10 Distinct Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Emotionally Abusive Relationship
Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Getting out of a highly abusive relationship is the most difficult thing to do for both sexes. Of course, the main aspect is to identify whether the current relationship involves emotional abuse or not.

Moreover, just because the abuse doesn’t show any bruises or scars it does not mean the abuse is absent. In fact, bruises heal with time but words can prick you for life.

Emotional abuse can appear quite tricky because the victim might not be aware that they are actually a victim. Let’s discuss 10 distinct signs that indicate that you are a part of an emotionally abusive relationship.

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You Feel Gaslighted

Gaslighting means a kind of manipulation that unconsciously tries to take the targeted individual for a ride.

As a result, the abuser discards his or her partner’s version, and question their sanity, perception, or understanding.

For instance, the abusers will try hard and may use these phrases to control the situation

  • You are a dumbhead. I did not mean to hurt you and you’re wrong.
  • It’s nothing but a full steam
  • Who said it happened the way you heard?
  • Don’t you realize you are now becoming over-sensitive for these trivial matters?

Ultimately, the person at the receiving end will feel as if everything that happened is his/her’s fault. When you are gaslighted, you believe that you are simply overreacting.


Sitting On A Non-Stop Emotional Roller Coaster

One second, your partner behaves like the most sacred lover in the world and the next, torturing you for trivial matters. Of course, this indicates a big red flag.

Concealment and deception play a significant role in most of the abusive relationships.

Overall, this constant daily journey between apologies and insane arguments appear utterly sick and stupid. It’s already time to move away from this emotionally abusive relationship.


Constant Criticism And Put Down

Irrespective of your relationship or work, if your better half or live-in frequently find faults or deride you, it indicates emotional abuse.

In general, this individual not only takes you for a ride and but shows little or no respect for your feelings.

Also, your partner might derive some sort of happiness from pushing you to feel inconsequential and that’s abuse.


No More Dreams

Emotionally abusive persons have an inner fear at the thought of their partner fulfilling their dreams.

In fact, the abuser typically forces the victim to completely depend or believe in him for fulfillment and self-worth.

Therefore, it’s quite common for abusers to mock at your dreams. The main plan of the abuser rests on his idea of destroying your dreams without any remorse whatsoever.

For instance, demeaning means when the partner decides to do something the abuser remarks, “Why you need to study further?”


Blames You For Almost Everything

Whether or not you get involved in any of these things, your abusive partner will somehow bring you into the picture.

She or he may blame you, curse you and say bad things about you for all the messes they have created for themselves.

Overall, this indicates that your partner is unfit for a relationship and you should move away without any second thought.


Very Supportive When It Suits Them

Not to mention, getting stuck with an emotionally abusive partner can become very confusing.

In other words, they remain loving, charming, and kind at times and it can be very confusing for the victim.

Therefore, the victim loves and longs for the care and this is what stops them from leaving their abusive partner.

However, studies reveal that emotional abuse will only get worse over a period of time.


Takes Control Of The Finances

If you are forced to beg for finance or if your partner spends money on immoral things, then think wisely.

In other words, someone who does not care about your basic needs and behaves cruelly with you, its abuse.

You better walk out as soon as possible.


Abuses Animals And Pets & Damages Property

As a matter of fact, people often think that if their partner does not kick, punch, or beat, they are doing fine.

That’s simply not true. In general, abuse and violence can include punching the wall, standing, pushing and everything else.

Also, the abuser can break a lot of things and someone else can also get hurt in the process. Overall, when things have escalated to such an extent, it’s time for professional help.


Criticizes You In Front Of Others

Your partner might behave in any way to just shame you. Moreover, they may also try to isolate you from all your family member and friends.

An emotional abuser may also speak ill of you in front of others, especially in front of those who care for you.

And finally, in an emotionally abusive relationship, you realize you are not in touch with your friends and your abuser might have turned your friends against you.


Using The Kids

An abuser loves to remain the center of attraction and even expects their partner to treat them before God.  In other words, the abuser expects to be saluted and worshipped every now and then.

Also, the abuser might say, “Nowadays you have become more attached to your children” and try emotional blackmailing.

When your kids are wise enough to understand things, they might speak ill in front of them and can cause a split.

Overall, the abuser will try every trick in his book to cause misery, harm, and emotional disturbance in your life.

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