10 Hair Care Mistakes That End Up In Worst Hair Damage

Hair Care Mistakes
Hair Care Mistakes

If you are in search of wavy, shiny hair- and obviously, who does not like one? – then learn to treat your hair with respect.

Again, how you dry, style, and wash your strands can definitely challenge the appeal and health of your locks.

Therefore, for that eye-stealing hairstyle, we have prepared a list of common hair care mistakes one should avoid at any cost.

All in all, it’s never ever too late when it involves something as vital as your hair.

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Are You Sure? Have You Picked The Right Shampoo?

  • Firstly, picking or choosing the right shampoo depending on the pH factor of your scalp and hair is important.
  • In general, you can use non-sulfate shampoos that are soft and they also prevent fading if you sport a colored
  • Also, remember to use nourishing shampoos if your hair requires hydration.
  • In fact, aloe, awapuhi, and coconut-based shampoos improve the moisture content.
  • Furthermore, if these shampoos increase the oily nature of your hair, use sulfate-based

How to Shampoo Your Hair Correctly?

  • Start by working up a thick cloud of lather using your fingertips.
  • Additionally, stimulation causes blood flow to increase by pushing the nutrients towards the hair follicle. Therefore, the hair will appear healthy and appealing.


Cold Or Hot Water - What’s Best For You?

Unknowingly, many people prefer exceedingly hot shower while washing. In fact, they do not even realize that it’s a grave mistake. As per reports, hot water stimulates the oil-glands and affects the hair color.

Especially, the best approach includes using lukewarm water for washing your hair. In other words, lukewarm water will contain the secretion of oil, increase blood flow, and remove dust and dirt.

Finally, washing your hair with cold water before drying can give your hair the much-needed shine and smooth texture.


Is Hair Conditioner Safe?

As a matter of fact, avoiding conditioners can create hair tangles, dryness, and dullness. Nevertheless, over-conditioning remains another problem.

For this reason, use very minimal hair conditioner to prevent hair tangles and carry our hair masque once a week.

Furthermore, applying conditioner on the scalp is a serious mistake, which many do unconsciously. Mostly, it clogs the follicles and slows the hair growth. For various reasons, hair conditioners should be applied only at the ends.

Finally, beauticians suggest using clarifying shampoos to stop residue or dust build-up.


Are You Still Into Towel Drying?

Especially, drastically rubbing with a towel can literally cause severe hair damage and loss.

In addition, the hair stays weakest when it’s wet and intense hair rubbing can disturb the cuticles causing breakage and frizz.

Therefore, simply press your hair and squeeze extra water immediately after a shower, and air-dry.


The Quick Shortcut To Hair Loss- Blow Drying

Bear in mind, excessive heat can damage your hair.

Largely, the use of a hairdryer at above normal temperature is one of the main reasons behind hair damage. Moreover, blow-drying makes the hair dry and weak since the heat affects hair growth.

Also, if you prefer not to skip blow-drying, flattening, or curling, it’s advisable to use heat-resistant aid to protect smooth cuticles.

How to Blow-Dry Your Hair without any Damage?

Before using the dryer, allow your hair to dry naturally. If necessary, shake your hair to fasten the process. For best results, choose warm setting over hot to prevent habitual hair damage.


What’s Your Brush Knowledge?

From classic hairbrushes to splendid teasing brushes, these things have evolved with time and definitely for good.

Let’s take a look at the various kinds of hairbrushes and their suitable hair profile.

Types Of BrushSuitable Hair Profile
Teaser BrushStraight, silky, wavy, and curly hair
Thermal BrushesNormally suits curly hair
Round BrushThose who prefer curls and with thick hair can use this type of brush
Paddled BrushIdeal for smooth and straight hair. In case, you already have long hair or wish to straighten your hair, choose a paddled brush.
Vented BrushParticularly for fine, curly, and thick hair
Porcupine BrushThis brush works well with frizzy and hard hair.
Boar Bristled BrushSuits different types of hair but world better with fine and thick hair.


Combing Can Wait!

Not to mention, excessive pulling and combing of wet, tangled hair lead to unnecessary hair damage and hair loss.

For instance, to prevent these problems, try combing your hair before washing. Some people also comb while showering.

In essence, use a conditioner, then untangle your hair using your fingers, and comb your hair with any wide-toothed brush.


Can Hair Coloring Cause Hair Damage?

When you change your natural hair color into something un-natural, hair damage concerns always remain.

Therefore, keep these precautions in mind before coloring your hair next time

  1. Ask for professional guidance
    Hire or visit a professional hairdresser and seek their advice. Certainly, an expert will guide you through various hair coloration processes and can help you choose a mild hair coloring technique.
  2. Regularly follow post-hair coloration tipsPost-hair coloration tips include taking care of your hair using recommended and trusted hair care products. After all, following the guidelines set by your hair expert will save you from hair loss and damage.
  3. Reduce your dependence on heating tools
    After hair-coloration, give sufficient and ample time for your hair to settle down and meanwhile stop using cutting iron or blow-dryer.
    However, if you can’t avoid using these tools, take sufficient hair protection care and use creams and oils.


Pony Tails & Hair Loss

Of course, ponytails are a simple and easy way to style the hair but are you aware of the damage it can cause?

However, tying your hair in a ponytail not too often looks okay, but when it becomes your daily style, it’s a problem.

Also, in general, hair ties make the hair brittle and cause fraying when used continuously in the same place.


Bad Health, Bad Hair

In many instances, severe hair damage and hair loss can indicate some sort of serious health issues. Some of the illnesses that can cause hair damage are diabetes, stress, hormonal problems, and thyroid gland issues.

Nowadays, many people follow an unhealthy diet which results in hair loss and other related problems. Out of various nutrients, zinc contains good nutritional value and promotes hair growth. For example, foods like eggs and seafood also help hair development.

To add more, there are certain hair vitamins that are the main cause of hair health. Therefore, a good diet plan is even more important for proper hair nourishment.

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