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10 Knockout Celebrity Hairstyles That Involuntarily Tilts Every Head In Your Direction

Celebrity Hair Styles
Celebrity Hair Styles

Celebrities are known for quick changes in their style. However often they change their trend there is always a favorite in their style, which they usually do with comfort and stunning pose.

So here, we are all set to unwrap the favorite hairstyles of our famous celebrities. It’s absolutely amazing to see trendily shorn colored follicles on the famous scalp.

Stepping out in our favorite’s favorite is definitely a joy and pride to experience. Let’s count the Celebrity Hair Styles and star favorites.

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Lilly Collins - Retro Finger Wave Hair Style

One of the famous Hollywood names known for this retro style is Lilly Collins. It is a retro look which flows down with fingerstyle wave. It is a hairstyle which was quite on trend during its time.


Lady Gaga - Locks In Dark Blonde

Lady Gaga the most famous Hollywood name looks amazing in her favorite look with the dark blonde hairstyle. Her smile and the hairstyle compliment her look completely.

Her dramatic curl is quite attractive and also the mild hue gives a voluminous illusion to the hairstyle.


Emma Watson - Short Pixie Style

Emma Watson reminds us of her Harry Potter series. With her long hair in the harry potter, she gave the world her favorite new look with her hair all chopped.

Her tidy pixie hair cropping looked amazing on her and is a stunning look for her Harry Potter fans to follow.


Kate Winslet – Fully Packed Quiff Style

Kate Winslet‘s favorite look is her sophisticated style which is a stunning hairdo for any party.

All you have to do is just comb the hair back and pin it up with a bob in a wavy pattern so that wavy style is seen in front. It is a suitable hairdo for oval face shape.


Kim Kardashian - Long Running Locks

Kim’s favorite style is to roll down her long luscious hair. You can pose this rocking look with the extensions or if you are planning to grow your hair it’s for sure a stunning trend to take up.

Trimming is a must to have the flow intact beautifully.


Selena Gomez - Dual-Toned Blonde

Selena Gomez looks striking in her favorite two shades blonde look. Anyone of us can try this pretty lady’s favorite without disturbing our natural hue much.

Transform to this new style by shading the underneath roots dark and style it by blending the brighter blonde shade or silvery grey hue. Get set to look a bombshell as Selena Gomez.


Jeniffer Lawrence - Hair Brushed Back

Old trends are hitting back to be our celebrity’s favorite. Apart from the perm and blue eyeshade makeover pulled back hair is also getting set to be the current trend.

It is a look with the side parting in the front with a flipped sleek hairdo back and over the face. It’s favorably demoed by Jennifer Lawrence in sleek dry style posing her voluminous strands.


Rihanna - High Ponytail

The high ponytail is on the rolls of favorite in Rihanna’s hairstyle. There were times when high ponytails were reserved for just sweating out at gyms.

Now it is a trend which adds elegance to any outfit with ease. Walk down for your Saturday night with free cascading wavy flow ponytail like Rihanna to make a stunning style statement.


Jennifer Aniston - Long Straight – Varied Hues

Chic and simple is the tagline for this hairdo which is the favorite of Jennifer Aniston. The smooth fine locks are softened downwards making it in amazing casual-looking style.

The locks can be highlighted and blown to a wave texture to give a lifting volume illusion regular trimming adds to this brilliant look. It is a long layered hairstyle suited the best for anyone with the long face as Aniston.


Miley Cyrus - Short Casual Straight Look

This is a style where the soft blonde is swept well on to the head whereas the front strands are combed longer to create a shape for a fabulous finish.

It is a casual style of a perfect evening for someone with medium hair. Miley Cyrus dons this favorite style of her most stunningly. It can be posed for a more funky and bold look.

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