10 Most Haunted Places – Ready For A Bone Chilling Experience?

Most Haunted Places
Most Haunted Places

All haunted places in the world speak a freakish and downright terrifying history.

Are you possessed? Hope, you are not.

So, are you ready to believe in ghosts? Moreover, irrespective of your opinion about ghosts, there are millions of people around the world who still share a fascination for the dark world.

Not to mention, the experience one would get visiting these places will remain the most fascinating insights of their life.

From eerie places to spine-chilling dark alleys, let’s take a look at some of the most popular haunted places in the world.

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Pluckley Village - Kent (England)

As a matter of fact, previously, the Guinness Records had a special category for “Most haunted place in the United Kingdom”. Yes, Pluckley was the reason.

So how did Pluckley earn this moniker?

It’s mostly related to the village’s residents to ghost ratio, with a population of 1069 people.  Moreover, as per Guinness records, this village has around 12 to 16 ghost residents.

You are right, one spooky spirit for every 90 residents.

Some of the famous ghosts’ of Pluckley:

  • The hanging schoolmaster
  • The White Lady
  • The Red Lady

Most popular of these are the Watercress Woman, who’s said to spook Pinnock Bridge. In addition, Pluckley also features the Black Horse, a haunted old pub amongst other haunted things.


Eastern State Penitentiary - America

Constructed in 1829, this prison complex had hosted America’s most wanted criminals Al Capone and Willie Sutton amongst others.

As per reports, this was the first prison in America to encourage solitary confinement or popularly called as “Pennsylvania System”.

Prisoners, in fact, would be totally left alone or isolated in this prison. Moreover, when a prison inmate left his block, the authorities would place a black hood so that he would still remain in confinement.

However, till the 70s this prison remained as a regular prison but was abandoned soon.

Due to its gory and dark past, many paranormal activities have been associated with this prison. Some of the occurrences that crest above the scariest movies:

  • Irregular footsteps and sounds of someone breaking the door have been regularly reported.
  • Many persons have reported having seen ghost-like images in block number four.
  • Reports of black shadowy figure that hides when approached.


Amityville - New York

The house located in Amityville, an elegant and posh locality in New York reported a horrific murder in 1974.

In this case, a 23-year-old youth shot dead all the members of his family including his younger sisters.

However, about a year later, Lutz family moved into this house after buying it at a price of USD 80,000.  But the most terrific thing is yet to come.

Some famous paranormal reporting

  • It’s reported that when a priest went to Amityville for a blessing, he heard a strange voice asking him to leave the place immediately.
  • Also, the family staying there reported strange happenings such as green slime oozing from the walls.
  • Amazingly, Lutz stated that he wakes up at 3:15 am daily which was also the time Ron DeFeo murdered his family members.

 What happened next?

  • After the investigation, both Kathy and George proved their innocence by passing the lie detector test.
  • Ron DeFeo, the man behind the ghastly murders had stated that he was asked by a voice to wipe out his entire family.


The Doll Island - La Isla de la Muñecas (Mexico)

The island of Dolls as it is widely known is considered as one of the creepiest places in Mexico’s Xochimilco region. Many believe that this place caters to the soul of a girl who passed away very young.

Currently, this island contains hundreds of dolls, mostly mutilated. Their black eyes, decapitated heads, and severed limbs hung on trees appear horrific even during the day.

How this island became spooky?

Firstly, the narrative behind this island’s past looks quite interesting. In 1950, this place was under Don Julian Santana, the only resident of this island. One day, he discovers a girl floating in a canal but Don Santana could not save the child.

Shortly, he happens to find a doll and he hangs it in memory of the dead girl. However, Don realizes that a single doll cannot please the girl’s tortured spirit. And from that day he decides to hang all the dolls, he finds on the island.

Particularly, when he passed away in 2001, he had hung around 1500 dolls.

Current Situation

Anastasio, Don’s cousin is the present caretaker of this island. Amazingly, he too believes that the little girl’s spirit is still visiting the island warranting that the dolls be never touched.


Kisiljevo - Serbia

A Serbian village called as Kisiljevo is leaving no stones unturned to boost the image of their village as the world’s first vampire village.

At present, the unmarked grave belonging to a peasant Petar Blagojevic who passed away in 1725 attracts tourists from all parts of the globe.

According to folklore, Petar came back alive after his death only to torment neighbours and family. However, local experts state that the authenticity of this story cannot be ruled out since Frombald, a monarch has recorded this incident.

How it all ended?

As per newspaper reports, horrified villagers asked the king at that time to investigate the matter.

Later, the king exhumed Petar’s body and found that his nails and beard were growing. He then ordered a Hawthorne stake and stabbed the body with it. As expected the killings stopped from that day.

In essence, at present, the Srebrno Jezero village resort located close by is hosting a lot of tourists from all parts of the world.


Poveglia Island - Italy

Poveglia, a small island located between Lido and Venice has earned the moniker, “Italy’s most haunted place”.

Earlier, in the 14th century, this island was a quarantine destination where many Venetians breathed their last.

After few centuries, in the 1800s, this island shined as a mental asylum where scores of terminally ill were reportedly tortured. Furthermore, from the mid-50s to 1975, Poveglia Island served as a geriatric hospital.

Current Situation

Even local fishermen are also apprehensive to visit this Island fearing the curse of the dead souls. Overall, many supernatural experts have claimed to have captured spine-chilling voices and screams in this island.


Aokigahara Forest - Japan

This forest located at the base of Mount Fuji looks like a page torn straight from the “Blair Witch Project”.  In other words, the suicide forest not only appears dull and spooky but really is haunted according to some eyewitnesses.

Furthermore, people often find dried up body parts or clothing while travelling through “the sea of trees”.

Notably, each year Japanese authorities remove close to a 100 bodies found inside this dense forest.

As per reports, Aokigahara features a prominent say in Japanese mythology with believers reporting the presence of Yūrei or troubled spirits.

Some of the supernatural events reported from this place:

Nailed doll’s curse – According to Azusa Hayano, a regular visitor to this forest, a doll nailed upside down means the person who committed suicide has left behind a curse.

Moreover, people who commit suicide in a fit of rage usually leave behind some message for the society at large, according to Hayano. Well, in this case, it’s a curse.

You are not alone – Once you are inside, GPS and compasses normally do not work due to iron deposits.  In particular, for this unique reason, those entering this suicide forest will carry a tape to find their way back.

For instance, as per reports, some years ago a woman claimed that someone had deliberately cut her tape leaving her to roam the forest in fear.

Eventually, she found her way out but the question that still remains unanswered till date – Who cut her tape?

In essence, people entering this forest will definitely pass through the signboard urging them not to end their lives.

In spite of that, the number of people committing suicide by hanging is still alarming.


Stanley Hotel - Colorado (“The Shining” movie hotel)

Time might have snatched the Stanley from this earth, but according to some, they are still roaming the corridors of Stanley Hotel, Colorado.

In addition, haunted reports have been recorded since 1911 when Ms Wilson survived an electric shock.  The room number 217 where this event supposedly took place still attracts heavy bookings even in the lean season.

Not to mention, down the years, every single place in this iconic hotel has reported some sort of supernatural activity. They include unpacked clothes being left in suitcases, lights turning on without any visible human presence, sounds of small children giggling etc.

How the movie “The Shining” further popularised Stanley’s haunted history?

Terrific and spell-binding horror story writer, Stephen King and his wife, Tabitha checked into Stanley in 1973.  Interestingly, they were the only ones who spend the night at the hotel.

As a matter of fact, this celebrity couple checked into the most wanted room – room number 217.

The inspiration behind “The Shining”

It’s been reported that King encountered some supernatural events the night he stayed at the hotel.

And, the iconic novel, “The Shining” was supposedly based on these inspired events.


Monte Cristo Homestead - Australia

The place – a nice looking Victorian building, containing intricate artwork, constructed by Christopher Crawley in 1876. Also, Monte Cristo Homestead is also known as “Australia’s most haunted place”.

How Monte Cristo Homestead became haunted?

After Crawley passed away in 1920, Elizabeth, his wife never left the house on more than two occasions before she died.

Certain paranormal activities have been sighted in this house where Elizabeth’s ghost is said to roam even now.  And, an eyewitness account speaks of an unknown ice-cold chill passing through the house at odd times.

Furthermore, people believe that this place is haunted by many other ghosts including the ‘suicide’ maid, a mental patient who was chained for 40 odd years and so on.

Still a new age sceptic?  Then, plan a trip to Australia today.


Nidaros Cathedral - The Blood Sucking Monk

Trondheim, one of Norway’s most picturesque city hosts one of the largest and oldest stone churches in the country.

However, several generations of churchgoers have witnessed the blood-sucking monk roaming the altars freely.

As per media reports, one eyewitness, a bishop’s wife in 1924 saw the most chilling sight of her life. As the hymn was in progress, she witnessed the ghost of a monk and this ghost locked eyes with hers.

In addition, many people have also seen this figure choking the priest with his hands.

Not to mention, another paranormal activity reported from this church is the sudden appearance of rose petals in the closed altar.

Overall, the belief of ghost and it’s allied stories has resulted in tourist influx in the past decade or so.

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