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10 Remarkable Health Apps That Will Guide Your Way To Overall Well-Being

Health Apps
Health Apps

Many people have rebuked the mushrooming of health apps and thus the phones too, naming them responsible.

Of course, there are plenty and plenty of apps that promise to improve our health including general wellness.

Moreover, most of the available apps on the internet share a common objective: to move your butt off the couch.

So, immediately ditch your digital detox and download these 10 best Smartphone apps to drive your way to fitness.

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Why you should use Niix.Fit?

In fact, Niix app works under the concept that women should spend quality time on fitness and not hours together to get fit. Also, blending cardio and pilates, this unique fitness workout last not more than half an hour.

USP of Niix.Fit health app

Moreover, a library menu consists of all the fitness schedule available for training or one can use the “Method programme”. In addition, the “focus” section deals with core toning, and post-pregnancy workouts.

Merits of Niix.Fit

The most vital aspect of this app remains the point that everything is available in detail. Furthermore, starting a fresh fitness programme can look a daunting task but for beginners, tutorial videos are available.

Where can I get it?

Firstly, you better try the free trials and further versions are available for download via the Google Play and App Store. Current price- £ 9.99 per month.


My Possible Self

How My Possible Self-app can make a difference in your life?

This app focuses on reducing the strains and stresses ringing in your head or in your life. Since the concept of mental wellbeing is becoming more and more important with each passing day, download this app for a stress-free life.

How this app actually works?

This app contains features such as “Modules” and “Moments” along with the intelligence to check signs for change. Moments-  Moments feature permits you to document your experiences, feelings, and thoughts through notes and photos.

Next, these notes are then linked with an emotion. Modules – They contain clinically proven therapies ranging from problem-solving therapy, interpersonal therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Important features of this app

  • Modules for anxiety and fear management
  • Instructions for handling major life changes and personal loss
  • Building wellbeing and happiness
  • Provides a personalized experience
  • Also, this My Possible Self-app includes blog posts on various topics

Merits of My Possible Self

The app helps us manage our daily life with better clarity and also teaches us to lead a happy life.

Where can I get it?

You can get this app from the company website or via Google Play or App Store. Moreover, individual subscriptions are available at £ 60 for one year.


Activ5 app

Buckle up folks, the next best health app is waiting for you here.

Why should you download the Active5 app right now?

This small device and app involves muscle contractions and squeezing to guide you perform moves working out the entire body. Wow!!! The workouts don’t last more than five minutes at a stretch.

Sounds suspicious right? But, the research says that participants improved their body strength by almost 30 percent in less than 45 days.

How does the Active5 app work?

It’s a cute, modern device that’s not more than the size of your palm. In fact, this device when paired with the app is squeezed or pressed for strength training.

Just download this app, ‘On’ the device and practice the 5-min schedule- you can select from lots of modules.

Some of the available modules include-

  • Butt Burner
  • Awesome Abs
  • Pilates or Yoga
  • Get Toned
  • Get Strong
  • Lower Body
  • Upper Body

Merits of Activ5 app

This app works well even on the move. Moreover, each and every workout involves a different variation of your body part. Another point is that one can use this app anywhere anytime on the go without getting sweaty.

Where can I download this app?

Even though it’s pretty expensive, you can buy this app for £119.95 (price subject to change) on the internet.



Named as the “Pocket Trainer”, this app provides personalized training. Amazingly, this app has around 20 million customers worldwide and is excitingly created to help you manage all your fitness goal.

How does this app work?

The app shows various types of HIIT workouts that one can do anytime, anywhere and all you need – just a 2 X 2 mts of space. Also, this app contains different types of variations. In addition, the app includes training instructions and video tutorials.

Furthermore, this app also features a bespoke training programme that can be customized to meet your preferences and goals. Also, the Freeletics app will track your progress and provide different types of workouts.

Overall, this app can also guess whether you are at the risk of injury or not.

Merits of Freeletics

The app shows your local training choices and thereby help you connect with other fellow trainers IRL.

Where can you get this app?

In general, some portions such as Nutrition, Gym, Running, and Freeletics Bodyweight are available as a free download. However, customized training cost starts at not less than £12.99/ month.


Boxx App

The last year sensational hit “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran featured boxing as the main point. So, are you bit pumped about starting straight into a class?

Well, stop worrying. This app is an online medium created to display the best boxing exercises from the sweet comfort of their place.

How does Boxx app work?

Boxx blends lightweight and shadowboxing and the company states that this app is created to be effective, fun, and swift. Not to mention, “The Boxx” app is divided into various sections- strength training, boxing, and cardio.

Moreover, a nutritional section contains downloadable recipes for the convenience of the user.

Merits of The Boxx Method app

The boxing fusion, the apps resistance band are some of the highlights of this app.

Where can you get this app?

This free app is available for download (App Store) and the subscription pack starts from £9.99.


Asana Rebel

Berlin-based “Asana Rebel” combines interval training with yoga, creating the best workout regimen. Furthermore, it’s as invigorating and soothing as it strengthens the muscles, burning fat, and increasing flexibility.

How does Asana Rebel app work?

Using the cardio sessions, one can repeat the Asanas with very short relaxation periods. Especially, strength workouts include a different set of Asanas for at least five breaths.

The user can also pick the duration, the music, and the workout of his/her choice. Also, an expert’s voice instructs you through. In addition, Asana Rebel features programmes mainly created for goals ranging from busy mothers, core strength, and fat burn.

Merits of Asana Rebel Apps

All the training schedules are downloadable and the sense of satisfaction this app provides is simply outstanding.

Where can you get it?

Asana Rebel costs around USD 16. 98 for 90 days and available for download from the Google Play and App Store.


Natural Cycle

An interesting app, this is the first app to be given the status of a contraceptive. With more than 6,00,000 followers, Natural Cycle helps in managing pregnancies and also tracks fertility.

How does this app work?

Pinch yourself, this app sounds very nice to be true. Also, this app functions by detecting a woman’s fertile days and ovulation period.

Interestingly, this app takes into account several factors such as sperm survival, cycle troubles, period, and temperature.

Just download the Natural Cycle app and include your weight and height measurements and then pick your choice.

Merits of Natural Cycle App

This app puts a full stop to invasive hormones and the current contraceptive options are not that great.

Where to find this app?

This app is available as free download and payment options can also be availed for more features.


Digital Pharmacist App

Not to mention, if there’s a person who can rightly decipher a doctor’s handwriting, then it’s got to be the pharmacist. Can you suggest an app that allows a user to communicate easily with a bunch of pharmacists online?

In short, this Digital Pharmacist app does this with ease.

How does it work?

This app reduces the burden of a patient by making medical information go digital. Equally important, the app does include digital solutions and cloud storage for pharmacies.

Merits of Digital Pharmacist

This app enables hassle-free communication between the pharmacists and the end-user.

Where to find this app?

Digital Pharmacist can be downloaded from the iTunes Apple store.


Sleep Time

In general, sleep plays an important role in a person’s overall well-being.

How does the Sleep Time app work?

Sleep Time works wonderfully. Not to mention, this Sleep Time app incorporates a complex algorithm to gain more information on your daily sleep patterns.

Merits of this app

This app monitors all your postures while you are sleeping. Especially, the alarm feature wakes you up only when you are ready and not during very deep slumber.

Where can you get this app?

You can visit Play store Google and Apples iTunes for free download.


Fitness Buddy

Mainly suitable for overall fitness tracking, Fitness Buddy ensures searching for meals and workouts as simple as possible.

How does Fitness Buddy app work?

Firstly, the user feeds his current body information. Then, there are different levels to choose from depending on the user needs. The options include overall wellness, weight loss, and muscle build programmes.

How does it work?

While choosing an option, the user generally picks top rated routines, home or gym. In addition, home workouts also include stretching, cardio, and strength.

Merits of this app

In this app, you can mark individual training exercises and they all carry simple visuals and instructions.

Where to find this app?

Visit Android or iOS stores for free download.

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