10 Undesirable Foods To Avoid For A Good Night Sleep

Foods To Avoid For A Good Night Sleep
Foods To Avoid For A Good Night Sleep

Night Sleep is definitely a debatable topic in the modern era since factors like lifestyle changes and nature and timing of work have trivialized its importance.

Alarm bells have been ringing in the form of health risks through sleep and related disorders for quite some time now but no real care seems to be shown by the people.

It is high time that we must pay due attention. The foods that we must avoid to have a good night sleep should be given equal focus.

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Ice Cream

  • Ice Cream accumulates sugar in the body and the stored sugar converts into fat. If we take ice cream before bedtime, the fat cannot be burnt out until the next day morning.
  • According to research, consumption of sugary foods like ice cream should be avoided before bedtime since it will cause dreadful dreams and disturb our night sleep
  • The high saturated fat in ice creams stimulates weight gain which might cause obesity
  • Heavy body weight leads to more cholesterol in the body leading to diseases like a heart attack.
  • The rise in our body blood sugar levels caused due to consumption of ice cream will infuse diabetes


Dark Chocolate

  • Dark chocolate contains high caffeine, an alkaloid compound that causes sleep disturbance
  • Excess urination including nocturia will happen through high consumption of caffeine
  • Dental Problems
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Fart Trouble
  • Anxiety
  • Acne
  • Migraines
  • Nausea and Vomiting




Red Meat

  • If red meat is taken as dinner, the high protein content in this food reduces the pace of the digestive process that causes sleeping difficulty at night
  • Thickens blood vessels
  • Risk of colon cancer happening is high when consumed in excessive quantity
  • Big risk of breast cancer for women who consume it regularly
  • Red Meat raises blood cholesterol level due to its saturated fat
  • Risk of Type 2 diabetes is high and many cases are noted
  • Decreases longevity of those individuals who consume it consistently



  • Creates disturbed sleep patterns resulting in excess weight gain
  • Loss of self-control
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver inflammation
  • Damage to the heart muscles
  • Enhances the risk of formation of various cancers, such as mouth, liver, breast and colon
  • Nerve damage
  • Infuses feelings of fear and anxiety in the mind
  • Depression
  • Might lead to death


Spicy Foods

  • Spicy Foods, for example like Fried Rice, must be avoided as nighttime dinner since it can cause heartburn and acidic stomach
  • Raises body temperature and heat and disturbs normal night sleep
  • Stimulates senses and does not allow to sleep
  • Causes stomach upsets
  • Might cause diarrhoea
  • Formation of Ulcer


Cheese Burger

  • Having a cheeseburger at nighttime induces acid production in the stomach and causes heartburn which makes you stay awake almost throughout the night
  • Contains excess sodium which can cause various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems and stroke
  • The high-fat content in burger can make a person become obese and suffer the risk of diseases like heart attack.



  • Causes acid reflux when consumed as night dinner leading to severe night sleep disturbance
  • Raises blood cholesterol levels in the body
  • Increases your body’s blood pressure levels
  • High probability of exposure to heart diseases
  • The high calorific value in pizza will contribute to obesity
  • Causes skin problems like acne
  • Regular consumption of pizza could cause problems like constipation and over a period of time, gastrointestinal disorders


Crackers And Cookies

  • These are high carb and sugar foods which enhance blood sugar levels leading to higher energy levels causing disturbed sleep patterns
  • High in calories and saturated fats which cause abnormal weight gain
  • Induces formation of high LDL cholesterol and lesser HDL cholesterol which results in inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Causes tooth decay if they are frequently chewed
  • Provides no nutritional value to the body



  • Eating cereals with milk in the night will only lead to body weight increase and can cause sleep disturbances
  • Our body cannot absorb the nutrients and this will not be good for intestinal health
  • Cereals contain no minerals
  • High probability of causing inflammation around the joints
  • Contains inadequate amount of calories and cannot give our body the required strength

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