10 World’s Highest Paid Male Athletes

Highest Paid Male Athletes
Highest Paid Male Athletes

Of course, being very good at sports or games has benefits beyond staying first in class, billions of them.

Sure, professional male athletes earn big bucks and with enormous player contracts, business ventures, and endorsement deals.

Not to mention, all these highest paid male athletes have a tremendous treasure trove of skill and talent.

Keeping this in minds, let’s learn more about the top 10 World’s highest-paid male athlete.

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Floyd Mayweather

  • Age – 41 years
  • Country – The United States
  • Endorsements – USD $ 10m
  • Take home earnings – USD $ 275m
  • Source of income – Boxing
  • Residence – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Agent – NA

Firstly, Floyd “Money” Mayweather ranks consistently among the top five highest-paid male athletes. Even this time, he is the highest-earning male athlete for the majestic fourth time.

In fact, he earned a record-breaking USD $ 275m in the boxing ring fighting against Conor Mcgregor.

Additionally, he earned another USD 10m outside the boxing ring as sponsorship deals and endorsements.

He owns the fastest street-legal car, Koenigsegg Agera RS and this American billionaire has every reason to celebrate in grand style.

Interestingly, the fight, pitting some of the biggest names in UFC and boxing, produced USD 4.3m.

In short, Mayweather collected three times more than McGregor as a promoter and as the “A” part.

Unfortunately, McGregor had to share his earnings because his contract with UFC still stands true.

The fight escalated his earnings to USD $ 1.0b, joining Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.

Mayweather Contracts and Endorsements

Mayweather increased his 2017 earnings with rich sponsors and deals with Tequila Avion and Hublot.


Lionel Messi

  • Age – 30
  • Country – Argentina
  • Endorsements – USD $ 27 m
  • Take home earnings – USD $ 84 m
  • Source of income – Soccer
  • Residence – Castelldefels, Spain
  • Agent – Guillermo Marin

As a matter of fact, the June born celebrity, Lionel Messi completed the 2017 season with around 45 goals in major tournaments. Indeed, in November 2017, Messi accepted a deal extension with Barcelona till 2020-2021 seasons.

For this purpose, Messi will be paid around USD $ 80 m.

Messi’s contract and endorsements

Messi has already signed a big endorsement with Adidas for an unspecified sum. His other deals include Hawkers, Huawei, Ooredoo, Pepsi, and Gatorade.

Messi Experience Park, a special theme park is under progress in Nanjing province of China.


Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Age – 33 years
  • Country – Portugal
  • Endorsements – USD $ 47 m
  • Take home earnings – USD $ 62 m
  • Source of income – Soccer
  • Residence – Madrid, Spain
  • Agent – Jorge Mendes

In the first place, Cristiano scored 44 goals in around 43 matches and won the Ballon d’Or for the fifth time.

Particularly, Ronaldo’s present contract with the Spanish football powerhouse Real Madrid will add over USD $ 50 m. In fact, his contract with “Nike” is worth more than USD $ 1.0 b.

Ronaldo’s contract details

His contract list includes the likes of American Tourister, EA Sports, Herbalife, along with a fascinating list of branded products.

Overall, a taste of his popularity, Ronaldo’s fan following on social media has crossed 322 m. This superstar footballer owns a bunch of very costly cars.


Conor McGregor

  • Age – 29 years
  • Country – Ireland
  • Endorsements – USD $ 14 m
  • Take home earnings – USD $ 85 m
  • Source of income – Mixed Martial Arts
  • Residence – Kildare, Ireland
  • Agent – Audie Attar

Notably, Conor McGregor, UFC’s biggest fighting sensation last stepped into the Octagon in November 2016.

However, he earned a record-breaking pay to date cheers to a match with Mayweather in 2017.

Not to mention, McGregor pocketed a whopping USD $ 85 m almost five times in excess of his normal paycheck.

Interestingly, the fight garnered USD $ 4.3 m PPV buys and also generated around USD $ 550 in total revenue.

Conor McGregor’s endorsement and deals

The Irishman cornered a bunch of deals with the noise around his bout with Mayweather. At present, his sponsors are Betsafe, HiSmile, Anheuser-Busch, BSN, David August, and Monster Energy.

Additionally, his digital properties also generate cash.



  • Age – 26 years
  • Country – Brazil
  • Endorsements – USD $ 17 m
  • Take home earnings – USD $ 73 m
  • Source of income – Soccer
  • Residence – Kildare, Ireland
  • Agent – Wagner Ribeiro

The Brazilian wonder footballer Neymar won a major contract with the French club Paris Saint-Germain in 2017. According to sources, this contract was worth around USD $ 600 m.

In this case, Neymar ’s former club Barcelona was paid USD $ 250 m. In fact, the remaining amount of USD $ 350 m will be disbursed until his contract ends on June 2022.

Neymar’s Global Sponsors

Meanwhile, his sponsors include Beats by Dre, McDonald’s, Gillette, Red Bull, and Nike. Another key point, Neymar became the first footballer to have his specially made Air Jordan sneakers.


LeBron James

  • Age – 33 years
  • Country – United States
  • Endorsements – USD $ 52 m
  • Take home earnings – USD $ 33.5 m
  • Source of income – Basketball
  • Residence – Akron, Ohio
  • Agent – Rich Paul

LeBron James has participated in more than eight NBA Finals. During last season, he crossed 30,000 career points and also broke Michael Jordan’s long-standing record.

He also has top deals with companies like Blaze Pizza, Intel, Kia Motor, Nike, and Coca-Cola (Sprite). In addition, James’ Nike shoes are selling like hot cakes among active basketball players.

LeBron James Income Source

At present, he owns two companies, Uninterrupted and SpringHill Entertainment. Other than this, James owns around 2% stake in the English football side, Liverpool.

Philanthropic Activities

Probably, LeBron James’ greatest contribution includes his foundation efforts to open its own elementary school this year.


Roger Federer

  • Age – 36 years
  • Country – Switzerland
  • Endorsements – USD $ 65 m
  • Take home earnings – USD $ 12.2 m
  • Source of income – Tennis
  • Residence – Bottminger, Switzerland
  • Agent – Tony Godsick

The greatest living tennis superstar added another two titles to his tally, now bringing his titles tally to 20.

Amazingly, Federer reached number one ranking for a brief time in 2018. He has earned USD $ 116 m by playing tennis, but his off-court endorsements contribute handsomely.

Not to mention, Lindt and Nenz recently renewed their deal with Roger in 2017.

In addition, Barilla, a pasta brand signed a deal worth USD $ 40 m with him last year. Rogers’ partners include NetJets, Sunrise, Moet & Chandon, Jura, and Rolex to name a few.

Another key point, his foundation has collected around USD $ 40 m with the sole aim to educate poor children in Africa.


Stephen Curry

  • Age – 30 years
  • Country – United States
  • Endorsements – USD $ 42 m
  • Take home earnings – USD $ 35 m
  • Source of income – Basketball
  • Residence – Alamo, California
  • Agent – Jeff Austin

Stephen Curry, two-time MVP, became the first player to sign USD $ 200 m contract last year. As a result, Curry will earn USD $ 201 m from the  Golden State Warriors. Also, his earnings tripled last playing season.

Stephen Curry’s Endorsements and Deals

Curry’s endorsements partners include JBL, Bubble, Brita, eHi, Vivo, and Chase and produced USD $ 42 m. Entertainment giant Sony Pictures signed a multi-year deal with Stephen in 2018.

Additionally, Unanimous Media, promoted by Peyton, Jeron Smith, and Curry, will produce TV projects in near future.


Matt Ryan

  • Age – 33 years
  • Country – United States
  • Endorsements – USD $ 5 m
  • Take home earnings – USD $ 63 m
  • Source of income – American Football
  • Residence – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Agent – Tom Condon

Matt sealed a deal with Falcons for around USD $ 30 m through 2023.  Importantly, the agreement created new records for signing bonus (USD $ 46.5 m) and guaranteed money (USD $ 100 m).

In fact, Ryan secured the 2016 MVP award; the Super Bowl and MVP earned him more respect among sponsors.

Ryan’s Deals

Matt’s endorsement deals include Banana Republic, Benz, IBM, Delta Airlines, and Nike.


Matthew Stafford

  • Age – 30 years
  • Country – United States
  • Endorsements – USD $ 2 m
  • Take home earnings – USD $ 58 m
  • Source of income – American Football
  • Residence – Detroit, Michigan
  • Agent – Tom Condon

Remarkably, Stafford’s deal last year showed his marketing prowess. In fact, the 5-year deal ensured around USD $ 60.5 m guaranteed income with a total value of USD $ 135 m.

Furthermore, the bonus deal included an advance payment of USD $ 34 m. Bear in mind, he remained the best choice in 2009 and in 2014 a Pro Bowler.

Another important point, Stafford became the fastest to reach 3000 completions in 125 games.

Stafford’s deals

Matthew endorses St. Joe’s Hospital, Panini, Ford Motor, Blue Cross, Fanatics, and Nike.

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