Events Of 2017 That Rocked The World [Top 10]

The Year as it was

Compiling a list of top 10 events of  2017 proves to be quite tricky. It has been a mixed bag so far- but then when wasn’t?

Keep in mind, the list is just tentative and not exhaustive.

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Donald Trump’s Tryst With History

In an unexpected turn of events that many would have thought impossible, Donald Trump took oath as America’s 45th president in 2017.

He is in office from 20th January 2017. Before entering politics, Donald Trump was a television personality and a businessman.

Firstly, he is America’s first president to occupy the highest office without any previous military or government experience.

Contrastingly, protests by women in more than 590 cities shook the world condemning Donald Trump’s oath as president.


No.3 Is A Centenarian

Dame Vera Lynn became the world’s first centenarian to reach no.3 on the music chart. In 2017, Vera Lynn released her album “100” to celebrate her 100th birthday.

This album contains her best songs- White Cliffs of Dover and We’ll Meet Again amongst other songs.

Dame Vera Lynn’s previous achievement

  • 2009 – The oldest person to achieve a No.1 spot
  • 2014 – Oldest living human to secure a top 20 place


Waly Disney Buys Fox Company For A Whopping USD 52 Billion

Walt Disney is leaving no stone unturned with a deal to buy Fox’s company for a grand USD 52 billion. This deal is said to cement the position of both companies in the long run.

The main highlights of the purchase

  • Fox owner Robert Murdoch’s current move is one of the major moves in entertainment and media business.
  • Fox company will develop a new news-based company with its surplus assets.
  • The purchase consists of Fox’s 39% share in “Sky” broadcaster. It also includes Fox’s television and film studios, international holdings, and regional sports network.


World Sprint Legend Usain Bolt Bids Goodbye To Athletics

The world’s most celebrated athlete, Usain Bolt, bowed out of the limelight in an inglorious manner. As a final retreat from sports, it was pretty dramatic.

Bolt was chasing the gold medal in the 4 x 100m relay on 12th August 2017 at the London World Championships.

In the final leg, Bolt screamed and stumbled due to a serious injury at a major championship.  The 60,000 full-capacity stadia plunged into a deep silence.

Moreover, Britain went on to win the race.

However, the race will stay etched in people’s memory for the heart-wrenching way Usain Bolt’s career came to an end.


The Great American Eclipse -2017

On 21st August 2017, America witnessed a massive complete solar eclipse. Dubbed as the “Great American Eclipse”, it turned out to be a cool spectacle for millions of Americans.

This eclipse turned out to be the most televised, and most-watched astronomical event in recent times.

The solar eclipse smoothly sailed across America turning daytime into the night in a number of states. Being the first complete solar eclipse since 1776, this eclipse was also visible from adjacent America since 1979.

The path of the total solar eclipse

This rare phenomenon made its first appearance in Oregon’s Lincoln beach at 10:16 p.m (local time).

The solar eclipse quickly swamped across the nation in less than 90 minutes. The event came to an end at 2:44 p.m in South Carolina.

Traveling at a speed of 3862 km/h, it went through a portion of 14 states in around 2 hours. Starting in Oregon and coming to a halt in South Carolina, the eclipse brought loud cheers from the crowd.

Other than that, only those states that directly fell in the complete path of totality enjoyed this display.

Moreover, the next total solar eclipse will be visible in America not before 2024.

If you are eager to catch an event like that, head to Chile and Argentina on July 2019.


Disaster Strikes Mexico; Scores Killed

The deadliest earthquake to jolt Mexico since 1985 was 7.1 on a Richter scale. It struck around 1 pm ( Mexico local time) on September 19th, 2017.

One of the second powerful earthquake in Mexico within a fortnight took more than 225 lives.

This earthquake also believed to have triggered an unlikely eruption of Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico.

The loss of lives include

  • Atzitzihuacán – 15
  • state of Mexico – 9
  • Puebla state – 26
  • Mexico City – 30
  • Morelos – 54

The reason for the disaster was blamed on its location because Mexico City is constructed on a lake bed. This soil is found to magnify the effects even some miles away.


The World’s Most Famous Polygamous Bachelor No More

The founder of iconic Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner passed away on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017. He was 91.

Hefner defined an exuberant lifestyle and ethos that stood testimony to the Playboy brand. He lived one of the best enduring and recognizable lives in history.

As per reports, he died due to natural causes.

The magazine was started almost 60 years ago with a paltry sum of USD 1600. Playboy created a separate niche for itself with nude images of women, interviews, and so on.

The very first centerfold of Playboy was Hollywood siren, Marilyn Monroe.

Hugh is survived by

  • Wife – Crystal; 25 years old
  • Daughter – Christie; former Playboy CEO
  • Sons – Marston, David, and Cooper.


Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe Resigns After 37 Long Years

Robert Mugabe came to power after gaining independence from the British in 1980. He first became the Prime Minister and later Zimbabwe’s President in 1987.

Admired and feared, Mugage gained prominence in 1980 when Zimbabwe secured Independence from Britain. He achieved popularity after waging a ruthless guerrilla war against the U.K. In 1964, he was put in jail for “subversive speech”.

He was blamed for wasting the country’s wealth and for using authoritarian rule. Zimbabwe was once known as Africa’s breadbasket. But last year around 4 million Zimbabweans required food aid.

Even though the army denied any coup, political infighting within Zanu-PF made things worse.

As a result, on 21st November 2017, Robert Mugabe resigned his post.


“James Bond” Actor Sir Roger Moore Dies Aged 89

Veteran actor Roger Moore better known as “James Bond 007” passed away in Switzerland aged 89. He was battling cancer.

Sir Roger Moore is known for his roles in the famous spy thriller A View to a Kill and Live and Let Die. He acted in around seven films as James Bond.

The actor made the character James Bond appear more jovial.

Sir Roger’s portrayal of the bond was suave and calm- a sophisticated spy who could escape any dangerous situation. The Saint (1962-1969) TV series and 1971 series The Persuaders received good appreciation for Moore.

Known for his stellar humanitarian work, he served as Unicef’s goodwill ambassador in the year 1991.

By the by, Sir Moore will be remembered for his role as James Bond and as a kind humanitarian.


Major Medical Breakthrough - Gene-Editing Tool

Chinese scientists are known for their nerve-cracking experiments and out-of-the-box paper presentations. Lately, they have devised a tool to reconstruct or repair an individual DNA in embryos.

This major breakthrough could one day stop the transfer of serious genetic diseases in humans. Moreover, it is considered as the first technological advancement to be tested on feasible human embryos.

In conclusion, with countless amazing events happening every day for 365 days, we have managed to compile a list of best memorable events in 2017.

Feel free to present your thoughts and opinions about this article.

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