Flower Color Meaning – Speak The Secrets Of Your Heart With The Language Of Flowers!

Flower Color Meaning
Flower Color Meaning

“A rose is a rose is a rose” but the Victorians sincerely dissent this saying. Why? Each and every flower from charming lavender to a super deep rose speaks the secret language of the heart.

Undoubtedly, the most beautiful creation of Mother Nature is flowers. And, not like, for instance, the private Hawaii beach or the majestic pyramids of Giza, flowers are easily accessible.

In fact, there’s no suspense in deciphering the message delivered by the rose bouquet and but what about other flower colors?

From the pristine pure white orchid to the delightful yellow carnation, let’s understand the flower color meaning and what each color exchanges.

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Love Inducing Red Flowers

  • Red Flowers Meaning – Desire, romance, passionate love, innate strength

  • Suggestions for a happy heart – Carnation, tulips, and roses

Often regarded as the sole expression of love, red flowers evoke a sense of courtship and passion. Moreover, red represents the undeniable language of romance and love because of the color red symbolizes heart.

As a matter of fact, red also indicates the color of blushed cheeks. In addition, courage and strength are also linked with red color.

First, red color flows throughout our bodies in the form of raging blood. Second, root chakra which represents animal instincts is also associated with red color.

Therefore, red kindles the fire of bundled energy and send red color flowers to those who need some energy jolt.


Enigmatic Black Flowers

  • Black flowers Meaning – Rejuvenation, rebirth, mystery

  • Suggestions for a happy heart – Black rose, black pansy, black petunia

Yes! Black is a very rare color you can actually see in flowers. In fact, black means mystery, uniqueness, and power. For centuries, black has been used to indicate the negative meaning of existence and various other known beliefs.

In other words, black represents death. This indicates the start of a new journey in an unknown place.

Overall, a black flower signals enthusiasm and confidence and they are part of Halloween celebrations along with other black things.


Pristine White Flowers

  • White Flowers Meaning – Fidelity, thoughtfulness, innocence, honesty, purity, perfection

  • Suggestions for a happy heart – Roses, lilies, orchids

White flowers are such a stunning sight to watch.  They symbolically mean “ a pure heart acquainted with spotless love”.

In addition, white flowers are typically seen in memorial services or in marriage events. They convey different messages such as sympathy, innocence, and purity.

Not to mention, white flowers look gorgeous in pairs with pink or red flowers and in single bouquets.

Too frequently associated with reverence, humility, purity, white color flowers evoke beauty.

To sum up, depending on the floral arrangement white blossoms represents elegance and modesty.


Optimistic Green Flowers

  • Green Flowers Meaning – Renewal, new energy, optimism

  • Suggestions for a happy heart – Spider Mum, orchids, hydrangeas

In the first place, the green color means youthfulness, exuberance, and good fortune. Moreover, this color looks synonymous with nature and remains a perfect addition to any other flower arrangement.

For example, after the winter season, the blossom of green shows the arrival of the spring season.  Green color flowers suggest renewal, good fortune, and sprouting of new life.

Furthermore, the green color represents the heart chakra. Therefore, you better embrace Mother Nature and feel her bounty of health and harvest.


Intellectual Yellow Flowers

  • Yellow Flowers Meaning – Joy, friendship, Happiness, guidance, clarity

  • Suggestions for a happy heart – Ranunculus, daisies, sunflowers, daffodils

As a matter of fact, yellow color instantly evokes a feeling of lightheartedness and joy. Notably, yellow flowers represent the signs of happiness, new beginnings, and friendship.

However, yellow flowers may not indicate romance. Likewise, this color flower means purely platonic expressions.

In other words, yellow means intellect, and clarity. In fact, Mayans held yellow color in high esteem and for them, it symbolized wholesomeness, sustenance, and provision.

As per reports, writing on yellow slabs induces memory retention.

Therefore,  yellow flowers indicate reason and intelligence.


Enthusiastic And Upbeat Orange Flowers

  • Orange Flowers Meaning – Warmth, fascination, energy, passion

  • Suggestions for a happy heart – Dahlias, lilies

Firstly,  while yellow color induces a sense of friendship, orange flowers indicate fiery blaze of exploding energy. Orange represents curious and bright energy and represents fascination.

Orange flowers also mean fervour, pride, and intense desire. But, in fact, these flowers rival red roses when it comes to romance and intense passion.

Furthermore, the orange color invokes happiness to those who are facing hardships in life.

Overall, placing orange flowers in your surroundings can increase the energetic vibe and warmth.


Serene Blue Flowers

  • Blue Flowers Meaning – Openness, intimacy, serenity

  • Suggestions for a happy heart – Hyacinth, morning glory, iris

Not to mention, blue color keeps the flame of romance burning while red color flowers kindle romantic feelings.

In addition, blue color flowers remain the first choice among couples who prefer a trustworthy partnership. Acting as a sign of peace and commitment, blue color signals support and also calms worries.

Furthermore, blue symbolizes imagination, thoughts, and dreams. Overall, blue flowers act as the perfect source for enhancing tranquillity and calm.


Joyful Pink Flowers

  • Pink Flowers Meaning – Innocence, happiness, grace

  • Suggestions for a happy heart – Azaleas, dahlias, roses

Pink flowers are known to remain neutral between friendship and intense love. Moreover, they also remain as a perfect substitute for yellow or red flowers.

In general, pink flowers indicate delicacy, gentleness, feminineness, playfulness and indicate an openness to life’s unlimited opportunities.

Not to mention, pink flowers make a good gift to express care and spontaneity.

Overall, whenever we think of pink, we think of happiness and grace.  Irrespective of the flower shape, pink flowers convey joy, innocence, and youth.


Graceful Lavender Flowers

  • Lavender Flowers Meaning – Youth, elegance, grace

  • Suggestions for a happy heart – Petunias, lilacs, orchids, daisies

Firstly, while pink represents joy, purple means royalty, and lavender flowers indicate feminism in all 360 degrees.

Secondly, establishing elegance, grace, refinement, lavender plays a major role in nature- with purple flowers considered the most precious and tender.

Thirdly, though lavender and purple appear almost similar to the naked eye, their significance differs.

Finally, a flower vase or a bouquet filled with lavenders suggests a tinge of feminism.


Expressive Indigo Flowers

  • Indigo Flowers Meaning – Expressive moods, restlessness, active

  • Suggestions for a happy heart – Indigo Agapanthus, Indigo Violet Daisy, Blue wild indigo

You better consider the clouds that move over the horizon when a storm brews, that’s indigo.  To enumerate, indigo conveys different types of expressive moods, depth, and emotions.

For example, give indigo flowers to those individuals who are restless and are constantly on the move.

In essence, indigo promotes a tendency of calmness and serenity. Indigo induces the silent energy of Mother Nature.

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