Funeral Flowers – The Mute Language Of The Weeping Heart

Funeral Flowers
Funeral Flowers

In fact, flowers for mourning express the loss of near and dear ones, from a gentle spread of beautiful lilies to a wreath that means “We are sad”. Furthermore, floral arrangements for a funeral can express sentiments with “RIP” or “I Miss You”. However, there are some common funeral flowers that are used time and again to express grief and sorrow.

In this article, let’s discuss 10 most famous funeral flowers that express your grief without any reservation.

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Key PointsImportant Information
Scientific NameLilium
Family NameLiliaceae
Soil RequirementsOpen well drained moist soil
Growing Zones5 to 8
Flower Care tipsLilies are toxic for pets, especially cats. Keep them away. Apply fertilizers monthly once and taller lilies require stalking.
SunlightFull sunlight, 6 to 8 hours
Blooming timeMostly Summer

The beauty and elegance of white lilies mark them as the finest flowers for occasions ranging from sympathy to funerals.

In general, white lilies consists of very large flowers that suggest an overall tone of peace and tranquillity. Moreover, this white lovely flower usually flowers in summer. This flower signifies the message of rebirth and renewal.

However, the concept of rebirth holds true only within faith-based communities.

Overall, white lily speaks the language of the deceased, making it the perfect choice for a young person’s funeral. Also, white stargazers are connected with sympathy and hope.

Interesting Facts

  • Lilies, in particular, are associated with innocence.
  • Only tiger and white lilies consist of beautiful fragrance. The remaining lily varieties are odourless.
  • For instance, lily bulbs are consumed as root vegetables and consist of starch.
  • In general, lilies are not toxic to Many Asian traditional medicine healers use a certain type of lilies for treating poisoning.
  • Under normal circumstances, lilies live for at least a couple of years.
  • Moreover, white lilies represent virtue and chastity.


Red Roses

Key PointsImportant Information
Scientific NameRosa
Family NameRosaceae
Soil RequirementsMore clay with pH- 6.5 to 7
Growing Zones3 to 11
Flower Care tipsTry using crushed eggshells for faster growth.
SunlightFull sunlight, 6 to 8 hours
Blooming timeMidspring and fall

A Crimson rose means mourning and for eternal remembrance, tea roses were used. As per the flower language, red roses represent enduring and everlasting love.

Equally important, white roses essay pure innocence and rosebud indicates youthfulness.

Correspondingly, a young girl who passed away before reaching womanhood is represented as a rosebud (broken) in stone.

In addition, there are plenty of remembrance roses such as At Peace and Loving Memory.

Interesting Facts

  • Roses can also be mixed or combined with other flowers in wreath, standing spray, and casket spray.
  • In America, George Washington (President) became America’s first rose cultivator.
  • Amazingly, in the year 94’, roses (1,200,000,000) were sold in America, which indicated 4.67 roses per person.
  • Many would not believe the fact that roses are native to America.
  • The Roman King Nero had the habit of creating rose petal showers as a way of treating his guests.
  • Christians believe that the red rose signifies the blood of the Christ.


Pink Carnations

Key PointsImportant Information
Scientific NameDianthus
Family NameCaryophyllales
Soil RequirementsAn alkaline soil well drained; pH factor- 6 to 7
Growing Zones3 to 10
Flower Care tipsLearn to pinch for better results
Blooming timeSummer

Deriving their name from “coronation”, carnations, especially pink carnations are very popular funeral flowers since they immortalize respect for the departed.

Also, pink carnations silently convey the message “I am thinking of you”.

The reason why carnations are preferred for funerals is that they remain fresh for a long period. In addition, white means love and pink means remembrance.

Interesting Facts

  • Carnation is also called as “The Flower of God”. It’s believed carnations came into existence when Mary witnessed Jesus bleeding on the cross.
  • Devout Christians believe that the pink carnations started blooming when Mary’s tears touched the ground.
  • The Romans and Greeks loved wearing carnation garlands.
  • In general, carnations have become part of standing sprays and funeral wreaths.
  • Talented floral experts use these flowers to create memorable arrangements indicating personalized tributes.



Key PointsImportant Information
Scientific NameGladiolus
Family NameIridaceae
Soil RequirementsSandy loam, well drained; pH factor-
Growing Zones8 to 11
Flower Care tipsPlant gladiolus in July (Americans) for better results.
SunlightFull sunlight
Blooming timeSummer

Also known as “Sword lily”, they can reach 4 foot and contain multiple flowers. Not only gladiolus are nice looking flowers but also used in funerals as a mark of honour.

Generally speaking, a neat floral arrangement of brilliant, tall gladiolas completes the funeral floral design.

Nevertheless, these flowers exhibit a majestic look of virtue, morality, and character. To sum up, select lighter shades over bright ones for funerals.

Interesting Facts 

  • The name ‘gladiolus’ in Latin means ‘sword’. They are also called as corn or sword lilies.
  • In fact, there were only seven known types of gladiolus and from this, around 10000 were created.
  • The English preferred using the plant’s base as a protective bandage. In addition, the corms of this flower were mixed and used along with goat’s milk.
  • Certain parts of this flower are toxic and in some cases can create an allergic
  • In spite of being a perennial flower, the flower does not consist of a bulb as such. Furthermore, the bulbs of gladiolus are known as corms.


White Chrysanthemums

Key PointsImportant Information
Scientific NameChrysanthemum
Family NameAsteraceae
Soil RequirementsWell-drained; pH factor-
Growing Zones3 to 9
Flower Care tipsRemove all discoloured or dead flowers immediately
SunlightFull sunlight
Blooming timeSummer and early winter

In countries like Hungary, Poland, France, and Spain, this flower is used as part of funeral arrangements.

Furthermore, in America, chrysanthemums indicate perfect truth. In general, white chrysanthemums represent grief.

In fact, the white chrysanthemums are identified with mourning and grief. Moreover, countries like Japan and Korea, offering this flower in other time is considered rude and inappropriate.

Interesting Facts

  • In some parts of Asia, they signify rebirth and are used for happy occasions like baby showers and not funerals.
  • The most well-known varieties of chrysanthemums are a button, cushion, spider, and daisy.
  • As per NASA reports, these flowers can decrease air pollution.
  • Pyrethrum, a chemical present in chrysanthemum acts as a nice bug repellent.
  • Many prefer them as indoor plants because they are known to remove toxins suspended in the air.
  • Notably, the Egyptian king Tutankhamen was discovered with chrysanthemum.



Key PointsImportant Information
Scientific NameOrchis
Family NameOrchidaceae
Soil RequirementsWell-drained; pH factor- 5.5 to 6.5
Growing Zones8 & above, certain case- 5 to 9
Flower Care tipsThis flower requires plenty of water followed by adequate intervals between watering.
SunlightPartial sunlight
Blooming timeDepends on the variety- winter to spring or anytime

The orchids signify everlasting love and endurance. In addition, these unique and gorgeous flowers are available in different colours each with a different message:

  • Red: Courage, passion, love
  • Yellow: Happiness, new beginnings, and friendship
  • Purple: Royalty, respect, and dignity
  • Pink: Innocence and elegance
  • White: Sorrow and sympathy

For a funeral or sad occasions, avoid green, orange or yellow orchid. Blue orchids are suitable for a young child’s funeral, both male and female.

Additionally, white orchids mix well with all colours. They mean beauty, elegance, purity, and reverence.

Interesting Facts

  • Orchids are known for their long survival instincts. Some orchids are over 100 years.
  • The world’s tiniest seeds are from this flowering
  • Also, certain orchid species is only 0.705 inch in size.
  • Orchids are available in every single continent except Antarctica.
  • In Asian medicine, spices and perfumes are made using orchids.
  • Orchids have roots that are aerial, tuber, or rhizome.



Key PointsImportant Information
Scientific NameTulipa
Family NameLiliaceae
Soil RequirementsAiry, loamy, well-drained soil
Growing Zones4 to 10
Flower Care tipsTrim both the petals and flowers once you see fading.
Blooming timeProbably from March to May

Tulips are visually attractive and very graceful flowers. Not to mention, tulips are famous at funerals as they mean simplicity and purity.

However, different types of tulips convey different meanings.

White tulips represent eternity and heaven while cream coloured ones suggest “I will remember you till the end”.

In case of distant relatives, select pink tulips. Pink tulips are associated with warmth and affection.  Black-maroon tulips convey high position and power which is suitable for military personnel.

Interesting Facts

  • Carolus Clusius was the first person who successfully recognized a viral infection,“broken tulips”.
  • The Parkinson’s foundation has adopted tulips as their official emblem or symbol.
  • Some countries in Asia prefer tulips over onion in recipes.
  • White tulips are also presented to convey, “I’m sorry and please forgive me”.



Key PointsImportant Information
Scientific NameHyacinthus
Family NameAsparagaceae
Soil RequirementsNormal well-drained soil
Growing Zones4 to 8
Flower Care tipsStore the bulbs in a cool place if you have missed normal planting time. They will remain fresh for at least a fortnight.
SunlightBoth full and limited
Blooming timeMid-spring (fall)

In fact, purple hyacinths are used to show regret and sorrow. Moreover, for a funeral, this symbolic message seems very appropriate too.

Other than purple hyacinths, white hyacinths also represent the thought of remembrance.

Red and pink hyacinths are not funeral flowers. In general, the size and availability matter the most in funeral arrangements.

On the contrary, you can choose grape hyacinth for any young person’s funeral.

Interesting Facts

  • An ancient language, ‘Thracopelasgian’ contains the word “Hyacinth”.
  • The hyacinth bulbs are cultivated commercially in the UK as well as in The Netherlands.
  • Hyacinth Orientalis, native to Anatolia, became popular in Europe only in the late 16th
  • In Greek mythology, Zephyr (wind god) and Apollo (sun god) both totally loved Hyakinthos. Finally, Hyakinthos died due to bitter enmity between the two gods.
    • Then, in memory of the departed soil, hyacinth flower came into existence.
  • Red and pink hyacinth convey recreation and playtime.
    • Yellow hyacinth signifies jealousy
    • White hyacinth represents “I will not forget you” and loveliness
    • Blue hyacinths are connected with loyalty, sincerity, and true companionship
    • Purple hyacinth shows very deep longing or sorrow
  • In olden days, the French used hyacinth for dark activities like killing a person. They will spray poison on hyacinth bouquets and place them in their private quarters.
  • Other names of this flower are muscari and flower rain.


Forget Me Not Flower

Key PointsImportant Information
Scientific NameMyosotis
Family NameBoraginaceae
Soil RequirementsMoist soil and a shady location
Growing Zones3 to 8
Flower Care tipsSow forget-me-not seeds only after frost and not before that.
SunlightShady and sunny areas
Blooming timeSummer and spring

As a matter of fact, forget-me-nots contain a very attractive blue colour. But the prolific and adorable blooms appear in the range of colours including yellow, white and pink.

Significantly, forget-me-not flower invokes many hidden and historical meanings. In addition, these flowers were actually grown in gardens in memory of departed and loved ones.

Equally important, individuals wear these flowers as a token of sincerity towards a loved one.

Overall, forget-me-not flower means

  • Expressing love for needy, disabled, and poor
  • Showing concern for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease
  • Reminding your good old days with your friends
  • Undying and true love

Interesting Facts

  • If you fancy a walk down memory lane, then nothing can beat this flower in this aspect.
  • Also called “Mouse’s ear” in Greek, forget me not represents the pure innocence of every true love.
  • Famous Freemasons have championed and accepted forget me not as their symbol.
  • Forget-me-not symbolically indicates the Armenian genocide (100th anniversary) honouring every single life lost. As per reports, more than 10, 50,000 people were massacred during the Ottoman rule during the First World War.
  • There are three common types of this flower
    1. Water
    2. Victoria Indigo Blue
    3. Bluesylivia


Sweet Peas

Key PointsImportant Information
Scientific NameLathyrus
Family NameFabaceae
Soil RequirementsRich humus well drained evenly moist
Growing ZonesWinter hardy-5
Flower Care tipsProvide support systems such as trellis or fencing
Blooming timeLate spring and early fall, fall and winter

A delightful fragrance, crushed flowers, and rich spectrum of lovely colours turn sweet peas the best of the lot.

Furthermore, sweet peas seductive, light scent captivates and never cloys unnecessarily.

To sum up, this flower represents “Good Bye”.

Interesting Facts

  • Originally from Mediterranean region, Cupani, a Sicilian monk introduced this plant o England in the 16th
  • There is proof to indicate that certain species of sweet peas are in fact poisonous.
  • The main benefits of sweet peas are they become good cut flowers.
  • Nowadays, sweet peas appear in different shades ranging from navy blue to lavender to red.
  • Henry Eckford, a Scottish flower expert identified and recognized sweet pea’s capacity and later developed number of varieties.

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