Diabetes Self Management – 10 Ways To Live Better With Sugar

Diabetes Self Management
Diabetes Self Management

Diabetes is still a major threat worldwide to humans as it causes dreadful diseases to their: Eyes, Teeth and gums, Liver, Heart, Feet, and Kidneys.

The statistical information pertaining to diabetes on a global scale, only show a disturbing upward trend as per the prediction.

Correspondingly, greater awareness amongst the people and their preparedness to avert this disease is also notable. Let Us Analyze The Top 10 Diabetes Self Management Tips To Live Better.

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Complete Knowledge About The Diet

Diabetics must be comprehensively cognizant about what they need to eat in order to lead a consistently healthy life. After due consultation with the doctor and dietitian, a diet plan could be followed


Follow the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association, which are:

  • Protein containing foods – Nuts, beans, poultry, and eggs.
  • Grains – whole-grain foods like brown rice and whole-wheat pasta
  • Vegetables and Fruits – Certain green vegetables like collard greens, broccoli and sweet potatoes. Fruits like all kinds of berries do well.
  • Dairy – milk and yogurt foods that either has less fat or no fat

Importance of diabetics to follow the recommended diet plan of dietitians

Diabetics need to follow the diet plan given by a dietitian to ensure that:

  • Blood glucose level will be under consistent check and the lookout for more healthy food options and diet plans will always persist in the mind
  • Cholesterol levels will be controllable
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Various heart disease-causing risk factors like high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high fats will be avoided. Many other long-term intricacies will be avoidable
  • Getting habituated to healthy eating will happen


Try To Stop Drinking Alcohol At The Earliest

Indeed, diabetic persons with alcohol drinking habit will face problems despite their diabetes management through good exercise and diet.

Even though if a diabetic person takes insulin or related pills for boosting insulin production, he will witness a fall in his blood sugar level if he takes alcohol regularly.

If a person drinks alcohol with an empty stomach then his blood sugar level will rise to high levels. This might prove fatal.

 Dangers of Alcohol for diabetics

  • Excessive alcohol consumption by diabetic persons will drastically lower their blood sugar levels.
  • Alcoholic drinks contain heavy calorific value thereby causing difficulty for the diabetic alcoholics to shed excess weight
  • Alcohol can interfere with the positive working effect of drugs like oral diabetes medicines and also insulin
  • Diabetic persons who consume alcohol will be prompted to take a heavy diet which will cause a big rise in their blood sugar levels


Properly Follow Prescribed Medications

Diabetics must follow the prescribed medications given by their doctor. The recommended dosage and frequency given by the doctor must be strictly applied.

Proper medications will be useful for:

  • Regulate fluctuating levels in the blood glucose
  • Avoidance of major diseases like stroke or heart attack that could occur in the future
  • Helpful for overall effective management of diabetes


Regularly Check The Blood Sugar Levels

Generally, many people check their blood sugar like, before or after meals.

Regularly checking of blood sugar levels is vital for diabetics because:

  • The effect of factors like diet, exercise, insulin, and stress on their sugar level will be understandable
  • Based on this result, modifications in the lifestyle can be made
  • On an overall scale, diabetics will be able to avoid long-term problems


Take Frequent Small Meals In A Day

Dietitians generally recommend diabetics to spread their meals in small quantities for 5-6 times, daily than the usual 3 times a day.

The advantages that diabetics will derive are:

  • More active functioning of their digestive process, leading to higher insulin sensitivity
  • The blood sugar level will be in a balanced state without extreme high-low fluctuations


Exercising On A Daily Basis

  • Through regular exercises, diabetics will be able to notify the positive changes in their blood sugar levels. However, it depends on the kinds of exercises that he/she undertakes.
  • It is best to take advice from the doctor while doing your regular diabetes-related visits as to which exercises to do. For example, a simple exercise like stretching and daily walks will suffice.


Stop Smoking Right Away

Diabetics with smoking habits will enhance the risk of occurrence of various diseases like:

  • Heart disease
  • Eye diseases
  • Stroke
  • Kidney disease
  • Nervous problems
  • Deceleration of blood flow

However, this does not apply to diabetics, who are non-smokers.

Knowledge of the dangers of smoking and its avoidance is one other effective way to live with diabetes in a healthy way.


Avoid Eating Fast Foods

Fast foods consumption habit should be avoided by diabetics because:

  • Excess weight gain will happen through consuming fast foods due to their high amount of calories. This is because many fast food items carry inordinate sugar and fats.
  • The phenomenal rise in blood sugar levels will happen since fast foods contain very limited or no nutritional value but high salt levels.
  • The artificially enhanced oil levels in fast foods contain a high level of unsaturated fats. If a diabetic consumes such foods, he/she will face major diseases like heart attack and kidney problems in the future.

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High Intake Of Fiber

For diabetics, fiber is a key component in their diet. Fibres are of two types, soluble and non-soluble

Advantages for diabetics in consuming higher intake of fiber-rich foods:

  • The risk of diseases like cardiovascular disease
  • With an intake of carrots, colorectal cancer will be avoided
  • Effective weight management is made possible
  • The soluble fiber foods will alleviate the cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body. For example, oats and dried beans.
  • Consumption of insoluble fiber foods helps in avoiding problems like constipation. For example, wholegrain foods like wheat bran and brown rice


Maintain That Energetic Mindset

Diabetics should understand that this is a pivotal point for leading a happy future life. Diabetes usually decelerates the flow of blood to your extremities where obesity and an inactive lifestyle spoils the problem furthermore.

The benefits that diabetics will get through staying active:

  • Keeping the body in good shape
  • Augmenting the insulin uptake process and
  • Enhancement of their metabolism

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