresh, floral, and all other light and sweet scents. Male perfume scents are leathery and strong, aromatic, musky, woody, earthy, and herbaceous


What Are The Different Types Of Perfume?

There are basically two types of perfume. They are

  • Niche Perfumes
    • Usually made using very high-quality materials or extracts.
    • Mostly created for selective customers by industry experts.
    • They are usually bought by someone who prefers to break the limits.
    • Priced anywhere between USD 50 to USD 1 m
  • Designer Perfumes
    • They are the ones you buy from malls or stores.
    • Designer perfumes are generally mass-produced, meaning they cost less than niche perfumes.
    • Made using cheap ingredients and are normally safe for mass consumption.


How To Select The Right Perfume (For Both Men And Women)?

The best technique is to wear the perfume your self and check whether it rightly matches your body odor.

Again, for more clarity, kindly take a look at these tips

  1. Just spray one scent (both wrists) and in case of four, spray on each inner elbow.
  2. Never use cards given by the shopkeeper as it will only showcase the top notes.
  3. In between smelling the different fragrance, refresh your palate using tea or coffee.
  4. You better smell all the notes. Overall, the scent will change in due course of time.
  5. Moreover, walk around the shop and smell the perfume at different time intervals. Make a note of it in your journal.
  6. So, go ahead and you simply buy something of your choice. Remember, selecting a perfume is not a one day task and multiple tries are not uncommon.


How To Apply Perfume?

Some simple tips to wear perfume for men

  • Wear less – People near you should love your perfume and not get overpowered.
  • Use properly – In case of Cologne, place one finger on the bottle and tip it gently. Then, you dab the cologne to other body parts.
  • Avoid wearing perfume on your clothes at any cost – Some perfumes may stain your clothes and it will not produce the desired results.
  • Never spray the perfume in the air – Spraying the perfume and walking through does not work because the content drops completely on the floor.
  • Do not rub it – Avoid rubbing it on your skin because you accidentally break the molecular cohesion. Therefore, the scent becomes weaker.
  • Re-use not more than twice – You can later add more depending on the scent and mostly later in the day.
  • Spray perfume on heat areas – Your body will absorb the scent and emanate a nice smell called as sillage. Start with any one of the body parts such as shoulder, inner elbow, forearm, wrist, lower jaw, neck, or chest. In the beginning, do not spray in more than one spot.
  • Start with a chest for first-timers – For first-timers, start with the chest area and slowly spray in other areas as you gain some experience.
  • Dry-skin – Use perfume only on dry skin, preferably after bathing, hold the perfume nozzle 7 to 15 cms away from your body.

How should women wear perfume?

There are various “Pulse spots” on the body containing blood vessels that are closest to your skin.  Moreover, these areas emanate fragrance into the air.

For best results, apply perfume to these areas

  • Inner elbows
  • Behind knees
  • Cleavage section
  • Behind earlobes
  • Near the base of your throat
  • Inner wrists

Simple tips to wear perfume for a woman 

  • In case of a rich solid essence, swipe it gently or simply spray and dab it on the right areas.
  • Never spray the perfume on-air and walk through as this will only waste the content on the ground.
  • Always spray perfume before wearing jewels or clothes.
  • Avoid spraying it on your clothes as some fabrics, pearls, or metals can retain a strain. If necessary, test it on your scarf first.
  • For applying perfume on the hair, you apply only to freshly rinsed hair. Finally, spray the perfume from the safe distance of 8 inches.


10 Best Perfumes For Women

  1. Chanel ‘Chance’ Spray Perfume – Intoxicating, fruity fragrance, and light
  2. Thierry Mugler’s Angel – Made using the unique scents of honey, vanilla, bergamot, and warm caramel.
  3. Hermes ’24 Faubourg’ – Earthy scent with top notes of ambergris, warm vanilla, white flowers.
  4. Chanel No 19 – A rich blend consisting of mosses, sandalwood, iris, rose, jasmine, etc.
  5. Viktorrolf Flower Bomb – Light scent of patchouli, cattleya orchid, rose, and jasmine
  6. Ja Malone London( Sea Salt and Wood Sage) – Brilliant notes of driftwood, sage, white musk, sea salt, and bergamot.
  7. Elizabeth and James – Consists of delicate sandalwood, vanilla, and violet accord.
  8. Versace Bright Crystal – Notes of the iced accord, lotus accord, magnolia, and peony.
  9. ‘Black Opium’ Yves Laurent Saint – Emanates notes of cedarwood, coffee, vanilla, pink pepper, and mandarin.
  10. La Vie Est Belle Lancome – Produces seductive notes, idle for women in search of romance.


10 Best Perfumes For Men

  1. Versace Eros – A perfect one for all occasions.
  2. “‘La Nuit De L’homme” Yves Saint Laurent – Exhibits a rich fragrance and balance between sweet and soft scent.
  3. 1 Million Paco Rabanne – Idle for all seasons and smells wonderful all day long.
  4. “Man Intense” Jimmy Choo – Called the “ Woman Chaser”; versatile with pepper and melon scents.
  5. Sauvage by Christian Dior – Simply perfume but definitely worth buying.
  6. ‘Le Male’ Jean Paul Gaultier – Stands out in the crowd and suits every bad boy.
  7. “L’Homme Ultime” Yves Saint Laurent – A steady blend of woody, fruity, and other blends for that perfect date.
  8. Homme Blue by Guess Seductive – A nice subtle scent that reflects a mood of sensuality and airiness.
  9. Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani – Let the ladies whisper over the top a guy smells.
  10. Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf – Received rave reviews for this sensual kind of fragrance; James Bond Style.

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