10 Awkwardly Hilarious Real Life First Date Disasters That Will Drive You Nuts

Real Life First Date Disasters
Real Life First Date Disasters

It’s true. Dating looks tough. Why? The bit of pizza clinging to your teeth which you didn’t notice, the small talk, the costume, and the nerves! OMG.

Moreover, as the digital revolution speeds ahead, things look a bit difficult. In addition, seeing exes suddenly in dating sites add more spice than we expect.

However, the best part of a comical and hilarious date is that it makes for a nice evening chit-chat.

Anyway, you better relax and enjoy 10 Awkwardly Hilarious  Real-Life First-Date Disasters that will drive you nuts.

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Unlimited Disaster

Guy – “ I met this gorgeous looking girl much younger than me at a party. We exchanged mobile numbers and she told me to meet her at her grandmother’s place.

I reached the address she gave and waited for her patiently with bated breath. She didn’t turn up.

Finally, I realized she had set a date for me with her Grandmother.”


Great Escape! Thank God!

Girl – “On my first date, I met a guy who liked me a lot. Then all of a sudden, he turned weird. Apparently, he dropped something while I was sipping my cup.

More than that, he made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t know what to do. I bluffed that I’m going to the toilet and rushed home in a cab.”

After 30 minutes the boyfriend gets worried and calls the girl. The girl’s reply, “ You thought I meant the toilet at the restaurant? But, I referred to the one at home” and hangs the call.


The Guy Who Made Me Laugh

Girl – “ I went out with a guy for a movie. The ticket price was USD 1. He bought my ticket and in total seriousness “ Since you are going to be my better half, it’s enough you just return 50 cents.”


It’s All In The Family

Girl – “I knew a guy from high school and one day went on a date with him. Initially, while in school, he appeared artistic, brooding, and reserved.

Moreover, I still hoped he was like that. When we actually met at a local bar, he came across as a hipster.

Not to mention, he earned handsomely. Initially, we exchanged details from our past lives and all of sudden he started talking seriously. He opened up about his personal details: mental illnesses, alcoholism, diabetes, etc.

When I confronted him-why are you telling me all this?”

Guy -” Well, tomorrow when we have children anyway you should know right”

Girl -“ Children? Are you kidding? I’m yet to finish my first drink.”


The First And Last Date

Girl –  “I met a guy on a blind date. Not to mention, he turned up late, dirty. During the course of the conversation, we shared personal details.

Then, he expressed his favourite passion- performing autopsies. After that, I left town and never met him again.”


Are You Serious?

Girl – “We met at a friend’s place and he lodged his phone on the table. It was absolutely covered in tape.  Obviously, I asked him what’s up? He said that the F.B.I is always listening.”


The Right Gu(a)y!

Girl – “I was waiting at the restaurant and the bearer suddenly turned his attention towards my date and asked,” When did you turn straight? You did not behave abnormally last night”.


Never Leave Me Alone

Guy – “I first met a girl on a blind date. When I entered the bathroom she immediately messaged me “ I Miss You”. The date was over and I never met the girl again.”


Why I Badly Missed The Google Maps?

Girl – “I’d just relocated to London and met this guy in a bar on a date. He bombarded me with questions and before I could finish one, he came up with another.

Depressed, I ended up drinking a hell lot and abruptly left the bar. I did not know how to reach home and this happened well before Google Maps was launched.

As a result, I ended up calling my true friend who guided me home safely.”

Moral of the story- Never drink too much when you are new to a place.


Wine - Walk

The girl meets a guy from Tinder and they both decide to meet at a nice premium bar. The girl shows up and the guy refuses to have any drink.

Then,  both of them decide to take a walk and they end right outside the guy’s door.

The guy’s date invite read- “You look like your photos!’ I didn’t end up going in with him… or replying to future texts.”

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