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Fashion Repeats – 10 Awesomatic Old School Fashion Trends

Fashion Repeats- Come Back Fashion Trends
Fashion Repeats- Come Back Fashion Trends

“Time repeats itself” and fashion rewinds too. Fashion comebacks depict the cyclic change which is inevitable.

Trends change and every generation pull over the aesthetic inspiration from their previous generations.

Love them or hate them but there is no way you keep away from fashion repeats or its comebacks.

Wandering around with huge glasses during the ’70s is tagged as a geek and the same style is now stated as tote dude look.

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Dark Bordeaux Lip Shades

This is a fashion trend which came into being even before we carried makeup kits in our bags. There are tons of women who are obsessed with dark Bordeaux lip colors.

Colors such as dark berry shades and wine tones are simply flattering and are a lip make up many women drool over.

These shades come in varied textures such as matte, glossy, creamy or tint. Choice of texture with a perfect color makes the look amazing.

Then – The bold lip shades were making trend statements in the 1920s and 1930s as film stars portrayed them on screen. It was a shade which depicts the bold young lady who is ready to conquer the world with her high attitude.

Now – These bold shades have made a comeback after about a century and we couldn’t just get enough of it. This colorful comeback is been donned by famous celebrities Lilly Collins, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and JLo unapologetically.


Round Frames

Round frames are the return of retro style in the eye gear fashion. It is a good pick for women and men who want to go for a change in style.

It is an amazing retro silhouette which will definitely not go unnoticed. It is a trend being donned by stars like John Lennon which has been captured as a sign of free spirit and creative fashion.

Looking for a bold avatar then bigger oversized round frames should be a perfect choice. Small frames will make you look elegant and simple. However, you can go for a funky touch with the choice of frame colors.

Then – Sporting round-framed glasses were treated as a badass edgy look with a bold statement.

Now – Presently these frames give that 90s vibe along with a chic style and are worn effortlessly by many celebs-Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and many more.


Chokers & Charms

Now is the season of choker and charms returning back with fashionistas posing with them high.

This resurgence of styling chokers and charms around the neckline is presently paired with pendants to make chic statements to simplistic detailing in the accessory.

Then – Chokers being rocked by Phoebe is something which cannot so easily fade away from our memories. She looks perfect adorned with those neckpieces, tempting us to grab one.

Now – Chokers and charm necklaces have now take a turn towards the minimalist and this dapper style goes well with almost everything. Girls chill out with this cool accessory.


Mom/High Waist Jeans

After being on the line s of fashion mockery mom jeans has now made its way to the fashion runway. Mom jeans are the synonym of the high waist jeans which comes with a straight leg cut.

It is fashion clothing in rage currently. The trend is evidenced in various fashion capitals like Milan, Paris where the stars are snapped in this street style.

It is a silhouette which can be paired up with a moto jacket or tucked in the blouse to accentuate an hourglass body.

Then – High waist jeans had always been a trendsetter, later it lost its place on the fashion list as low waist topped the trend list. The high waist jeans were the eye-catching style of many moms.

Now – These charming trousers have now found their way back to our closet with their promising classy look and comfort. A casual day out can be cool and comfy with the high waist pants on.


Crop Tops

The infatuation towards crop top is dropping back. These short crop tops are giving the skin is in a moment to fashion lovers who pair it with high waist jeans.

Return of this trend is surely giving the audience the 1990s feel of trend starred by the stars. It is a fashion statement which has come a long way since the 1990s since the Spice Girls series.

Designers are now inclined to pair this crop top with high waist skirts to give a more lady look for the summertime and beachwear.

Then – The fashion highlight during the ’70s and the popular retro era up to 90s was the crop tops. Monica and Rachel in F.R.I.E.N.D.S are famous trendsetters of this style.

Now – Most of us hit the gym, shedding those extras and working out is definitely not hide inside a fully zipped dress up to the collar.

Crop tops are the answer for girls who wish to show off the result of their extra hours at the gym.

Not just that it is a great comeback as it goes well with almost any garment may it be your pair of jeans, pants or high/low skirts, etc.


90s Grunge

Lots of 90s trends are walking back the aisle of fashion. There are many serious comebacks in fashion trends from the 90s which are making us much happier with the classic styling.

Flannel shirts, band tees, shorts are back in vogue with every fast fashion brands creating new design patterns with them now.

Although the craze for these multi patterns faded away in the mid-years they are making a cool come back. The rock band dressing is taking up the stage with every supermodel posing in them.

Then – Grunge was usually a style which was taken up by musicians with guitar and slow mood vocals.

It was the trend which was set by rock bands of those days NIRVANA, Pearl Jam and many other famous brands. It was a look which spread throughout the fashion industry by the followers of such popular rock bands.

Now – This trend which was brought in by the rock stars, a grunge-rock look with loose multi-layer dressing and jeans that are ripped is making a chilling comeback with the famous celebs Olsen sisters and Miley Cyrus.


Metallic Eyeshades

Amy, it is clothing or accessories the metallic trend is glowing brightly in full swing.

It is giving a much-sophisticated look than the glitter, making an eye-catching statement than a matte, shadowing great in gold, silver, and varied jewel tones.

It adds a luxe tone to any make overlook. Wearing metallic shades by itself brings glimmer look in your eyes and face.

Then – Metallic eyeshadow is a look which was a highlight of many famous pop stars like Madonna. It was a look of pop stars in 9s which spared no one’s fashion interest in it.

Now – It is a makeup style which is making a comeback with a bang and is swinging the interest of makeup bloggers across the globe with its attractive shades.


Denim Appliqués

It’s rightly said Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be. Just follow the trends that come up and you are sure to walk down in fashion.

The latest tempting trend for young women is the denim appliqué which was once making statements of fashion.

Denim appliqués are a total denim look tailored with perfect elegance. It is a chic and interesting trend to catch up with.

Then – Are you a 90s kid? Then undoubtedly this fashion trend must be in your memory without fading. Appliqués during those days weren’t colorful as now but definitely made its way to be one the best dresses of those days

Now – Denim is the style statement of the new era. From edgy funky appliqués to jackets, jeans and bag denim give a stylish look to everything with its casual style.


Nude Lips

Nude lips are a beauty statement of all time. It is a fashion look which has transcended from a trend to classic look. It is a lip shade which is downplayed to give the other features of the face the bold dramatic look.

Nude shades over the lips have now caught the spotlight. Irrespective of whether you are fair or blonde it is a universal flattering trend which has been picked up right by celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba and many.

Then – An effortless fashion statement is nude lip shades. Celebs like Angelina Jolie and Farrah Fawcett walked the ramp with this simple yet striking makeup look.

Now – Nude lip shades have made their comeback popularly with general public and celebs. Nude lip shades are famously donned now by the queen of nude lips Kim K who also has launched her own line of cosmetics KKW.

It is a makeup look which highlights your facial make up with a subtle lip shade.


Bell Jeans / Pants

It is quite difficult to hide the obsession over the 70s inspired style. The retro flair for bell-bottom pants has been making a relevant comeback.

The wide-legged denim pants have started seeing the light of the day again as the trend is catching up among young girls.

It is considered as a free love rock and roll trend which gives you to have a chance this summer than wriggling inside skinny jeans.

It is time to rejoice in the wide-legged pants while not missing your choice of going chic. The epitome of fashion in the 70s is making a modern avatar for you to style them.

Then – A well-remembered trend from the Indian scenario is the bell-bottom pants or the palazzos. Big B to Neetu Singh many famous stars set this trend during the 80s.

Now – Those days this style wasn’t well-received by the ordinary people as now. Followers of celebs just heard them as bell bottoms but now the time has evolved.

This trend has taken its front seat as people are pulled towards the ethnic-western appeal and most importantly the comfort such pants give.

SO now how many of the above style are you to embrace your closet or makeup kit? Could be the vintage Cartier of your mother’s or lose old tracks of your dad.

Just rip the old and walk with the new fashion with your attitude bold.

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